NoFap = psyop

Sexual mind control is what the Deep State is into.

A. Locktober: a time for men to wear chastity belts for their wives.
B. NofapVember: a time for men not to touch wewee.
C. Pedo cults
D. Alien abduction Scientology cults
E. Feminism and MGTOW
F. Modern insane porn

This is all sexual mind control. Over-masturbating isn't good for you but animals lick themselves, you cum while dreaming if you dont masturbate, you cum a little while thinking about sex.

It's heterosexual-mind control.

Now you can argue about Jesus and stuff, but remember that chastity brings in homosexual and pedos to your church and knights. Self flagellation is also a result. It was old religious mind control

Because it makes you obsess on worthless shit, on your failures, on your body as a sin AS A MAN.

EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. That's the key to self control of the animal you are, and you are one. The mind evolved for the body, the body was not created for the mind.

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We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. This is the duty of every white man and woman to individually preserve the family, culture, and race. Pornography is anti-family, and thus anti-white.

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Hyper-sexualization caused by chemicals in food and extremely easy access to pornography at a level of degeneracy never attained.

Nofap is an over-zealous response to the degeneracy of society. As you say everything in moderation. That means everything. Trouble is, society no longer lends itself to it which only makes the succeeding through the challenge that much more rewarding

Also remember

Any time you see hundreds of chan threads promoting this shit it's usually a group rather than private anons.

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I agree

Stoicism…. Sexual obsession has happened in history before. And right around the time we start to see castration cults. See Cybele Roman/Greek version.

Porn is bad, yes.

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It's as if the man with the sword and shield is saying

True, but never to the prevalence now. Once upon a time you had to go to the temple or whorehouse. Now just a comfy chair and a series of keystrokes in the comfort of your own home.
Which generally is what nofap could easily be considered as an early progenitor to. Extremely astute corollary. Bravo.

No it isn't. Nofap is a three month challenge that aims to correct hormone and psychological imbalances caused by watching porn and chronic masturbation. You abstain from sex and masturbation for three months and that's it. As someone who did it a year ago, I assure you it works and makes you feel fucking fantastic. Far from repressing your sex drive, Nofap makes you have to actually go out and fuck a woman, something you now feel more confident doing and are better able to do thanks to higher testosterone levels and, frankly, a level of desperation now that you can't just go home and wank.

Which is why porn is so prolific and has been becoming more and more extreme for the last several decades. Nofap goes exactly against this trend, not with it. If Nofap was the goal of the deepstate kids wouldn't be being taught how to fuck, masturbate, and practice god only knows what else in sex-ed classes, they would be being taught moderation, self-respect, and chastity in such classes, rather than having to come to Zig Forums to hear about it.

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The Deep State is obsessed with our wieners.

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I did nofap (for my own reasons) for 9 months. I lost all emotional T-drive. When I masturbated again it burned like a urianary track infection.

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Don't watch porn
Let your urges guide you to hook up with a white woman.

Get her pregnant.

As long as you have babies you are helping the white race, even ugly people can have slightly better looking babies by random chance.

Nigger, you do it for three months, then go fuck some girl.

You should ask a doctor about that. There is nothing about semen that should make your urethra hurt.

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Is child rape okay in moderation? Is subverting civilizations and force-feeding them faggot propaganda okay in moderation? Is letting brain dead cocksuckers like you spewing drivel and lowering the overall IQ of this already fucktarded and hysterical board okay in moderation?

Do you honestly even read the shit you write?

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That's why I oppose it. Women are a risk not worth taking.

You need to go back you MAGAkike.
Stop being a degenerate retard.

Oy vey you're right No Fap is totally "insidious"

sage for jewish cultural appropriation

If you dont masturbate for so long that you're not even leaking semen it can burn at first.

Is conflating simple sentances with child rape normal to you? Maybe you should stay off the chans for awhile and stop obsessing on sex.

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Nigger, the point is that not everything in moderation is justifiable - like this quentin comic, except not retarded. Actually think your shit through instead of twisting logic to justify it.

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Notice anything weird about these posts, Zig Forums?

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Jesus, the Judaism is palpable tonight.

I remember the first time I figured out how my dick worked. I was watching The Man Show and those tits blew my little mind. I remember my dick was sensitive afterwards, but my urethra wasn't "burning". That nigger claiming that after fapping he was in pain has some sort of disease.

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Nope. Nothing is weird. All retards from cuckchan are here tonight for some reason.
Go to the /sig/ thread for nofap benefits and shit stop shitting up the place with retardation.

Nofap is good, it's been recommended by all decent Western scholars and philosophers. The ancients all practiced nofap. No fap November is so successful that jews like OP are making threads with hilarious imagery to try to fight it. It's happening on cuck-chan, Reddit, and Twitter too. Cuck chan's onto another hilarious game which helps too, Thot Patrol, where you find cam whores and Insta thots with private accounts and turn them in to the IRS for auditing.

Clearly we are having an effect for this to come out and be blasted across all channels. The Porn Jews are worried.

How can you see this fine Latina’s ass and feet and NOT want to blow a load?

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I notice you're posting anime porn.

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By clicking the hide button after I'm done looking at it..

Get the fuck out you retarded shill

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Do you work at IMAX, brainlet? How low is your self-awareness?

4chan did something with its domain name. They separated the SFW and NSFW boards (presumably for ad reasons) so all of the bots and shills are probably here while they wait for new orders.

Stay mad

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It's not even pornographic you mental invalid.

I didn't say not to nofap. I said be aware of sexual mind control and group-think, especially chan campaigns that fall in line with LOCKTOBER.

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Sure, sure… it always takes you "genius" kikes about three weeks to come up with a counter-narrative.

Yeah I heard about that. Lets just hope the tards mellow out soon.

Yes you did. You correlated Nofap, something healthy, successful, and righteous, with all manner of other actual kike shit. Hell, you even called it "modern BDSM". Sure, by your Jew sophistry, you never actually said "don't do Nofap" but you did claim it was unhealthy through bullshit anecdotal evidence, and you did attempt to turn people away from it, and you did attack it. You very, very heavily implied not to do Nofap.

Change tactics Chaim.

CHECK THE BOARDS, and you will know the current psy-ops (not even including the 50 on cuckchan).

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pfff kek

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Don't see it.

So you get off to being shoved in the oven?

Kek, the walk-back. Fapping is degenerate and serves no purpose other than to drain Orgone aka chi aka ki aka prana from the body, depriving the mind of necessary powers through zinc and magnesium deficiency.

Good post. Most people I see deriding NoFap are retards who took it far beyond the suggested three months because they didn't properly read up on it.

Are you attempting to prove something or are you suffering from some sort of an aneurysm?

Just stop posting mate. You'll do less damage that way.



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even animal sometimes fap to release their urges. the ultimate redpill is to get a gf and have fun together. but yes, doing too much fap will decrease your testosterone level

It's a nofap. That's 3 nofap threads and one sexual demoralization thread, Imkikey

why are we paying for boomer kike mind control if it is neither effective nor within our interests?

I would sniff her asshole

Still not helping your case, please just shut the fuck up already.

Because you buy it.

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At this point I want this dude to keep posting. This went from a shitpost, to obvious shilling, and now it's just fucking hilarious.

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You're already having an aneyurism?

Imkamfy copypasta comments.

(((Druid/pol OP))) beta pedo

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you need some post fap clarity to realize that you're sperging out fam

Kek, media trust is at 12%, Mockingbird is a dud (more people trust RT), automated shilling is failing, people are retreating from center not toward the left, but increasingly toward the far right, whites are noticing, and you're shitting your pants.

Keep gaslighting, it's helped you a LOT these past few years. Never mind that everybody has already noticed.

I dont even need to fap and havent for 2 weeks. I'm the brahman, and you're all just little we wee obsessed chan freaks.

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Genuinely have not enjoyed a thread this much in weeks. To everyone else, here, have something useful while we're on the subject of sex, porn, etc.

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I'm going to continue with nofap until this becomes attractive.

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My nephew who is eight years old and survived Sandy Hook and 911 says not to fap and that Caesar is a cool guy.

Good for you user. A life of chastity is certainly a very priestly choice.

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Stop posting Podesta's art collection.


Anti-porn is Anti-semitic

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Kike detected. Come up with something new.

12 years

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holy kek he thinks it's reddit

Jesus. Two mutts, a nigger, and some poor corrupted white girl. If this was supposed to challenge the whole nofap thing, I thing it backfired. I don't see anyone looking at that nog and keeping even the humblest of chubby's.

Was looking for that. I know I have it saved somewhere, and more like it, but can't find them.

go back to reddit

This is my favorite part of that post.
Even porn-whores don't want to fuck niggers and it makes jews angry.
The highly moral jews that produce porn think it racist for these girls not to fuck niggers for money.

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51% hue = Orc

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The Templars were fags too.

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Zig Forums was a bit disgusted at disgusting porn kikes who have apparently enslaved a cute young girl into a life of porn and won't even let her have her lizard, but we realized after seeing that she had been BLACKED that she was a lost cause and hopefulness turned to scorn and pity

We get it, jews and niggers are ugly.
That point has been made plenty of times.
I guess it's fitting for a no-fap thread.

Thank you.

There's no question that reduction of any autoerotic behavior is beneficial. It is a crutch for individuals that would engage in K-type mating behaviors, while in a society that has quickly shifted towards a puritanical r-type mating behavior with contraception to keep birth-rates under control bizarro timeline gets constantly more bizarre . Again a difficult chasm to bridge, but not impossible.

A man that succumbs regularly to their "basic biological imperatives" is nothing more than an animal.

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Now it's trying to blend in.

Not this one though, this one must be an intern.

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If I don't masturbate daily as a MINIMUM, I get CONSTANT blueballs pain. I don't know if you've ever fucked a woman and had to stop halfway through because of life getting in the way, but I can tell you this much, your balls fucking ache. It's the same ache I get if I don't masturbate at least once a day. Nigga, if your bladder fills with urine, the bladder hurts because it can't fit anymore. If your balls fill up, you stop producing semen and your functionality as a male will start to decrease, or if anything probably start shutting down. Yer full of shit. Which would make sense because you probably don't think taking a shit is a biological necessity either.

Kek, mods are kikes and this is more proof. Also that spammer informed me they are now concealing their moderation activity…

Man is an animal though. And cats are superior to most men.

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You are addicted to your penis like a mere chimp. Visit your doctor and have your magnesium and zinc levels done, you're so depleted that you're a literal zombie and you probably believe Twitter and the media and your TV.

Mineral deficiency hurts your cognition and that's what the Jews want.

Don't forget to thank chodemonkey for improving the board quality.

(25) pilpul posts
Everybody filter this shill…

Oh look, it's thinking!

It's a Five Eyes wide operation, cuck chan even busted open their funding and shit today.

This thread triggered the shills. Even Imkikey is freaking out hard.

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You need to get that checked out dude. Your balls are not designed to perform in that way.

A man that succumbs regularly to their "basic biological imperatives" is nothing more than an animal.
Fun story about that, while cleaning out an old storage unit a few months ago, I found an old, old book called "The People Medical Adviser" from the late 1800's, published in England. On the subject of Male sexuality the book talks about a man who regularly engages in such self-serving pleasures loses, and I quote, "A certain tension about him, becoming by his nature more slackened with visible wasting of even his very skin". I have to say, having done Nofap, that really sums it up. It's amazing how far we've fallen that I find myself learning shit that they considered routine even 200 years ago.

Like playing chess against a pigeon.

Before you fap to pornography, remember all that's been lost. Think of your mother, your daughter or if you had a daughter. Think of the consequences that whoredom leads too, how much is lost by degeneracy and a lack of self denial and love. Sexual depravity destroys lives, it turns people into animals and warps the image of God. Pornography will never satisfy, you'll just keep coming back for more, you'll do things you normally wouldn't do chasing the fleeting illusion of satisfaction.

I totally agree!
Whoever doesn't have their dick in their hand right now is missing out.

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Coordinated shilling, ladies and gents. These people even keep an image folder of nigger and foot porn… for some reason.

jej, what a nigger you are.

By animal, they mean like some nigger chimp - not too far off from what (((you))) are.

Scared of being discovered, 16f080?