I was once a crypto normie. Had friends, dated abusive women, created a pretend reason to exist...

I was once a crypto normie. Had friends, dated abusive women, created a pretend reason to exist, and got myself a pedigree and a cushy office job. I've abandoned it all. Currently living on savings in shitty hotels waiting to find the inspirada to neck myself. FBI/CIA niggers are welcome to suggest domestic terrorism and get lafft at (lol fags, your pensions don't exist. give up your search for meaning/importance via obeisance to the state and attack the state instead).

The absurdity of it all appears to be tolerable for those with emotional connections to the world. I had those but they're gone. I suspect that the same is true for most of you asspies, otherwise you'd be living life instead of reading this bullshit.

Speaking of bullshit: what sort of bullshit lenses are you looking through when you imagine that anything will change the nature of reality? Sure, Hitler had the right idea. He failes. Everything degenerates. Entropy dictates that niggers will diffuse throughout the known world. Whites are at a disadvantage due to having critical brains which allow us to criticize ourselves in pursuit of improvement. Niggers chase the immediate gibs. The white strategy is better in isolation, but when idiotic fucks are mixed with the self-critical civilization builders the idiots have every advantage. We criticize ourselves and provide gibs, they breed like rats and confidently demand more gibs. Most of the "conservative" normie whites cheer for the niggers as they run around playing sports ball as entertainment. IQ 80 LeBron James has a billion times more impact than the most important right wing thinkers.

Clearly a blackpill but what do you faggots actually expect to happen? Why do you really read/post here? We're not going to fix things. The internet was a potential tool to be used to stop the cycle of history, but at this point it is obvious that it will be compromised in the next few years. Is this just group therapy for the remaining, disaffected sane people?

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Killing yourself is pathetic. The fact you're here shows you are more interested in attention than killing yourself. Go and try to do something important.

Reported for spam.

Go kill liberals instead
Or neocons
Neither are people so you wont go to hell
Im on my last legs of wanting to be alive her as im completely alone outside of my,sisters
And im tired of the same shit every day
Whats the point of living
Esp if youre a targeted individual by the mossad niggers

What do you actually think you're doing here, nigger? Are you going to save civilization and cure your diabetes by posting here? Are you "brainstorming"? When will wheels meet road?

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OP. Read your guerrilla warfare texts again. Just surviving is good enough for the defending side. Good luck user.

I have no friends, community, or family, so I'm more alone than you. However, I'm Eastern Orthodox Christian so I'm not a nihilist. I'm saving up for a piece of land in South America or Russia where I can live alone, work over the net, and study philosophy and theology in my spare time. A piece of rural land in the right place will be a piece of personal paradise. It's what I have to look forward to. You sound like a nominalist/empiricist so I don't know what to say. But perhaps if you mull over things enough you will find that you can find more joy or meaning in living. If you an hero, it's all over forever. You still have the opportunity to find a waifu and have a family in some remote location while farming and creating a self-sustainable and independant existence. I would suggest getting out of the city as soon as possible because cities are by nature atomizing meat grinders that create extremely depressed people. Studies have proved this.

I come here to see read and communicate with people. I don't consider myself anyone of importance. But perhaps my scientific contributions to intelligence research will mean something down the line. Who knows.

Follow these instructions precisely:
1. Scrub your social media history (this is not easy, do not proceed until this is complete)
2. Wait 2 weeks only using public computers- don't log in anywhere unless it is a truly anonymous service
3. Create a new internet persona that does not tie you here using a public service
4. Use this persona sparingly for 2 months developing a "relationship" with Marxists and Antifa.
5. Set up a livestream
6. Do a flip faggot

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Killing people won't do any good. The cancer has metastasized. Attacks only serve to further immunize it. Seems obvious that any and all attacks on a scale that matters are neutralized: we've never seen one. Not once. In the entire history of an oppressive state which forces the true nation to subsidize invaders, the best we're able to offer is is Uncle Ted or some other, similarly useless thinker. What are the odds that in a state of 350,000,000 people we're unable to find a single legitimate source of rebellion? All the same, maybe the consumerist propaganda has done its job and most of us don't even consider life outside of our mechanical boxes. Life was once defined by struggle. Decadence destroys us. Decadence is more and more inevitable every day.

My own life is in a pretty damn dire state. I have held prestigious jobs but now I am unemployed and drinking in the middle of the night while reading Zig Forums. That said, human society absolutely will not continue to get worse, since humans, unlike other animals, depend on complex social structures for survival. Things may get horrible, for sure, but eventually either humans will be eliminated, or more likely some will survive and rebuild. Think about this: contemporary society depends entirely on machines. If the machines start breaking down and nobody can make them work, then the whole society breaks down. And that is exactly what will happen when people are given jobs because they are sexual deviants, etc. The people in charge became less and less competent the more they "win" since they think they have more opportunity to explore their vices. I myself try to keep exploring ideas that I would not have taken seriously if I had to defend them in "respectable" society, and I also try to explore ideas that did not fit with my prior cultivated self-image.

There are ways to encourage dissent with the right fortitude and some basic foresight with planning.

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Don't listen to suicide shills like 682 here, OP. No matter how spectacularly you decide to go out, people will forget about it in a week or two. Don't throw your life away.

We've entered the period of death. We either formulate something new out of the ashes or we perish forever. Being defeatist at this point is stupid because the West is already dead, effectively. The mindset we need to adopt is that of the survivalist; how do we get out of the jungle and back to safety? What determines our success is largely our individual determination. As long as you can continue fighting, you aren't dead.

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You dont need a reason for what you already do.

Because, why not? We're all losers in the end, user. Even based chad kitties die. It's the ride that counts.

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I disagree. Depends on the level of spectacle involved and its geographic proximity.

You're right. I am so far unable to find a toehold which allows me to climb in the right direction. I don't even know where to begin looking for one. The correct answer is "shut up and do something", but I'm getting tired of that.

I'll leave you with this. The only way to fix things is to change your worldview. At the moment, ending it all might make sense for you but it isn't the right way to go nor is it true that it's a good idea. If you don't go full retard and you actually meditate on things and try to overcome your limited view of the world, you'll overcome the situation you find yourself in. I know because I've been there. It's a lie and the product of globalist demoralisation operations. If you kill yourself, you'll only be buying into their lie and doing as they want. The best and most sensible option is to keep fighting. Eventually you'll see what's on the other side of the horizon and things will make more sense and become more meaningful.

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Perhaps there exist a few really grand ways that will stick in memory but the problem is suicide, even when you take others with you, doesn't really mean anything in the grand scheme of things. It's mostly just a narcissistic die. Anyway, an alive OP is much more useful and effective than a dead one. A dead one can't even make white babbies for a start.

Why fight? Christianity is the only reason I can imagine, and I'm not a Christian. Maybe I should become one due to the argument from evil alone. I fucking hate these evil creatures.

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Fuck off yid.

I use the word fight in numerous ways. You need to fight against their demoralisation and propaganda, you need to fight to free your mind and to discover the truth, you need to fight for your people and their future, you need to fight to against their chemical warfare, you need to fight against the evil. The fight is spiritual and physical. If you don't fight, you lose.

I understand all of that. I guess I need to sack up and throw myself against the meat grinder of history. That I can't find a reason to probably doesn't matter. Maybe more important to do so because I don't understand. Hopefully God knows.

I don't know if you're religious or a Platonist or something along those lines. But if you're a materialist of any kind, you've bought into globalist demoralisation propaganda. They want you believing that existence is only material flux and change so that you become a nihilist and lose hope when you figure out that they're genociding you and everyone else is a brainwashed retard who doesn't care. I won't push anything specific on you, but start reading some philosophy (not nihilism). Maybe try Evola or even Saint John Damascene's Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith (very Platonic in nature and educational and meaningful even if you'e not a believer). You could even pick up Guenon. But I can assure you that as long as you have no beliefs in the transcendental or metaphysical that you will be able to find no good reason to do anything that goes beyond your own immediate desires. Change your worldview.

I'll add: you seek happiness just like any other sane and healthy human, which is why you want to kill yourself because your world sucks. Ultimately your current worldview as of now is a blender mix of red-pills and propaganda. You need to remove the materialism/nihilism programming they've pushed on you.

Start here: youtube.com/watch?v=Kb2POyqYz1g

Not an idiot new atheist. My view is that science cannot explain but merely describe (the pedigree I've been graced with is in physics). The only philosophically tenable positions are things approximating Christianity or absurdity. Feels like cheating on the part of Christians. We're put into an insane, corrupt, deceitful, inexplicable world and asked if we'd prefer honesty. What the fuck can a person answer?

I never suggested you were. But I recommend philosophy because it is the science of reality itself. It's a study of reality (existence, knowledge, truth). Once you get deep into it, you'll begin to realise that we live in a meaningful world that can be explained all rather well using proofs. That's why the establishment constantly shits on philosophy and calls it a dead and early attempt at science. That's a lie and a strawman. They don't want you learning it well because once you do, all their lies begin to crumble.

The study of philosophy doesn't necessarily lead one to meaning. The absurdity of the world becomes more and more apparent. Descartes hasn't been answered in the slightest. Camus is correct in his ordering of questions. Nietzsche is probably correct re: the folly of allowing degenerates to praise themselves.

I don't think that we can search for answers inside the box. At the same time it is too difficult to trust anybody who claims knowledge outside the box.

Don’t throw your life away, let someone else do it the slow, agonizing way. That’s what being someone’s property is all about.

No, but I believe it leads to a single and coherent, most sensible system. That's the inevitable conclusion if truth exists. The idea that different systems are equal, just as good, etc. is a product of postmodernism. Once you begin looking at philosophies as systems and start judging them by how coherent they are, then you start making progress. Or simply presuppose that truth does not exist, in which case that statement itself is not true.

Trying to become the overman is the only way.

You still have a lot to be grateful for. Like not having a daughter that gets fucked by niggers like Rothschild does. lol.

What if God is a material being? What if religious propositions are empirical and abrahamic religions are based on antiquated metaphysics?

Impossible, because God by definition is not material. He exists outside the material realm as a non-material entity.

Not the case.

Gaede argues the opposite: science explains, math describes. Explanations he esteems more because they have metaphysical and epistemological connotations and try to get at some essential truth about the causes of a thing, whereas descriptions are conceptual depictions of causally and essentially occult phenomena.

Live for your soul, user. Meditate. This world is indeed shit when it comes down to it. It's just maya. But what are you? Is there a deeper reason for life existing, for being conscious? I think there is, and that it's to become your soul, a more conscious being instead of just an animal with a bit of brain power. I hope you can catch on to what it is as well. For a good starter, read GI Gurdjieff's Meetings with Remarkable Men.

No matter how bad you have it, there is somebody who is suffering exponentially worse but carrying on.

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Denial is not a counterargument.

This is just the beginning of the new cycle. We shall prove the worth in our blood through the use of the blood. The Aryan in India or in Ætland may have thought "survival is lost, abandon all bonds of kinship" but we survived those troubles and are now here, brought down by this voracious jew parasite, another trouble just like in the past and just like those that'll come in the future, how the jew has and will prey on the unsuspecting but the parasite will be torn off just as Jormung was pried out of the hall and thrown. Make sure you have a good throwing arm.

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pain is part of growth, if you don't endure pain (which hasn't existed since the inception of mankind), you cannot and will not grow as individual- spritually, mentally, emotionally, physically. Each person goes through their own set of trials and tribulations. Hate and negative energy feeds the devil of this tribulations in a sense of defate. Do not let this happen- over come. You can, you will, if you chose. Stay strong, focus on positives, and the energy will circumvent into the rest of your life.

You, sir, are obviously mentally ill. You had it made, and you destroyed your own life in a paranoid fit. I'm sorry, it looks like natural selection has passed you up. Try to do something productive before you neck yourself, gay tard

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ENOUGH OF THIS FAGGOT CRYING BETA SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fuck off. Only the most shallow people have never stepped into darkness from time to time.

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You're going to have to take me motherfuckers. You're going to have to drag me kicking and gnashing teeth!

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I think your self-description is… amusing. Whether it is true or not, it is at least a good model of what a person might be like at a certain point in life. Backhanded though the compliment is that you should deign to seek advice from an "asspie", I will "deign" to grant you a pieces of advice.

Kill yourself.

Now with that out of the way, I will offer some more advice, since you are living a life and possibly still reading this sagacious slice of wisdom.

When you were a single cell, none of this was going through your head, and you were full of such extreme vitality it isn't even measured in Earthly terms according to some rather venerable mystic traditions. Yet here you are. The main problem is the complexity of the resultant structure and its "entanglement" syndromes with a world of conditioning that is not, as you have correctly noted, "benign" to your inner well-being.

First advice. Continue to do what you've always done. Endure. All of it. The absurdity, the insanity, the unpleasantness, the emptiness, the chaos needless stress and human (and sub-human) stupidity dogpiles.

And realize that either there is something in your deeper substance that will eventually slough this bullshit off on every level, the "philospher stone" that is the true and deep and abiding you, or else that there is not, and you are nothing inside and it doesn't matter simpliciter. But it seems to matter to you, unless you are just phishing for responses. But in that case you are a hollow fool and nothing else, and then it doesn't matter to anyone and this never happened.

Jews rule this world? Psychopaths, faggots, and Communists you say? I don't give a FUCK WHO RULES THIS WORLD!

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Stepping into darkness is different than becoming homeless because muh jews


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Awww, key key. “Gimme tender vits, Momma!”

Where is the philosopher's stone? Is it hidden up your ass? I've studied enough to learn that "knowledge" doesn't lead to much more than ego masturbation. That said: what the fuck do you know? Are you a gnostic faggot who claims knowledge of the godhead which spat us out? Do you realize the meaning of the words you type? Do you?


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le ebin cheeta cat may may *groans in retard*

Put the danger back in rock n roll.



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Risin' up back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance now I'm back on my feet
Just a man and his will to survive
So many times, it happens too fast
You trade your passion for glory
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive

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I don't expect my posts here to change anything, not even someones mind considering most people here are shills or larping children.
My actions outside of this place are all that matter. Anyone can type the 14 words but how many of you actually went out, married a white woman, and provided for a family of at least 2 children?

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It's the Eye of the Tiger
It's the thrill of the fight
Rising up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor
Stalks his prey in the night
And he's watching us all
With the Eye of the Tiger

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This. Do it out of spite. Pure spite. Torment your enemies, simply by existing and refusing to die.

Face to face, out in the heat
Hangin' tough, stayin' hungry
They stack the odds till' we take to the street
For we kill with the skill to survive!
So many times, it happens too fast!
You trade your passion for glory!
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past!
You must fight just to keep them alive!

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There aren't many tigers left. They're toast unless we nuke certain portions of our population into oblivion ASAP. We won't. We value niggers over tigers for some reason.

This current existence is a literal purgatory
Nothing happens. Doom is just creeping up and making its way on the white man. Any lone action taken against this is immediately forgotten and/or used against whites in the propaganda war often at the expense of the individual's life if not livelihood. That big rally held in the Carolinas a few years back actually turned some heads. All it took was one fat menthol addicted bitch to have a heart attack and everyone chickenshitted out. We need to band together apologetically, renounce the (((poison))) and weakness of our own people, and take back our homelands. No trust can be placed in our enemies to "set up the rules" for us to follow. We need to do what we have to do, with obvious regard for consequences, but without looking at the state like it doesn't want us all dead.



It's the Eye of the Tiger

It's the thrill of the fight

Rising up to the challenge of our rival

And the last known survivor

Stalks his prey in the night

And he's watching us all
With the Eye of the Tiger.


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Why not just admire the power and beauty of the picture instead of block yourself off from the memetics this user is trying to help you with?

It's amazing. The entire Zionist plot of white genocide and world rule hinges solely on the masses not knowing the plot. Deception is greatest weapon of Israel and also its Achilles Heel. Anons only need to tell the Truth, careful to use facts and not Zig Forums maymays (unlike people like Patrick Little), and simply don't act retarded. But here OP is, crying over his feels, willing to end his or someone else's life but not do the simple work that will actually make a difference. Our struggle is against Zionism in all its forms.

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Two children destined for pointless death? Do you raise them to live off of the land? Outside of the public school gulag? Do you teach them philosophy, science (popper, kuhn, etc), and the difference between opinions and truths?

Kuhn? Look up the origins of surname Kuhn since you can’t be bothere to read the scientific revolutions book and see it for the relativist SSK it truly is.

My high school mascot was a fucking tiger. Many of the most promising have failed. Addiction, multiple sclerosis, suicide, general acceptance of failure, and on and on.

One of my best friends an heroed a little over a month ago. He was a tiger. Symbolism comparing us to mindless eating machines isn't a white man's idea. Maybe niggers wish to be jungle cats. Are you a nigger?


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mods deleting eye of tigers because it's not "on topic" for this beta shit.

DO your fucking jobs mods. Stop cucking to every kike that fucking complains and mind your own fucking business

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Kuhn, as far as I've read, isn't speaking about anything outside of science. I don't have a problem with relative truth within science because it seems necessary. I don't believe that he argues for subjectivity of truth or relativity of truth in any general sense.

The Greeks spoke of Truth v. Opinion. Moderns speak of Analytic/Synthetic distinctions, Intersubjective Consensus, and Social Construction when their “objective” is to politicize everything just because Hume demonstrated the possibility even of inductive knowledge and Quine arrive late showing even facts themselves are value-laden, the latter being made obvious by the manipulation of statistical facts based on choices concerning measurement. Thank God for Meaning Holism or we’d be completely mired in neoplatonic voodoo.

impossibility* of inductive knowledge

Yeah. Stay golden, pony boy. Pretend to identify with a jungle cat. Good: they can't type. Go outside and shit in the grass. Chase a rabbit. With enough practice you might learn how to be more than a cat faggot.

I was once a normie too, just immerse yourself in hobbies and get yourself either a doggo or a kitteh, you can thank me later fren.

Well I absolutely do. And if you’re going to claim the scientific method is no longer useful or was never in fact used, that communities construct diseases, hypotheses, theories and laws, Feyerabend is a much better theorist than Kuh on that particular front.

How about you send me all your money before you off yourself? I could use the funds to start a White family.

Big doggos are just horses, but big kittehs is tigers and lions rawr! Kitteh Supreemist here.

blahblah blah blah blah

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Read stoicism. Watch 'Thuleanperspective' on how the system dies.
"Life is what you make it" - Norwegian proverb.

my kitteh thinks it's a doggo but it's the best goddamn troll you've ever seen!


We're speaking past one another at this point. Science seems to be useful but isnt able to justify itself or make a case for a path forward. I write this as one trained primarily in science. What it gains in precision it lacks in meaning. Of course we find a pseudo orderly world when we look into physical stuff! What else would one expect? Total chaos? Lol ofc not.

Varg is a god. He created Det Som Engang Var, murdered another snownigger, and now serves as a self parody. 100% die happy success.

And for that matter Hempel supplied the foundational insight which Kuhn and his big nose ran with. Hempel produced a groundbreaking paper in philosophy of science arguing that scientific laws are simply formalized idealizations or rational constructions of scientific explanations, or facts about something which are built upon foundational facts. Kuhn assumes progress in science and argues “revolutions” (theory change) occurs by arbitrary sociological and ecaluative means when factual anomalies overwhelm a scientific models ability to explain available, relevant “anomalous facts”. This, of course, was targeted against Popper’s falsifiability criterion and assumes that an individual is never responsible or competent to do theory selection on his own. Hm, why might that be?

You mistake scientism for science.

Why wouldn’t you try and make a case that Anglo analytic reductionism, and its use of mathematics to pervert scientific authority into a nonfalsifiable pseudoscience and blanket all of civilizational culture in it, is ultimately inferior to what German Idealists were trying to do by keeping spiritual essence a necessary part of the science they did, Vitalism being one shabby form? Afterall, this is a natsoc board.

My understanding of kuhn's philosophy of science and its revolutions doesn't involve anything which I consider to be subversive to political and/or everyday life. Paradigmatic shifts tend to happen in science. Copernicus/Kepler/Newton. Einstein's relativities. We've learned a lot about the framework which allows us to sit around and bullshit. This knowledge doesn't explain anything, but it is interesting.

Haha, what? Ok, dude. I will take your word for it.

Mathematics isn't science but the very fact that it does such a great job in connecting phenomena begs for a believable metaphysics. Be it Christianity or platonism. At least math leads somewhere. Can't say the same for nigger-grievance studies.


We live in a savage universe of continuous competition and combat. You are not here to inform yourself. Any wisdom you acquire is of limited use and it will all be lost when nature snuffs out your life, which happens to all, sooner than you might think.

There is nothing for you to "do" in this world but fight. How or who you fight is entirely up to you. On the grander scale it doesn't much matter. Everything dies, including our universe. Everything gets cancelled out in the end. Let this be a source of relief and liberation for you, not one of nihilistic despair. I admit cultivating a sense of victory is not easy, but it can and must be done.

I believe it was the poet E.E. Cummings who once said, "The only causes worth fighting for are lost causes."

So stand and fight!

BTW, this payload is meant only for the lurkers ITT, because OP is a fag


Enjoy your empty words. They'll certainly allow you to live a life worth living. Go forth and do something worthwhile. You can't. Faggot.

take out one(or all) of soros yidlings and i say it's children in part to see him say "a parent should not have to bury their children" and to maim the future jewglomerate that all five of them would be a part of, or even a Rothschild (either parent or children)

I don't see myself as an individual, like you. I see myself as part of a long lineage of Celts. Everything I do is for the betterment of them, not myself. That is my purpose.

I suggest you find your own purpose and stay away from individualistic destruction. Cults like Jordan Peterson are designed to led towards dead ends. Jordan and his dark web devils will end up killing hundreds of thousands of our people. Mostly through suicidal corruptive thoughts like yours. If your story is even legit… your saturn posting is suspect.

Jordan Peterson is a venomous snake. Suicide is the result of his false-doctrine.

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Break the jew.

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I don't see myself as an individual, like you. I see myself as part of a long lineage of Celts. Everything I do is for the betterment of them, not myself. That is my purpose.

I suggest you find your own purpose and stay away from individualistic destruction. Cults like Jordan Peterson are designed to lead toward dead ends. Jordan and his dark web devils will end up killing hundreds of thousands of our people. Mostly through suicidal corruptive thoughts like yours. If your story is even legit… your saturn posting is suspect.

Jordan Peterson is a venomous snake. Suicide is the result of his false-doctrine.

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… additionally, suicide is the most helpful action for our opponents. Based on time + energy it took to bring you to this moment. Throwing that away is no different than your enemy cutting you down in battle with his blade. There are hundreds of ways to effectively resist. Expand your perception of the day-to-day on goings. Tossing away the time + energy it took to build you is the best gift you can give them.

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