Eric Striker EXPOSED as 56%

His name is Joseph Jordan and he lives in New York. He’s also a Puerto Rican midget.

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Bump, let’s chase this nigger off the internet.

Eat shit and die, jew.

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literally who

this guy


A Puerto Rican communist who’s been sending his capos to come here and shill for him. It’s actually worse on cuckchan, but thankfully I got the dox before they did.

Wasted trips.

lmao at this Rockwell LARPer with no chin or hairline.

You're going to have to false flag as this guys fans if you're going to get us to be your personal army.
Go back to your discord server you antifa tranny goons.

Keep jumping IPs nigger.

He’s already been doxed lmao, go fuck yourself nigger. I don’t use (((Discord))) either, get redpilled on nanochan.

Trumpniggers are no better than communists.

An ex-Tard Youth member who co-hosts a podcast with Kike Eunuch and claims the self-admitted heeb weev being a kike is something "made up by newsweek".

Zig Forums is a natsoc board that supports pat little and eric striker
(((they))) are swarming around here today frens

Yeah its impossible to have a white identity when your a tad mixed.
Yeah it means hes against us no other way around it
Yeah we should like focus on attacking him even though hes done nothing against us.
Yeah there isn't any other target to attack with more importance. like the msm and their rulers.
Yeah. I think I understand slide threads now.

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Mestizos are half-breeds and aren’t white. Would you consider a mulatto to be white? No. Go kill yourself.

As a side note, I also posted this guy’s full dox on /cow/ and will hopefully get more information to dump there soon.

Mods are afraid.

I just look at the DOX info and realized you fags are unironically antifa.
Kill yourselves.

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What is it with the CIA using Puerto Ricans lately? On the reverse political spectrum they use Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a 'Communist'.

Yoichi Shimatsu writes

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Although a TRSodomite, he looks to be the more 'whiter' Puerto Ricans, a Jerry Rivers type PR perhaps? :^)

Puerto Ricans are the perfect golem jew slaves, too low IQ to question authority but somewhat competent enough to obey and carry out orders.

TRS is wigger shit, these are the same brainlets who started the LARPer meme and attacked anyone who suggested taking real action against the system

Fucking kys.

He was doxed a year ago.

Why are you acting like this is new?

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the only thing bad is his association with TRS, other than that he's ok

he admits to being a former commie. the right is full of them actually

I like the fact that he’s a NEET. Makes him relatable.

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Looks hwite to me