American-Israeli Teenager Is Sentenced to 10 Years for Bomb Hoaxes

American-Israeli Teenager Is Sentenced to 10 Years for Bomb Hoaxes
After the sentencing in Tel Aviv on Thursday, the teenager’s mother told reporters outside the courtroom: “This is the most cruel, cruel thing in the world. I’m very sorry, but I am ashamed that the country acts this way.” She added that her son needed treatment and rehabilitation and that “his place is not in prison.”

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so he sits in prison for 10 years, bitcoin increases to way too much over that time, and he comes out a millionaire.

that makes sense

well this part is stupid, as israel won't extradite him unless he's an arab

>A United States indictment has also been served against the hoaxer, who holds both Israeli and American citizenship, as the Justice Department has accused him of hate crimes.

Mild slap on the wrist, keep your winnings, well done.

what a coinkidink

wishful thinking. Bitcoin is the myspace of digital currencies, you only think it is hot shit because facebookcoin hasn't reared its ugly nose.

I remember this. Always hey rabbi.

On twatter they've tried to pin all of this on some nog.

at least he did something compared to white cucks


This is actually the definition of not "doing something". His punishment is literally for "not doing" something (although of course if he did do it his punishment would be worse).


*… yes it was because a jew called in 150 hoax bombs all over america from israel, so what? stop asking questions goy.

with time served he will spend maybe another 6 months in some kind of minimum security incarceration before going under "house arrest" in his parents' nice apartment with access to his 'puder and the intranets.

He should be thrown into some federal prison in Illinois packed with shitskins rabid with lust for his "white boi" ass.

all that and only 10 years

He should be electrocuted simply for costing so much taxpayer money.

Yeah, he obviously suffers from the debilitating condition known as Judaism. His place is in a gas chamber not the court room.

Friendly reminder that had this been a non-Jew, they would have thrown the book at him and he'd be looking at multiple decades in pound-me-in-the-ass prison. Hate crime charges, inciting terror, plus his face would have been paraded across the MSM to drum up sympathy for the terminally oppressed Jewish race. But the Jews protect their own, and have given this """"minor"""" the minimum possible slap on the wrist for this behavior. They all know that this kid was doing their dirty work by skewing hate crime statistics and creating lots of convenient events to propogandize:

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There is no such thing as an American-Israeli.
There are no hyphens in judaism.

Is he supposed to be an American-Israeli like Larry Silverstein or Michael Chertoff or Rahm Emanuel or so many other jews?

Indeed, WTF is a hyphenated nationality? in reality there are no hyphenated patriots on Earth, and never have been. You are either one thing or the other. And what this guy did is pure kikery. He's a jew, that's all.

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Just bread and circus for us goys. The kid will get a few months in a private prison that his uncle owns and that's it

Must be the ADL. Same tricks as what caused them to get started.

It should be "Israeli-American," because (((they))) never put America first. Also…


Except when you're talking about the front lines for any war they wish to wage.

This one jew alone with his hundreds of threats is responsible for the increase in "antisemitic" "hate crimes" - hoaxes still get counted in the statistics.

That's just because you can always count on jewish dishonesty. It's literally codified in their faith and culture Baba Kamma 113a.