Mein Kampf and Other Natsoc Quotes

This thread is meant for the discussion of Mein Kampf and other natsoc and fascist doctrine quotes.

I'll start by posting a relevant quote.

I believe this quote is relevant today as Hitler's words are being more and more subverted by various civnat magatards, so called neo-nazis and alt-kikers.

Post other quotes that you like or want to discuss.

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Your heart's in the right place, OP. Don't let their lies convert you. They are numerous here.

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Added (polvols lose their shit if you don't type something)

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Thank you for these quotes user, I'm gonna save them all. It's just sad how people bump bait and slide threads but ignore at least a try in making a decent post.

His sister Paula's quote comes to mind, but I'm not there yet. Even indoctrinated, many schools could learn from what Hitler has said. That's the reason why they don't allow his speeches to be studied.

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At his trial Hans Frank was asked by Alfred Seidal when he first heard of the Maidanek Concentration Camp (18th April, 1946). He expressed this conversation (Hans Frank.jpg) with Adolf Hitler.

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Question: is there a good free audiobook version of Mein Kampf somewhere?

I like the one by f Society on kiketube.

But it's of course restricted.

Search jewtube for "mein kampf audiobook". They're flagged by the ADL, but you can still click into them.

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There's also this:

And I must sleep.

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There is a small pamphlet called Words of Hitler by Matt Koehl which is basically his best of mein kampf. Here is an audiobook version read by Alex

the firsat quote is a strasser quote.



Here's one to counter all the pagan shilling here rn

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Sage negated, kike.

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That first one by Goebbels on the Jews style of "attack attack attack and never defend" is bang on.

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Reminder to give yourself some context when you hear people kvetching about a fat communist bitch dying from a heart attack and think the sky is suddenly falling. Goebbels once compared Hitler to Lenin and that provoked such an outrage that someone died. Todays alpha males were the 30s betas.

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"In diesem Kampf wird am Ende die Wahrheit siegen. Sie aber ist bei uns."

"In this fight, truth will win in the end. It however, is with us."

-Adolf Hitler 26.04.1942:
(Very last sentence)

Can't translate it better into English, but I love this quote because it empowers me and gives me hope.

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Most of these quotes are fake. Hitler was a revolutionary not a nationalism for all peoples type fag. These quotes smell of retard stormfaggotry.

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Dude, thanks for contributing but the first quote is a Strasser one.

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Name one thing christianity has done for whites.

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I think thats it for quotes pretty much

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This is great and can be adapted:
He who defends the illegal immigrant harms his own people.
He who defends the muslim harms his own people.
He who defends the fag harms his own people.
He who defends the tranny harms his own people.
He who defends the feminist harms his own people.
He who defends the leftist harms his own people.
He who defends the traitor harms his own people.

someone already did this quite well actually

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Tip to anons though of course most will already know - But including source will always make the quote look more legit. So, if you see any old quote pics floating about maybe make a new one with the source included. Unless of course its a common quote like pic related.

Also, great thread lads.

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Np user.
Heil victory.

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We need more Natsoc in this board.

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Mein Kampf isn't really "natsoc and fascist doctrine".

Its a "how to" handbook for overthrowing a government is the 1930s. Some of that info is still relevant today, some isn't.

Written by a failed Austrian painter, jailed for being sperg.

Thas right this isn't enough hundred threads should satisfy.

By today standards his painting is a master piece.

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I wish more Zig Forumsacks would read more about national socialism. It seems this board is more obsessed about lynching kikes, niggers, and faggots than anything else which ironically Hitler wasn't as supportive of. Sure he didn't see them belonging to the German land, and that is very true, but he sought out a world where every man had his own nation to be proud of and for them to not influenced by parasitic foreigners who seek to undermine others to their benefit. He didn't exactly want to exterminate everyone else as the kike media claims.

Except that quote is literally one of the most contentious ones out there, and has only one shaky source. Kampf - Multiculturalism Will Fail.mp4

What was the part where hitler felt forced by his nsdap party to agree with hasbara agreement?

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Oh really his paintings were fine yet other degenerate paintings hardly compare and succeeded…
I wonder why, also the same failure who manage to bring back germany from it's ashes into a burning phoenix, otherwiose fuck off shill.

Do you get this from a book.

Adolf Hitler on Palestine
>I am not least willing to allow foreign statesmen to create a second Palestine right here in the heart of Germany. The poor Arabs are defenseless and have been abandoned by all. The Germans in Czechoslovakia are neither defenseless nor have they been abandoned. Please note this fact!

Adolf Hitler from Speeches 1922-1945