'He Who Must Not Be Named': What Alex Jones and Voldemort Have in Common



I don't know whether to be amused at the retards following a pied piper like Jones or annoyed at this type of pandering ""journalism""

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That den of faggotry?


Alan Moore might be proto-SJW anarchist larper. But I do respect him for openly shitting on Harry Potter every chance he gets.

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The fact that Jonestein no longer dominates jewtube conspiracy searches is overwhelmingly positive, even with the jewish MSM results pushed up to the top.

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Alex is our guy

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Because the average NPC can easily understand what other NPCs say.

slither back to cuckchan you vapid kike.

Kill yourself, Moshe.

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Whoever did that image had great intentions and a cool idea but was either colorblind or should check his monitor. Fixed it.

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Alex is our guy and one of the main reasons why the world knows that 911 was a Mossad coup d'etat against the USA.
Is he perfect?

But he served an important purpose and for that I'm grateful.

Alex Jones truly believes that he is telling the truth. No one spends so much time away from his friends and family screaming into a microphone and being despised by the world if they don't believe that what they're doing is right.

Nigger, he's the main reason (along with his buddies, the Loose Change heebs) that the 9/11 truth movement was castrated, and put the blame on everyone except Israel.

Pic related is almost a direct quote ("folks, I’ve done the research, Israel could not carry out these [9/11] attacks.”)

He only admitted Israeli involvement after so many others had pushed it, and even then, instead of presenting the attacks as what they were, a Mossad operation, he pretends that Israel was just one of many players.

Thanks user.

He's a liar and he knows it. He constantly contradicts himself, and in the past 2 years or so, he pretty much did a complete 180 and went full neo-cohen. He's an actor. Listen to what his kike ex-wife said (when they were still together).

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Kind of like most Trump supporters who started out being edgy outsiders but then fell head over heels for Trump's acting.
Yeah Jones is an actor. But I don't believe he is a CIA agent.

Neo-Jeffersonianism is here to kick your British fucking ass, Alex.

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Neither do I, he's an Israeli operative.

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Voldemort is flight of death.

Voldemort Gratuit

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Moore is 100% /ourwizard/ even if he doesn't have every detail quite right. He lives in opposition to the cult of moloch/the inverted Saturn.

Not that it matters but these fucks can't even get their own mythologized pop culture references right. Voldemort's name was always used this way, that's why you weren't supposed to say it, because it's fucking Name Magic and he could hear you. Voldemort had regained power in the last books so the spell was being used that way again. This was one of the few legitimately decent uses of magic in the entire book series besides brief shout outs to the ruby dreamstone, bezoars, and… no that's about it. (Hermione's bag of holding doesn't actually count because it reinforces that she was as dumb as her writer and was held back as a witch because of it.)

Fuck. They're so bad at magic.


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Shit 2:00 had me cracking up. Any muslim will tell you Palestinians 24/7 will try to take over your political system. Beautiful.

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Was GLR a Jeffersonian?

Polite sage for off topic, but what's a good example of clever magic use in literature? I agree with your points, and you seem like you have a good frame of reference.

I once heard about a book series where people from [generic fantasyland] summon The Greatest Wizard of All Time which turns out to be a computer engineer from our world. Eventually the engineer figures out that magic in their world is equivalent to binary computer code and he sets about making a language, compiler, OS and so on and becoming The Greatest Wizard of All Time. It sounds like the kind of book that would use clever quirks of software engineering plus magic to tell an interesting story, but I'll be damned if I can't remember the name of the book when it was recommended to me.

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Fucking normies. They spend so much time consuming mainstream media that it becomes their archetypal structure for understanding reality.

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Don't cry,he's selling more penis pills than ever.
He was the no.3 syndicated talk show in the cuntry ,right behind limburg & art bell.
His fans will find him & the Streisand effect.

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& this was before social media.

Chad making a cuckface

Get it… Because his real name is Chad.

Like many I'm a big fan of Pratchett's Hogfather. It's silly but brilliant. If you haven't read it I wont spoil what's so clever. It's definitely worth a read. Moore's Promethea and Gaiman's Sandman are famous comics for a reason, and include color magic and some really wild ideas that experiment with the medium. Promethea doubles as a crash course in most things magical throughout human history and is really worth a read even if it has some flaws. The EarthSea trilogy by Ursula Le Guin is also fantastic, but like Hogfather it deals with classical ideas in a fantasy setting rather than weaving real world mythology into new stories like Gaiman or Moore.

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I don't care for magapedes either.

they really work up the soyboys

Pay your taxes, whore.


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Alex is, or at least used to be, entertaining, but he is a gatekeeper. He will lead you down a path towards truth, but he will lead you astray to keep you going in circles and keep you from reaching the truth. He is a false prophet, a Judas goat. I always wondered why he never named names, he just referred to the boogeyman as "globalists", "elitists". I must thank him though, because he made the mistake of giving David Duke air time, who connected the dots for me and changed my life forever with regards to race and the JQ.

Full interview of David Duke on Alex Jones radio show. After original airing, Infowars deleted the video from their site when they realized that they fucked up. Through out the interview, AJ stumbles to refute Duke's JQ points, and is ultimately reduced to name calling and berating him.

Who the fuck cares about ecelebs fuck off

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Nice f'n follow up there. Bump.


thnx user


that's a nice Rich Evans cartoon

sorry your life took such a wrong turn, hope you right the ship one day imkampfy bud

It disgusts me that I have gone to great lengths to avoid ever understanding any part of that shit show and shit book series and still get this one reference.

Why do you think they got rid of him?

One or the other, still interesting.


Considering Alex Jones is connected to the British deep-state establishment and British spies like Nigel Farage… the answer is #4.

Alex Jones fucks and kills little children.

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That's a disgusting accusation, there's literally no reason to think Alex Jones fucks children, it's not like he has an employee who was tied to child sex-trafficking in an article he published, or he saw some Ziowood kike pedo's hernia.

Why was the ADL-linked (via his jew-wife Evelyn Rich - isn't there somebody else with one of those?) Jared Taysachs the first "victim" of jewtube's "video quarantining", a feature developed by the ADL?

Which is why he continues to protect the jew?

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Kill yourself, Chicom.

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Ah ah, I can subvert every right wing speaker if I tell nazis it's jews lel

They won't even protest if we censor them out of existence, they're jews after all ;)

It sounds a little like the storybook subplot in The Diamond Age, but I'm pretty sure that's not what you're talking about. If you haven't read it though, you should.

Still bumping this, huh.

Alex jones is a mossad jew
Even more than qanon

They're both characters played by actors.


Don't give idiots attention.

Alex Jones sold out, they got him on something. Could be pedophilia, could be a blackbag threat


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if you were still with Alex after Sandy Hook you'd have to be all kinds of retarded. Here was a guy who spent most of his broadcasts talking about how tough and ready he was to fight and then the second he had to really make an effort he completely and obviously cucked out, what the fuck was he even doing with Megyn Kelly ? Someone in his position should have no trouble explaining why the Sandy Hook event looks staged and/or has problems, even if getting grilled for hours. Since then his show is mostly just him complaining and lying more.

The thing is it also disproves the whole game where Jones and the people behind him are supposed to be good guys on the inside doing what they can, they obviously aren't really doing what they can because flipping on Sandy Hook pretty much means you're ok being used to promote gun control. Something Jones is supposed to be vehemently against.

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He was kosher from the start.

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oops meant for
have the whole collection


And op is a kike.

Who was ever "with" Jones? It was conspiracy entertainment, like Art Bell. Tiny grain of truth… that's it.

The only thing more idiotic than believing Infowars… is hating/banning Infowars.

Wasting time/energy hating fake shit. Then celebration the censorship of speech you don't agree with.

Censoring dumb shit like this is a litmus test for censoring wrongthink, in general. Don't be mad when you get punished for mentioning Winnie the Pooh, like China does. Good luck traveling abroad with a negative social credit score.

Polite sage for offtopic, but what the fuck is a horcruxe?

It's a phylactery, but without the risk of any normalfags learning the word 'phylactery.'

He constantly talked about the founding fathers, so maybe?