All modern humans descended from a solitary pair who lived 100,000 to 200,000 years ago, scientists

>(((Stoeckle and Thaler))), the scientists who headed the study, concluded that ninety percent of all animal species alive today come from parents that all began giving birth at roughly the same time, less than 250 thousand years ago.
>Research by (((experts at the Rockefeller University, and Switzerland)))

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So why do we have several million year old bones from proto-humans. This is absolute nonsense.

If they can claim that humans can interbreed with apes, I'll be willing to agree (because then niggers were the result of beastiality–although, that does a disservice to apes such as Koko who are tranquil).
Interesting, so the claim is that there were a bunch of humans even before this, a catastrophe happened, and then only 1 pair survived and procreated (or rather, whose lineage lasted). What would the race of the humans before this catastrophe be, eh?

Not even possible. You need 1,000 people minimum to not suffer from severe inbreeding.


the Eternal Jew strikes again.

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Bullshit, source: Dude, trust me

That's not how population genetics work. You can't keep genetically healthy with only one pair of parents to start off from.

Sources are from the Joos of Rockefeller University, and University of Basel, Switzerland.
We all are aware of Jewish Trickery, so i take your point re trust and the (((source))).
The purpose if not to discredit, or challenge these sources. The purpose it to observe it, study it, and recognize that (((they))) are preparing more that you are.


Wow the Kikes sure are desperate these days



KIll yourself. Your thread is shit, pure clickbait garbage, and the link isn't even archived. You had to be called out to even provide the full fucking link.

Science will eventually prove God exists, redditor atheists will use this as proof God doesnt exist.

Adam and Eve lived about 6000 years ago.

Right on queue for a shit thread,the Zig Forums shills.

"We" don't have that, satan jr. Whites have kiked universities pulling bullshit numbers out of the same pozzed buttholes where jews have been pulling them for centuries.

Slide Kike. kys

Since there are some retards who don't get the OP (not saying they're right, but one should understand what he's arguing against), what the OP is stating is that: yes, humans existed before 200,000 years ago. However, a catastrophe killed off the majority. A few survived and procreated, however, out of those that did survive, only one pair's lineage has survived till the present and is found in all of the DNA of the humans whose DNA they checked.

>(((scientists))) said

you sure they didn't say that we all came from a pair of HUMANS 250k years ago? Way too soon to have been the ancestor of 90% of living animals species.

Are you saying humanity is not suffering from severe inbreeding?

This makes no sense.
"All humans and animals are related to a pair of humans who lived after all humans were almost wiped out."

Fucking retarded.

Yes, it is pure nonsense. My question is why publish such idiocy?
Is Timing of this relevant?

So where'd the genetic diversity come from?

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I'm sure a couple of jews lived 6000 jears ago but "mitochondrial eve" is a bit older.

If you would understand evolution a single bit, there must have been other transitional human individuals bridging the gap from previous species to current, but for some reason or other their offspring didn't survive.

We have reached to the point where it is relevant to think about are niggers a race anymore or different subspecies.

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I believe the absolute minimum is around 120 pairs to guarantee long-term genetic stability.

Something had to happen between the first two and the resulting F3 phenotypes that are us.

The kikes really lost it with their bullshit

All mammalian life can trace its origins back to some retarded lizard that lived 320 million years, doesn't mean we're all the same, or that human, cows, and bears need to show solidarity with one another.

>Dr (((Stoeckle))) said: 'At a time when humans place so much emphasis on individual and group differences, maybe we should spend more time on the ways in which we resemble one another and the rest of the animal kingdom.'
This statement alone is enough to convince me that this is a politically-motivated "study" and nothing more.

There are so many things to say about this transparent example of "science as propaganda" but their conclusions are immediately invalidated by the simple and widely acknowledged fact that non-African humans bred with Denisovans and Neanderthals, groups that diverged from Homoe Erectus at least 2x further back in time than these propagandists claim to have found our "common encestor". Literally every prominent geneticist acknowledges that basically every group except Sub-Saharan Africans, Aboriginal, and a few other oddball ethnicities have DNA from these groups that are not considered to be the same apecies as this universal (yeah right) human species we call Homo Sapiens and both species diverged from the "universal" lineage around 500,000 years ago by most estimates (all of which are older than the mere 250k claimed here).

Fuck these people, this is why widespread trust in shared societal institutions is a thing of the past.

Do they ever post their process by which they reached their conclusions?
It would be fun to dissect their work piece by piece.

Same couple?

There was mass extinction and humanity really dwindeled, but it's not a single pair, it was a few thousand

Its worth pointing out that all radio carbon dating presumes a constant level of radiation and decay.

Sonething as minor as our own nuclear testing throws all carbon dating calculations off.

So how many years back do we assume no major solar storms or other spave event threw off all our calculations?

This is just to placate and further bias the retarded normies that want to believe we all come from the same earth mother and we are all the same inside bullshit. They'll read this idiocy without any critical thinking and just lap it up like good livestock.
"See! All those racists are wrong! We're right, I knew it. And fuck those nobel prize wining scientists that clearly don't know shit, this will sure show them!!!"

Interesting extract from the "study":

This is what anyone with more than a standard deviation above the norm in intelligence can discern at first glance for several thousands, and probably tens of thousands of years.

what if
ancient aliens create
adam and eve interbreed with apes

(((scientists claim)))
jej no thank you

also rh+ earth monkeys
rh- basque, rothschilds
rh+ mother rejects rh- baby
not the same species?

to continue sci fi story
what if noah's ark
is dna bank?

Europeans whites are completely distinct and separate evolutionary from negroids. The only common ancestor is the first life - if that.

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basque ≠ based

And this absolutely does not, nor can it possibly, rule out interbreeding with other hominids. It just means that the base genotype we descend from went through an extreme bottleneck.

Many pairings within large populations of the same species will be incompatible with life due to incompatible genetics. Doesn't mean sub populations aren't the same species.

You could say "species" is a "taxonomic construct" and the reality is far more complex. Unlike what the Jews and lefties say about gender, this happens to be true.

I think that might be cyclical.

So humanity is made up of incestous freaks?

Total bullshit. We really can't trust anything coming from "scientists" anymore. Things are so fucked.

It's species, damn it.

If you understood evolution better, you would know there are no such things as transitional individuals, only transitional populations. Because evolution works through change in allele frequency in a given population.

We are are one goy, just the same. Just breed out your race, it's a social construct away way.

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The spanish separatists aren't based? Explain yourself. They should be rh+ like serbs, quit being silly

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Kikes trying to make their jewish fairy tales true with (((science))).

No way could the human race survive all that inbreeding.

i guess theyll have to run back all the privilege and affirmative action if they push this

I don't trust no scientist, lyin' to me and getting me pissed.

Even if this were true, hundreds of thousands of years of evolution in drastically different environments is still going to create drastically different sub-groups of people. Christ, we created how many different sub-groups of dogs in the last few thousand years?

Thank God for the tower of Babel.

basque (word) ≠ based
basque (people) (=/≠) based
see muy ¿¿??¿¿??

what about pakistan.
take that, shitlord!

Oh, it's another round of "journalists don't understand what the fuck mitochondrial DNA is."