The Economic Collapse Soon?

Last Monday the stock market went down the stock market went down about 500 points, Tuesday it's goes down another another 500, Friday another 200 points and the fed hasn't even raised interest rates which will happen in December. How will Trump react to this once it collapses and who will be blamed?

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Oldfag here. People have been predicting an imminent economic collapse for my entire life. It's not going to be predictable in terms of a time-frame.

You survived '08. Good for (You), but 10's of millions of people in the US, Canada and Europe still haven't recovered. In fact, they've given up entirely, checked out of the economy, and have gone to the extreme opposite end of the dynamic. We see the same phenom with millennials.

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Well if you payed attention it was supposed to happen in 2008, but didn't because the FED just printed more money and debt, i think we are pretty close to it considering that the Fed is increasing interest rates and doing QT


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I don't see how it can't happen soon. It almost happened in '08 and now the economy is even more fragile than ever. What's going to happen when the gender studies, history and other bullshit majors start defaulting on their loans? Those loans make up 25% of the U.S.A.s assets. When the silicon valley cesspit can't cover each other anymore for operating at a loss? These a TRILLION dollar companies. When the housing market is flooded with houses that previously weren't available to the market? I even forgot a few. Not to mention most of the things that caused the '08 crash have been lifted.

When the next '08 happens it's a good chance all of these things will blow up in a chain reaction, and there's no way the Fed will be able to print their way out of all of these things simultaneously collapsing.

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The stock market is volatile. It goes up and down based on mere speculation. There’s no factors that are indicative of an economic crash. If you think you know Of any please share them because I’m genuinely interested.

Just a sign

Did you watch the video, OP posted?
Are you familiar with the term "Bubble"?

Dammit, guess I'll have to get my AR-15 sooner now.

It always goes down in winter until the fourth quarter reports and then climbs in spring. Go look at the previous years by quarter

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In order to rise out of the rubble we should focus on turning every city into a manufacturing hub. MAGA

The student loan bubble is serious but companies reporting losses just means theyre reinvesting. Housing inventory is low not high. You have apartments being built but they’re also being rented.

I'm talking about the shadow inventory. All the houses that where bought up during the recession but not put on the market to artificially keep housing prices from going back to what they where during the boomer days.

Also how is this not a bubble? From what I understand the majority of startups fail, so they're still losing out even if they reinvest.

Interesting. Haven’t heard of that. Have a link?
Houses can still be bought for cheap, just not in a coastal or major city.

You can just google shadow inventory or real-estate shadow inventory It's something I've heard about over and over again.

Nope. Managed decline. There will be no collapse this time, unless we ourselves create it.

Amazon is a good example. They went a very long time without ever having a profitable year. Meanwhile they were using all their capital to corner the market.
Startups have been failing since the beginning of time. It’s not indicative of economic conditions it’s judt indicative of people not really knowing what they’re doing and not sticking with it long enough.
Startups aren’t what you watch it’s major companies. You also have to understand why a company fails when it does. Like Sears failed because they can’t compete with online stores and they couldn’t keep their brand image current. Target isn’t going anywhere because it’s somehow cool to shop there.

It did fucking happen
I saw how my job dissolved into nothing, the workshop I worked in went from having to fix at least a truck a day to fixing at most one each week.

Ok so shadow inventory is just bank owned foreclosed properties.
Banks will own properties and keep them on their books holding on to them until they think market is at peak so they can get top dollar. When there is no shadow inventory it’s a bad thing because that means banks have decided the market is at its peak. So, if there is a lot of shadow inventory that’s good because it means the real estate market will continue to grow which means the economy is still strong, in their eyes.

All it takes is for the banks to be put under pressure (like they where in '08 until they where bailed out) for those millions of houses to be back on the market. If that happens then all housing prices will plummet. That's why I said it's a chain reaction. Too much tension in one area and the whole house of cards will come down.

There are a least 6 "why the economy is about to crash" articles on Zerohedge daily. Doom porn.

I go there for the comments… same theme as /pol, mostly. Which I always admire.

On the bright side if the housing market crashes then you can buy up quality houses for cheap - assuming your stock portfolio doesn’t tank with it and you don’t lose your job.

So true. They just overprice everything, from what I can tell. Harris Teeter does the same thing. Forces the lower-tier shoppers back to WalMart and Food Lion.

Just a theory.

So do you think the economy will just keep on rising until Donald Trump is done being president?

not likely

it is more likely he will get hoover'ed before the 2020 election.

market crash blamed on trump.

one term trump.

If the housing market crashes again and the Fed can't print it's way out, then losing your job is the least of your concerns.

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Related, I think. The market is increasingly using algorithms/AI to stay afloat. I thought this article was interesting.

Yeah, I know, Zerohedge is pop finance but the comments are funny.

doesn't zerohedge have a rules section for comments where it explicitly bans anti-Semitic remarks?

Most people are thinking February 2019 is when the crash will happen.
I don't have an educated guess on how Trump's policies will affect a market this volatile already.
Most investors aren't too happy about it.

It's probably in their TOS… I'm detecting a little D&C in your question. If people want to comment about the JQ, that should be their prerogative.

It's a legitimate topic of discussion. How such a tiny group leverages so much wealth and power. I love the Jewish people… their leaders and hegemony… not so much. I question their motives and more importantly, their ethics.

It's certainly en vogue to criticize white people. What's the problem? Whites are 16% of the global population. Protected free speech for all, I say.

Yea I think it's Q1 of 2019 only because of the Christmas retail boost, but we will see because it seems Black Friday help either so it might be sooner than expected.

*Didn't help

Who’s “most people”?
I feel like I’ve been hearing the market was going to crash for over two years now.

have you only been paying attention two years?
gimme muh eternal doom pill
the real 2008-like doom will catch most sleeping because cry wolf

The appeal of Target is that it's not Walmart. Shoppers only go there to avoid the fat slobs and niggers.

Take away the bread and the circuses quickly follow. Imagine the fury when the gibs go dry. I wonder how EBT works in a hyper-inflationary situation. I for one welcome the destruction of the world's modern economy

So they can deal with the queers and trannies?

Guess who gets hit the hardest the liberals in the city who are neighbors with gib ghettos

the stock market is 100% fake. the only reason is hasn't crashed already is because the vast majority of stock purchases are corporations buying their own stock. and worst of all, they are using debt to get the money to buy their own stock. thanks to The Motherfucking Fed keeping interest rates near zero for so long, it's cheaper to take on debt now to buy your own stock. notice a pattern in my images? the last time this practice peaked was 2007. this is unsustainable and it will crash all over again. nobody can see where the bubble is this time because the bubble is now the USD itself. this is what hyperinflation looks like. The Fed thinks they won because they contained hyperinflation mostly to housing, creating the illusion that the entire housing market didn't crash. the levy will eventually crack and the containment will fail. i can't wait. i want the entire economy to get nuked as it should have in 2008. Trump will be forced to devalue the USD and that will mark the start of the sell off and the USD will lose its reserve status around the world. America will become a lot poorer after it is forced to balance it's household checkbook or die. i won't lose anything since i am already poor and literally have only $25 to my name at the moment. i got fucked by the 2008 crash and never recovered. i look forward to kikes jumping out of skyscraper windows after they lose all their fake stolen shekels. there is nothing but upside for me.

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If you had to invest in one which one would it be? Gold or Crypto?

rare doom paul memes and WW1 era gas masks

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How much do you think your crypto will be worth when the average person wont have power for a couple years?

I guess you're right

The stock market isn't the economy




Of course. Managed decline for the places that TPTB find the most useful, forced collapse for the competition.

Two years is about the time when some commentators started saying they were seeing signs of a setup for "controlled decline", so you might be on to something. Quant in dedicated forums are now anonymously reporting that their portofolios are doing rather badly, and are beginning to suspect a new 2008, so… On other sites, analyses of fundamentals, like oil production and refining, are showing red flags. This might be it.

Yes, the "real economy" in America is much worse than the fake ones in the markets. It's going to be a hell of a hangover. Start a new life in Russia? If they manage to avoid war, things are looking good for them.

Rolling for the collapse.

jews will just push more money in. If a real economic collapsed happened the jews plans would be pushed back greatly, no out of work White is going to care about immigration so much and jews need immigration at least for another decade to make sure Whites can't vote their way out of destruction. If an economic collapse happens, even 2008 levels we'll win because of so much more angst among Whites therefore the jews will work tirelessly, possibly go into a loss to prevent that.

Through if you turn on (((Bloomberg))) and watch the classifications of jews on it all day, you will see that there is an apparent gap in ability between the younger and older jews.


someday soon, the Internet will crash. hodlfags might have millions and billions in digital ledgers of fortuitous concourses of electrons recording that they guessed the lottery magic number of a SHA-256 hash with all leading zeroes, but it's worthless in the real world. without any network to buy or sell or pump the hype of Animal Spirits, coinfags will be no better than beany baby collectors.

Satoshi himself will be begging to suck the dicks of prepper survivalists who stockpiled ammo, canned food and medicine in their TEOTWAWKI bunkers.

it's habbening, it's really, really habbening?!
wait, are you joking about russia, a country that relies on oil exports when oil has fallen so low?

I'm a brainlet, but how can the fed just keep printing money forever that covers welfare and every loan? A major crisis is long overdue, an economic collapse will trigger a civilwar/race war race relations have never been so fragile and the jewish masters will supply them with guns and sheit. Like an animal, white people can only be pushed so far into a corner before they fight back I at least hope

The Civil Unrest and subsequent uprising is the only reason they are fending this off. They know their heads will be put on pikes once the bubble bursts.

Decent probability of habbening in the first part of 2019. Brexit or Italy might be used as the official reason. Remember however that it's a process. Countries fall one by one, the weakest (Venezuela) or strategically important (Afghanistan) have already fallen, but 2019 is the year big, developed ones will be targeted. The point is to be part of the few ones left standing, and therefore consuming, so the oil is still cheap(-ish) for you.

Russia has an austere economy that corresponds more or less to their real capacity. They rely on exporting natural resources. That includes oil but also natural gas (look at how much Europe, especially Germany, depends on that gas). China needs those resources, and especially it needs an oil supply that the US cannot control, and Russia needs the industrial output of China in return, hence their special relationship of late. The two of them have a system that can hold on its own, while the West's system has run its course and has to crash. Germany has been making moves away from the Atlantic and towards the East. That's where my optimism for the Russian situation comes from: they may not get ultra rich, but they will not go dirt poor. They have to avoid war though, hence Putin's relative stoicism lately.

Excellent point, I'm too stupid to have realized that myself. The tape will come off one day and unleash the wrath of millions of whites. This time we do it right.

An economic collapse is guaranteed. So much of the economy is being propped up with monetary policy to fuel consumption that once interest rates normalize, many businesses and people will be bakrupted with roll-over costs of higher debt finance costs or their asset values will collapse in that their homes and stock portfolios will not support their "retirement. You can't have a real economy without savings, and you don't get savings at 0% interest rate policy.

Anecdotally, I am seeing a cash grab in the game Magic the Gathering. They are selling many high value cards for $14 a pack of 15 cards, which is absurd. They are clearly grabbing for cash while they can. They have a Jew CEO as well.

Part of the White Genocide plan is economic disenfranchisement. They have bought off the boomers with cheap debt, and then enslaved the current generation with debt. Imported tons of foreigners to take our jobs in the form of H1B visas. They give tax incentives to allow foreigners to buy up and own businesses such as gas stations cheaper than whites can. This helps keep whites under the thumb of an HR department ( which is 100% indoctrination to globo-homo ).

Wall street has been dumping billions into the coffers of Amazon to hurt mainstreet. Amazon can deliver a pack of batteries straight to your door if you want, and this is eating into the profit margins of countless mom and pop stores. This is all meant to hurt the future prospects of whites, and when the final crash does come, be on the lookout for straight cash grabs. Because that is exactly what will happen before they let the ball drop. Also, a ramp in terrorism will signal that the Jews will be exiting stage right and will use the Muzzies as cover for the economic crimes.

Keep an eye out on this Magic the Gathering set. No one wanted to pay $10 per pack, and no one buys magic cards during an economic downturn. They are predicting a downturn, imo.

The problem is america is heading for stagflation and there isn't a damn thing anyone can do about it.
Shabbos trumps sanctions and tariffs have pushed other countries into moving away from swift and soon all countries will eventually abandon the US dollar.
Everything at home is also heading towards peak insolvency: housing, education, pensions, more nigger gibs, southern subs, etc…. If there was ever a time to get the fuck out of cities, that day is now. This will happen under trumps watch one way or another.

and why they're putting all of these anti white/gun laws in place to snatch everyone they can up before shit hits the fan.

Because the US is the worlds default dollar. Its still the least shit place to invest your money safely. Soon that wont be the case anymore since the US started to use sanctions as such an obvious weapon for commerce. That was always the case but its way past the ridiculous point now.
I assumed this decline planned decline would happen gradually over decades the way it always has but the masses have woken up. Kikes have been forced to fast track it and are getting sloppy in the process.

2008 was Great Depression Part II: Electric Boogaloo but the Feds managed to cover it over by printing money. That has to catch up at some point. Thought: what keeps the powers that be from just falsifying the numbers put out at the major stock exchanges? Supposed to say $10/share? Make it say $20. Or $5. What is stopping them from rigging it in such a way?

Just because a bunch of companies lose some stock value doesn't make the internet go away.

It went down by 8000 once. 500 is nothing.

Clean it before you shoot it.

Chaim and his family do this over the 20 years, lending many coins at a mere 10% interest net one week
It's OK, I'll remember!

Let's extrapolate so shills can't argue basic math
When the people started starving, when mothers' breast wouldn't give milk, they found Chaim.

What do you think they did to Chaim, user? Yet, there is no evil here. Alligators kill children by banks of rivers, but they need to eat, too. It's not evil. To the same, when 100 people come and torture the alligator to death in the most discriminate of ways, to ensure longevity of suffering in all manners, a slow death, scale by scale, day by day, where not a drop of blood is wasted to the lust of onlookers and not an instance of agony goes unappreciated. Where each breath is a countdown to finality and a penance to a debt due, where each writhe is another interest accrued in the borrowing of the flesh of that child: It will be taken back. This is not evil, it is not torture, this is Debt.

So what did they do to Chaim, user?

When food prices rise, and they will, the economy will evaporate.

Grand Solar Minimum, google John Casey, Adapt 2030, Ice Age Farmer.

Is the housing market still an indicator of bursting bubbles?

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There are computers which do stock traders automatically to ensure that those with power never lose power. There is room to build houses for the billions of people who live in huts apartments or on the street.

BUt yEah dUde The StoCk maRkEt is defInItelY ReAl!

HSOM E07 10052016 : The USA's Day of Reckoning

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Amazon the retail arm isn't the real moneymaker. Look at Amazon Web Services.

Shit niggas, stockpile it

you cant eat silver but you can stockpile guns and ammo ro shoot looters and eat them


What do you mean? Did they all just go into debts?

Collapse comes in the form of massive inflation.
They are staving it off with slave labor from third world countries.
You can manufacture with slave labor, and ship the product, but service industries are based on local, so you have to ship in the slaves. This is the reason for massive third-world "migration" into western countries, and why governments are colluding with it…you need slaves to raise your cattle and flip your burgers, or the price of that burger becomes ludicrous.

Notice the prices of hospitalization, apartments, and education have gone through the roof? Those that own these industries know the value of the dollar is dropping hard, and they aren't going to eat the loss, YOU are.
So millennials are in debt forever for college, America is shifting to public financing of health care (debt money), and almost all your shekels go to keep a roof over your head.

AND…the public debt is 22 trillion and rising, which is the present government stealing from future citizens, who aren't around to defend themselves.