Brit/pol/ #2935: Thread of Personal Privilege Edition

National Anglican, Jewish, Catholic and Muslim faith leaders have all united in support of plans to build the UK Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre next to Parliament

Teenager arrested for attempted murder of child at Tate Modern
Six-year-old allegedly thrown from 10th-floor viewing platform at gallery in London

Forty migrants detained after crossing English Channel
A Home Office spokesman said that the individuals, who presented themselves as Iranian and Iraqi nationals, were medically assessed before being transferred to immigration officials for interview

Ex-High Court judge tells police to stop calling people who make sex offence allegations 'victims' because it creates a 'presumption' that they are telling the truth following bungled 'Nick' the fantasist inquiry
Sir Richard Henriques initially made the recommendation in his 2016 report into the Metropolitan Police's disastrous Operation Midland investigation, which was based on the lies of Carl Beech, then known as 'Nick', about an alleged VIP paedophile ring at Westminster

Lincolnshire non-Muslim girls asked to wear hijab for a day
Non-Muslim girls in Lincolnshire are being asked to wear a hijab for a day to raise awareness of discrimination

UK reclaims place as world's second largest arms exporter
Figures reveal record £14bn sales last year with nearly 80% going to Middle East

El Paso: Beto O'Rourke blames 'racist' Trump for inflaming hatred
As police investigate possible anti-immigrant motive in Texas shooting, Democrat accuses Trump of inciting hatred

Spanish scientists create human-monkey chimera in China
The team led by Juan Carlos Izpisúa injected stem cells into the animal embryos as part of research aimed at finding a way to grow organs for transplants

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death to israel and death to america

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stealing our memmies but gayer

For them

great another thing I need to worry about

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smh this is a Tatu board.

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Sweet dreams lad.

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Yes aha based black men keeping it real. Who needs space cities? Manlyke ting go SKRRRAAT pap pap pap PAWG ting got me bare waved innit

the world ended in 1066

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W-wes thu hal…

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really makes you kek

we need a programme of cultural and racial de-normanification. a revival on interest in old english and all things anglo saxon tbh

Don’t expect to see it on any news sites.

'course not, they got what they wanted from the story, now to quietly correct it in articles so as to cover their arses but the articles will never be seen


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Hear hear.
I'm going to become politically active soon in a regional English Nationalist party. We need to exit the UK and start a new nation founded on the blood and soil of pre-Norman England according to Acts 17:26.

UK reclaims place as world's second largest arms exporter

Figures reveal record £14bn sales last year with nearly 80% going to Middle East

Wew what an unsurprising disgrace.

Every lad ITT needs to watch the "1066" two-part series by Channel 4 narrated by Ian Holmes.


And in 2066 it shall be reborn.

Is this confirmed? How you know?

dirty bugmen

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looks like him tbh

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imagine being an incel in nazy germany

Whaley Bridge dam: Twenty-two households refuse to leave
Twenty-two households have refused to leave a Derbyshire town despite being warned a damaged dam is at risk of bursting, police have said

I dont know who that is? This is the alleged Connor Betts

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the moment they leave some mohammedans will break in and steal everything

>"oh no suddenly we can't hold the water back how tragic!"
>"looks like we'll have to build endless estates of towerblocks and deanoboxes!"

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lad that's the same bugman as

It's the same person lad

Would you let her detain you?

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ok maybe it is, selfie vs normal picture probably

kino, been watching the beast since 2011, he has literally been stuck on the same sub count for 5 years lmao literally zero growth

First image is from The Sun article, look at his left arm.
Second image is from twitter.

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these cunts are always so smug


Just get a house

dam failure psyops is a cover for DUMB construction

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Good work detective. They probably wont mention his leftism, it'll probably get blamed on here, and Im sure they wont mention meds if he was on/coming off them.

why don't you blame the seller, lad?

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yeah, i think they'll focus more on the walmart shooter since he posted here


I disavow Zig Forums.

So it’s confirmed he’s Antifa. Why’d he do the shooting? He murdered his sister and her boyfriend and then 7 other people?

Probably had an online chat with an FBI agent pretending to be a qt girl who convinced him to commit jihad instead of just normal suicide.


still don't get the point of that board, their opinions are allowed anywhere on the net

the huff their own farts because they autistically read 1000 pages of garbage they call "theory" which apparently gives them a third eye that we dumb neo nazis lack, they are delusional retards who refuse to accept reality

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all ive seen them do is organise to distrupt dafty operations and LARP as revolutionaries tbh

I could understand if it were ironic, but why the fuck do they not all just fuck off to reddit? There are scores of boards there for them.

aaaaaaaaah so they are spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine), smh tbh

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Maybe it was a proudboy meeting. They’re always meeting in bars.

It's funny how they are actually working in the "evil capitalists" favour.

not sure how they can all love marx but ignore entirely what he said about Jews

no according to them they are anti system and everything can be understood through the lens of dialectical materialism and we are in league with the establishment somehow

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let's kill whitey before he kills us tbh

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Why dont they just come straight out and say "whites'". It's what they mean.

wait what, there's an actual date?!!


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A cornered bear is attacking. I know lets corner it some more and poke it too.

they mean they want to destroy the concept of the white race so we are atomised and don't associate with eachother

Racial identity for me but not for thee

oh dear I shouldnt laugh but that's exactly what Im thinking.


Since the manifesto said he was directly inspired by Tarrant I'm starting to see memi Murders as something even more threatening.

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why are lefties so shit at this? they either dont kill anybody or make it confusing

Phew close call. Almost shit myself lads


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based off him being white obviously, you bigot

all it took were those early articles making the claim and now this memi won't go away

Had a good time watching this band on the Wacken Fest stream. Thanks whoever posted it.

just show them his twitter lad

what if they were flirting with fascism lad?

Interesting that the BBC have listed the races of the dead in the Ohio shooting. Only one white female of birthing age, the shooters sister. Possible racemixing motive.

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He killed a lot of coloured people for a leftist.

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