Antifa Beat And Robbed Marine Corps Reservists

The Philadelphia Police Department is asking for the public’s help to identify a group of people accused of attacking multiple Marine Corps reservists last Saturday afternoon down the street from the the “We the People” rally.

It happened around 3:20 p.m. on November 17th on the 100 block of South Front Street. According to police, the reservists were approached by a group of males and females, who called the reservists “Nazis” and “white supremacists.”

After that, say police, members of the group maced the reservists and punched and kicked them. One male member of the group allegedly stole a phone belonging to one of the reservists.

Police say that the group ran away northbound on Front Street toward Market Street.


The Marines should be court martial'd for losing to skinny-jean wearing antifaggots

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kike emperor can't even protect his own slaves


Finally some kike free first posts

Green niggers BTFO


Technically, yes, but the reservists were jumped with people carrying weapons (Yes, mace is a weapon. An extremely painful one, that puts you at a ridiculous disadvantage when up against a group of people assaulting you completely out of the blue._

The Marines really have let their standards slip if they're getting stomped by Antifa.

well that bike lock faggot got away after he used a weapon, why other antifa not use weapons?

oh no but muh based republicans
muh corporate tax cuts :(

I'm not even sure what you're trying to say here. That Antifa are pussies who lose 100% of the time when it's an actual fistfight? Yes.

Thank the females, the gays, the Generals, and the endless SAPR classes. I used to be a Marine a lifetime ago, and now I can't wait until the Russians or Chinese kill thousands of them.

that antifa can use weapons and get away with it while kike emperor will declare right wing groups terrorists for supporting free speech

what if all these reservist were gay? Antifa confirmed for gay bashing.
also, since the Marine Corps usually recruits from lower economic status (still good people, just making a point) Antifa was actually attacking the proletariat. So Antifa also confirmed for anti working class.

Wow those are some sound arguments user.
Too bad the commies won't be able to hear them when you're buried underground.

Where does Trump appear anywhere in that article?

Its always funny seeing you idiots using the same shit argument in every thread.
Fucking pathetic, Kushner must not pay you enough.

I hope people have stoped larping as 1860s communits long before I die of old age.

This is literally what I said:

Trump is the president, he is directly responsible for what happens to the military.

To pretend like donald trump right now in all of this is not relevant is asinine, or are you a kushner shill running interference and damage control?
donald trump is president, donald trump has the fbi and doj under his command right now, and he himself has encouraged his followers to "fight back" against antifa yet at the same time gives antifa a pass for 2 years and goes hard on… the proud boys, an organization who's leader shoves a dildo up his ass.
Shut the fuck up

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i was 2/4 fox co 04-08 and most were hardline rightwing, we were all grunts though, the p.o.g.s were sissies

Not a fucking excuse. Even in the Navy, we got maced boot camp and then again after boot camp, and we had to fight with mace in our eyes. If these faggots can’t handle mace, well, maybe they should nut up.

Yeah, same. I was 2/3 Golf Company in Now Zad back in 09. I don't know how it is now, but most of us back then were good white dudes who what was up.

Here come Chinese soldiers who can and will kick ass

No antifa will beat the new Chink soldier boys

The next war will be (gene) edited.

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I wish high killcount to both sides


Are we sure it was antifa who did this and not Gritty?

Love all the polfag keyboard warriors telling us how it should have been so easy to BTFO a bunch of guys ambushing you with mace.

Go ask the glowniggers monitoring this thread to do it.

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I know, this whole thread has shown how 1/3rd of posts are by kushnerbots, 1/3rd are sorosbots, 1/6th are retarded and 1/6th are saying something on topic and giving some form of analysis or perspective.

The state of the US militaryv


The president can't "jail" people.

But didn't he delist various white groups from terrorist watchlists?

Shut the fuck up bitch, you were given a light tear gas not maced. Unless you are an MA or Greenside Corpsman you are full of shit you fucking faggot.

Good job antifa. Kek.

The truth is we are going trough low intensive war. The other side has the backing of money elite, courts, congress, police, military, media, publishing houses, and they own all the distribution channels. So basically they own information flow, they have monopoly of violence, and they own the byrocracy.

The only way to fight back is to first install our private violent criminal groups. Find ways to make money. Then funnel money to /our guys/. Start taking over informational channels. Make your business legal and if you happen to be burned then past the tortsh to /our goys/. Once we go past couple of generations we get enought social reach, money and installed in the minds of the general population our concepts, memes and ideas.

There is no easy and fast way. There is only risk and sacrifice.

- he asked for death penalty for the synagogue shooter, meanwhile he set free some jew that hired illegals

- his appointed friends want the death penalty for the dodge guy, meanwhile he set free niggers

- his prosecutor jailed anti-antifa heroes RAM, meanwhile bike lock antifa faggot got free

- his biggest fucking supporters, magapedes civnats proud boys were declared an extremist organization, meanwhile ANTIFA are like the soldiers of ww2 fighting against fascism

or do nothing and let antifa bite the hand that feeds

Its a very obvious ploy, theater, to be a hero you need a villain. If he were to shut them down, like he easily could, then he no longer has that threat to wave around, far less to inspire his followers with and rally them against. Even comic book writers know this, is why their heroes never kill the bad guys, because if they did, they'd quickly remove all the threats that exist, and then there would be no more need for a hero.

What does batman do if joker is dead? He goes back to being bruce wayne, batman is no longer needed. So what does batman do? he just looks the joker up in the most escaped from asylum/prison ever thought of, so that he can justify going back out and being batman some more. If Trump were to fix all the problems, he'd have to go back to just being donald trump instead of president trump. He doesnt want that, he likes being president. So, he will continue to "rally" his base against antifa and their kind, while refusing to do anything about them to stop them. All so he can keep his followers supporting him

Its sad, but true. This is politics after all. In this day and age you don't stand "for" things, you stand "against" things, and if there is nothing to stand "against," then you have nothing to campaign on.

Oh, and yes, this means that if absolutely nothing else, trump is just another scheming politician like all the rest. kike puppet or not, hes a politician just like all the rest

Antifa is doing more to fight zogbots than Zig Forums, embarrassing.

military still pay Federal, SS, Medicare taxes, and sometimes state taxes depending on what state you claim.

How the fuck are antifaggots more fascists than us? Feelsbadman

ANTIFA is not a threat. They're not attacking the government workers or politicians or even corporate workers. They're attacking working class Trump supporters and nationalist americans that still believe in american values.

There are plenty of villains Trump can choose from. Media and journalist, corporations, jews, college teachers, NGO workers, ADL, SPLC, illegals, niggers. But Trump is just like ANTIFA, he can only attack the defenseless. Both Trump and ANTIFA are controlled by the same people.

Brb joining Antifa.


Don't forget, you also get to beat the (((proud goys))) and countless other zionist and boomer faggots. Antifa is unironically something that every Zig Forumslack should be involved in.

Aka, they're attacking Zionists and kikes. Good.

Every leftist, faggot, race mixer, and jew is a threat and must be eradicated chaim

Yes Zig Forums should be involved in attacking normie working class white people. Your tribe would be thrilled.

Where the fuck is the moderation and why is it allowing literal fucking kikes to take over?

ya if we just terrorize and kill all white people we will finally save the white race. fuck off

I'm so sorry, did I hurt your feelings? Does seeing your lardass buddies get their shit pushed in by some faggots in skinny jeans hurt you inside?

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I'm not saying horseshoe theory is real, but I bet 2/3rds of people in this thread could join antifa while espousing their honest opinions on orange cheeto man and drumptbots.

You have to have at least a three digit IQ to post here, newfriend

No, any retard can post here now. That much has become painfully obvious.

butthurt zogbot detected

I'm being serious, we need to join antifa and influence them from within. They mistake the system for facism when it is actually zionism. With us in control of Antifa chapters, we could be assassinating banker jews and lynching Don Lemon for being a "corporate mouthpiece" or some shit.

Do these dogs have extra tasty meat?

Good that China doesn't care about that bullshit "ethics concern", only fucking pussies do.

Feels bad but also good, man.

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(((Ethics))) was created to hold back western science. The kikes want to keep us at a specific technological level so that we can never achieve post scarcity.

Military doesn't spend time in the gas house anymore? Taken out by hot sauce?

They've been pussified, which is fine by me because we may be fighting them one day.

You're a retard. If you want to infiltrate a movement and shift it to the right target Proud Boys, or Patriot Prayer, or some other kosher right wing group. But you aren't going to do anything, you're just an (((idea guy.)))

Probably had some awareness that if they fought back Trump's justice department would come arrest them.

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How the fuck are you in the marines and can't handle a situation like this? Hang your head in shame.

>see (((these parentheses)))? I am one of you!

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You understand that antifa are actual kikes right? The rank and file are the drug addicted dregs of the middle class, but their leaders are jews. You show up at one of their meetings and start talking about how they need to target kikes, you'll get fucking jumped. I know you're acting in bad faith, but for any user thinking about this, it's a terrible idea.

Mods are complicit

do we have any leads on the antifaggots yet?

Self defense is self defense. Only one party decided to break out the chems.

That's what RAM thought, look how it turned out for them. Antifa has rich kike lawyers protecting them, and significant elements of the judiciary as well.
Self defense is self defense unless you're defending yourself against communist terrorists, then it's hate speech.


LOL this stupid FAGGOT grunt thinks he developed an immunity to bear mace LOL

Kill yourself.


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Good. Marines deserve to be killed.

And I'm laughing now at all the jarhead internet tough guys who always respond to criticism of zogbots with "bet you wouldn't say that to their face irl or you would get your ass beat." Then they get their shit kicked in and humiliated by antifa, the weakest faggots around kek.

The current political street fight power ranking tiers, based on results of real life street fights:

A-tier: skinheads, proud goys
B-tier: antifa
C-tier: elderly Trump supporters
Z-tier: US marines

Okay? They're forcing trained killers further to the right. Should I be mad?

Fuck off back to Zig Forums, you cock-slurping tranny faggot. Filtered.

I wonder what would happen if someone held an antifa monkey down, spread their eyelids open, and maced their eyeball directly from an inch away. I think that'd be funny to see.

You're not wrong. Trump's Bush-tier. He's almost as bad as Hillary would have been. Too scared of being called "racist" to stand up for his supporters. Too feckless to prevent the invasion of brown people that'll vote him out of power.

can we eric clanton these fuckers?

Marines always been the weakest branch

They're fucking thugs and always have been. Reminder antifa killed unionized workers who leaned right in Weimar Germany.

you mean do all the work for the kike authorities which will set them free?

You wouldn't need to wonder about it if Marines could actually fight. Unfortunately, Marines are cucks who willingly sign up to get blown to bits for Jews while their wives are getting nailed by dozens of other guys back home, so they suck ass at fighting.

You people are unironlically fucking braindead trash.

Tfw Zig Forums is so stupid they think they can shill communism on Zig Forums. They didn't attack a jew, they attacked a "muh whyte supwemecist!" They didn't attack marines, they attacked a "muh whyte supwemecist!" When antifa attacks people, they're literally attacking the existence of white people.

Ameritrash zogbot neocons are not "right wing."

You're an idiot.

Has the IQ dropped 20 points on this board lately, or are we overrun with Zig Forums spam?

The irony of this. Relative to American politics, these white men were certainly rightwingers, and more importantly, they didn't deserve any of this. It's not in the interest of the right to make them our enemies, either. Really, that's not a clever thing to do. Fuck off back to Zig Forums, you damn cancer.

Pick one

Meaning they were not right wing.
You're right. They didn't deserve to be beaten and robbed. ZOG mercenaries deserve to be killed. Antifa didn't go far enough, but when the time comes we will make sure these traitors are unceremoniously shoveled into mass graves and all memory of them erased from history.