Lost Continents Beneath Antarctica Unveiled in Dead Satellite's Data

Lost Continents Beneath Antarctica Unveiled in Dead Satellite's Data

Ancient continents were found under Antarctic ice, thanks to old data from a now-dead European satellite.
New analysis of data from the Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) mission has revealed rocky zones called "cratons" in the Earth's lithosphere, a zone between our planet's crust and mantle. GOCE plunged into Earth's atmosphere five years ago this month after the craft ran out of orbital-maneuvering fuel. While scientists were unable to predict exactly where GOCE would fallarchive.is/ip5j7, no debris dropped into populated areas.
GOCE's newly discovered cratons are the leftovers of ancient continents, and they give information about how Earth's modern-day continents are structured — especially Antarctica, scientists working on the study said in a statement from the European Space Agency (ESA)archive.is/onkjV.

pic related: GOCE's global tectonic map, plotted by measuring changes in gravitational pull across the Earth. Credit: Kiel University/BAS

"In East Antarctica, we see an exciting mosaic of geological features that reveal fundamental similarities and differences between the crust beneath Antarctica and other continents it was joined to until 160 million years ago," study co-author Fausto Ferraccioli, the science leader of geology and geophysics at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), said in the statement.
GOCE orbited Earth between March 2009 and November 2013, looking for slight variations in the Earth's gravity. The satellite's data not only produced a global gravity map, but also revealed local gravity changes with a resolution as small as 80 kilometers (roughly 50 miles).
The ancient continents came to light in a new map of "shape indexes" created by BAS and Germany's Kiel University. ESA likened these indexes to contours on a map.
"The satellite gravity data can be combined with seismological data to produce more-consistent images of the crust and upper mantle in 3D, which is crucial to understand how plate tectonics and deep mantle dynamics interact," study lead author Jörg Ebbing, a geophysicist at Kiel University, said in the same statement.
For the study of Antarctica, the newly analyzed gravity gradients will help scientists better understand how these ancient continents affect ice sheet behavior, as well as how the continents will lift up as ice melts due to global climate change, ESA officials said. Specifically, West Antarctica has a thinner crust and lithosphere compared to the eastern region.

The new work was detailed Nov. 5archive.is/pfJ3T in the journal Scientific Reports.

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This is 150 years old. They just showed it with better precision.
Stop posting ifuckinglovescience tier clickbait.

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Doesn't one of them look almost exactly like that ancient viking map that they could never find out for what it was for?


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Antartica is too small to be more than a single continent. The map makes it look bigger than it is.

Come Home White man

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/sudpol/ threads are a cherished tradition here, not sure why anyone would want to shill against them. That said, this is a pretty weak OP, is there any further analysis of the data besides that in the article? I perused their sources but the data referenced in the published paper isn't something I know how to access/use.

There is definitely something about Antarctica that we aren't being allowed to learn about.

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They are slow disclosing the story of extended post ww2 conflict that many think ended with nuclear blasts in some of these cratons.

Elon musk needs to send boring company equipment to find out if we got all the nazis under the ice or else he is anti semitic.

Craters or not the Luftwaffe beat the ever living shit out of us down in Antarctica.

Oh yeah.

The literally Whitest continent on Earth.

Who are the indigenous population? penguins.

I doubt they will be genociding the new influx of Whites any time soon.

This isn't even geology. Everyone who isn't retarded knows Antarctica is a land mass.

Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't continental drift always follow the same pattern when coming together and then breaking away again? The final form would of course be different a bit but my point is that isn't Antarctica always destined to go to the south pole once breakup happens and then always destined to be just south of the equator during the joining?

If this is indeed the case then conditions to live on the continent would only be prime during the time period right range from coming together to join and then starting to break up again. If this is the case that would mean if a civ was truly there then the most recent would have had to be, what, 200 million years ago?

This isn't new information. We've known there was land under Antarctica ever since we discovered it. Hell, you can actually visit this land yourself. Seriously, there are parts of Antarctica where land is exposed.

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Antarctica doesn't exist, its a psyop to distract us from finding the Atlantis in the arctic regions above Finland

You must be a special kind of retard. You realise this is the internet, right? 1000 or less people spending an hour discussing some continent isn't enough to distract us from finding fucking Atlantis. There are way more efficient ways of distracting than inventing an entire fucking continent.

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Sounds like something you should share with the thread, find it - post it.


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Friendly reminder that Forrestal was anti-Zionist and was against partitioning of Palestine
What this image doesn't mention is that several weeks prior, Forrestal said he felt he was being followed by foreign agents. Fast forward to his resignation and then suddenly he became (((strangely dazed))) and then while in the hospital he (((mysteriously))) fell from the hospital window and plummeted to his death

How? Lost continents beneath Antarctica, we've known that for centuries. It's common knowledge that there's land buried under all that ice.

I thought this was something that was covered in high school for everyone? Guess my little rural school was ahead of the curve.

Missed a lot of the sudpol threads. I know about Operation Highjump, but more information is always appreciated.