Womyn backfiring on womyn

Let's laugh at women

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Women deserve a lot worse than trannies beating them in sports. Look at "thot audit." Look at what women have done to our dignity as a people. Look what they've done to our society. Their nature is disgusting. They live for orgasms and money. They're lower than the dumbest nigger.

It took almost 3 years for half of Zig Forums to realize trump a Jew shill. When will Zig Forums realize they white knighting for white women won’t save the white race? White women are no different from jewish women. They are biggest race traitors of them all

Are White men also jews because of liberals?

What a bunch of transphobic bigots!

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Ha ha ha

Yes. They are no different from wiggers and should be treated as the niggers they idolized

We're not supposed to discuss 'Vaginal Privilege©®™'

So if both White men and women are all kikes because some are lemmings, what does that make you?

There's a difference between white men and white women. White men innovate, strive for achievement, enjoy healthy competition etc. White women turn everything they touch into a sex-based scheme in which they either try to garner power through sex, or try to garner wealth through sex. Everything. Twitter, twitch, facebook, youtube etc. It all started fine. Then women got involved and now there's thriving sex industries on every one. Why do you think livejasmin, chaturbate, myfreecams, streamate, manyids etc. exist? These aren't professional operations. These out home-based operations where a woman with a camera makes the content herself. They're exploding in popularity because white women have fucking nothing to offer society outside of their god damn vaginas.

that would be/will be a great thread for cuckchan, if anyone in the consortium ever went back to that shithole

Apart of the Solution not the problem.


What faggotry is this?

Not if you're a kike

And now my kids are all transvestites!

News just in: All women get replaced by transvestites.

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Fuck off kikefy.

It's funny because you're only repeating what you think based on theory rather than experience.

>(((Twitter, twitch, facebook, youtube))) etc. It all started fine.
Nothing that kikes start is good. They simply stole a good idea and then sat on it until it became essential, then censored the hell out of it.
Honestly, how can you be so naïve to think that the kikes didn't plan this all out? Mark Zuckerberg is not a White woman. He's not even White. He is a jew. And like all jews he intentionally used his power to sabotage White people.

It's interesting that you use this example of liberal whores as proof that half of all European Peoples are subhuman. Yet you are forced to ignore how liberal men use faceberg to organize anti-White hate operations and encourage race mixing which is a far greater threat to our survival than White whores whoring their bodies.
Doubtless, it is a shameful thing when liberal White women whore themselves out through facebook. However, if all we had to worry about racially was a few whores, I'd consider us lucky.
Instead, we're facing racial extinction not because of White women or even because of White men but because of JEWS. Jews that control our media and banks. Jews that control our political elites and hollywood. It's jews.

reminder that Gabriela Garcia was, at one time, a fairly decent looking woman.
She's not a tranny, just a juice freak.

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Lurk two years, incel faggot OP. It wasn't "women" who asked for this, it was (((women))) and people dressed like women. Now, real women are experiencing the pleasure of being targeted by marxist cult members for collectivization. Only, they pulled the trigger too soon, and now white women will continue their drift back to the winning team.

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Where's the white man doing that? Drop the "white women dindu nuffin" act. White women are working tirelessly to destroy our social fabric and have been doing so for over 50 years. Do you see non-white women mass producing cuckold, forced bi, sissy, racial genocide etc. porn? Nope. Only white women.

Get back to me when the entire internet isn't treated as a platform for them to advertise their vaginas. There's no "drift" until that happens. There's only the further decay of everything good.

come on????

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You'd be less salty if you were capable of attracting a white wife, Satan. Meanwhile, you post here instead of lifting and starting a business. Bad form.

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Found the whore. Filtered.

100% agreed. Women should be reduced to not much more than fuckslaves
True. Women have always been identified as highly evil and defective beings
At least morally. At least.

How about you read what has been written about women by almost every religion, culture and philosophy since the beginning of time. There's no point lurking in a feminist atmosphere
These feminist ad hominem shaming tactics are useless, and only make things worse for you

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I weep for society and for the fact I was born in this cesspit of a time period full of mental retardation….still I can spare a chuckle for the casualties of the cult of equality™

Its their only insult before defaulting to small dick, mysoggyknees or racist there are chat bots with more varied responses.

Their insults only further exemplify their nature. Everything has to be fucking sexual. Everything must revolve around sex. Small dick. Can't get laid. What the fuck is wrong with them?

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Why the fuck would a White man post pics of his genitals or something and text it to people? Actually, nevermind. That does happen. In any case, why would you expect men to do that to the extent that women do?
Instead, degenerate men are busy working night and day to asist the SPLC destroy White civilization.
It's funny because on one hand you say that women have no agency, they cannot create, they cannot think for themselves.
And to a certain extent that is actually correct.
But then you turn around and say that White women are intentionally working to destroy civilization.
It cannot be both ways.

In truth, women are less creative than men on average. They are not inventors or builders. Evolution did not cause them to be this way because men already filled this role. And men are better built for this. Nature designed women to think inwardly on a tribal level while men think outwardly. Both are necessary for a tribe to function. Both are parts of a greater whole.

Frankly, I don't care about other races. However, in this case the way that other racial groups act is informative. Back when our race was healthy (read, before the disgusting kikes took over our society) White women were the bulwark of tradition and custom. Not great thinkers or explorers but as teachers of the next generation. In fact, in all White colonies where White women were present, race mixing did not take place on any large scale. But in White colonies where White women were not present (French America, Portugese Africa, etc) men lay down with the animals and produced a mongrel race of half White, half savage animals that now confuse and befuttle some otherwise racially conscious White men.
Both sexes are necesarry for a healthy White society.
And other races serve as an example of why women are important in maintaining racial dominance. In virtually all other races, women serve as the social enforcers of many cultural practices. Arab women don't wear scarves because men will beat them if they don't. Some will, but most Arabs are about as religious as Americans are. Most Arab men just want sex and don't care about the Koran. Women actually want to wear burkas because those that don't get socially ostracized and sneered at by other women.
And men are often roused to fight for their tribe by the appeals of their wives and daughters. This happens in all racial communities. This is what preserves racial communities more than anything else.
Most men will sleep with pretty much anything sadly. But if you become a social pariah for sleeping with a nigger, then you're more likely to be a good person, even if you are a lemming.

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I never said incel. Your bitterness implies you've got an agenda to blame white women for your misery, which I've found common among losers and recent divorcees.

Never said small dick. You're having flashbacks to your last stint on Tinder.

Never mentioned sex. I said "white wife." If you think marriage is about sex, you're a teenager.

Not female, by the way. Just reasonably well adjusted and have a clear concept of who the enemy is. It isn't women.


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OMFG! You narrow-minded, bigoted hater of all things unisex, you. Penises and vagina's are exactly the same except; amiwrong tho?

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Never once have I said that. I have always said white women are fully and wholly responsible for their actions.
No, I'm saying they're really stupid and they have a terrible nature which leads to these primitive behaviors.
Wrong. I have never in my life come across a woman that has displayed a belief, subconscious or otherwise, in an in-group. Never. You can blame indoctrination day and night, but leave the big urban area, come out to a rural area where the schools are small and local, where people aren't nearly as reliant on technology, and look at what happens when daddy government moves a section 8 community a few miles down the road by buying up an old dead housing community. White women will date niggers. They have no in-group. They exist to be filled by a dick. That's it. It's so blatantly obvious that women are not allies, they're something meant to be controlled.
Both are needed to reproduce. Only white men are necessary to create a healthy society. Our society began its decay when women gained the ability to influence politics and social trends.
Why did you post a bunch of sub-humans?

That spoiler is homophobic you jolly african-american.

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it's hilarious because even with high-T an actual male that looks weaker/smaller would still physically dominate the shit out of her

Okay, fine. I agree that liberal whores are responsible for their actions. In fact I believe that the ones who collaborated with the enemy deserve to be hanged.
I believe that ALL collaborators above a reasonable level deserve to be hanged.

How is it that you have lived your entire life without seeing cliques of women gaggling along in their little in-groups? That's unbelievable. What on earth did women do in your schools? For Christ sake, women don't even go to the bathroom alone if they can help it. Instead taking the entire gaggle with them.

Look, I'm not trying to be rude, but how old are you? I'm 24 and even when I was in highschool basically everyone had smartphones and ipads. And I went to a school that is so rural that a kid used to bring his giant CSA flag on a pickup truck to school and no one cared. I used to do an outrageous black impression in my history class when we debated the civil war (as part of an assignment) and no one was offended.
Even the democrats were more conservative than any Republican currently in congress.
And yet people regarded me as somewhat of an oddball because I didn't use faceberg.

Women have always influenced politics. If you think that a royal court was only men interracting, you're wrong. Mind you, I oppose the female vote. Democracy is an idiotic idea. However, our society began to be destroyed when jews took over our institutions.

They're all men. Lemmings. Liberals. These hateful little faggots are a part of the system of enforcement. They are the shock troops of the System used to break up and destroy White men who organize against it. They are as mindless and destructive as any of your White twitter whores. In fact, they are much worse because they directly attack White people.
I do NOT blame White men for what has happened to us. However, without these male collaborators, there would not be a System of oppression at all. White women would not be whoring their bodies for money if not for these White male collaborators. These liberal sub-humans.
Women do not maintain and support the System. Men do. Lemmings do.

I don't think you know what an in-group is. It's something you have a deep and unwavering loyalty to based in instinct. It's not a school clique which is formed for convenience, pleasure, and enjoyment. Women have no instinctive in-group. I have never seen a single display of one.
29. Also reliance on technology isn't limited to phones. Urban areas are surrounded, completely, by an absence of nature, they are filled with advertising, immediate social input of academics and social organizations, they are littered with commercialism flooding them with all manner of hand-held technologies etc. Yet absent this, white women still abandon what is meant to be their in-group. Absent the indoctrination of a society of peer pressures which promulgate and force behaviors and ideals based in marxist thought, they still abandon their in-group without a second thought. They have no in-group.
Not to any significant extent. "Equality" and sexual liberation have shifted female influence in society and politics to be the loudest and most influential, whereas back in the day, their influence was mostly inconsequential.
White women have been the sword which has been held to our necks for the last 100 years, forcing us down a path we never wanted to go. They're the weapon. Willingly.
Yeah, and there's probably less than a thousand of them across the entire country. The intent was the show that men and women both destroy society, but no, it's not equal. Women have turned the entirety of the internet into a sexual for-profit scheme, which is disturbing the normal sexualities of millions of boys, and men, creating a crisis in mental stability and motivation.
Yes they would. The only they wouldn't do it is if they were forced to not do it. Also these "white male collaborators" are mostly jewish and hispanic. Why do you think they only exist in large urban areas where upwards of half, or more, of the white population is jewish? Why do you think they only exist in far-left diversity loving shit-holes? White men are the most conservative, traditional demographic in this country by a large margin.
They do. Fighting in the street doesn't affect change in a democratic system. Numbers and influence do. Go look at some left-wing operations, such as the women's march, and tell me which is more influential in affecting social change; the small group of antifa faggots who piss people off, or the thousands of corporate affirmative action hire women affecting changes in TOS policies across all social media, or the socially active feminist groups all across the country which organize protests and marches all the time? Why do you think majority of students in universities are female now? Why do you think young women make more money than young men now? A couple idiots fighting in the street doesn't uphold anything. Numbers are everything. Who best organizes numbers wins. Women have, with assistance from financially power jews, organized and used their influence to destroy our way of life.

all these problems are because the system is benefitting them

when men, white men are pushed out of the way, or taxed these people benefit. A lot of them aren't technically stupid, they're actually getting something out of it. Maybe it's resulted in a narcissistic belief system around it where they see this happening to their benefit and assume that they are actually favored by reality as a whole because of it

Perhaps this kind of thing happening signals to them that no, the power structure is simply using them as is convienient and sooner or later it will be their turn

Zig Forums predicted this years ago but the legbeards wouldn't listen. The irony is that "progressive" world the cunts support will create a worse world for women than ever, not just the tranny shit but every shitskin and shitskin culture on the planet treats women objectively worse en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_Inequality_Index
And when cunts help the shitskins get their world then get sold into the ISISraeli slave markets like it's neo-Ottoman times, nobody left will come to help them because they're gone now. This is the world they created, they will burn in it.

You look at the midterms and other European nations you dumb cunt? The right wingers are only making gains with men but losing women. Now less women are voting for the "winning" team than ever for their enslavement.

it's because Trump won't expose any major lies

he turned out to be a fraud

Even the Jews have been warned of women's highly evil nature. Their fault is simply opening the gates of hell, while women are the beasts from hell.

Everybody knew about Jewish usury before feminism and took necessary steps such as expulsions or killings. However, women were always recognized as the biggest evil. WAKE UP!!

I often wonder, if I saw a white women getting "enriched" by shit-skin, would I help? I find it hard to find any desire to. They literally voted for it.

Or you could take a look at voting tendencies for the last 100 years. Women voting left has nothing to do with Trump.

The Jewish problem has been known for over 2000 years, yet women were always known to be far worse. Stop acting like a child who thinks he's in on some big secret nobody knows about. Fuck you, feminist scum! You deserve nothing less than slavery or death

If Trump had done his job properly there basically wouldn't even be a left or right

White women have reduced themselves to not much more than fuck slaves. Go take a stroll through myfreecams, chaturbate, livejasmin, porhub, xhamster, manyvids, streamate etc. I don't think, mentally, they have the capacity to be anything more when left to their own devices.

men have many physical advantages over a woman then just simply higher testosterone. Faster reflexes, better blood oxidization and higher pain tolerance, larger bones to name a few

There's always a left and a right, because they're merely simplified descriptive terms for certain ideals. Even National Socialism, which some dumb-asses on here call a "third position," falls into the two categories. It's no different than libertarianism. It's a combination of left-wing and right-wing positions. That doesn't make it unique or a "third position." Certain social and political positions are understood to be right, and some are left. For example, a socialistic economy is left-wing. A free market economy is right-wing. A Socialistic economy with ethno-nationalistic domestic policies is still a shitty left-wing economic system coupled with a right-wing social structure. Most people are not wholly one or the other. It's normal to have variance in ideological leaning. I'm more right-wing socially and economically, which is why I don't agree with National Socialism or Libertarianism, which is basically the opposite (socially left-wing and economically/politically right-wing).

The big difference being that women are our responsibility and delight to deal with in our homes and lands. Jews are not.

I disagree.

Check out liberal degenerate men.
Liberalism is the most debilitating disease on earth.

Straight out of the Talmud.

Why don't you look it up

How stupid are you? It's been proven that people identify, instinctively, with others like themselves. That is an instinctive in-group. White women do not seem to have such an in-group. They display no behaviors that would indicate that they do.
Show me the white men that do this:
Where are the white men mass producing propaganda to the detriment of white women, and our race as a whole, all so they can make a dollar? Jews couldn't fucking fathom outputting as much anti-white propaganda as white women do on a daily basis. Many of them devout their lives to the destruction of our society and the mental health of white men. Their entire fucking identity revolves around them hurting and destroying white men and our entire race. Where's the fucking white men doing that?
Read a fucking history of the 20th century, nigger.
Nice goal post shifting, comrade. Show me where these millions of antifa are. I can show you a single event where over a million white women marched across the US and Europe in protest of "muh ebil right-wing" Trump, all because he threatened the destruction and invasion of our country in their minds.
Difference being the vast majority of white men are right-leaning, while the vast minority of white women are. Learn per capita, nigger.

white women are more loyal to white men, then white men are to white women, make your points but don't lie like a kike

You saying that over and over basically confirms you're from Zig Forums, comrade. These are marxists, not liberals. Liberalism was co-opted by you rats half a century ago. Same tactic your kind used in Russia, which introduced bolshevism and communism to the country.

Show me the white men that do this:
Where are the white men mass producing propaganda to the detriment of white women, and our race as a whole, all so they can make a dollar? Jews couldn't fucking fathom outputting as much anti-white propaganda as white women do on a daily basis. Many of them devout their lives to the destruction of our society and the mental health of white men. Their entire fucking identity revolves around them hurting and destroying white men and our entire race. Where's the fucking white men doing that?

Here's another one:
I could find dozens of examples if I felt like sitting here for 10 minutes looking.

I would have happily dominated her in that picture. I'm not opposed to a little anavar cycle here and there for a grill, but once they cross over into the deca/tren/dbol territory, it's game over for the ladies.

It has been prophesied.

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You must have a double digit IQ. Women follow social programming. White men have allowed social norms to turn against them. Who gave white women the vote? White men. Who allowed them into Academia? Who abolished their owned Gentlemen's clubs? The list goes on and on. Men rolled over, women are just dancing on the graves. The West died long before women got out of control you utter imbecile. They only got this way because they were let loose by the men.

One and the same.
There is no significant difference between Marxism and liberalism. They're both jewish and anti-White to the core. Nothing more

We were talking about ingroups, not specifically racial in-groups.
And women are also racially in-group preferential. So there goes that argument of yorus.

Wrong again. White women display racial in-group preference.

I'll show you worse.

They're working night and day as reporters and journalists. You are so desperate to ignore the millions of White liberal men it's hilarious.
It doesn't work, anti-White.

He said as he ignored the entire history before that.

Not antifa, anti-White. Liberals. Antifa are militant liberals.

Supported by a million White men. I guess you'll have to ignore that.

Wrong again, anti-White. The majority of White women voted Trump.

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They wouldn't produce it if white men weren't buying it. There's a market for it because it reflects current politics and blackpilled little beta soyboy faggots need an outlet for their frustrations.

You stupid nigger
YouTube is run at a loss of many many millions.
You still think (((money))) has value to (((them)))?

From your own source and judging from the map alone, China, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Libya have better gender equality than the US and are on par with Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
So tell me again how great you are?

showing me random whores who have ruined their lives on twitter isn't a lot of evidence, you don't think I could find 100 twitters of white men with Asian women?

2010 Pew Research Center Report (U.S. Census Bureau’s 2010 American Community Survey)
The study found that in 2010:[15]

A record 15.1% of all new marriages in the United States were between spouses of a different race or ethnicity from one another. This compares to 8.4% of all current marriages regardless of when they occurred. This includes marriages between a Hispanic and non-Hispanic (Hispanics are an ethnic group, not a race) as well as marriages between spouses of different races – be they white, black, Asian, American Indian or those who identify as being of multiple races or some other race.
Among all newlyweds, 9.4% of whites, 17.1% of blacks, 25.7% of Hispanics and 27.7% of Asians married someone whose race or ethnicity was different from their own.
Among all newlyweds, intermarried pairings were primarily White-Hispanic (43.3%) as compared to White-Asian (14.4%), White-Black (11.9%), and Other Combinations (30.4%). Other combinations consists of pairings between different minority groups, multi-racial people, and American Indians.
Among all newlyweds, native-born Hispanics and Asians were far more likely to intermarry than foreign-born Hispanics and Asians: 36.2% of native-born Hispanics (both men and women) out-married compared to 14.2% of foreign-born Hispanics; 32% of native-born Asian men out-married compared to 11% of foreign-born Asian men; 43% of native-born Asian women out-married compared to 34% of foreign-born Asian women. Foreign-born excludes immigrants who arrived married.
Gender patterns in intermarriage vary widely. Some 24% of all black male newlyweds in 2010 married outside their race, compared with just 9% of black female newlyweds. Among Asians, the gender pattern runs the other way. Some 36% of Asian female newlyweds married outside their race in 2010, compared with just 17% of Asian male newlyweds. Among whites and Hispanics, by contrast, there are no gender differences in intermarriage rates.
Rates of intermarriages among newlyweds in the U.S. have nearly tripled since 1980 (6.7%) increasing to 14.6% in 2008 and 15.1% in 2010.
There is a strong regional pattern to intermarriage. Among all new marriages in 2010, 22% in the West were interracial or interethnic, compared with 14% in the South, 13% in the Northeast and 11% in the Midwest.

here's some real information



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They are wholly responsible.
No, because they are an operating collective whose opposition is individualized. They willfully and intentionally lead us to this point with the power of their collective influence. White men haven't had a collective for a very long time. That is our only mistake.

Not true. Not even remotely.
Yes, that's specifically what I'm talking about, retard.
According to what evidence? If that were the case, then why would white women living in areas least exposed to indoctrination so readily betray their race? The only conclusion is, it's not betrayal, it's normality. They're post-racial, or rather, never had any concept of it to begin with. Also, again, see and
I've never seen it. Not once.
I've shown dozens of white women who produce anti-white propaganda. You've shown me nothing.
White men are a tiny minority of journalists, actually.
Again, comrade, stop saying liberal. Call them commies, socialists, marxists, progressives etc. They're leftists. Stop trying to distance yourself from them.
What did white women do in the 20th century? Remind me. Remind me of their incessant social organization which lead to alimony, welfare expansion, affirmative action etc.
Antifa are communist, but yes, they are anti-white. They also probably number less than 1000 across the entire country. Your point was moot, so you shifted goal posts.
The vast minority of white women in our generation voted for Trump. The same generation of white women who have the mental sense of freedom to create all the anti-white propaganda that they make. The freer the society they were raised in, the more inherently and naturally depraved they become. Yet not so with white men. Interesting, huh?

How come white men don't make these videos? How come white men don't run blogs devotes to praising non-white women, talking about breeding with non-whites etc.? Where's the white man taking a few dollars and making a video shaming and attacking white women, and tearing her down while praising non-white women? I've never seen it. A white woman will readily take $50 though from a nigger to praise him while shitting on white men. White men don't do that. How come?


You can not find me even 10 white men mass producing propaganda where white women are made to seem sub-human, lesser than, and told they are worthless and should not exist. I can easily find you dozens of videos and accounts geared toward that. I can find you entire websites geared toward white women's whoredom with shit-skins, filled with videos of white women fucking shit-skins. Amateur, not professional. Find me one fucking white male twitter profile that says "Asian Supremacy" in the profile description the way theirs says "Black Supremacy." Find me fucking one.
Also marriage is irrelevant. A minority of people get married these days. Find me some stats on casual sex. I recently heard a white girl from Cali, who fucked her black drug dealer, talk about how, according to every girl she's spoken with, it's normal, by 19, to have fucked over 15 different guys. This same girl, while underage, fucked a teacher's assistant. White women in a nutshell.
Those numbers are horrendous, and they've gotten worse. But worse yet is casual sex. I bet if you walked down a street in Philly, every white woman you walk past has fucked a nigger. I would bet my bank account. Marriage statistics don't mean anything when the average millennial has over 10 sexual partners.


Cry more whore cry waaaah

wojak's face is too masculine to be a woman, it looks like three trannies win 1st 2nd and 3rd place.

Hello Zig Forums

Yet you claimed earlier that I didn't know what "in-groups" were. Nice moving the goalpost, anti-White.

Again, I need to point out just how flawed and dishonest this anti-White is. Because it's actually pretty hilarious.

His argument is that ALL White women are to blame because he saw some thots on twitter.
However, when you point out that there are degenerate White men out there, he denies it.

So according to this logic, the crop of Bernie-bro faggots prancing around today are LESS degenerate than the men of 50 or 100 years ago.
Just think about that for a minute. How lost is this dumbass?

Camwhores operate on tips from real people in a chatroom. You can not be this retarded.



Actually there are a lot of women NOT down with all the tranny stuff. You think there are not?

Why? Because they are equal and capable of making rational and well informed decisions? HAH, are you a feminist now all of a sudden? You can't have it both ways, niggerkikeshill. Women are as guilty as a dog pissing on your carpet cause you didn't teach it not to.

You are seriously overestimating women. Also, is this limited to white women in your opinion? Isn't it weird how in this species there's only one race in which the females are completely autonomously acting against their male counterparts?

Yeah buddy, and what a mistake that is. That is quite the mistake you have identified there. I think that might have something to do with the whole mess.

Filtered for being a low IQ monkey.


So I have some mixed feelings about your comments. On the one hand you’re not being hateful of white women. On the other hand, it’s because you view us as children too retarded to be held responsible. So I’m perplexed.

Because what you do, you are responsible for. 100%.
Women are not dogs. They have the capacity to understand what they're doing, and they do it because it benefits them financially or in some other way.
You're underestimating the power of a collective over an individual. A collective of niggers forced white people to abandon Detroit. Are niggers highly intellectual? No.
That's not the case. Asian women and nigger women do it to. Nigger women are arguably worse than white women, they're just much dumber, far weaker a collective, and are operating from a weaker position (white women got to ride on white men's back the entire way, while nigger men are worthless).
Yeah, and white women using their collective power to destroy our society is another, and denying their responsibility for their actions is yet another.

Trump has exposed a lot of major truths.

mgtow, gyow. you can hang out with those 'thots' you like so much when nationalists control every country


Go away, Zig Forums.

You woman-haters make me sick.


Yes, white women are the REAL problem, stay away from them. We'll punish them by having them NOGGED.COM.
Women are followers, with the screaming kike on a funeral pyre, once it turns to ashes then the females will only have one voice to listen to.
The male of their species.

I think you're lost.

I don't think I can. I don't entirely disagree with you but you seem to be holding white women up to a higher standard then white men, you really don't think every good looking chad in college hasn't blown through a small island nation of Asian pussy?

but thats how it works for every race, white people very much included, the top 20% of men get all the pussy if were just talking casual sex


Did you see logic or admittance mentioned anywhere?
Blind faggot, kill yourself with one of your nine pronged candlesticks.

This post is perfect, it's a shame so few anons of means and merit are still here to read it.

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And 100% of women. So while 20% of white men may be having loads of casual sex, the vast majority of white women are, and with niggers, and other assorted shit-skins. Also unlike white men, white women are actively destroying the fabric of our society for the sake of short-term profit. They're destroying the minds of children and men. They're degrading our sense of normalcy. While a small minority (not even 20%, since these days most people are overweight) of men are having casual sex, white women are having casual sex, producing anti-white propaganda, using their collective power to agitate for political and social changes etc.

That post was shit and I thoroughly refuted it.

Yeah. I assume that there are plenty of lurkers out there who are decent.
I believe that the problem is that most of the newfaggots haven't been exposed to any of our intelligent White philosophers like GLR and WLP beforehand. Just edgy reddit memes and the Daily Stormer.
I wish that we could somehow require listening to Dissident Voices in order to post because after 2016 it seems that almost no one does.

B-but muh child birthing!