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can it please just happen already

About fucking time. Let's get started.

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I hope the chans are still up after the bombs fall

What the fuck? Is this gonna lead us into WW3?

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Commie kikerea isn't good. Kill yourself.

I hope so

something is off about this

"Ima let Macron handle this one, we can't even consider looking outward until we solve our own border problems."

t.Trump probably

Who's gonna start WW3 over fucking Ukraine?
All we will get is deep concern from the UN

Let's get the show the road.

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bitch , 2 months ago you were all "dotr when" … now ur all "ww3 so scary … not yet please"

haha fuckers … interesting times coming to a city near you.

start watching those prepper videos

Good. Where do you think you are, Levi?

yea … its like starting a world war over poland … that shit would never happen


Ukraine is a US/ZOG puppet state and nothing more.

but i want barrels pointed at shitskins not white people…

Pull it

Hi Rajeesh

Because they were outnumbered and Russian spec ops seized the boats.

WW3 is only a good thing if the kikes go up in flames, otherwise it's just more men dying for no good fucking reason. And we all know how the kikes getting toppled worked out the previous times.

Western media has been pushing an anti russia narrative for a while now, now that they are seen as the aggressor in the eyes of the public, what do you think will happen next? Still, I suppose on the otherhand this is just the culmination of about 10 years worth of disputes.

Everything will be fire.

rolling for dead kikes


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so it begins

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I will waifupost until the end

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Of course it's good, I hope he plays it like this. Also, I still have my foreskin about you?

Not going to start (((WW3)))

Nothing interesting will happen. Unfortunately.

It's happening. The drums of war are already beating. Why didn't you stop it?

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OP posts livestream, streamer confirms war not starting.

If they're going to use force to capture Ukrainian wheat and solve their food insecurity, it has to be right now. Russia underwent a baby bust in 1991, which saw their birthrate drop by half. The last big generation of Russians is now pushing 30, and is almost too old for military service.

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Just another military training lol

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Bit of a stretch mate.

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Nothing will happen (as usual)

Can't you kikes actually make it happen for real once?

It's Happening!
Looks like pollution has been increasing in the region as well!

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Based and Zeihan pilled

Okay scratch what I said
Hope it's just Ukraine for now and I can still shitpost with you niggers in the morning

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Yikes. Fire is right.

Where's the lie? Where's the false assumption? Where's the clinic that can help you with your intrinsic faggotry?

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Don't look into the bright flashes you see in your night sky.

Can some slav anons weigh in on this?

But they look so purdy

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I live in Moscow and I hope we can finally bring about a nuclear war, even though I'm sure to die since Moscow is 100% getting obliterated in WW3

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The British government is in turmoil right now. I wonder what strings the britbongs are pulling… they're behind everything. I even think they are the power behind the Jew.

Remember the 6. Never forget.

Wtf? I'm in bongland right now and the only way I found out about this is through browsing Zig Forums

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What are you talking about I never said you lied, I actually enjoy alot of zeihans presentations I just think he is wrong on some things.


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Every economist is bound to be wrong about some things until they wise up and start including the J-factor in international politics. He does good work on China though.

Doubt they'd nuke anything here, as the fallout would just go right back at them. Always was more concerned of Murrican nukes going for near border nuke storage facilities, or Kaliningrad, which is fairly far from me, but if the wind blows the wrong way, it could get nasty.

You do know that they had plans to evacuate Moscow during the Soviet days, right? If they have kept at least some of it, you may be shoveled off to some cramped, old, stinky bunker filled with normalfags

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It's pretty major since Russians denied all involvement in supporting Novorussia (the Donbass rebels), they're being blatant as hell now

if this is true its about fucking time lmao

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the fuck are you doing here booleyfag

*is it finally here?*

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(((Alexa))) is better.

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it better be its long overdue

You are massively overestimating the potential of our government.
They are a bunch of inept fools.
Its the MI6/CIA/GCHQ/MOSSAD niggers that manipulate the world in the background

Yes, I've been waiting for this.

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do it you beautiful motherufuckers, I want this Orwellian Hellscape to end

All directed by the Lizard Queen.

Remember one of Trump's talking points during the campaign was that he'd have never allowed Russia to take Crimea, like Obama did. Should be amusing to watch him navigate doing absolutely nothing in return.

The Queen is a useless old woman.
She is not a lizard.
Americans seem to think our monarchy is a lot more powerful that it really is.
In reality, the monarchy and the government are small fries, just the friendly face.

Friendly reminder that the Ukrainians and Russians have been subverted by NATO and UN influence to a degree. Also a reminder, that if this is the shit hitting the fan, it's time for us to crash the system with no survivors. Don't let this be another ww2 guys, this needs to be the ultimate revolt. Get ready men.

Gas attack in Syria 3 hours ago

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The Queen is public face for what you call (((them))). A metaphysical lizard, certainly.

let's get this shoah on the road

Just when I was starting to think 2018 was a slow year.


meant for

why don't we meme the conflict just like we did the election? Get the /bmw/ on this shit now!

Correct about the queen, although I've noticed more recently that (((Queen victoria))) was kiked, and so it would make sense that descendants would be as well.


If dubs, genocide.

The Monarchy has been kiked since Cromwell.

Yep. I'm sure its the fucking lizards.
That makes a hell of a lot more sense

Could it actually be happening this time?

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Dont you mean trips?

Too bad she's made of glass

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so do we go for the nukes or do we go the old fashioned way?

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oh holy shit

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Pretty much.
He ended a 3 century long jewish exile.

well i'll be fucked

good thing all the inbreds and the pauls finally die


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She's not a jew, booleyfag. Your autism is bad enough in /wooo/ as it is.

based woke red pilled

No nukes in Europe pls.
I want worldwide revolts fucking now

That tears it – Let's lobby Trump to declare war on Syria, Iran, North Korea and Russia right the fuck now. I don't even need evidence!

Suggested talking point for friends and family who fall for this shit:

nukes are gay good oll hand to hand combat is a must tbh

If we can get all US troops overseas, there will be nothing standing between us and the (((politicians)))


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Friendly reminder, war only breaks out if (((they))) allow it.
Don't let your mind be controlled by the xnation vs ynation narrative. The coming war is just a sign that (((they))) are afraid. Times like these are the time to organize and tear their corrupt institutions down.

Why contain it?

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It’s actually seriously fucking Happening this time isn’t it?

fingers crossed my fellow nig

they better not puss out