Steal leftwing planks


I won't let myself be defined by boomer conservatism of faggot liberalism. There are many planks in the democrat platform that they won't use anymore, and are perfectly good for taking. Good schools, as one example. I fully support having an education system that teaches our people's history, proper reading and writing, as well as math and science. I support classes that prepare the next generation to find good careers and develop useful skills. The democrats have absolutely abandoned this in favor of rabid-antiwhite rhetoric. Now, your money-addicted boomer will start crying about muh socialism and muh taxes, because the conservatives are too drunk off material wealth. Fuck them, the GOP should be the party of white people, and I fully believe it can be turned national socialist.

Right now, the GOP is being infiltrated by hardcore nationalists and slowly changed from within. Think whatever you want about Nick Fuentes, but he is evidence of a shift in the younger GOP base. Lots of basic bitch conservatives are way more extreme behind closed doors and protect some of our edgier goys in the government, on a small level. Not everyone has to be Paul Nehlen or Patrick Little, a network of lower-level natsocs can do some serious work in turning the GOP.

That's why some planks on the left are now up for grabs, because the boomers are dying off. Good healthcare, environmentalism, a destruction of (((capitalism))), real schools are all worth talking about. Make the democrats the party of corporate antiwhite politics, while the GOP turns natsoc.

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Is NatSoc not just perfected Capitalism?

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This entire thread is niggers. Zig Forums is such shit these days.



Cuckchan simply changed the url, which somehow cause the normalfag cumskins and mutts to swarm in here, that's why the board improved.

If the Dims continue the trend towards Globalism, Liberal Fascism(the modern version), Global Socialism used as a financial tool backed by Global Communism; the 'Right' end of the political spectrum will move itself.
There are those enamored with all things Marxist/Leninist/Maoist because they know nothing else. They've been marinated in it for most of their lives. And a core, key, initial tenet of the -isms is to atomize identity. In somewhat of a defense of the "Island of Misfit Goys" that make up the radical/extreme Left; they've been robbed of their everything, from identity to culture.

You niggers are really desperate today why is that? Anyone else have their taxes prepared yet?


that class is literally dying. As wealth moves into fewer and fewer hands, the "have's" become fewer and fewer; right on track as this was planned
The Left doesn't understand the nuances of Capitalism i.e. "good" capitalism v. "bad" capitalism", and they conflate Capitalism with Consumerism. It would be nice if the Left showed some ability to separate their boogie men

99.9% of the 1% are jews
Goodbye Middle Class

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These are fine ideas.
They are also great ways to do outreach among Lefty or Dem friends, especially among the "Union" voting block in the Midwest.
I always say:

Capitalism and Communism are two sides of the same shekel.
The Jew Karl Marx invented Communism, and the Jew (((David Ricardo))) invented Capitalism.

" I fully support having an education system that teaches our people's history, proper reading and writing, as well as math and science. I support classes that prepare the next generation to find good careers and develop useful skills. "

That's one of the strogenst planks in the Brazilian Right,which is destroying the left here,since both here and in the US,they dominate the schools and universities.

Go with that rhetoric of muh taxes muh freedom and you risk of being as ideological as the left.Common sense should be the law for the new republicans.

Fuck doctrines,fuck ideology,things have to make sense and have to be good for the american people,even if we have to compromise(by paying taxes or some other shit).We have to analise everything by case to case,not rely on easy cheats like "muh taxes" to deal with real life,that's the red pill we have to take it.

See the recent attack on thots."muh taxes" people would be in the side of the thots,but we have to consider who are those thots,and what we gain from this raid,not rely on easy political answers for everything.

As much as I hate the optics-cucking, it's highly effective. I've flipped fringe even further fringe and 2 people with the raw and uncensored. But… I've hard flipped dozens more with things like…

1. How wrong reducing women to an economic figure is, and the devaluation of motherhood.
2. How wrong it is we bring in people to serve waste collectors in our society who would be in an elevated position naturally within their own nation, bringing their own nation forward.
3. How wrong it is we keep importing low skill labor when all we're doing is displacing blacks largely from their roles and inhibiting the growth within their community. It's everything or nothing with no building blocks. No father who worked the coal mines, or were blue collar like we had.
4. The New Yorkers who sell 3rd rate property at 1st rate prices to minority shopkeepers, carrying 3rd rate loans and has them on the leash for 20 years before they make a dollar. The further impact of them having had made all of their money with low regulation, then they pushed for regulation to close out the market to competition. (Everyone knows you're talking about Jews and Blacks at this point, without even saying it).

Now granted, it's disingenuous because all the reasons you're thinking in your head as you read the list, but it flips people.

It's the later follow-up that seals the deal.

1. "I don't want to hear a woman called a billionaire first, and a 'mother of 4' in the Wikipedia article. I want to see 'mother of 4 and billionaire' in the title."
This nails women right in the nature.
2. "I find it abhorrent that we take their best and brightest and leave their countrymen to shit."
The ones that know it's a lottery and we don't get the best and brightest in a lottery flip right there. Those who don't will put 2 and 2 together when they hear it called out as a Lottery Visa.
3. Hit the 1965 immigration act and the people who did it, from this position you can call out that these Israeli's think it's a great idea in our country but they want none of it in theirs. Call out that Israel has a GDP per capita that's even lower than ours and how they'd feel if the lower skilled in their society were being replaced. Wonder aloud whether that's something they considered doing to their own people.
4. Push an idea that blacks should have their own banks, their own regulations, their own leadership - because obviously these New Yorkers they keep voting for are not only not doing them good, but harming them intentionally with banking and immigration. Draw in Ocasio and say this is a sign that the New York Jew leadership for POC is getting replaced the oppressed's own people and how it's a good thing.

It reveals who the oppressor is, and the damage the kike filth is doing in the name of Whitey, camouflaged as a white person.

Unless you're a donor giving politicians millions of dollars, you cannot "move the GOP" towards anything, retard.

Fuck off TRS, get the fuck out, stop astroturfing.

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How's President Jeb Bush?

citation needed

His analogue is in office right now passing all of the same policies jeb would have, proving my point. And Trump received a huge amount of money towards the end of his campaign.

Modern day Capitalism is nothing without usurious practices in all its many frms

Gibsmedats, the post
No public services until only the folk remain

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Republicans are red democrats are blue. Both of these parties are controlled by the jew.

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No public services period. Anyone who deserves anything can earn it through his work or his lifestyle. People do not receive shit for free. Welfare is immoral.

When you’re such a dumb shill you don’t realize the TRS forum has been down for months…..

You can always tell the validity of an idea by the amount of opposition it yields.

I think American National Socialism is going to have to abandon Racial purity to achieve Ideological purity. Too many whites vary drastically in their beliefs / are too polluted with jew ideology to be able to entertain a nationalistic one-ness of mind. Looking at the voter rolls, roughly 10% of blacks and 25% of hispanics identify ideologically with 65% of Whites in what would presently be considered "conservative" ideology.

TBQH, I'd rather live next to a conservative Chink, Nigger, Spic than a Liberal White and I'd consider myself deep into the ideology of National Socialism and racial purity. However, I feel that European nations should seek racial purity and be the white nations they once were. Their cohabitants haven't been there long enough to lay claim, while blacks, spics and asians have gone through a lot of shit along with Whites in the US. It was the chinks who were largely responsible for building the railroads in the western half of the US. It was the blacks who formed a large part of American Culture (before getting jewed, blacks actually brought a good amount of positive culture to the US) it was spics who fought alongside Whites in every single US war including the revolutionary war. Just look at the names of many war heroes and even today, spics make up a large part of the US Military force, most of which are conservative-minded.

If we put a 2yr moratorium of welfare and shifted the funds toward tradecraft training / vocational schooling, I think the leftovers would remove themselves. Possibly/probably violently, but if that's what needs to happen, then so be it. A muzzle needs to be strapped to every yapping females mouth during the process as I'm sure they will let us all know how evil we are. See: Alyssa Milano Twatter for reference.

jews got us here, yes. They won the battle but not the war. The thing they fear most is collectivism of the people they wish to infiltrate. The story of the jew is akin to a creature that lurks in the dark waiting for it's prey to wonder off to take a piss. If we go in groups, we don't lose any of our own, but if we each wonder alone, soon enough one will become many that fall to the jew.

Remove the jew and this fixes itself. It is the single most important objective of our time or people wouldn't be getting thrown in jail for discussing it. Remove the jew. It's the only possible solution.

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You'll have the least pushback if you can push the environmentalism (not global warming reddit tier environmentalism), schooling(why do we need teachers when all resources are available online?) and food production/diet/health angles. Everything else is fucked to death to make inroads with anyone who hasn't already taken your position

No one cares about your gay forum
Fuck off and take your (((GOP))) astroturf with you.

I want lolbergs to leave, what happened to the time when they got laughed out of this board?

Do you stupid niggers not see how we got into this mess? Jews have infiltrated both the GOP and the Democrats, and run both parties. This is the method that they control our government through, by offering the goyim the same two choices and pretending it's different. Suddenly you're all against us fighting fire with fire? Suddenly, it's impossible to talk to anyone? If you're going to be such a shortsighted defeatist, why don't you just kill yourself already? You could be watching anime and masturbating because you think this is all impossible to accomplish, but instead here you are trying to police everyone else.

Fuck you, I'm going to talk to the conservatives in my local county. I've already talked to the kid who runs the young republicans in my city, he's a lot edgier behind closed doors, all you have to do is just fucking talk to these people

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Good lad

National Socialism is not an economic system.



Good. They really don't want us to network.

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