A proposal

While the two-party system still reigns and the status quo remains, i propose that all of us who wish for radical change swear to ourselves that we will not fight each-other until the current political conditions are demolished.
Communists, Nazis, AnCaps, we should try to abolish the current state of things before we destroy each-other. If the current state of things is abolished, war will be easier to wage among ourselves, freeing us from our own inaction!
Of course, such a promise won't mean anything, but i'm simply sick of the status quo, i think we all are. If you hate neoliberals and neoconservatives, i want you to promise to yourself right now that you will not harm other radical elements of society until the current social conditions allow for war again. After that, may the best ideology win.

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Actually.. Not a bad point. But, the problem that I see is that many Communists, hate Whites, and want them Destroyed. Status Quo is one thing, but Survival of your species is another.

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Also this.
Make no mistake, the Fat Cat Globalist / Tech Monger wants all of the Guns from all of the people on the right and the Left. When he takes our guns, Communism nor not socialism will be the flavor of the Day.. Only Tyrannical Oligarchy.

Democide is Real friend.

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aye. but I'm living the Epicurean life atm. no I'm no danger to anyone.

Maybe we should open a Nexion to the dark gods

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None of those give a shit about class struggle. Nazis would be A-ok with being exploited by white bourgeoisie (the hitlerian definition of white) and ancaps are cheerleaders of the status quo. They are not even part of the left.

As for left unity, I'm all down for it. We can cannibalize each other when we get rid of porkies.

This. Abolishing age of consent will bring society to collapse.

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This is what the Somali opposition did. They toppled the Gov, but their were multiple rebel groups and they all had incompatible visions and couldn’t compromise turing Somalia into the current Shitshow.

I dunno if I would go as far as OP, but I do think all the third parties of the United States need to form a coalition for the singular purpose of demanding a change to the voting system to Approval or Score voting. It is in every one of those parties' interest to undo Duverger's Law and break through the two-party system so that third parties can actually compete to get elected.

And now Somolia is an Islamized shithole.

This was literally the Venezuelan opposition's plan. Of course MUD degenerated into a right-wing force when the left and center realized that anti-bad man isn't really a coherent strategy.

If the goal is and end to the two-party system and American hegemony, isn't this the best and easiest way for ideologies with no representation to achieve some popularity in the mainstream?


There's three problems with that : 'tards who swear that random business owners are "communist" because they take the "spout anything" model, the aut-right tendency to bootlick anything a police officer or the state does "counterculturally," and the waves of random nutsacc jackasses who come here with "if I just swap out Stalin for Hitler, they'll never know!"

Any of these three kind of kills the chance. Otherwise, it would be a neutral idea.


You just got dumber over time. Everything you said is wrong.

We can't change anything by cooperating with the puppets of porky.

Yockey go home your drunk
Facts don't care about your feelings
Solely exist to preserve the status quo
What NeoLibs are but won't admit

Lol no
It was literally just revealed that the Feds have been targeting Antifa groups and ignoring / actively aiding these Fash / right-wing AstroTurf groups


Nazis and AnCaps are of no threat to the present state of things in that the content (as in content/form distinction) of their politics is still fundamentally based on Enlightenment/Modernist ideas that fundamentally structure Liberal Psephocraies today, such as progress, nation, collectivism/individualism, property, rights, and et cetera. The only point on which they differ is on a point of form - that is - how they organize forms of social structure.

I will not side with people who still believe in the failed corpse of the Enlightenment.

Please, they are as pomo as a person can get.

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I see what you did there.

Obviously. You turn the people into lefties and then you just keep voting for authoritarian police state shit until the government shits the bed and people take to the streets

People are extremely idealistic and still think shit like working with the polar opposite of the spectrum will work.

This "each other" stuff smacks to me of Honour in combat. *pukes*
War against fascists would be much easier now with Marxist bookworms in a tactical alliance with anarchists and freaks etcs
I hope anyone considering a new "red-brown(shirt) " alliance will read this:

This makes no sense. As soon as you mentioned the indication of destroying each other in the end, there's obviously no way you'd be able to maintain yourselves throughout this war without one side conspiring to take advantage of a situation to fuck the other over, thus compromising the plan. Cool LARP

Yockey was a visionary you faggot


Yeah no

Why do Marxists consistently produce hot takes such as this? Fascists hate the status quo and the “fascism is capitalism in decay” is the oldest meme in the book

Because if there's anything consistent about self-proclaimed fascists at all, it's that they always protect the system from pissed off workers.

Fascists see through your Jewish scam. The dictatorship of money and the dictatorship of the proletariat are two sides of the same punt – fascism rejects both and sees reconciliation and solidarity between classes as possible. Even Hitler acknowledged that the workers had many serious grievances before they were co-opted by Jews and manipulated into attacking nation, race and advocating for the rule of the mob

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The absolute irony.

You nazfaggots merely want to replace the, alleged, jewish bourgeoisie with white bourgeoisie, don't even try and pretend otherwise. You're just Zig Forumsniggers LARPing as socialists.

Nazbols and tankies get the bullet too.

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Look at this blatant strawman. The bourgeoisie needs to be eliminated, period. The Jews are a dominant clique within the bourgeoisie and white bourgeois are race-traitors, period. Capitalism = globalism and is antithetical to a true socialism which cares for the people, cultivates them and ends their exploitation and demographic replacement. Marxism is closer to capitalism than true nationalistic socialism. Both desire democracy, globalism, egalitarianism, etc. Two sides of one shek.el

Shut the fuck up retard.

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But I'm bulletproof

So was Superman

And Superman is seen as Jewish by Zig Forumsniggers

I guess you played yourself

Bring Pol Pot back