Millennials Are Quickly Ditching City Life For Suburbs

A new report from Ernst & Young LLP., Research Now surveyed 1,202 adults aged 20 to 36 shows that millennials are fleeing big cities for suburban life.

When determining where to live, many millennials are now following the footsteps of their parents. In total, rent or own, 38% of millennials live in the suburbs, compared to 37% in the city.

Cathy Koch, EY's Americas Tax Policy Leader, told CNBC that millennials are choosing suburbs over cities.

"It's not just that they're settling down as they get older, either," Koch said.

"When looking at the very same age group today compared to two years ago, there's an increase in the share of millennials living in the suburbs."

"It was a surprise to me to see this generation increasingly choosing suburban locations to buy homes," Koch said, but the trend at play makes sense: "The 'suburbs' may very well be smaller cities close to larger urban areas - these still afford the richness of city living (including employment opportunities) at maybe lower home prices."

According to a recent report from Zillow, millennial home buyers can expect to pay 26.5% of their income to purchase a median-value home in a city, but only 20.2% of their income for a similar home in the suburbs.

Personal finances and student debt is likely the factor driving millennials out of big cities for regions that have a much lower cost of living.

More than 50% of millennials are currently paying off student debt (on average, Americans have $30,000 of student loan debt).

Millennials who majored in business have the least amount of student loans, but a large share of them have worthless humanities majors with low-paying gig-economy jobs.

Ernst & Young finds more millennials are buying homes in the last several years, but shows how student debt has delayed homebuying for many. This fragile generation is buying homes at a much lower rate than Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.

Student debt has not just delayed home buying, but also marriage and children for many.

Koch said the housing affordability crisis and rising interest rates would continue the trend of millennials exiting large cities into suburbs because of housing prices and the cost of living is just too expensive.

Into 2020, the acceleration of millennials leaving cities could jump, due to existing home sales topping out and inventory across the country coming online, forcing home prices much lower, which would entice 20 to 36-year-olds to gravitate to regions that housing prices are at bargain prices.

Why is that? Why not live around diversity to save a lot of money?

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I did the same when I lived in other cities since graduating college, this is not a new phenomenon for the millenials I've known.


For most people its hard because they tend to increase their standard of living to match their income, or even go a little beyond using debt. This is peak retardation in both cases. I came from a small ass town in a beautiful rural area, and I just keep my standard of living low. I save 20k a year minimum without trying.

Keep your schizophrenic posting in Zig Forums, faggot.

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Keep your retardation on cuckchan.

Want to live in the city next to your job or commute 2-4 hours back and forth every day while your car falls apart and you are raped with with fuel, maintenance and time costs?

If you live in the city, homicidal wild niggers and beaners, street shitting and pissing junkies are everywhere and good luck finding a place to park on the street. Roach infested 500 sq ft apartments for $1500 dollars are entry level. What's not to like?

Move to the suburbs filled with pajeets and beaners and you are again paying a tax for some peace. It's marginally better than the city. The schools are fucked. Get tired of that and the next option is the exurbs or a rural area. Young anons still able to earn a decent living please save your money and buy land.

X'ers went through this shit years ago. Welcome to kike reality.

Millennials getting married having kids move to suburbs because of niggers just like their yuppie mommys’ and daddys’ did

Brings up an interesting question. Should white nationalists invade nigger neighborhoods like hipsters and gentrify these faggots into extinction?

Truly surprising AND shocking. 5-10 Years from now there will be a report about how zoomers avoid cities like the plague, and these same people will feign surprise over it as well.

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Translation: beaners are flooding the countryside

They are not.

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Nothing to do with demographics. not at all.

You mean reclaim what was originally yours

Might get killed in the process, and your shit will get stolen. The land itself will be cheap enough to acquire, but the renovation costs on existing structures will be immense as the last niggers to own it will have stripped it of all metal and broken out the windows. Really the best way a wealthy person could fuck with niggers would be to buy up these homes and just bulldoze them. Raze a couple miles of ghetto effectively moving the ghetto somewhere else and stick a middle-income suburb where it once was. The rise in property values from this construction will help drive the niggers on the margins out expanding the "white zone". At this point you can either buy up that land and redevelop it as well at an increased cost per acre, or you could leave it as is and allow either poor whites or, more likely, Mexicans to move in.

Yeah it's a shock that these White people Millennials are leaving cities.

No wonder. Cities are growing worse and worse.

None of you need to worry, I'm sure trump will pass the based blacks act that will ensure blacks can be qualified for subsidies so they can buy homes in the suburbs next to white people.

Fuck the suburbs, when I am done with this undergrad I am headed back to the country. No niggers, well water is better than city gay water, and I can do weird shit in the woods.

Suburbs are just as soulless and degenerate as the city. Middle-class Whites flee to the suburbs and continue to to twiddle their thumbs voting for neocons while the White working class has to deal with feral niggers and spics.

Rural user here. if the city is too expensive AND filled with niggers/spics. how do they afford it?

I love how all the cucks here get mad when millennials actually do something good for a change. Probably all ass blasted Gen X'ers

They make more money proportionally (offset by everything being more expensive) and live in cramped shitholes, if not outright squalor, surrounded by 'diversity' of the sort that requires multiple people to have a vague sense of safety in getting something out of your car after 10pm.

Section 8. They only have to pay a percentage of their income to rent (30%). If their monthly income is $1000, then they pay $300 for the rental. Tax payers cover the rest. White people must pay for the privilege of having shitskins live around them.

Cities when compared to rural and suburb areas have significant income inequality. The majority of spics and nogs live in poor real estate areas or can afford to live with section 8 (welfare). The minority upper class can comfortably afford the tax and fee burdens of city while living in the nicer gentrified areas. Then you have the hordes of homeless that smoke crack, stab random people, and shit on streets.

Pic related - Dindu queen of the section 8

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And???!!! I don't see an issue with this, sir.

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My god why don't people give a damn about this bullshit diversity. WHY DOESN'T ANYONE CARE? my god you don't have to be smart. Do they know it but are afraid to think about it? Is it really just the tube that does it to these people?

I just finally retired to the suburbs after a miserable life of everything you just described and it's heaven here. Peace, clean air, no niggers, gooks, beaners or pajits…YET. I hope I die before they take over this enclave.

Fuck I hate faggot parades. If you want to be some descrete tweed jacket twink fine go do it on the QT, but summon a shitstorm of Sodom and Gomorrah on parade with half a million of your deranged pals all demanding the right to go into elementary schools and fuck children then it's time for Tienamen Square in America.

I know a little tough sikh fucker in Vancouver that makes regular trips to Detroit to buy houses for $3500 to $4000 and then renovates them and rents them out through an agency that does section 8. The welfare for rent never touches the nigger's fingers…it goes straight from the welfare office to his RE management firm account and then he gets his cut, some $500 a month or so. He's building an RE empire there…last I talked to him he had 15 houses but it is dangerous. Those coons don't mess around , you have to be careful not to piss them off.

Millennials are sheltered spoiled scum and I don't want them living near me. Not reading a word you kids have to say.

I'm a boomer and I like millenials. Gen X though, they're no good.

It's been getting harder since Obama forced more diversity on some suburbs with Section Ape housing mandates, but this has cooled off with Trump.

Many of the 'suburbs' mentioned in this article are actually exurbs.

This. I'm an Xer, but I only got a handle on just why things weren't quite right (mainly confronting the JQ) around 2012. These kids grew up immersed in it so they know even more.

Tell him Michigan just legalized pot too if he thinks he's escaping something.

The problem with distressed Detroit RE is that you had to pay at least a portion of the back taxes, at least when I looked into it. The place has really improved, mostly since being put into bankruptcy and the corrupt (((politicians))) went off to other places to consume.

My god, what the hell do you do for a living?
I'm from Appalachia, and I know people that don't even make that much in a year.
Still, they get by, and they're good, hardworking people.

I really think we need some education in how to actually make money, not just how to exist. But would it ruin people if they did? Would it turn them into shekelgrubbers, more interested in more and more numbers than in their own families?

How the fuck do you make money (and thus gain a little power) and not lose your soul?

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Yea, I didn't think so.

Give that man a cigar.

Ever has the Jew controlled the goyim with threats of being ostracized.
Women are especially vulnerable to this mind-fuck, preferring to completely ruin their lives rather than be shut out of their social group.

It's pathetic and sad, but it seems to be the norm.

I wonder why you goys are losing:^)

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your the exception not the status quo now fuck off.

i'm starting to prefer these 2d sluts. just look at those perfect tits. if that were a real woman one tit would be bigger than the other and the nipples would be different sizes.

If Millennials Are Quickly Ditching City Life For Suburbs and Millennals are not buying cars, how do they get around then? suburbs have nothing but service tier minimum wage jobs, all the white collar jobs are in the city and that takes 1 hour or more on the bus with 3 different bus transfers instead of driving in a car that would have taken 30 minutes.

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This. The jobs are in the cities. This survey is probably trust fund babies and such moving into mcmansions in the burbs.

Don't worry boomer. We will be waiting for you in the rest homes where we work for $10 an hour and no benefits.

Then motherfucker it looks like you'll be taking your hokey ass to another board. This is where millenials and gen z kids convene to decide how to bleach your worthless boomer filth from our rightfully inherited country. Nobody's gonna be living near you because we're still gonna be around melting your coin collections into bullets to shoot up your stupid fucking corvette cars with long after a double cheeseburger heart attck puts you six feet in the ground, which your grandchildren are eagerly awaiting I'm sure.

More to the point, whites fleeing to the suburbs is what has killed our demographical influence despite being the majority. As an urban white I will not stand with cowards who rank with the people who sold out their own kind to be overwhelmed by invaders. The niggers and spics will find their way to you sooner than you think, and don't expect any sympathy from us when the inevitable happens.

Diversity is our greatest strength you racist shitlords

The best way to keep niggers away is to build a private business that takes a lot of space in the place of the ghetto , like a golf course or pool club. If you put up new houses the government will force the niggers on you.


If you can't pay off 30k in one year, their is something wrong with you. Just live in your car or something and go to work.

"We're choosing the burbs for the better schools, not because we're raycis!" KEK

or better yet, resist infrastructure.

The complete opposite of that statement is actually true. Gen X parents were the forgotten gen, millennials descended from boomers.

Let them take the brunt before making such a move. Once the coast is clear consider it. Otherwise just avoid the situation all together.

I think one of the reasons liberals love so much California is due to it's geography, they can build houses in the hills above larger areas where niggers can live in the ghettos.

As someone who had a shit life i'm totally onboard with the fuck millenials train. Your kind were total niggers during the recession and now that you're breeding you want the society you helped ruin back, too fucking late. Can't wait till kebab flood this country and enrich your women, i'll be watching from afar, laughing while some asian whore is blowing me. Fuck you.

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Gen X'ers that I know often had shit lives, i'm the tale end of gen y and beginning of the millenials, most of the ones I knew were latch key kids, their parents were usually shitty. Will say this, compared to the parents I see nowadays they pale in comparison. The few I know now that survived are very much like me, fuck this country. No one gave two shits about us, let the people dumb enough to breed without the necessery shekels and stable families suffer like we did, most of us have already moved a few times to dodge high taxes, fuck having to pay for schools we never got to enjoy as kids.

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I'm GenX, and my parents were/are absolute shit. All of my older and younger brothers are normie losers with multiple ex-wives and random stupid kids. Only my sister and I realized how garbage our upbringing was and changed course. We both have stable families and an eye on the kikes, and pretty much have nothing to do with our other degenerate relatives.

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Life wasnt that bad, my parents werent exhippies like alot of my friends, so that probably helped, also both immigrants from Europe…but yeah, both parents worked, and we are ALL still to this day cynical, although there is huge gap between someone born in 65 and 80. Closer to 80s more based, early x are more like boomers, muh patriots and Constituiton retard types.

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Way to go. God it was sad watching my older gen x buddies grow up, like I said fuck em. I don't believe in sacrificing for shitheads who still have that fuck you attitude they picked up from the boomers. All for community but only if i'm met halfway. I see it from people here all the time, save the white race, stand your ground yet still have that fuck you attitude people had 10 years ago when most of us lost everything. Think you know a good chunk of us (hell possibly the majority) have my attitude and to be honest we're very much entitled to it. You can't shit in your own nest and hope we stick around to help save your white daughers and sons from habib and tyrone. I'll never understand why it's so hard for millenials to understand personal responsibility, integrity and accountability, it's inate. Sucks for em, the prediction that my buddies and I have is the USA will most likely end up a banana republic or go the route of byzantium. Lesson learned, don't shit on your peers to the point where they act like niggers when you need their help.
Also props to you and your sister for being adults, so hope your kids do the same.

Well there you go right there, European immigrants so yeah big suprise you turned out the way you did. I had one parent but he was a fucking violent psychopath who did everything he could to ruin me. I hate kids anyway so it's a good thing i'm not a parent. I'm literally the poster child for the type of people who should not have kids.

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Yeah this sucks x bro. either selfish hippies or vietnam vets who beat the shit out of their kids. I just got lucky with mine.

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Best friend had one of them for parents, his sister is a fat entitled slut and both parents enable her. They bitch at him for giving no fucks for the waste of space either. I don't envy those of you who were lucky, a good chunk of your peers are probably like me. You're going to have a long hard fight ahead of you.

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Yeah def made a differnece, they were the last wave of euro immigrants that came in the 60s. all the guys used to come to our house because my parents would buy us beers and playboys in high school (this was in the 90s). they were socially liberally about shit most square americhrist parents would have shit fits over.

hehe, Im done with half of my life.

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you're a cuck

Basically the whole of western civilisation right now summed up in two sentences.

Lol no, i'm bi tho~ At least I'll never be stuck with the tab for someone elses bastard like you~ Come up with a better insult.

Pretty much. No one wants to be an adult, people just want to shit on each other and be asshole and not suffer the consequences. Soooo, fuck em.

It's funny seeing what the evangelical right has mutated into, now they're just a sad joke. What does make me nervous is they don't even hide their backstabby nature anymore. Funny, americhrist parents are a perfect example of why most men avoid religion like the plauge, we all grew up knowing how shitty they are, it's now ingrained in many of us.

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What is even the cut off from millennials and gen z?

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I knew something was wrong with you. Are you posting those 2d girls because you are attracted by them or because you want to be like them? And you are a cuck, don't deny that you would not let me impregnate your wife while you would fap.

Lol dude pay attention to my posts, I have all kinds of mental issues. I had a horrible life growing up, was shit on like millions of others and just barely survived the recession while seeing my peers all act like niggers. Now here we are and the same shitheads have kids and are freaking out because those of us who were left behind give no fucks about their families being murdered by kebab and sand nigger. So fucking what? Not a whole lot you can do to me, i'm literally damanged mentally, I enjoy watching people suffer. Also no wife, the USA has too many single moms and it's easy to get stuck with the tab, not interested. Also a bit of both, I like cute asian women and yep, like girly clothes, so what?

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So why don't you get a cute asian woman and cum inside her?


Rodger's father was a jew. What are you saying?

looks like the stats refer to not just cul-de-sac suburbs but smaller cities or villages. cul-de-sac communities are a cancer on the earth that enable sprawl, decadence, and sheltered living so I hope none of you faggot millies increase demand for them

My main point is don't race mix. Also, I forgot that Elliot Rodger's dad was Jewish.
Polite sage because off-topic.

It's almost like they've realizing why their parents moved there in the first place. They're learning…

maybe they aren't buying brand new cars off the lot but they mostly have old cars from their parents or bought a cheap used car for like 2 grand

my mom is pretty much the archetypical gold standard for boomer women. white, several children from different fathers, married none, none stuck around long enough to do anything more than throw a baby in her, immediate need for welfare and foodstamps just to subsist, focused on her career while we were raised by tv, then I hit 20 and all I hear is how I need to "man up" and "fix your problems" with zero job skills social skills or knowledge about how to get by in this fucked society. now I just want to be left alone.

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use a picture of an obese sheboon instead of a healthy, blonde woman loving a white baby. The single mothers are usually black or coalburners

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It’s cheaper to live in the suburbs. Millennials are flocking the cities because they can’t afford to pay $1600/month in rent for a 2bedroom on their $30k/yr salary

The beating I would give her when she got out would be glorious.

my single mom is white. all my sisters with kids are single mothers. one even already has a daughter that is a single mother. my mom is 70. black people didn't make her disregard and disrespect fatherhood and masculinity. she's a baby boomer.

if you think white women are not guilty of this you are a feminist, without a doubt. you are a cunt. you are the problem. I really don't get why so many people here defend baby boomer behavior while at the same time saying how much they don't like boomers. you don't practice what you preach, probably because you are very sheltered.

Different experiences I guess. Every GenX I've ever known came from off the boat euro immigrants. Making those Xers 1st gens.

das rite

Did you faggots even read the article? Millennials are not moving towards the suburbs because they've suddenly started to hate living with shitskins, they're doing so because they are struggling financially, especially from student debt. And that makes perfect sense considering the insane housing prices in major cities (i.e. not shitholes like Cleveland or Detroit). And typically they are moving as close to the city as they can where housing is still cheap.

Have before. If I ever settle it'll probably be an asian.

I know more than a few hapas, believe it or not they're pretty stable. Shitty families make eliot rodgers, nut just having an asian parent. Actually, many times Hapas do end up better because more often than not the Asian side is not only stable and better off than the white side, they're usually a lot more family oriented. My hapa friends usually hang out with the asian side more for that reason.

Want to fix the white world? Like I said have people stop being niggers to each other.

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Are you sure you don't want to settle with a white woman and are bisexual because you were abused as a child by white parents? Faggot.

I graduated high school five years ago. Every white woman with a child who graduated with me, with one exception, has had their children outside of marriage. The one that did have her child within the confines of marriage divorced three years after getting married and now raises the kid by herself. A dozen women, all white, and not a one formed a two parent household. Of these dozen only two were race traitors.

Remember that when her health fails and she needs help. I'm a medfag and let me tell you, that's how a lot of women end up abandoned when they get old or have health issues, their kids give no fucks. Sons have always been the ones to take care of mom, it blows my mind how shitty mothers are here.

Throw this bitch in a cage with a gorilla.

See that's what I don't get, people always point the finger at niggers but they never look at themselves. I'm not a fan of diversity but the worst mothers I knew were usually white. They;d always use the feminazi angle to justify it too. Scary thing is how people like your single mother realatives are always finding new ways to scam the system, in a lot of states it;s piss easy to get some sucker stuck for child support, already know someone in that position. Makes me glad men are an option for me, that and Asian women.

Yep, different experiences. Thing is now, it's people like me who are making it hell to have a family here. You can never give people like me what we want most, a decient childhood, it's something you can never have. Now there are millions of people like me out there who give no fucks and yeah, makes it hard for people like you. Can only imagine how much more expensive it is to raise kids nowadays, esp. when people like me have no qualms just fleeing to someplace with cheaper taxes vs. paying more for schools and child care.

Also schools, that would be my guess. Most city folk give no fucks about children, suburbs tend to have families and its easier and cheaper to raise them there, esp. when more of the people are on the same page as you.

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So why don't you fuck them?

A lack of fucking is not the problem facing these women, degenerate.

my guess is they use bicycles

Who cares about their problem. I see a way you can profit from them. They need a father figure for their child. You can LARP around as daddy and fuck them. Fuck a different single mother each day.

Not for me, but if that's your prerogative so long as you don't knock them up again I guess you aren't doing any harm. Spoiled goods are spoiled goods, not like you can make these women any worse. Just be ready to prove you aren't the father when she gets knocked up by somebody else to try and trap you.

What’s wrong with Cleveland? There’s some decent areas with good rent to purchase ratios.

They lease cars. Also you need to understand that while a “large percentage” of them are moving out it doesn’t mean all of them are.

So the bi mellinial who had a shit childhood likes to watch people suffer. I'm gen X. My stepdad beat the shit out of me routinely. My mom never stood up for me. You know what I did? I fucking manned up, left the house at 16, then 18 I joined the military. My mind is completely fucked and after a few tours I got a busted back, constant pain in my left leg from nerve damage, and shitty disability that doesn't pay the bills. I'm divorced now cause muh disability wasn't enough to keep muh wifey around. So fucking what. Life's hard motherfucker. Hearing your ass brag about liking people suffering makes me want to fucking puke. Ya some boomers were fucked up, but so are people in every generation. My life is complete shit, but I'd still do anything I could to help someone if it was in my means. I know in 20 years I'll be so crippled in bed pan land. I fought for this country only to lose everything. Just maybe you don't have it as bad as you think? Well im just a gen x'r so im sure you have 0 fucks to give about the people who fought and served so your parents had a place to reproduce and have you. I see your comments about families being murdered and wonder, what the actual fuck is your problem. Your literally the poster child for why almost everyone hates milllinials.