Putin Claims that the only true Independent Country is Russia

>Appearing on World Order 2018, an (((Amazon Prime))) documentary.

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who cares

Those that are preparing to defend their family, and their survival.
Your response is that of an emotional one. >Loss can sometimes cause this.

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(((Russia))) isn't a country
Putin (((Shelomova))) isn't White

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Sounds like England.

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Webm of the interview?

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putin is savior of jewish race!

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Are you blind nigger?

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t. russian, hate Putin because of several big issues

Nothing from what Putin said is directly mocking but he speaks vague bullshit as always.
He does not claim that on the video.
the usual tactic which he uses.

Can't see the argument in your generalization of whole country.

Chechnya is most subsidied region of Russia (if that's what meant).

It may not be allowed in civilian life but in military life there are even orchestrated Islamic conversions of soldiers.


Are they plural? Video does not express that.

I fail to see your claim of conversions in this video.

What is the alternitive for Putin regarding this and Chechnya?

It's not clear to me. Putin shoul
make law more dominant
economic laws less complex
make loans cheaper
reduce bribery
But all of this would slash his influence. It's easier to manipulate poor population.

I don't know much, it might just be organic acceptance of Islam by soldiers. Islam remained much more stronger under Communism than the Orthodoxy.

That clip was broadcasted on Russian television, though I don't know the stations disbursement.

I mean, he should stimulate all kinds of business to make every region profitable.

If he wasn't such a pussy, he'd kick out the jews and truly be an independent country.

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Here's Putin with the Turkroach Erdogan opening up the grand mosque in Moscow, largest Muslim city by 2050.

Why almost? When the fuck are you people gonna realize the ruble IS PEGGED TO THE BARENTS OIL BARREL PRICE.
That way it makes the Russian economy at large non-dependent of oil prices.
>B-but I can't buy western made (((entertainment))) products, which is the ONLY thing the west still produce.
Yeah but you can still buy bread can't you? If the Rubble wasn't pegged to the oil you couldn't FEED YOURSELF and had bout of hyperinflation just like under Yeltsin.
You can hate Putin on a lot of things (migration, anti russian empire revivalism, etc…) but the economy of Russia IS handled masterfully.

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so when will he start WW3?

number of mudslimes population in Russia is 10-15%, as expected from the comments full of mudslimes shithole

i wish i was so deluded as you

Doesn't technically the entirely of the West does that too with the free gibs to africans and muslims?

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I do not understand this question. He personally did not capitulate to anyone, he just makes decisions which benefit oligarchs and governors and do not benefit anyone else except occasionally.
Kadyrov will commit to Putin only if he thinks that it is good for chechens (in their own traditional sense). He also debates federal governors against cutting subsidies to Chechnya for example.
He is 100% muslim and it's not debatable.

Liar. It's not written that way anywhere and is your hallucination.
What the fuck are you talking about?
Breaking it down for you:
- country imports goods
- country exports goods
The difference between exports and imports is trade balance and is the main source of international value of currency and is the only thing defining how much goods Russia can import per ruble. Russia imports shitload of goods and is dependent on imports in every sphere so falling oil prices affect price of everything. Saying that russian economy is not dependent on oil price is symptom of brain injury,
How about
- trucks
- machinery
- fertilizers
- clothes
- electronics
- chemistry
and shitload of anything else what is needed to produce goods? It's impossible to produce imported goods in Russia at same price and quality right now because of various domestic reasons:
- large distances
- bad infrastructure
- expensive railroad shipping
- expensive loans
- bribes
- bureaucracy
FYI, I've seen it with my own eyes. I have been at sunflower oil production plant and it is 99,99% composed from foreign machinery.
Oh and BTW retail food prices kinda doubled after 2014 ruble crash while salaries did not.

Ukraine is a fully Aryan NatSoc 1488 nation.
(((Russia))) is a Jewish empire of non-Aryan peoples.

Should look at what the oligarchs in Russia are composed of.


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Certainly more independent than any western country. Hopefully it will last well past Putins retirement.

Kek. Kosher nationalism is baste.

>putin is the savior of the white race, amirite, (((fellow white people)))?

You forgot, Russia also has the largest Muslim population in Europe, and they are wholly supportive and protective of them.

Yeah they might survive the nwo
Trump seems to be trying in america but im suspicious cuz nothing seems to be happening
Then again
So much dis info

And who funds nat soc
Ill give you a hint
It rhymes with mew

Is he implying that China is controlled by Russia?

Didn't even lift a finger towards accomplishing that goal.

Been there for hundreds of years unfortunately.

The Russian central banks say otherwise.

They are all dependent. Let's make the world truly independent, said the Lord.

The bug genes are outing themselves.

NATO is getting too close for comfort.

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by the way, this documentary isn't new and it isn't exclusive to Bezpo Jewzon. you can watch the whole 1.5 hour long interview with Putin here. i watched it like 6 months ago. it's probably the best sit-down interview with Putin i have ever seen. it's even better than (((Oliver Stone's))) Putin movie, because Stone's interview is still told through the American Empire NATO-Neocon lens. And Stone asks brain dead retarded middle school level softball questions of Putin. Stone is too poisoned by (((Hollywood))) celebrity. but Soloviev is a far better interviewer. he asks very smart and deeply probing questions. and Putin delivers fantastic and detailed answers.
this is the first movie i have watched where i came away feeling like i got to see inside the mind of Putin. there are so many questions asked of Putin and the movie is literally him talking for nearly 1.5 hours, so there is no way it's scripted and he's lying, as the CIA propagandists would want you to believe. you can see Putin is basically an honest and decent leader trying to do the best he can while under assault from (((Globalist CIANSAFBI forces))) and you come away from the movie rooting for Putin as the underdog and hoping that he will win and come out on top.

Soloviev’s Exclusive Interview With President Putin - The New World Order and Russia’s Place in It:


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t. (((FSB)))

Muslims in Russia are not Arabs thought.

No, it's not, (((Ihor))).

If book you worship does not say that fucking with cousin is not prohibited, what difference does your ethnicity make?

Considering that:
- theater actors can remember multiple hours worth of text
- there is no need for word-exact script for interview
- lying has no connection with how long you lie if your interviewee will never call you out whatever you say
- the interview will never be public if interviewee does not follow the domestic political etiquette

what is you point?