Just a reminder that the Fields trial starts at 9 AM EST

James Fields is facing 30 federal hate crime charges, 28 counts of hate crime acts causing bodily injury and involving an attempt to kill; and one count of racially motivated violent interference with a federally protected activity, resulting in Heyer’s death.

This is gonna be a shitshow, like the Dylann Roof trial. Will he be acquitted or will he be the second person to be given the death penalty for federal hate crime laws?

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Who cares? He is a retard and a soy boy.
Alt Right deserve the rope for fucking up Nazism.

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haha shut up mossad everyone knows how much you suck :^)

Hate is an emotion. All emotions are instincts. It's illegal to have an instinct.

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OK, so the media is saying it will take a few days to get a jury selected. Since the change of venue request was denied by race traitor and human pig Dick Moore, it's not looking good on that front.

He also has a female lawyer - Denise Lunsford, that we need to look into. Post info and updates ITT

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Probably death penalty even though the fat bitch just fell over and died of a heart attack. Blunt trauma was from either the fall or the guy beating her chest to try to restart her fat heart.

He won't get murder, he might not even get manslaughter depending on the jury make up, but he'll be fucked on the other blatantly unconstitutional charges such as "racially motivated violent interference with a federally protected activity" and the other hate crime counts. I could see his lawyer scaring him into pleading guilty to the hate crime counts to avoid the murder and manslaughter charges. The fact that his lawyer did not immediately file for a mistrial on the grounds that the President of the US signed an Act of Congress declaring what he did as terrorist act before any due process shows she is not throwing her A game for him.

Publicly appointed attorneys are notoriously liberal and pro-social justice already, and even if she isn't comped, she may try to sabotage her own client to quell the shitstorm she will face by her colleagues and the NC bar association if he is acquitted. Fields has a lot stacked against him: a retarded white guilt prone NC jury that will also be full of niggers, the lying fake news, CIAniggers and other spooks threatening witnesses, and an incompetent and potentially hostile defense attorney. The only thing on his side is the truth, whatever that counts for these days.

Hes guilty. Hes an anti-white faggot and you're a kike for defending him.

Post evidence of Field's innocence ITT and I'll forward to his lawyer

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all we can do is send in evidence and pray at this point

It's absolute madness, they were attacking his fucking car and he never even touched the bitch. Even if he had it wasn't murder, manslaughter tops in any sane world. We don't live in one.

His court appointed attorney is a used-up thot, who had nude pictures leaked online, and still dyes her hair red in her 50s:

He will get the chair, no doubt about it.

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Best goy Trump will see to it that there is no fairness in the trial.

They will kill him. If they can legally kill this guy, what do you think they'll do to you, a non soy-boy giga ultra evil nazi?


They'll convict him on the highest charges to make a statement.

It's definitely not first degree murder, but they'll try to charge him with it.

>physical assault and crime of passion is legal of you are (((mentally abused))) stronk womyn
Get the facts straight.

Don't set yourself up for disappointment, he's going to lose since several variables are stacked against him. You're deluding yourself if you believe that you're on an equal playing field.

It's the same justice system that gave David Lane a lifetime sentence for a crime that he was uninvolved in while giving GLR's assassin 5 years in prison.

how about the fact that he didnt even drive the fucking car?

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It's pretty fishy, but we'll know about the truth when it's no longer advantageous for them to lie. It'll either be at the time when the white population is wiped out or when white nationalists collectively seize power.

Mods here are trash.


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What fucks me up the most is bike lock faggot basically walked.
This poor fucker is going to be hung out to dry.
I know there are tons around the world watching this hopefully they bury his atty with video and such that he walks as well.
The Zig Forums investigation has basically exonerated him in my mind.

yeah, that's all we can do. Nothing else. There's not a single other thing we can do

Decide to see what the MSM are saying about this.
First article I find:
How interesting.

Let's consider the narrative.
The event wasn't 'planned', it was carried out: they had legal permits, they had spoken with the police to come up with a plan for how the event was supposed to go, but then city officials ordered police to change the plan on the day of the event and simultaneously allowed thousands of protestors to illegally gather in the streets, then march through the streets, all without a permit or any sort of police effort to control the situation.

The commentary stands on its own as far as Talmudry.

Not to mention a guy named Dwayne Dixon.

How can there be healing in a racial divide wherein one side is demonized and brutalized and the other sides are treated as victims?

>is so steeped these days in white supremacy and white nationalism
This thing is a professor at a major university… But yeah, no, the problem is that there's so much fucking "white supremacy" that violence is apparently necessary?

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That explains a lot, explains a good portion of why this case is being harped on like it is I think.
No wonder the jew lawyers are out in force over this thing - one of their favorite shabbos was killed: an obese White pile of adipose tissue and Newport tar with experience in a legal context.

I love how they try to present as though these events were at all related. "The death toll of the event rose when" another accident transpired? Get real.

So, basically, you're saying that everyone there was either A) KKK, B) "neo-Nazi", or C) White Natinoalist? And ALL were 'white supremacists'?
This had to have been written by a Jew.

You mean, dressing in gear to protect themselves against thousands of Communists, anarchists, antifa and non-Whites who stormed the town with intent to harm them, and did so, with ZERO legal rammifications?
You mean shouting racial slurs BACK AT the non-Whites and hateful zealot philosemites screaming about the death of the White race?
You mean defending themselves against the onslaught of thousands of people marching in the streets without permit?

It should be illegal for jews to write pieces like this and then for it to be published in a major publication without a name.

>James Alex Fields Jr., a 21-year-old Ohio man known in high school for being fascinated with Nazism and idolizing Adolf Hitler, heads to trial Monday in Charlottesville Circuit Court. His attorneys declined to comment and have provided no hint of what his defense will be.
Literally no other commentary on this point was ever raised to my knowledge - it was the claims of a single jewish teacher with no evidence whatsoever.
Pic related.

Again, the Talmudry here is incredible. You could be forgiven for thinking the fucking ADL wrote this piece.

>Pretrial hearings have offered few insights into Fields or his motivation. A Charlottesville police detective testified that as he was being detained after the car crash, Fields said he was sorry and sobbed when he was told a woman had been killed.

Aaaaaaaaand you fucked yourself bro.
Should have stuck to your guns, Roof knew the hazards of trying to portray yourself as a mental defective before the court - you're still going to jail in all likelihood, except now you'll go down in history as a mental defective.
What a fucking imbecile this Fields guy must be - assuming he's not a plant - not to mention his fucking attorney. Women should not be practicing law.

Also, while I'm on the subject:
Fields initially had a lawyer in the form of an older White man, but that guy was forced from the proceedings on the grounds of 'conflict of interest' or some ridiculous shit on the basis that he also supported retaining the statue which United the Right was nominally about protecting.
Whereupon that older White guy was replaced, and the court APPOINTED Denise Lunsford, a former Albemarle County prosecutor.

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she might actually do a decent job
Anyway, he shoulda got the same lawyer that helped Cantwell, he was ok

You're forgetting that you're dealing with mentally ill subhumans who are entirely disconnected from the American populace, they just parrot the sensationalist media from their smartphone.

I keep telling Zig Forums to gain power by going universities instead of trade school, but they always complain about how they're not too smart or how University is a jewish scam. They don't seem to realize that University isn't about being the most intelligent, it's about building a network of people who can reliably support you. There's plenty of idiots in University who cheated their way for 6 years to gain a platform, yet you can't hold a position because you couldn't stand pozzed classes for a few semesters?

Beautiful Blonde Aryan. The future and our saviour.

How is that not illegal to take away someone's lawyer and replace him with one of your cronies?

Why has the public now been allowed to see the aerial footage from the helicopter that went down?

Oh, that's so sad.

IE: stupid faggots gave this fat worthless cow money to virtue signal.

Of course she will, and I'm sure she'll be in a wheelchair with a neckbrace on, eyes already shrink-wrapped in tears.

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Disgusting nonsense.

>White nationalist Richard Spencer, who coined the term "alt-right," said he has never had any contact with Fields and does not plan to attend his trial. He said he hopes the trial does not paint all members of the movement as violent.
And of course, Implicit Dicky is, as usual, ready to throw anyone and everyone under the bus, so long as it doesn't interfere with his efforts to become the new Mitt Romney, shilling for Israel out one side of his faggot mouth and kvetching impotently about "identity" out the other.

Yet, you aren't demanding it very loudly, are you Dicky? Kinda hard with all that Black cock in your mouth, I'm sure.

Eh, not really - it showed the alt-right for what it is and awakened many to the absolutely spineless and disingenuous nature of the participants.

That's hardly an alt-right only thing at this point NBC, and you know as much.
Because it had nothing to do with the context involved in the original event, and again, you know as much NBC.

Does the fund come with instructions to stay out of the fucking street, by chance?
What more closure is there for this old cow to get? By her own public admission, she was told her daughter died of a heart attack. The footage shows she was NEVER touched by Fields' vehicle.
Her fat daughter fell down and had a cardiac infarction and fucking died. End of story.
If she wants 'closure', maybe she should be suing the tobacco companies and the fast food comapnies that turned her daughter into an obese pig who died due to rapid falling over.

Daily Reminder to thank BASED TRUMP for ensuring his DoJ brought up 30+ hate crime charges on this fucking TRAFFIC ACCIDENT.

Seems fucking legit.

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Nah man, he's fucked.

Because the law isn't real anymore bro. White people, you need to listen to this: The law isn't real.
Its nothing but a bureaucratic mechanism which you have been conditioned to seek to appease, while your enemies employ it as nothing more than a mechanism they can use to fuck you, while themselves being almost invulnerable thanks to the jewdicial system being rampant with kikes, both in terms of the lawyers as well as the judges and other officials.
Its a joke.

US law exists only that jews have a mechanism to keep US Whites under control until their destruction is complete.

Truly, this is progress.

Oh yeah, forgot my image.

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Not forgetting it, so much as pointing it out and decrying it as disgusting bullshit.

Well then, you're a fucking nonce, because bro, THATS NOT HOW THAT WORKS.
Just because you went to university =/= you have any power whatsoever.

They're right, especially the second part.

But you can't do that in university UNLESS you are a leftist, you mongoloidal fool.
I went to fucking university, and the notion that I could have formed a "network of people who can reliably support you" is UTTERLY LAUGHABLE.
The vast majority of those in university at this point SHOULD NOT BE THERE TO BEGIN WITH - they are not intelligent enough, which results in the classes being dumbed down so they can pass (making your degree worth less and less with each graduating class), and they're studying trash fields which offer them nothing but the inability to pay off their HUGE debt.
The people I went to college with could not form a "network", let alone one which could "reliably support" anyone: They can't even support themselves for the most part. A good 9 in 10 still lived with their parents or moved back in with them after school.

No, there really isn't. Can you name any? I can't.
Again, you seem to be functioning without any sort of realistic context to your worldview, in that, if you're like, a tranny nigger studying White Supremacy or some shit, yeah, sure, there's a buncha catladies with green hair and soyboys trying to get the attention of the aforementioned cat-piss-coalburners, and they might give such a person such a network of support… But if you're a normative White male with politics anywhere to the right of Bernie Sanders, you ain't gonna find a network of anything but people trying to find a way to destroy your life and get you kicked out of college without refunding of your tuition.


Why was the Trayvon Martin trial televised and this one is not even available for public viewing?

I actually saw a guy argue that since the courts had fucked around for 6 months that under CA PC 1382 (a) (3) his case should be dismissed.

The prosecutor's response was, and I kid you not, "We don't do it that way."

He went to trial and was convicted.

The law means nothing.

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Body bags for Antifa fags.

Just reported that post 3-4 times, interested to see how the mods respond (if they respond at all and if they don't, well, pretty clear this board is in bad shape).

The guy that was chasing him with an assault rifle admitted publicly he did it.
The video shows that the woman actually hit by his vehicle was not the one that died.
The landwhale that died of a double-cheeseburger induced heart attack is on video not being hit with his vehicle.
The Antifa moron that was beating on her chest (just like tv assured him he was supposed to), was stopped in his assault by a cop that knew he was doing more harm than good.
He decelerated and swerved to avoid people, and only pushed forward when the mob started attacking his car.

All this we already know. If none of it is presented at the trial, we know damn well the fix is in, and they're looking for a fall guy.

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Of course, that's why you have to do more than just enter in classes.
Not hard to do with clubs.
It's unrealistic to you because you don't have the drive nor willpower to do it. These people lie, cheat, assault, and exonerate their way through to achieve what they want. In contrast, the majority of white nationalists just give up at the moment they see a minor obstacle, so the majority of them end up sending mean tweets to Jewish journalists as the world gradually turns to shit.

You have a legitimate cause to fight for, and you're capable of achieving it better than the jokes currently in uni now. Your ancestors gave you the genes and social status to do it. Unfortunately, a lot of white nationalists put more effort into rationalizing themselves into fulfilling their predetermined bad outcome. Later becoming surprised that things aren't better for them.

Say what you want about Jews, but they have the determination to fulfill any goal that they want. They do it through dirty tactics for a bad cause that they never accomplish
I never got kicked out of University because I've acknowledged that I'm not on an even playing field. It's all a matter of shutting your mouth and working your way up.

God, what kind of pansy board is this turning into?

The kind that reports faggot-ass gommies.
Go back to cuckchan if you want low-quality moderation and shitskin spam, loser.

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useless slide thread

Because if the facts come out to the general public, they lose their narrative.
The one thing they cannot afford to have here, are facts.

We've never been afraid of them, they get put in their place pretty fast.
So who gives a shit, unless they're spamming the board with slide threads?

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Then tell us more. You're stupid.

Then tell us more. You're REALLY stupid.

I went to university, yes.
… Wow you're stupid.
They're able to do that because THEY ARE IN POWER, YOU IMBECILE.
If they tried that shit 40 years ago, they'd have their teeth knocked in.
They took decades upon decades to slowly worm their way into a position of power, and now that they have it, their followers are able to do ALL SORTS of shit without punitive measure.
You try ANY of that shit? You're fucking done son.

Again, demonstrating how stupid you are.

Trump had nothing to do with it, and if he interceded, it would be political suicide.
You seem to forget, the media has successfully portrayed everybody in the protest as a "Nazi" and the drone normies are the ones you see roaming the streets with glazed eyes murmuring, "Nazis bad…Nazis bad…"

Trump has nothing to do with this farce, the fix was in from the start.
The only question now is if the defense is actually interested in defending him, and will the pozzed judge allow in the evidence that would vindicate him.
The fact that they are not allowing the trial to be televised is a pretty big tell.

I would have a quote but its one of those stupid fucking cunt titled ones that makes you want to rip your hair out because you can never find it and the last time you found out you didnt bother to fix the title, so to paraphrase one of Goebbels underlings I cant think of the name of:
The minority opinion doesnt matter, National Socialist media exists to express the majority view to the public, not to express small dissenting opinions.
If you go against the grain, get the fuck out.

I repeat…body bags for Antifa FAGS.
Yes, you are a butt-fucking, shit-eating faggot, and you will fucking die on the day of the rope.

Now go report me another 1000 times, I FUCKING DARE YOU, you fat, corn-chip-eating, basement-dwelling, Antifa goblin, sitting at your mom's house, masturbating to tranny porn.

Yes, he did. It was his DOJ. He is the supreme executive. If someone in his department does it, he is responsible.
Sounds like a nice cover to allow him to cuck harder, you worthless shabbos.

ANd Trump could stand up and blow that narrative up with a single sentence.
I know, BECAUSE HE ALREADY DID, when he said there were "good people" on both sides.
Suicide? Hardly - it would be having a political backbone. But Trump doesn't have that, I know.

He has literally everything to do with it user. If he wanted to end it RIGHT NOW, he could, easily.

Where the fuck have you been?
Oh, yea…in your mother's basement.

It hasn't been his DOJ since he got in, and won't be until the phony "investigation" Mueller is doing is over.

You're fucking drunk, aren't you?
Or sniffing glue, or something.

Or you're a Hasbro Troll in diapers, shitposting just as hard as you can for the tribe, right?

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No, no, in YOUR mothers basement, fucking your mother.
That's where I've been, loser. But that's beside the point.

It is his DOJ, has been his DOJ since he got in, and will remain his DOJ so long as he is in power.
The fact that he's a weak cuck who won't make any moves does not equate to it not being his responsibility, loser.

Thanks for letting me know I triggered you.

>The fact that he's a weak cuck who won't make any moves does not equate to it not being his responsibility, loser.
Vid related.

They learned from their mistake last time

She's WAAAY too female for you to get a hard-on over her.

You understand nothing of politics.
The web that was woven to interfere with his presidency was started by Obama and Clinton, when they started worrying he would win…and the DOJ and higher ups at the FBI were all in on it.

If you really were Zig Forums you would have known this for almost 3 years now, because we all knew it was being set up even before he won the election.

The cumstains on your basement rug beg to differ.

He says, bereft of any real justification for the why the chief executive is not responsible for the actions of a branch of government completely under the control of the executive.

So why didn't Trump replace them all? That's a tough one, eh?
Let me get this straight: Trump, the supreme executive, is not responsible for the branches of government under executive oversight because… Obama and Hillary? Because… Trump didn't remove all the scumbags in positions of power, which was WELL within his power (AND STILL IS)?
You understand nothing of politics it would seem.

I'd be laughing really hard at this Trumpcuck crying that his mancrush isn't responsible for any of the things done by branches of government which are his responsibility?
You got that right.
Tippest Toppest Keks are being had, rest assured.

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yes im well aware of what it looks like, but thats no reason to stop trying to get the truth out there, and especially to his lawyer - do not blackpill until the gavel strikes

i'd tell you to go do it, but you wont. i know because you posted that Anglin tier passive aggressive bullshit.

i dont buy that. if anything they crashed, or faked the crash of the helicopter because it got the only good shot of the crash. it is fishy, but the driver looks like him

that was bullshit, however the mayor had ties to BAMN so that was ultimately effective for them

yeah we know all about him

yeah this is clearly their own fault, if it did happen.

ANTIFA admitted to chasing him,

Also, his break lights were lit you must acquit.

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you should be disappointed in yourself.

Yeah if you're fucking blind.