Every single time..

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If he was smart he would mention not even Mexicans want them and are gassing and chopping them up as we speak and we should learn from them.

I wish he hadn't fucked around for two years on the border wall.

If MS-13 can't handle it, we could always bring over the IDF

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meanwhile thousands of spics cross the border everyday legally

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I'm waiting for Hitler. And not the old Hitler, one that is willing to do mean things to subhumans instead of be an angel that tried to save them from themselves.

Say it with me:

Wall Wall wall wal wa w CHAIN LINK FENCE

OPEN BORDER not Safe Drugs sex slaves murderers Tax Dodging. Slowing advancement of Citizens Middle class families no more Haves have nots think of the Children Tear gassed brown babies trying to flee poverty and crime Fuck white people White people help give a fuck Yea sure thing It's so tiresome to go to work Dotr?
(((CNN))) cover page old spic dragging. 2 half naked kids with Riot going down gas clouds wew Let themm in you heartless Americans.
Fake news

Eh, better make it six million.

Can we have one general for trump faggots tweets instead of shitting up the board with so many threads.

It is way past time for a Orange Man Bad containment thread for these obnoxious leftist shills
Why should a board made to discuss National Socialism be subverted into a 24 hour a day anti-trump board? Make a thread to quarantine these retarded drumpfniggers now!

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Either Donald Trump is a release valve, or a genuine president getting blocked, doesn't really matter. Ultimately the white people of America are going to have to get off their couches and start acting, if they want to see a difference.

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kikel butthurt is evident because beaners are not being let in.

if he were genuine he wouldn't condemn white nationalist and punish anti-semites. you know he is a set up to prevent accelerationism

Zig Forums is not Trump tweet boards, go back to cuckchan

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His name was Robert Bowers!

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Bowers was an MKULTRA tool.

Typical Trump

New tweet — let them know Zig Forums


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lol c'mon dude. do you develop emotional connections with movie characters too?

I..I believe him this time guys, hes totally about to drain the swamp, Podesta on suicide watch hahahaha


jeez its never good enough

Zig Forums is nationalist. Zig Forums is not the gop you tremendous faggot. Your republikikes are exactly as bad as the dumbocrats, they are all kosher as fuck.

You mean 'everyone turn Democrat so the Democrats win which means we win'? Nigger.

Don't like it? Go back to Reddit you monkey nigger.

Sounds nothing like a rant, sounds like a perfectly reasoned position, and a cautionary statement.
OP is, apparently, a fag.

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The issue is that no action is ever done and all it amounts top is bitching on twitter to keep the Q crowd trusting.

Trump is such a flaming faggot.

Thank You Trump

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For me, it is the ethnoglobe.

Yea, he tweeted about sending troops to the border, and troops are stringing razor wire on the border, with authorization to use deadly force.
He tweeted that he would close the border if Mexico didn't start intercepting these invaders, and he closed the border, with Mexico responding by arresting as tear-gassing the invaders (also something he's caught hell for).

With you black-pill shill faggots he's damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't. You make unsubstantiated claims on a fuckiong constant basis here, you back nothing up, you just puke all over our board.

Here's a fucking hint, useless eater…if you make a statement here, you are required to cite source, especially when told to.
You fucks can't, because you're paid liars, or Jews, who lie by their nature.

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Cite source, faggot.

His name IS Robert "SYOIGI" Bowers

Bundy Ranch 2: Border Boongaloo

All that matters is statistics. Germans had jet fighters and panzers eventually they ran out of ammo. We can be Chad's but the browns replicate like rats.we are loosing the war of the womb.

Actually, they run out of fuel.

Then go to reddit and do your jewish anti-drumpf dance. Zig Forums doesn't need to hear
24 hours a day. We get it, you hate drumpf. Cool fuckin story. Now go gargle your nigger cum somewhere else so Zig Forums can talk about something interesting besides your insane fetish for licking trump's butthole. Go start /trumpsorangenuts/ so you can swing on them there, and Zig Forums can talk about economics, culture, history, spirituality, warfare, science, and the jewish cancer. Or just stay here and be an autistic kike until the DOTR

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Swarm tactics work if you have enough fodder. Think the owners have any problem using Paco to taco us?

Stop posting pics of his daughter Ishtar

I like that, it has a certain esoteric ring to it :^)

Ok 4d do regale uss with stories of how he helped us?

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Of course silence and that kids is why orange man really is bad.

Our brave men in the border are fighting temptation.

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Children always scream silly words , they never refute

Want me to be impressed? Show a pic of them each holding a toddler with another one in the oven. Not auditioning for girls gone wild.


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Does this look like anything any American force wears?

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Oops that found the photo you were looking for of soldiers protecting a border.

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You're on the wrong board ma'am.

That's how it goes. So many people want to see someone flip out and shoot up a synagogue, and then when it actually happens, it's "Fake, false flag, MKUltra, CIA/Mossad," etc.

Israel's borders' status: SECURED

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Nope I had a spring in my step that day. Made me know I wasn't alone.

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We listen to the words of those without the power to act. We watch the actions of those with the power to do.

Best timeline, you guys. How did we get so lucky?


as expected from low iq nigger, too bad all of gop lick jews

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Bunch of geniuses aren't they?

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The fact that he did this proves that the above is true.

There are two court systems in countries with high Jewish population:
The Beth-Din or Jewish Court of Law. And the host nations Court of Law.
Under the Beth-Din all Jews and shabbos goys are innocent until proven guilty while non-Jews or non-shabbos goys are guilty until proven innocent (your proof of innocence would likely be considered inadmissible).

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Those are mexican riot police, not american riot police.

the only way we could be luckier is if he tweeted about opening the border and getting rid of all the tariffs

Well it's a lot easier to freely be violent in a third world shit-hole with a police force and technology that rivals 19th century USA. We'd all be a lot less reserved if we didn't have the most advanced police force and surveillance technologies, among other technologies, watching over us. Plus they're low IQ monkeys, so they're far more prone to violence to begin with.

Maybe the kikes are getting lazy. They obviously think they can just cry racist/bigot/etc. under any and all circumstances. With as many beaners trying to illegally enter America as there are, sometimes the Border Patrol is going to miss a few here and there when they're trying to sneak in at night in poorly-lit, remote areas. And sometimes kikes and narcos give them money to bribe the Border Patrol beaners. But this? This is thousands upon thousands of 5'3", 80-IQ brown people mobbing up on the border and trying to destroy the barricades so they can pour in like a horde of zombies. It's not just le poor oppressed Latinx women and children like jew media tries to pretend. There are also poo in loos, MS-13 and other beaner gangs, and Muslims, and probably a few niggers here and there that the media just hasn't shown.

Nobody wants these people here. They want future, bigger mudperson caravans even less. They're getting tear gassed and beaten and arrested by both US Border Patrol and the notoriously impatient Federales. The walls and fences are covered in razor wire now so they can't just zerg rush over it. What were the kikes expecting to happen? That they could just call everyone racist and the parasites would be allowed in and given gibs. They don't seem to understand that a lot of people are all done and out of compassion for these ungrateful, entitled, stupid brown foreigners who take and take all day but never contribute anything.

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I'll believe it when I see it but I dont see it.

I never understood the purpose of the caravans and why their media propaganda machine would thrust them in our faces endlessly. It makes no sense. They were silent for decades as tens of millions of shit-skins invaded our country, but when some caravans of a few thousand start coming up here (obviously funded and organized for the purpose of making a media show), post-Trump, all of a sudden it's front page news everywhere. At a time when people are most against immigration. Maybe they're just trying to prime the history books with material, fake as it is, for the lead up to a congressional act the likes of the 1965 immigration act, and future generations will know nothing of how we feel about it, while having their entire knowledge come from media recorded in the history books as what we thought. Or maybe it's something else. Who knows. There's got to be a reason why they won't shut up about caravans of a few thousand though, while they never mentioned the other 40 million people. Especially considering the caravans are obviously funded explicitly for the sake of creating a media cycle.

Do something about your ADHD you irrational faggot.

Is the blonde white? She looks whiteish, but her skin is so fucking dark, I can't tell. It could just be the typical self-loathing urban whore with a disgusting fake tan.


Yeah, I'm with you, man. Trump is just playing the long game. Be sure to vote in 2020, so he can fulfill his 2016 promises!

Can't even tell what a white is anymore. They have already won

Quit trying to gaslight that criticizing drumpf is the thing that's been constantly going on and on. The fallout of his actions and the T_D horde has been going on for the past three years, so any reaction to it is wholly justified. I look forward to any action he'll do here, but I won't be holding my breath. If you want to talk about economics, culture, history, spirituality, warfare, science, and the jewish cancer, then get rid of the group that only sees the world in a limited view of Democrats vs Republicans.


I only say it because there's South Americans that look like her, so that tiny mixture makes their skin darker, while they retain their European facial features. I don't consider that to be white. I don't know if she's that, or just one of the urban rats with a fake tan.

Nothing ever happens. Things always stay exactly the same. Noted.

How is this an argument. Sure we vote lesser of evil. Nothing wrong with believing in hope. But hype ain't results, and blind loyalty will get yah killed.

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Only to Israel.

But I'm with you, dude! Now that Trump lost the House I'm sure he's more fired up than ever, and nothing will stop him from repairing a fence in 2024!

The baby gate just got ten inches taller.


>implying voting for the (((GOP))) has done anything to stop legal immigration
Get the fuck out.

due to mutts and actual white women dumping pounds of make up & tanning themselves to make themselves look like some hollywood shitskin (they all look the same like a part spic nigger) sometimes its difficult

Opposing blatant shilling isn't blind loyalty. Opposing people whose talking points and rhetoric are identical to late night television talk show hosts isn't blind loyalty.

Telling people you're filtering them is gay as fuck, no one cares if you filter them, it's not a fucking downvote. Nobody here likes your Zionist puppet, get the fuck out.



That the beauty of trump:

These factors could be in play:
A.) They are blinded by rage and the leaders are clinically insane
B.) Traitors in the ranks due to the Russia hoax and Trump performance. Bad advice.
C.) Low IQ yes men that are useful pawns but godawful strategists. Hillary must still be calling the shots due to her power.
D.) They achieved a significant victory after months of nothing and they want to keep the momentum.
E.) They want the absolute control back due to their hungry souls.
F.) ICE is doing their job remarkably well.
G.) Their supply of beaner kids for loosh power is dwindling fast.

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MAGA as fuck.

Didn't imply that but since you were so kind to tell me I'm filtered (as if it's a fucking downvote or something) then I guess you won't get to hear my response so I'm not sure why you bothered with the greentext,

Mostly good theory, but hillarys not calling anything, shes just another idiotic stooge.

It's an empty threat. He never actually does what he says he's going to do.

Reported and filtered.

Trump's word is as good as any action. Just you wait. He's gonna grow so many sticker bushes on the border that the mexicans will run out of blankets trying to get over them!


Trump is a kike, kike.


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