Mini Ice Age maybe on the way

Hey Zig Forums you're gonna like this, it looks like the current Solar Minimum is extreme and might bring a Winter-Chan that doesn't go away.

This means the mass migration might get stopped whether the Jews like it or not

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We have awakened the spirit of our father

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(((NASA))) Is lying. It will get cold, but it won't be because of a star millions of miles away. Either way, I welcome winterchan with open arms.

Future Amero-nigger year 2030

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Folks have been predicting a coming ice age as long as they've been predicting global warming. In fact they've been predicting this even longer.
I used to be a big proponent of the coming ice age. However, I no longer expect a rapid end to the glacial period. Instead, it will be slow and manageable.

Welcome Skaði, nordic goddess of winter. Put up your arctic hood and sweep your frozen fingertips across the lands.

Mini ice-age can't come soon enough.
Thank you Winter-chan!
I love you Winter-chan!
Good luck Winter-chan!

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We're just coming off a warming period, and started the slow descent into another glacial period. These cycles take thousands of years.

Mini ice-ages, on the other hand, come and go quickly, only hundreds of years. Washington's miserable winter in Valley Forge, and Napoleon's disastrous retreat from Moscow were both during the last mini ice-age. The Thames river froze over completely, and the Brits were having ice-carnivals on it (see "Thames Frost Fair").

We could live long enough to see those days return, although they won't last nearly as long as a glacial period.

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Finally, someone who checked the damn sources.

More important thing is how much it will affect us.
Last mini ice age brought severe starvation, famine and epidemics.

Yes I know.
You are correct that around 1350 we entered a mini ice age and the worst periods happened during the late 18th, early 19th centuries. And it was pretty devastating. We're probably due for another one of those seen. However, as you said we're talking hundreds of years. At the very least, it will be a decades long cooling period.
We will not live to see New York bay freeze over and stop trade.
But yes, this is a real issue that deserves discussion.

And cannibalism…don't forget that.
But there'll be plenty if non-whites frozen in the snow, so plenty of meat.
And it's not exactly cannibalism…after all, wolves eat coyotes all the time, so different subspecies DO eat each other, by nature…

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We love you, Winter-chan!

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oh wow its nothing

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suddenly it means very much

It was quite a something to Napoleon's army.
as the retreated, they marched through air that was having it's moisture crystallize and drop all around them, not snow or normal precipitation, mind you, but an affect that most of us here have not seen.
The horses were so numb from the cold that the soldiers would cut sections of meat from their flanks to chew on (they were almost without food at that point), and the horses just kept plodding on, the blood freezing instantly, completely oblivious to the fact that they were being eaten.

A mini ice-age is wonderfully cold. If it coincides with an economic crash, you better be living in a body that can adapt to it, otherwise you need to get moving to more equatorial regions.

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Who keeps shilling these mini iceage threads?

user, that would be four times colder than absolute zero in F, and over six and a half times colder in C…

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Exactly what we need for an age so confident in the unshakability of its conveniences. No true change will ever happen while the comforts of technology are keeping people content.

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Exactly, can you even imagine?

Good luck surviving the winter skinny faggots

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What if all the Gods were aliens
And also praised jesus
That would be lit

Well…fatter people would do better, at first, due to the food shortages.
But the fat would become skinny in a short time, placing them at the same disadvantage when it comes to insulation.
The real adaptation is the ability to regulate your metabolism for the condition. Can you use less calories when they are not needed, and then switch to using more when the situation calls for it.
Also, can your digestive system drag every last scrap of nutrients from what you eat?
Everyone knows about the white's ability to create and absorb more vitamin D from the rays of the sun on his skin, but there are other genetic enhancements that developed in the north, as well.

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Being endomorph is about metabolism
Endomorphs have the slowest metabolism and build fat tissue most efficient.

Holy shit what a straw man you've pulled out your ass faggot.

If you land on a foreign planet and you find your ancestor there, is it an alien or an interplanetary ancestor?
Gods cannot be alien.

Reminder that codemonkey is personally responsible for allowing these people to post here.

Anyone who wants to know about the maunder minimum needs to read the fuck up on this subject and learn how to grow your own food. If things start getting like the late 1600s again, food prices will skyrocket.

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Shit, forgot this one.

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who stole spring this time?

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No they havent. The 70s had the "Big Freeze". It was literally colder. They blamed oil and other pollution and demanded carbon taxes, etc. It got warmer as the solar cycle approached a maximum. They blamed pollution and demanded more money. The temperature has been dropping for 2 years now, but its rebranded only as climate change now and no one is reporting the atmosphere contracting and NASA numbers and reports showing all "global warming" for like 50 years has been wiped out in the past 2 years. We've had no sunspot activity this year. Over 100 days straight without sunspots earlier in the y ear. Solar activity is directly related to the temperature of the Earth. Solar cycles are predictable. We are goign into a solar minimum. How long it lasts is debatable. I'd expect it to be cooling for most of 2020s, maybe early 2030s, but its variable. It will fluctuate, but temperatures will be going down. This is fact. Not retarded doomsday MSM reports.

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Yes they have. And I should know because I have been among those predicting this sort of thing for over a decade. I was following this sort of thing since I was in high school. Every year it's supposed to be the year that the mini ice age starts.
Also, I agree with you dude. I believe that there will be cooling over the next few decades. But not a doomsday scenario.

KEK. Just froze to death waiting for his weekly gib handout.

Lets hope so as the east rises people will bail for hotter climates.

Even a million years ago, niggers still stood around with their hands out waiting on gibs

RIP ectotherms

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Nah it's confirmed. Notice global warming shills never mention it

I remember times when Baltic has frozen, we had a cozy tavern on half way through.
You never knew if you're still above the see,or at shore since everything was endless ocean of white snow.
Only the strongest will prevail

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You literally just admitted you're lying. The 1970s said a new ice age was coming, because temperatures in the 30s and 40s were the hottest on record (AND STILL ARE), and the world cooled after that. IT WAS ONLY IN THE 1980S THAT "GLOBAL WARMING" BEGAN TO EXIST AS A NARRATIVE. You just fucking admitted that people have been talking about an ice age for longer.
The temperature has been dropping since 1880.
Well, that's not "none". That's not Maunder Minimum levels of "none", yet, at least.
That's correct, yeah.

Oh no, what will we do without the worst fucking animals on the planet other than jews…

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Your pretty info graph only proves you believe in doomsday conspiracy when the proof is in your post that nothing will happen. People will still be here and nobody is going to suffer because of "muh solar minimum".

other animals feed on them.
i also don't mind them. if they're not in my house.

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Global report.

Great response, threaten to report me because you cant handle free speech.

Paid shill confirmed.

The universe is a chan and deities are admins.
There's a single god but he does pretty much nothing.
Sometimes aliens - newfag posters to Earth board - say they're deities and demand praise or else.
Aliens and demons can't really be differentiated.

yeah nice try

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So does that make God m00t/cripplechan owner

Truth has nothing to do with your belief in conspiracies. I never said your graph was wrong, it just doesn't prove that a global catastrophe is imminent, which you are shilling for. Also, stop using jew tactics to silence opposition ya fucking kike.

Go read the accounts of the climate conditions during the Maunder Minimum. Crops were lost in Pennsylvania Colony because it froze. IN JULY.

Oh wow some crops froze in July many years ago, yet here we are still feeding niggers till they cant walk.

Your one chart shows the "Hebrew exodus from Egypt" which never happened.

People will be, hopefully niggers won't.
All we need is an economic calamity (such as brought on by global crop failure, perhaps?) to eliminate the ability of governments to hand out gibs, and the cold will drive them south.
Hopefully, afterward, we'll be smart enough to never let them back north.

Nigger tier

where did i say they were unimportant? i want to keep the insects.
if anything i want them to be bigger and smarter

I just hope yellowstone blows and spews out 3000 cubic miles of ash, throwing the World into another ice age, culling the world of the weak and dumb.

iirc volcanic activity increases during these solar minimums

Keep turning the sun wheel!

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NASA is hebrew for deception.

It's a masonic subterfuge hiding the fact that we live on a plane rather than a 1000 mph easternly spinning ball that's spinning 500,000 mph around a sun whose solar system is spinning 56 million mph around the milky way rocketing trillions of mph outward from a big bang. It's ridiculous. Winter puts the earth the closest to the sun in its elliptical orbit but furthest away during the heat of summer in July. What a fucking


Very nice

Just today the news was saying that summers could be 5 degrees hotter and be devastating for farmers.


Oh yes and now they are saying that there is water on the sun. This shit is unreal.

Yes water on the sun above the photosphere exists because its cool enough at 4,100 Kelvin. What an absurdity. Water boils at 373.1339 K. Sure thing NASA.

This vid explains exactly whats going to happen because of the suns distance to earth keeps moving. She predicts a grand minimum from 2020-2055.

The start of Ragnarok

The signs have been there and been pointed out by a few for nearly 100 years at least but no one will give a shit until their spic gardener is a spicy popsicle on their lawn. They'll cry, "How could this happen?"

only at ~1000 hPa

When mother's forget to love their children is also a sign it is written.

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right now some areas are 15 degrees
warmer than it should be this time of year,

What a shit thread. Die.


To be fair, water is still water after it is boiled. Ice and steam are still water though not liquid.

Start buying your gear now.

Lots of graphs for the last 2000 years, pic related is a zoomed-out view of longer climate cycles.
The warm period started 10 000 years ago when the last big glaciation ended, and this warm period should end in the next centuries or millennia. Then, temperatures will progressively drop a lot, much more than the small cycles that have already been shown.

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Fatasses will be the first to die. Have fun getting hunted and eaten by a hungry mob. I can't wait to hunt fatties for sport.

Bring it.

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no the reason for lower temperate is lower solar intensity.

This memetic wizard disagrees.

sun intensity is virtually unchanged.
Sun heats the earth via induction. As solar activity decreases, our magnetosphere dies down. The atmosphere cools and thins and the inductive heating of the earth falls away. We freeze from the inside, out.

I think glaciers are making for a comeback. They will be a good obstacle.

Earth's molten core produces plenty of heat, friend.

The earth is hollow, dipstick.


I'm hoping for the coldest winter in 100 years lads. Winter is beautiful.

Summer in Australia and it's like Winter hasn't ended. Bizarre stuff going on. I don't think things could accelerate this much though.

I hope we get mini ice age in northern Europe that scares desert people away.

when things flip, they flip fast. Its the joy and awe of chaotic systems.

I think that was nazi disinformation. There are huge cavern systems and advanced cities, but it's not completely hollow

I am prepared and comfy!

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the damage to crops has already been bad, and it will get much worse before it gets better. Checkout suspiciousobserver and Adapt 2030
on youtube to keep up to date with this shit. Also look out your locally relevant farming/agriculture websites to stay up to date locally and do the same internationally. is pretty nice for keeping up with losses live.

Hard to say how bad it will get, either we all starve or merely hundreds of millions of thirdworlders in their countries are going to starve. What to really keep tabs on is what the UN and the NWO kikes do about this, they still think it's Co2 caused global warming so they want to ban electricity, fossil fuels and meat. That's also why they're promoting insect farming now.

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This is nigger tier intelligence.

You do realize that when you boil a liter of water and collect the steam, that liter of water is still there, right? Or are molecules something you don't believe in because "Uh ain't never seen no gawd dayum mulakool"?

it isn't disinformation. It is the only model that explains planetary formation, the magnetic field, gravitational anomalies, observed resonances and the formation of the moon.

I can go into great length and refute any challenge.

Anons best starting stockpiling salt and getting their hands on some decent trucks to outfit with a plow and hopper fed salter. Major money to be made. Best invest now before Juden does.

it's 22 degrees in fairbanks right now. usually around -20 this time of year