To which actions specifically was Nietzsche referring with his line about the Jews "that their die is cast...

To which actions specifically was Nietzsche referring with his line about the Jews "that their die is cast, that they have crossed their Rubicon" from Morgenröte/Daybreak?

Specific wars? Banking?

"Of the people of Israel. Among the spectacles to which the coming century invites us is the decision as to the destiny of the Jews of Europe. That their die is cast, that they have crossed their Rubicon, is now palpably obvious: all that is left for them is either to become the masters of Europe or to lose Europe as they once a long time ago lost Egypt, where they had placed themselves before a similar either-or."

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Nietzsche was an emo faggot.

So was Hitler, he was a fucking painter for crying out loud.

It was about their "awakening", this Herschel/ invention of "Hebrew"/general 19th century identity crisis shit. They´re not of Europe and Nietzsche knew that, although he made the mistake of ascribing to them things like intellectualism and positive cleverness, things he dearly missed in his dusty, noisy Germany.
That´s the only thing I really disagree with Nietzsche on ideologically, besides the psychological stuff like the roots and structures of the mind (see: C.G. Jung). He was unfortunately dead wrong about the kikes.

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Hitler was in the army and served in WW1 in the kings rifles.


hg wells is the same way. he fucking hates the kikes, would complain about israel zwang or whatever would constantly remind him jesus was a jew, even though hg wells wasnt a practicing christian…

Hitler sacrificed his left nut for his nation, you infant.

We're being set up yet again to do the wet work; destroying the enemies of Zio-Nationalist Israel-first kikes. They have indeed crossed their own Rubicon, and it doesn't matter whether they agree with an ethnostate in Europe or Israel. They either go to Israel or pay the ultimate price. Even their own God was a no-show when they needed him most; thus, their own God does not care about their aspirations. the jew had best put on his big girl panties soon


Pay your taxes, ho.

if you think letting them go to israel is a smart id you need kys

Doesn't make him any less of an emo, his haircut is emo par excellence.

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Nietzsche served in the Prussian cavalry, which is way more badass.

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crossing the Rubicon: it means they have taken a course of action from which there is no retreat, they have chosen a course of action from which they cannot escape. It means they have chosen what to do and if people dont like what they have chosen they will throw them out of Europe

Sure, and he was also a homosexual half-jew right?

He's speaking of usury. Egyptian pharaohs store houses of winter grain which became "I'll give you back your grain tax if I like you, peasant!". Jews take credit for this in Genesis/Exodus… Joseph, son of Issac who taught Pharaoh how to collect grain and store it (tax and loan) thereby "saving Egypt from famine".

100% Christkike bullshit. Nietzsche and his dry cryptic German humor.

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current time in Tel Aviv: 1:30PM
Lunch break's over herschel, back to shilling

If you people had actually read Nietzsche you would understand that you can't take a single quote of his and assume you understand his thoughts on that matter. Nietzsche wrote abundantly about the Jews, and while he said many things about them that to our ears might seem like criticism, he was all in all an admirer of Jewry, and by the end of his life he was an enemy of the German.

with the business circles and the past of his people, is least of
all used to being believed. Consider Jewish scholars in this light:
All of them have a high regard for logic, that is for compelling
agreement by force of reasons; they know, with that they are
bound to win even where they encounter race and class preju·
dices and where one does not like to believe them. For nothing
is more democratic than logic; it is no respecter of persons and
makes no distinction between crooked and straight noses. (Inci-
dentally. Europe owes the Jews no small thanks for making
people think more logically and for establishing cleanlier intellectual habits-nobody more so than the Germans who are a
lamentably deraisonnable race who to this day are still in need
of having their "heads washed" first. Wherever Jews have won
influence they have taught men to make finer distinctions, more
rigorous inferences, and to write in a more luminous and cleanly
fashion; their task was ever to bring a people to listen to
world say, “the people chosen of all peoples” as they themselves say and
think – the Jews have achieved that miraculous thing, an inversion of
values, thanks to which life on earth has had a new and dangerous charm
for several millennia: – their prophets melted together “rich,” “godless,”
“evil,” “violent,” “sensual” and for the first time coined an insult out of the
word “world.” The significance of the Jewish people lies in this inversion
of values (which includes using the word for “poor” as a synonym for
“holy” and “friend”): the slave revolt in morality begins with the Jews.
mainly one thing that is both best and worst: the grand style in moral-
ity, the horror and majesty of infinite demands, infinite meanings, the
whole romanticism and sublimity of the morally questionable – and, con-
sequently, precisely the most appealing, insidious, and exceptional aspect
of those plays of colors and seductions to life in whose afterglow the sky of
our present European culture, its evening sky, glows away – perhaps goes
away. This is why, among the spectators and philosophers, artists like us
regard the Jews with – gratitude.
with the question of being or non-being, they showed an absolutely
uncanny awareness and chose being at any price: this price was the radical
falsification of all of nature, all naturalness, all reality, the entirety of the
inner world as well as the outer. They defined themselves in opposition to all
the conditions under which peoples so far had been able to live, had been
allowed to live, they created from themselves a counter-concept to natural
conditions, - they took religion, cults, morality, history, and psychology,
and twisted them around, one after the other, to the point where they
were in irreversible contradiction to their natural values.
Jews are the most disastrous people in world history: they have left such a
falsified humanity in their wake that even today Christians can think of
themselves as anti-Jewish without understanding that they are the ultimate
conclusion of Judaism.
with the toughest life force; when transplanted into impossible conditions
they took sides with all the instincts of decadence, and they did this freely
and out of the most profoundly shrewd sense of self-preservation - not
because they were dominated by these instincts, but rather because they
sensed that these instincts had a power that could be used to prevail against
'the world' . The Jews are the opposite of decadents: they had to act like
decadents to the point of illusion, they knew, with a non plus ultra of
theatrical genius, how to put themselves at the forefront of all movements
of decadence (- like the Christianity of Paul -) so they could make these
movements into something stronger than any yes-saying defenders of life.
For the type of person who wields power inside Judaism and Christianity,
a priestly type, decadence is only a means: this type of person has a life­
interest in making humanity sick and twisting the concepts 'good' and
'evil', 'true' and 'false' to the point where they endanger life and slander
the world.
As you can see, Nietzsche was all over the place with respect to the jews.

Hate to use a Hollyjew analogy but I always see Scrawny Weaver looking in horror at the android and saying "you admire it" in respect to the face hugging ayylmao.

I think he admires Jews in the same way a man might admire the power and action of the vampire. He's hardly throwing in his lot with them. Rather, he is recognizing the nature of the beast.

So it would ultimately seem that he views the Jewish people as in some way supreme. Re-reading the passage, I think it might be more than simply recognizing the positive qualities of a foe. I think he genuinely feels that the Jews are the ultimate survivors, and perhaps thinkers too.

Hurr Nietzsche named da joo

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If Nietzsche was alive today he'd see through the anti-anglo posting for what it is, a slave morality. Those same posters promote the most toxic real antisemitism. They are weak and covet power, but lack the ability to distinguish and discriminate between the different types of power.
Any people drawing comparison between the might of the British empire and Jewish usury, should be enslaved. It is their nature. A power that rejects nature, will plant the seeds of its own destruction.
A thing is either growing or dying.

I'm not saying there is "good" or "bad" power, I'm just pointing out that some people lack the basic ability to discriminate.

No shit. This entire board is built around resentment. You all preconciously fetishize the Jewish people as the ultimate masters of your universe.

But go ahead and filter me and call me "kike!" That is your mantra, after all. There is no discussion to be had here, no hidden truths to be discovered; there is nothing logical. It's all just resentment built on resentment. And I am done with trying to sort the diamonds from the endless shit. This site sucks, man. I am out.

No meaningful difference there at all, to be frank. From the 17th century onward, British elites heavily intermarried with Jews, which is a well documented fact. For all us non-Brits, the difference between a Brit and a Jew is a gradual one, and the higher you go, the blurrier it gets.

This is why I don't spend much time on Zig Forums anymore. Not that Voat is any better. All our men died in WWII. What's left are pitiful excuses for Europeans – indeed, pitiful excuses for human men.

All that's left is balancing our simple decadent pleasures and hobbies with stoic resolve. Juenger was right to drop out, either history follows inescapable pattern or we punch into the void of post-history. Leviathan reigns in the age of pisces; Aquarius brings a deluge, but of what element?

Must the morning always return?
Will the sway of the earthly never end?
Time was meted out
To the light
And to waking
But timeless is the reign of night.

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The Jews hold that God shall serve leviathan as an appetizer to the worthy in paradise. Evil is a little and ultimately insignificant thing in the full light of good.

he was a satanic leftist

See you back tomorrow, faggot.

No fucking shit? Communism got rescued, the victors eat the same shit as the losers, and the casus belli of the war was also shat upon with Eastern Europe thrown to communism.
The fucking war was ingistigated for NOTHING. The anglos even lost their empire afterwards. Stupid fucking subhumans.
How can any sane human NOT resent THAT? FUTILITY AT ITS FINEST!

After what happened? No shit. As long as there are willing subnuman slaves for kikes, the kikes will survive.

Power through that blackpill of yours for what's truly pathetic is reveling in self-pity.

He observed the jews and came to the same conclusion countless highly intelligent intellectuals came to.

From Voltaire(Francois Marie Arouet)
>"Why are the Jews hated? It is the inevitable result of their laws; they either have to conquer everybody or be hated by the whole human race . . ." "The Jewish nation dares to display an irreconcilable hatred toward all nations, and revolts against all masters; always superstitious, always greedy for the well-being enjoyed by others, always barbarous—cringing in misfortune and insolent in prosperity." (Essai sur le Moeurs)

And when you look at jewish behaviour and jewish laws (halakah) towards gentiles, it is not hard to see what their only futures could possibly be. They are done for, even jews are increasingly speaking now they know they live on borrowed time.

God has the cruelest sense of humor.

#1 from which books are these pages from?

"…or to lose Europe as they once a long time ago lost Egypt, where they had placed themselves before a similar either-or."

Also curious if anyone can point me to any books or articles that detail this history of how the Jews tried to take over Egypt and got BTFO'd? My knowledge of the history of Jews in Egypt is non-existent, aside from some Biblical tales.

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Bump out or curiosity

Strictly speaking he was an architectural illustrator. If I could sit him down and introduce him to architectural 3d illustration iwth 3ds Max and Octane Render and Substance Designer, he'd have been hooked on it.

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Exactly. Neither Egyptians nor Babylonians nor Assyro Hittites have any records of them. And they themselves left virtually no epigraphy as did all those other three, extensively. All they left us was a single stone dug up at Jericho the size of the last two phalanges of my little finger with three parallel scratches on it. The jews are legends in their own minds.

Are you guys serious or seriously retarded?
Hitler fought in the most brutal war in human history, and Nietzsche was probably the most important philosopher of the 20th century. Just because retards regurgitate quotes they don't understand from his least beginner-friendly book and he intentionally writes in a way that will make him difficult for most people just means you got caught by the pleb filter, nothing more.
Nietzsche's works are probably the single most useful works of philosophy that you can read and actually apply to your life today. More than any other philosopher, he's the very best for encouraging you to get off the couch, put down the phone and the computer and go out and actually improve yourself instead of becoming a part of this herd mentality of psychological weakness that's consuming the West.

Kike then goes on to ignore not only Nietzsche post here but also ignores his own qoutes.

This from the guy who wrote the Antichrist.

This from a guy who put value above slave morality.

I could go on but fucking hell you're delusional.

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Meanwhile 90% of Zig Forums is Jewish or worships the Jewish messiah Jesus. Our president serves the Jew. All Nations serve the jew. Our race is dying. And theyre developing super viruses to kill us all.

reminder that it is only a question of time that this current system collapses and all the sheeple jews and other vermin will get flushed out in the turmoil that will be generated from the collapse and in the end only the small 5% of redpilled fags who actually prepped for this and became self-suficient will make it and this is good dont dispair fag there is always light at the end of the tunnel