(((Inversion Agenda)))

(((Inversion Agenda)))
High quality entry-level redpill article covering the most prominent issues facing white civilization'

This article contains a decent intro into the kikes' satanic inversion agenda. Suitable for showing normalfags without delivering too intense of a redpill delivery, for example, discussing the kabbalistic occultism behind the agenda.

It highlights eight major inversions currently being enacted by jews and their masonic puppets, without overtly pushing the jewish angle, which can often be disconcerting to normalfags:

1. Heterosexual sex is rape
2. Nuclear families are fascism
3. Merit is privilege
4. Pedophilia is natural
5. Beauty is ugly
6. Feminine is masculine
7. White is not right
8. Science is God

Closing words of the article:
As you can see, the elites are quite far along with completing the above eight inversions. I would estimate that they are 75% complete with the entire plan, and want to hurry the rest along because they see victory on the horizon. The problem with rushing is that they will make mistakes that awaken many slaves, but they are confident that their power is strong enough to handle this “leakage.” A man who goes against the inversion agenda can be destroyed with trumped-up sexual crimes, intimidated by hired street thugs (Antifa), or censored online.

When the elite’s artificial intelligence programs kick in, and the slaves take to it like they have voluntarily taken to every other elite mechanism of control, resistance will be far harder than it is now, but as Alexandr Solzhenitsyn explained in The Gulag Archipelago, to collapse a cave, you only need to start with a little crack. They have been able to control most of humanity, but the fact that you exist, and are reading these words right now, show that many people still crave the truth and can think for themselves.

How far you or I go to maintain the limited freedoms we have remaining will soon be tested. When they do come for you and demand you accept their inversions at the threat of being destroyed, what will you do? I’ve thought about this question deeply, and have arrived at an answer that I believe has sealed my fate.


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Roosh's heart is in the right place on this one, but he hasn't read Riis-Knudsen on this one.
Fuck (((Christianity))). Fuck (((humanism))). Embrace national socialism.

knowledge is go(o)d

Does he also reject studies on racial differences.
Seems that he does. (((YHWH))) should have been killed anyway.

That's science of over 100 years ago, not science of the day.

>(((YHWH))) should have been killed anyway.
Yahweh isn't God, any man can believe in the concept of God, Gods or a Godlike entity without attributing this to Yahweh.

Evolution is a fact. There is no refuting the observable change in allele frequency in any given population of organisms that is the mechanism of biological evolution.

Most of the anunakki deserve to have their shit pushed in honestly.

Indeed, he's a Jewish parasite on the goyim spirit
Unfortunately, this has been subverted by (((Rabbi Yeshua Hamashiach))) and (((Schaul))) so there is some work to be done to unshackle the European spirit and restore the natural order.

I don't think the article disputes evolution.


Read again.

Interesting take on this. I read this a few years ago and while I'm not saying it's true or anything, it's an entertaining read.

Tl;Dr - Clown world = where everything is all fucky!

including the clowns

everyday is not opposite day

There is an inert problem with placing knowledge as your God in that, you and I don't have, nor will ever hope to have as much knowledge as juden and the jew intelligentsia apparatus.

"There is but one path, through me."
Take it as a metaphor, attribute it to Zeus or Odin if you must, but understand that for you and I, it is truth.

My bad, just skimmed. To be fair, evolution is just a theory and Darwin was a freemason. Myopic red herring when the rest of the article is good.

Of course, not. If it were, then it would soon become method.

A theory based on factual observations.
I'm not sure how evolution would disprove a god anyway. It doesn't explain where life started and where the laws of physics and all matter comes from

Don't mistake my words.
I have hope, but fighting a war of knowledge against an enemy that is much more knowledgeable is a fruitless venture.
Fighting a war of faith and spirit against a faithless and soulless enemy… That's something entirely different!

Why do you think it's so important for juden to remove spirituality from western nations? It's not because, "Hurr durr, they be satanists and sheeit!" it's because a spiritual and faithful nation cannot be charmed with shiny things.

When ever someone tries to argue pro evolution, I have to get them to define the word evolution every time they use it cause kike logic is shit.

wont work anymore than trying to hold onto water. The universe will at best, force a reset as its built into the system.


"just a theory" said Fred Fucktard. Scientific Theories =/= vernacular "theories" and Evolution isn't a scientific theory. It is a fact that supports the Theory of Evolutionary Developmental Biology.

Here's a definition that'll hold water:
Biological Evolution - Descent with inherent modification

spirituality and the desire for knowledge are same to me. maybe i'm just an aberration.

That is not the same as knowledge.
Things mean what they're understood to mean and knowledge is understood to mean an understanding of the natural order of things.

If this / Then this
An object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force
terminal velocity
2 objects plus 2 objects = 4 objects

Understanding they physical realm is knowledge. Understanding the metaphysical realm is spirituality. The problem lies in whether the gap between the two can be bridged or not? If so, we're in a world of shit. I tend to believe the concept of Artificial Intelligence is bullshit but if I'm wrong, we're fucked. We're fucked because everything we know forms every thought we have, both physical and metaphysical and Artificial Intelligence would be the bridge between the gap between what is known and what is yet to be known. It's quite literally the quest for God.

Yahweh is God. (((Baphomet))) is the entity the Jews serve and pretend that he is Yahweh.

(((YHWH))) likes seeing White babies die. Baphomet does not exist.

Truth doesn't have the expiration date, friend.

>tfw you’re living in a hellish playground designed by the (((Frankfurt School))) among other kikes

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Yeah, but to make it like a well thought out agenda is a bit much. They're out of their minds. The only thought put into it is the overall goal of seeing oppressors/victims. I don't think they set this all out in steps. They're making it up as they go.

yep, random

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I didn't say the perpetrators are random. I said the plan was. I don't think they give a shit how they destroy people or in what steps. Only that they do.

YHWH, the pilot of the ship that landed on the mountain, is some incompetent faggot anunakki serving under El/Anu. Baphomet is another incompetent faggot anunakki serving under El/Anu. They are unworthy, spiteful creators and you should not worship (work in slavery for) any of them no matter how pathetically guilty a few of them may feel for their incompetence and cruelty.

9. There is one race, the human race

And from that statement:

10. There is one brain, the human brain

Jews have nothing to do with YHWH anymore. They called a blood curse on themselves. There's a reason why the NT calls them the synagogue of Satan. And if you can bear it, ask a Rabbi what their teachings are derived from (hint, it isn't the Bible anymore).

my second name has the characters el and an in it
anu, the supreme god, always
is my rough translation
might trust my ancestors tbh

The first 3 are true though.

Nice jewish dogma. You are truly enlightened.

Let me rephrase that for you so it doesn't look as retarded

Anu isn't so bad. He feels something resembling guilt for this shit. It's his son Enlil that's still a punk ass bitch throwing a temper tantrum because Utnapishtim survived his attempted genocide of humanity. Trust your blood user. Name magic is powerful.

Yes the people who call themselves Jews but are not and do lie are the current servants of the hostile nephilim on Earth, hence their obsession with stealing all our gold and/or spiritual energy as well as their obsession with attempting to regress or retard our genetic code and preventing us from breeding. Honk honk.

The good news is that this reality is ultimately a hologram, so the name that you use for the ultimate creator of the universe doesn't really matter because that god is within you and within all other things. It's just probably not Anu, because he was just the nephilim mission leader, and Ninharsag and Enki were the geneticists on his team that engineered us in the first place anyway.

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A given population of organisms will experience change in allele frequency each generation. This is easily verified by anyone with eyes.

As somebody has an MS and actually uses the scientific method to make money aggrandizing knowledge let alone a method to create predictive models is stupid. Prediction is power, there need be no other reason for the methodology to be held in esteem. Indeed anything else gets in the way and it is quite obvious that the these faggots just worship SCIENCE in the same pantheon as LIBSHITISM and HEDONISM. Gotta feel like there is "progress" and that they are "right" because some magic science man on the retard box says so.

Use shatever words you want. It doesnt change the fact that you are wrong

So like, this would be pretty powerful patents.google.com/patent/US8512129B2/en

Imagine if it had predicted Hillary to win the election?

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I've long been of the opinion that 100% of jewish behavior can be explained by satanism. Satanism is essentially the inversion of all things good and right. Satanism is the opposite of Traditionalism. Traditionalism is the order of nature and God (or gods if you fancy). Jews are always anti-traditionalist, and satanist.


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Whenever I think about this I get an image of a town of people dancing and singing as they gather around a fire. All smiles and laughs. Then I notice, just off into the bushes, little demon creatures watching with bitterness in their hearts from the shadows. Plotting and conniving over how they're going to take out their anger on the towns people.
Just little evil shits hidden in the bushes too afraid to come out and join the festivities. Too afraid of rejection to even try.
Scared and lonely is the jew.

You (((Christogenea))) fags are insufferable
>>>Zig Forums

They don't, they wouldn't deny racial differences if they did.

Ultimate triple inversion requires the acceptance that some points will be lost, and some are meant to be discarded for the purpose of tricking your enemy. It is a dangerous game to assume that all inversions are properly inverted as written.

For example, speak the 8 inversions out loud. Which sound true, and which are clearly false?

Sure thing Schlomo.

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God is all, all is god.
God is knowledge.
Knowledge is all.

The context of that quote is when a german soldier asked how he can participate in national socialism since he is christian, indicating the real conflict between christians and national socialists. Hitler was paying lip service, knowing that christians had a hard time accepting national socialism. The voter turnout that put the NSDAP in power showed an overwhelming amount of catholics voted against the NSDAP.

This led to Hitler working closely with Alfred Rosenberg, the author of Myth of the 20th Century and vocally anti-christian critic (see how many christian posters shit up the thread in the catalog) to create Positive Christianity, a psyop designed to assimilate all flavors of christianity in NSDAP Germany and neutralize them as a threat by forcing them to follow a bastardized version of christianity that re-contextualized everything. The remnants of it still persist today where christians will sometimes insist jesus was white when he wasn, reject the old testament, and insist christianity can work with national socialism. The reality is that it doesn't and positive christianity resulted in many attempts by christians to sabotage the NSDAP.

You will ignore all of that and repost that quote without context in another thread. I suggest anyone reading this to read Alfred Rosenberg's Myth of the Twentieth Century. And they should check out the thread on it and see how heavily bombarded it is by christian shills. Everytime it's remade they are drawn to it like a moth to a flame, to prevent anyone from discussing Rosenberg and his work.

Not saying you're wrong but if you want to criticize the quote as out of context or lip service, then you ought to give a source for your claim. Otherwise you are doing the same, or worse.

Hitler clearly stated Myth of the 20th Century doesn't represent Nationalist Socialism.

It wasn't a fucking Psyop and it wasn't a "thing." Positive Christianity just meant they were taking the good aspects of what Jesus taught and abandoning the corrupted church. It's not like people were converting to a new religion or they were offering a new religion. Just read the god damned words.

All you fuckers quoting shit outside of the actual NSDAP are quoting interpretations of what you can otherwise get a direct quote of.

Nowhere will you find the P in positive Christianity capitalized. Learn grammar and you'll understand that tells you it's not a noun.

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Complete bullshit - never happened. In fact, from what he'd read, apparently he didn't esteem Rosenberg too highly. Understandable, since Rosenberg was a quite superficial thinker, with many errors in his historiography and mythology.

The nations that joined Germany against Jewish Bolshevism were typically Protestant and Catholic. I wish I still had the pictures of the Christian cross being taken along by German soldiers - it makes quite an impression, especially one of a new Crusade.

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bump for good article.

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Hitler was anti-christian, you moron.

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That's Sumerian mythology and it predates Christianity by thousands of years you stupid bot.

No one believes you or your mentally defective propaganda. The natsoc records prove you wrong.

but he did write this.

Just keep walking, moishe.

No, because it's not clear at all if the Table Talks are a fabrication or not (and you must be speaking about TT, because neither in Kampf 1 nor 2 does he talk about Christianity very much, especially not in this disparaging tone).


Skip to 49:20 in this video for an explanation of the Table Talks.
See first pic in and see what he has to say about the Christian Socialist party, and their pathetic attempt at antisemitism. He calls them irrational.

Hitler had his own beliefs and found Christianity an obstacle to be worked around. Had there not been any Christians in Germany he would have paid it no mind, but it was his duty as leader to bring the people together, so publically he discarded divisive positions in regards to his own people.

You failed to provide evidence for that claim imho, which does not mean per se that you are wrong. Hitler was notoriously inscrutable and could be anyone to anyone - a Christian to Christians, a materialist to materialists, a pagan to pagans. Very hard to say what he really believed, and how his beliefs changed during the years.

Fuck off polvol2 you christcuck schizoid
Go shill your cancerous semite mindvirus where you belong >>>Zig Forums
National Socialism was never and will never be (((christian))).

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>National Socialism was never and will never be (((christian))).
The overwhelming majority of Germans as well as of the German officer corps during WW2 was explicitly Christian. But let's not keep facts interrupting a good rant.

L e L homofaggot

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What you say is a common talking point on Zig Forums, especially among the jewish visitors, but in reality no dependable source exists which supports your claim.


Unless you're gonna argue that Irving's 3 separate corroborating sources are wrong.

Trying too hard.
Troll softly Shlomo.

Rooshv may be a sand nigger, but this article is on point.
Naming the jew too.

Fucking faggots. Don't quote Solzhenitsyn unless you intend to do it in proper context.
He also said that one must open oneself to Christianity as the only force powerful enough to save humanity.
The problem is that most of the shrivelled soft-cocks here prefer to get off on some pagan/tribal bull shit. So fuck you and fuck everyone on this board. You fucking heretic scum.

Asshurt spiritual semites detected. National Socialism will never be (((christian))).

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None of them
All of them

Roosh is going to enlighten a shit ton of people in the coming years, I think. That's if the kikes don't kill him first

What don't they understand all (((Abrahamic))) beliefs are inflitrated by the jews. The Black Sun, Vril, and Thule societies was what Hitler was involved with.

They've been infected with inoperable christcuckoldry. They will be traitors to their grave.

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Oh look, it's retard #4956. *It's all so tiresome*. Hebrews ≠ Israelites ≠ Jews ≠ Judeans ≠ Israelis. Be carful with your terminology.

Complete and utter bullshit. You (((occultniks))) go into the gas first.

A few years ago, an informed poster provided considerable reference to a period when a significant proportion of the jewry in antiquity formed a cult at the time which chose exactly that, to worship and glorify evil and wrongness. It followed all the opposites listed in op's, plus more.
Sloth is good, working is wrong and so on.
The offshoot grew and eventually replaced the original cult, staying until modernity where it is now the dominant force.
Perhaps you can find some articles on it or the documents if you search around.

Only to you, christcuck LARPer.

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>Complete and utter bullshit. You (((occultniks))) go into the gas first.
As I said, the eternal christcuck will be traitors to their grave - they call researching Aryan pantheism "occultism", and categorize it worthy of punishment by death.
These cretins genuinely think the NSDAP was christian, despite all evidence indicating this to be completely false, to the degree that their ignorance and stupidity is almost offensive.

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Now post the one that's american anti nazi propaganda.
You know the one in english with the knife through the bible.

(no embed because img)
Roosh names the kike in his new stream:
Also calls Styx an androgynous satanic freak

Wish granted.

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I'm not saying that I dont believe in Jehovah, I just think he is the desert god of a parasitic, and corrupt people.
Come home white men. Embrace the gods of your ancestors. Not the gods of a lesser race.

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I don't think (((YHWH))) is evil, I KNOW he is! Nothing else could explain the vile nature of (((His))) progeny of sewer rats, the Jews.

At the very least as second hand worshipers of the Yid god, Christcucks can be salvaged I believe. They can be made aware, the puppets can learn to hate the puppeteers. I believe that there is hope for them, because they still bear the blood of mightier people than that of the conniving Jew.

We need something rooted in the respect for reality found in past traditions yet is, in some respects, new.

The biological traits and traditions of northern Europeans have never been static. If our ancestors had stubbornly insisted on holding fast to systems of the past without exception then we'd be no better off than the Australian aborigines are today.

Many aspects of NS should be carried forward while others must be dropped. Focus on the nation (read: natal; read: birth) is important. A hierarchy based on actual merit is important. Allowing the state to have too much power was a mistake. A leader must lead but there must always be a check. Democracy is obviously not the correct answer, and I'm not convinced that the human condition is something that can actually be solved politically (or any other way save metaphysical awareness/escape), so maybe all we can do is fight to stay afloat by keeping the first two points above in mind.

I'm rambling now so I'll stop.

inb4 "this is a natsoc board". Fuck you. It didn't work. Do you honestly believe that the ultimate, flawless, unassailable blueprint for human affairs was discovered in the 18th and 19th centuries? Just about everything that came out of that period is polluted with idiotic positivist philosophy. Newton changed the world with his mathematical advancement of physics and, after some years of further success in physics, the entire world of "academic" nigger cattle started to believe that they could bring us to utopia if only they had access to the levers and switches of humanity itself.

Keep the good, discard the bad. Try to think an original thought. This is difficult if not impossible for many. I understand that we're all lost and that, in this desert of meaning, NS seems to be the only system with a striking enough flag to rally around. I get it. Where else to rally? I don't know. That's the problem. If a legitimate and new political entity tries to establish itself, how will it be known?

I'm not well read in this area. The name "Evola" comes up a lot. Is he moving in this direction?

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He died in the 1970s. What direction?

A right wing agenda that isn't simply whining and wishing for a time machine to 1935. Something to bring historical wisdom to a generation plagued by propaganda and ADHD inducing tech.