Prove to me why the Nazis didn't hate Slavs

As the titles say I want you to prove to me why the Nazis were anti-Slavic.

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My great grandfather was in the Ukrainian national army. They hated commies/kikes not slavs. great great grandfather on mother's side was shot on his way home from work cuz he forgot his ID papers so i guess they didn't fuck around

This was in occupied kiev btw

Well, you've claimed the National Socialists were anti-slavic, do you have proof to back that up?

Popular National Socialist book "Der Untermensch" calls for defending the slavic and other eastern European peoples from Bolshevik oppression (the titular Untermensch - the Cheka thug) so that points towards National Socialists not being anti-slavic. Now back up your claims.

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2. It was JEWISH BOLSHEVIKS who said that all slavs must be exterminated. THE JEW CRIES OUT IN PAIN AS HE STRIKES YOU. Watch Europa: The Last Battle for citations.
3. Generalplan Ost DID NOT EXIST. There was NO INTENTION to annex this land. "Lebensraum" refers to RECLAIMING STOLEN WWI lands.

The evil germans made my grandparents walk 666 miles in a circle from aushwitz to birkenau like how moses walked the deserts before he found the promised land, and then theyw here gased.

These were both really useful. I may have exaggerated my question a bit since I wasn't doubting the Nazis were okay with Slavs, just wanted to see what you guys could have red pilled me on.

Fucking brutal, but it was a pretty intense time yeah.

The slavs were classified as Aryan, and any banter Hitler did was accurate, the Slav lands at that point were jew run, destitute, illiterate and drunk

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Pfff, mine were thrown into a pool of acid and then their partially dissolved remains were put into a cage where they had to fight nazi-trained bears and eagles with their bare hands! Both thankfully survived these horrors, and after a holocauster malfunction they managed to escape. They are now happily enjoying their last days in Israel, bankrolled by Germans. Justice served!

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Also I've had several polish people tell me the Soviets were WAY worse than Germans during occupation

the criticisms against Russians in particular were true as I mentioned, but I'm not aware that all Slavs were even bantered badly or at all. Hitler praised the Romanians and all Slavic war efforts including the largest SS and auxilliary divisions, the russian ones. Racism, if anything, has been closing the East and West divide the jew created between us during the Cold War and today. Russians are the ones systematically brain washed to think we and especially Germans wanted to exterminate them, but that isn't true as it would largely be fratricide.

Slavs were all considered Aryan and we're allowed to marry Germans and become Germanized. There were already millions of Germanized Poles for example, from the time when Poland was conquered (Otto Skorzeny is an example of an obvious Slavic name) After the war started there was an increase in anti-slavic sentiment, for propaganda purposes.

Prussians are Slav admixture, tbh. If the NSDAP was anti-Slav in a unified Germany they would have alienated a large part of their own population by way of heredity.

Slav lands have pure Aryans too, they suffered degradation at different times than the West, you can find the same 'White' untermensche in East and West today.
Haplogroup maps are divisive and innacurate to tear Europeans apart. If a man and woman are from the same blood, look similar, yet come from a different country doesn't make it race mixing, unless one partner has slight worse or mixed features than the other it's not as ideal. Though marriage is best when balancing relatedness as well, healthiest children are like 4th cousin distance, between outbreeding and inbreeding. Too similar and too far is damaging, while too far across races is destruction.