I can't believe how right this guy was

Did Zig Forums get the alt-right wrong? They were the first to hop off the Trump train and call him out for his bullshit and now it only grows more apparent how right they really were. All while Trump shuns his most ardent supporters within the altright after they were such a crucial part of getting him elected.

Maybe Zig Forums was too hard on the alt-right. Perhaps its time to make amends and unite against Trumps lame policies.

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No they weren't.

Fuck off you faggot.

Yea, pretty sure they were.. Right after Trump attacked Assad airbase it became apparent to the altright that he was just another president serving particular interests.

That was not the ALT RIGHT. It was the independents that voted for him that were anti war.

They call everyone that supported trump ALT RIGHT you fucking idiot.

Almost no one is ALT RIGHT. The press just calls everyone it.

Uhm no. Right after the airfield attack the thought leaders of the alt-right did a complete 180 on Trump and have been staunchly against most of his policies and cucking since. Indwpendants don't give a shit about the ME. All they care about is taxes and the economy.


Drumphtard pls go.

gonna need a citation on that

I heard he and his wife got a divorce, that must be hard for his daughter.


sage and global report

You could simply scroll Spencers Twitter feed or listen to any TRS podcast since Then.

I'm not but Trump is.

The so called alt right was and is a crucial part of nothing. Their fake leaders are all cointelpro trash. Get hanged.



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What if Trump is a Duginite crypto-Bolshevik and Spencer is a cianigger working to discredit him? Or what if they're both anti-white Putiniggers? The only option is to politically rekt them both.

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Face it, the altright was right.

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I was a podcaster and I called Trump out during the election when a guest called him “our guy”, I said he was never our guy even if he was the closest option. I called out his Jewish ties and I got yelled at. I ended up getting out of the whole thing. Turns out the guy yelling at me was a crypto fag.

Anyway, I predicted many of his actions back in September 2016 and I got called a shill for it. For one I said we would definitely not get a wall in a first term. He’ll want 8 years so he won’t do anything that risky despite having a better chance to do it. We’re going to keep getting a huge net gain of illegals, and if he wins term 2 and those midterms don’t fuck us, he’ll do a wall then and only when he has nothing to lose but it will be too late. Average whites will be too old and too few in number that we’ll never win another election and we won’t be in a place to win a civil war. Trump could very well be the death of us.

He’s surrounded by Jews, that means he’s going to act like one. They don’t take risks and most of his anti illegal talk is risky.

Get the fuck out.
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Here is what Richard Spencer actually wrote.
"First off I dont like Trump, he is stupid and Bombastic. I consider myself well educated and white middle class which gives me the right to pontificate over what white working class people are thinking: Burp spew sick blehhhhhhhh !

Richard Spencer is obviously another fucking loony lefty gay n nigger luvin RETARD

I can't believe how dubs my post is.

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I didn't mention TRS. Everyone knows TRS is Zionist propaganda.

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forgot to post pic related

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meh, he's still a faggot for the charlotessville thing

Someone punch this guy in the cock for me, burn his fucking desk and computer to the ground and blow the ashes up his ass with a trumpet

Lol, fuck off Dickie. If Zig Forums owes anyone an apology it's Sinead McCarthy.

fuck off & go scream at someone Sinead

You killed the thread. Only (((Alt-Right))) niggers dislike Sinead.

Lol at the mass Trump hate today. What's going on Washington that's fueling this shill storm?

No they were absolutelt not lmao.

Mike Enoch in particular complained about that airbase attack for weeks.

american democracy is set up to be servants of wealth
it barely makes a difference if you have trump, a bush or a clinton in office
if trump goes too far off the American Democracy reservation, he's be kicked out
face it
america is doomed to failure because of the (((constitution)))

Zig Forums always thougt of Trump as a stepping stone, yet you're giving special applause for the slow kid/CIA asset that figured it out months later

When you post shit like this, it makes the zognald posters very uncomfortable, and it's not nice to do that to those based tel aviv call center workers.

This elitism is insufferable. Everyone does it too. Counter currents commentators, MPC, every dissident right org looks down on every other one for minor ideological disputes or made up bullshit.

There were smart people across the movement saying that Trump wasn't going to fix everything, but at worst he'd give us more time before the boot really comes down and at best he'd be a stepping stone to a realignment towards nationalism.

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Jew, all you alt fighters want us to wait until we’re too old to do anything so we can be economic slaves for hoards of brown people. Fuck this. I’m going to make Asian kids and join a team that won’t cuck itself into an age of slavery. We are fucked as a group and the GOP and the alt right all helped do it.

No, the term was created by a jew, and has been led by kikes and faggots since its inception. Anons saw Trump as a stepping stone, nothing more
Reminder that the alt-kike has never stopped their attempted takeover of Zig Forums because they cannot stand any groups that are not under their controlled op wings

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most of the anti alt right posting are really really gaslit anons who bought into a cointelpro op designed to gaslight them into thinking everyones cointelpro. most of the anti alt right tropes on here come from one butt blasted jidf autiste morphaeus and his clique. i'll admit i bought into it for a while but if you see these autists post about anyone you actually know well its clearly just bs.

I don't get it what's the point of a spam bot if it sages.



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hes not wrong but so what?

Remember goyim, faggotry is implicitly white, per Dicky Spencer.

And Greg Johnson, the biggest promoter of LARPaganism besides gradnmaster Varglodyte, says this:

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Both Trump and the alt-kike are pure shit, you fucking fags.

How many times do we have to tell you to fuck off with you alt right bullshit.


Trump certainly threw his white voter base under the bus to pander to non-whites who hate him no matter how hard he cucks for them.

Zig Forums is always right
we're like wal-mart nigger

The "Alt-Right" doesn't exist; this said, he is correct.

The aut-kike are still Trumpniggers. Lest we forget, Fash the Nation, 4D chess the podcast, is still the biggest show.

Trump is nowhere near perfect but his win has caused an enigmatic rift to the political landscape. Hillary would have accelerated the cultural marx agenda creating Ruby Ridge and Waco (2.0.). Right now there is time to prepare for the eventuality everyone is subconciously sensing.

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Bingo. Spender et al are leftist commies at heart who are riding the nationalist wave. The tweet in the OP is an anti-capitalist commie sentiment.

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Global report.

Get out.


Happens with every single white identitarian with any pull, and Zig Forums eats it up because they're retarded and let's the Jew bias cloud all judgement if they see, that's what they use and it works.


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We wouldn't recognize it(the Marxist/Maoist/Leninist acceleration) if she did become POTUS, the way we would today with those expectations around the Cheeto-in-chief. There were a lot of campaign promises by Trump that seemed more genuine as a personal passion of Trump' as a voice for the silent goyjority. Trump has not only failed. He has surrounded himself with the "Who's-who" of the 9/11 era, lined the pockets of the already insanely wealthy with bumper shekels, turned all energies inward against the "White Male", ignored replacement level immigration, done nothing about the open, public hate speech against the White male seen on social networks and on TelAvivision … but he has also been bought by those that relieved him of debt, married his daughter into the kike kingdom and even purchased a yacht owned by a Kashoggi. Black pills aren't Black pills when they're reality

neocons and libertarians need to fuck off, Zig Forums is a natsoc board.

Such huge irony.

How does it knowing Rand Paul has more guts than you?

You hate Trump more than you give a shit about anything else. Alt-right is not a real world. Just a superficial distinction.


Trump doesn't have a White base. He has a jewish capital base. He never cared about being re-elected. There are specific goals and tasks he was charged with completing by the people who own him. If you take the time to look, you can figure out what they were. What he's actually gotten done is what he was actually (s)elected to accomplish. Everything else is just noise to farm votes.

Are you retarded? The majority of whites voted for him.

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Judeo-Capitalism is a taboo phrase of the Left. The Left has no problem with demonizing "Capitalism", but nothing shakes them to the core like introducing the phrase "Judeo-Capitalism" into the fray. We live in strange times, user

And what agenda was Shillary suppose to serve that would be better than an non-politician? Alt-kikes and Democommies are the enemies.

there is no alt-right, dumbass

More proof that women don't have actual political beliefs. The fact that she's willing to date a "neo-nazi" despite being a feminist gay priding vegan satanist is hillarious.

Spencer isn't a National Socialist, he is a Duginist. Spencer is further left than she is

That is just who votes for him. You're looking at it from a completely surface level – what the tv tells you is reality is. Trump doesn't draw power from these people, he doesn't share their interests, he just needs them to be duped long enough to give his clique the reigns and connections to get right.



A voter base are not people you support, they're the people that support you. Trump helping jews over whites doesn't change the fact that he had a large white voter base. I don't disagree with you, I just think you're mixing up terms

I know you need to lurk 2 more years.
We don't change to bring in people.
What would be the point?
They could stand still and just wait for us to come to them.
Implying we should want to perpetually conform.
No. They come to us.

Obama 3.0

What is the "alt-right" and how long has it existed in mainstream memesphere?? I came here because I thought you guys were national socialists…

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Glad I never liked him due to his Judaism

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implicitly based! in all seriousness hes right though

How to spot a retard

I'm glad you found something to look down on me for you dumb faggot

That's new york/east coast bad taste gaudy "style."

Which means they were on it to begin with.
They were also on the Milo train for the longest time, until being on it anymore was completely unmaintainable.

Vids related as to Dicky "Implicit" Spencer.

Also, this thread is cuckchan tier and you should be ashamed of yourself for making it.

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So, let's review…

If you still need to ask the questions you did, you must be a fucking moron.

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Everyone please think critically about why dicky boy isn't b& yet. That's all the proof you need he's a shill. Worth millions, never spends a dime personally to do what he preaches. Doesn't even go after that nigger. He's a glowing kike.

Also this, very much this.

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And, while on the subject of "identarians", because Dicky was, in fact, the inspiration for this lil piece, I present to you a few thoughts about identarians/identarianism.

I often hear members of these 'white nationalism' movements/organizations of the current year +X discussing the concept of 'identity', which I find disagreeable.

Identity IS a factor of what is of import, in actual terms, which is a matter of biology, not of mere internalized self-description, ie 'identity'; this distinction is important, as merely maintaining an identity into the future is not a means via which to maintain, to secure, our people into perpetuity - we are not a mere identity, we are a biological clade of beings, and this material reality is intrinsic to everything about us and our culture, the summation of which being that from whence our collective identity derives.

Both those guys probably regret taking that photo.

Broken clock's right twice a day.


the left has been defanged

God you suck.

click on the link faggot, click right now and listen and kill yourself you low iq nigger

Zig Forums has been redpilled on the Zionald for years now. We were calling him out as a neocon puppet the moment we noticed his post election behaviour patterns. The only reason criticising Trump seems to be a new thing here is because Kampfy would ban each and every poster criticising Trump. I myself was banned over 20 times because of the decisions of Kampfy. And like many other users here, I stopped posting for a long time because censorship of anti-Donald opinion was rampant. Now, it seems only idiots still support him. He isn't based, he isn't redpilled, and he cares more about Israel than white people. He is no better than Bush or Bill at this point.