Oy Vey! Your high-paying auto sector job is going away!


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You best start believing in economic collapses. You're in one

More like third worlders can make them for cheaper and the auto industry is being converted for the automated jew.

If the economy collapses Trump will turn it around in no time. Its all part of the plan.

This isn't reddit, learn to make a proper thread.

You first.

Naa dont worry about it goys, Trump told them they better come back over twitter. Its all good and taken care of.

The state of shabbos

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If the white race goes extinct Trump will cast a magic stock market spell to bring us back. Trust the plan, goy.

Trust the plan!

Just free market forces at work. What? You don't want cheaper cars?

That's nice. Fuck canada. GM's plants should be in the US anyway. Fucking niggers.

B..but it takes 8yrs for presidents changes to take effect.. trust the plan. AWOO

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Not just Canada. 4 other plants are closing in the US. GM claims it's because passenger cars are not selling well and they will be focusing on truck platforms. Can't imagine that helps the people being fired, because if nothing else has changed they've already been producing far more trucks than they can sell.

GM isn't very popular in general. I can't parse business bullshit jargon too well, does the article say what brands of GM shit these factories were for?

Good thing he sold all of Canada's gold reserves too.

Automation puts niggers out of work and makes jobs for white men. If you worked in the auto industry you would know that.
Also fuck Canada.

The closing of the Canadian "Autoplex" is by far the largest loss of jobs (~4,700 from what I can tell versus ~1,500 each at the other plants plus white collar jobs in various cube farms) so this is a huge hit to the Canadian industrial sector. Looking at the vehicles produced at these plants, this is no different than Ford's announcement!ent that sedan and hatchback production would end except GM is run by morons who kept their sedan and hatchback production resources massively overbuilt and overstaffed in an era where those products have been deprecated by crossovers. I also have to laugh at their pathetic attempt to spin this as a move toward "focusing on electric vehicles" to Wall Street, they closed the only plant tooled to produce the one popular electric car in their lineup (Chevy Volt, not pure electric but still a series hybrid) and their only plant making electric motors for propulsuve purposes.

Basically. i read this more as a failure of GM itself than a failure in the economy. Also, this serves as another piece of evidence that no one really wants electric vehicles, otherwise, why would thet shut dowm planta they recently invested tens of millions of dollars in to produce such vehicles?

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Thank God (Emperor) for that. Looking forward to the border signs that politely ask Mexican rapists to rape less while they're here.

You cant afford one if youre unemployed.

People won't pay a kike premium for electric, not to mention anyone with two brain cells knows that the muh environment argument is bogus because gasoline has much more concentrated energy and the generator kike takes his cuck if you convert hydro or coal.


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Very rational my fellow based kekistani!

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kikey era is over a long time ago.


Now thats some damage control

Is there anything more delusional than saying tough words and then leaving the exact same capital interests who off-shored the production in place to "bring it back"?

Fuck GM & Ohio. They're not in red areas anyway. Look at this bullshit.

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Too bad ford fell from grace.

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I'll just leave this here

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