Rabbi: Biological Jews are behind Open Borders for White Countries


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wtf bros I love orthodox jews now

States some things well with regards to the treason and evil that infects our Governments and institutions but doesn't go anywhere near far enough in exposing the crypto-kikes, his only motivation being Orthodox Jews being blamed for the crimes of their cousins.

They may not belong to Orthodox Judaism and don't follow the Talmud but their doctrine of assimilation/melting point doesn't involve themselves and its a kabbalist based interpretation of the Torah, it's also a movement that emerged from Orthodox Judaism with a quasi-Satanic doctrine to subvert the entire world in the interest of Israel.

Yes they do. That's the problem

Why is this not getting more conversation here you pussies.


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Will be met with #NotAllKikes


What do you expect?
its a kike saying kike things, and it will have no real impact on anybody you try to show it to, so its just kind of meh.
A neat video, but sort of like the attached, it doesn't actually serve as a strong argumentative base in any context of import, so its not liable to get much response.

Go home TRS, you're gay.

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Damage control.

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bet you're wondering how I achieved this magic, huh user?

Checked for that second one is outdated.
Its over 2,100 now.

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Admire your enthusiasm but the Finklestein interview was much more extreme, and that was ages ago. You have even famous jews like Sandler openly laughing about keeping goyim spinning in the dredel. Some of us knowing actually only adds to their delight. They even need it to keep their machine of oppressed victimhood going.

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We could literally have every (((jew))) in israel piss on christcucks while screaming how much they hate jesus and how they think mary was a whore and the christcucks would still preach "Israel is our greatest ally!" at their Trumpleshitskin rallies!

adam sandler? "spinning in the dredel?"
Them knowing some of us know doesn't help, it takes ooga booga actions for that. Quoting them from all over exposes them dead to rights without giving them victimhood ammo.

Is he trying to get good with Jesus before it's too late?

Well the jews and those unfaithful and heretical enough to support the synagogue of satan will be thrown straight into Hell to burn in the lake of fire for all eternity by Jesus Christ himself as prophesy foretold so that's on them.

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Found the name of this kike: Rabbi David Bar-Hayim.

Original video was posted Nov 24.


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What I find hilarious about the jews, is if they think erasing white people solves everything, surprise, to all the darkies your white jew.

Orthodox and Atheist Jews dislike each other but hate goyim even more.

Yes in one of his songs (yes he did songs) it alludes to the dredel being representative of the variety of hypnoses and scams they keep us busy with. We are trapped in their box and they spin it and us.
If you apply it to the Mus and the kaabaa it makes even more sense. They got those fuckers trapped in the orbit of a massive dredel.


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fuck off aaron you kike. i know who you really are

jews jewing jews jewing jews jewing…

Judaism is a religion of peace and equality with the goyim.




Many American Orthodox Jews tend to be anti-Zionist.

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but it isn't nefarious


did you listen? it is the same kike bullshit

Really? I thought they were the ones who are the most Zionist?

he's attempting to speak in a hypnotic way don't listen. turn on closed captions. you're welcome.

They are non stop with inductions lately, must getting nervous or trying to spark off some golem.

As opposed to android jews?

Many jews are "atheist" or "secular" yet they still are biologically rats.

This Kike is trying to tell us that we should only worry about non-Orthodox Jews, I think he knows what is coming and is trying an Esau gambit. We should however spread this video to normies because he is forced to admit several facts.

Zionism isn't bad though, it's like nationalism, but for jude. And jews are white so.

Ashkenazi Jews literally are whites, Jews don't want to be white because muh Talmud says so but they cannot escape their white genes. And Zig Forums needs to stop taking their religious b8

nothing newsworthy, jews know they're winning so they openly expose their plans while MAGAcucks keep licking their dicks.
when will ww3 come?

Don't be fooled.

Golem you say?

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The Neturei Karta are anti-zionist, "True Torah" jews.

According to research by Eran Elhaik, ashkenaz are mutts with turkroach and slav admixture.

Doesn't make sense. Zig Forums always focussed on genetics, not on religion.

What every Zig Forumsack already knows. This stuff is useful for showing normies that still claim it's an "antisemitic conspiracy theory" and deny the Jews have any part in it. I cut that video you posted. I used just a couple of days ago to shoot down a Zionist kike who claimed his Zionism was not at odds with being an American patriot.

I know I should be listening but his asymmetrically animated eyebrows are too mesmerizing.

Yes! I was going to say the same thing before reading your comment, but left it out.
He seems to using some kind of hypnotic "voice roll" technique, only I haven't had much exposure to it but that was what I thought immediately when he started speaking very slowly.
He later on sped up so I thought maybe he was just choosing his words carefully I left out my comment.
Too bad it didn't work on me because eyebrows and boredom with having to pay close attention meant I turned it off. It works better on captive audiences that can't leave.

The Biological Jew (Eustace Mullins)

If you are christian you have bitten the jew bait.

They are 60% arabs with rest being turk/greek and some negro (!) admixture. Does that pass for white in america?

I am Christian and I loathe jews. There may still be salvation for them, but if history proves anything, they'll deny it.

No amount of religion will change their inbred builtin biological code. They are invasive species. The only solution is extermination.

Careful there edgy nazi, the sharp parts were intended for the jews to cut themselves with.

Give them no quarter. Use DNA to identify the jewsequence. Once they have been identified, "Bowers" them back to their demon god Satan

I hope this is a good thread to ask. There's a video similar to this from a long time ago where a jew explains on israeli television why jews are constantly hated and even cited meim kampf. He admits those problems are true. I can't seem to find it anymore. Either I'm not searching for it properly or it got taken down.

I really want to find it again. It singlehandedly got me to redpill a friend on jews and he was receptive to hearing all of their other evils.

None of these religious faggots have any basis for their claim that only they know magical Zeus so therefore they get to tell everyone what to do. Its a simple con which is condemned when cults like Scientology do it but for some reason "me delusion good, your delusion bad ooga booga"

Grow the fuck up and stop ruining shit with your d and c faggotry. Yes, your actions have infinite implications. No, that doesn't mean lighting somebody on fire because they dont light a candle and worship a statue at 7Pm on Tuesday isn't going to ensure your soul persists, in fact you are just going to be deleted from existence.

What a beautifully constructed thread. Supreme effort has been applied during the creation of this thread.

The lack of replies indicates a majority kike presence on pol.

Not a thread of distracting benefit to the tribe.

Shut up trumpnigger, we're only your game. Your shilling is blatant, this is another pro jew, trump, and le based minority thread. It's getting out of hand

This one?

I've never heard that in my life. I've never heard a person say "anti-semite" in real life.

Why "anti-semitism" is on the rise?

Answers: because Jews promote mass third world immigration into western countries through NGO's etc. Jews are getting revenge for historical persecution in Europe.

Rabbi recognizes that white countries are under attack and are being annihilated by mass immigration. It is treason by western politicians and has been happening for decades, coming to a head in the last few years.

The Jews pushing mass immigration are biologically Jewish but not religiously Jewish. They are secular Jews whose aim is to assimilate into gentile society (and escape their Jewish religious laws). They have replaced Judaism with "post modernist cultural marxism" which is evil and denies ethnic and national identity seeking to replace it with membership in a globalist international community identifying primarily with economic class.

Cultural Marxism seeks to brainwash people over generations to abandon the ideals of their forefathers focusing on racism in the media, Hollywood and in universities. There are no differences between ethnic groups and they should all mix.

Orthodox Jews are against the destruction of Europeans through mass immigration. It is against their religious scriptures. The Torah says that people should, will and are divided into ethnic groups who occupy different areas. Each ethnic group is allowed to develop its culture and talents based upon their own beliefs and values. This is true for Jew and Gentile. Real Judaism is nationalist. The third world melting pot is heretical. The western world should strengthen their borders and the indigenous westerners should be allowed to live according to their traditional beliefs and cultures.

Jews cannot belong to any nation but the Jewish nation, Erats Israel (not the modern nation of Israel but one brought about by the Messiah). If Jews identify as American or German etc, they are no longer Jewish.

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s/persecution/prosecution for their crimes/

shut up shlomo


It’s not very Christian to feel for the brood of vipers…

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I'm white.