I've been seeing many good plans and ideas popping up to expose the nose and it's inspiring my synapses to work collectively.

"operation goy" simply entails the following

ok, goodnight goys

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I've been doing this for a while. People dont seem to care and just think I'm weird. They dont see the humor behind calling someone a goy. The whole point of it being funny is because they dont know they are a goy. Anyways, good luck getting it to catch on. Once people find out the meaning I doubt they'd use the word, but I see how simply getting them to look up the word is beneficial, however i doubt they'd even care to look it up.

Would it not make more sense to call people gentiles?

This is fucking retarded. Not unexpected from the absolute state of this shithole anymore. It's like the "censor yourself willingly by using corporate brand names instead of slurs" faggotry multiplied by 11.

Matter-of-fact-ish reference:
There is a huge amount of potential in the gaming community

Calling someone goy is a dog whistle. If anyone not of the tribe called me goy IRL, I'd immediately recognize him as a brother.

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Hahaha I just saw this in the catalog and had to comment on this.

Jews only call their slaves "goyim", so bad idea.

Jesus christ, let's just semitize our vocabulary even more while pretending to be anti-semitic.



Oy vey! Stop kvetching before become verklempt!

Nigger please!


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We should do the same with "nigger" tbqh

that's the point

yeah, sounds like a familiar process right?

do you even know what you're talking about goy

I hate this use of goy, mainly because it is like says. Goy and goyim are terms Jews use for their slaves, which they consider to be anyone who isn't a Jew. Popularizing the term so that normal people non-Jews know what Goy and Goyim mean would do more than using it like, "My nigger," shit. It's demeaning.

You are not cattle for Jews. You are not goyim. Jews squirm around when a non-Jew asks them what goy means, because they know that it is not something non-Jews will appreciate at all like many other parts of their repugnant beliefs. Teach people what goy and goyim mean and instances of Jews using that term, and you'll do a lot to getting people to notice Jews. That's always the first step.

I use the term shekel for references to money because it is an amusing term. Use that if you want, and if people wonder if you're being anti-Semitic you can say you're simply appreciating the term. Other Zig Forumsacks would recognize shekel for obvious reasons, and it's also an educational step when someone asks, "What's that?" You can also inform them what goy means.

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OP your idea is cringey and pointless. If you want to reveal your power level, you do it in a way that unquestionably commands respect, or else you do it mildly in a way that sneaks under the radar.

If you want to stick your dick in the punch and annoy people in a way that forces them to think about certain things, then you find a way to do it while staying relatively anonymous. Otherwise you turn us into a parody. And yes, your idea comes across as a parody.

You're basically forcing people to lose respect for you which is the worst thing any of us should be doing up until the point that you decide to screw all optics.

If you DID decide to screw all optics, you should be even more anonymous and scrub your digital life clean first. And maybe not get arrested too, that would be killer.

Goy = Gentile as far as Yiddish is English-speaking Jews are concerned. The problem with calling people Gentiles is that the Christians still use that term in the mild-positive connotation of just people, whereas to Jews non-Jews are cattle, slaves, and marks to exploit. Goy displays the uniquely Jewish way of viewing those outside of their tribe, a form of viewing that is completely foreign and repugnant to Westerners.

Plan rejected, do it again from scratch.

Fuck you.

You don't know many jews do you? They don't squirm, they have a canned answer that they more or less believe. Some of them will admit that it's sometimes used in a rude way but I think what most people don't get is how subtle jews are with their insults. The word doesn't have to mean cattle to be a slur because to them it's even more of an insult if it means nation, as in "any other nation but ours", and part of this is because the insult when used this way flies right over everyone's heads. It's almost a joke to them that those of us who kind of get it have to clumsily go with the cattle narrative to try and make people understand what they actually mean.

t. jews love me but little do they know

I know what's I'm talking about.


Lucky me I suppose. Most of the Jews around where I live try desperately not to be identified as such, so they don't speak like that among others. By squirming I mean that weasel-sort of justification and hand-waving that you describe where they don't give you the full-meaning and just try to satisfy curiosity. Over here the few Jews I've encountered who have had to answer that question said it just means non-Jews, but totally isn't an insult or anything since usually they just used it to describe someone in the room.

you're fucking retarded, letting people figure out that they have this word for us is the entire point. Go back to reddit with your tiny 1 digit iq sealed tightly in your trousers.

jews will just lie about the meaning

No. That is a jewish word. It is embarrassing when people use this word casually. It really makes 8ch feel like I'm talking to a bunch of jews.








they dont think its funny because its shallow … after the first time theres nothing new to the joke.

Ok tom I get it , "da joos" … now can you call me by my name.

Its fucking pathetic that you will bend your traditions of decency to get some attention from the jews.

I want to understand , we are already awake. Theres nothing to do but work hard and make a good life for your kind.

No race war is going to happen because you call someone goy.

Exactly, which is why a group of anonymous non-Jews doing real research into actual Jewish texts and drawing out their real views is vital to getting the real story to people. Luckily you'll find some of it already on Zig Forums. Jews have to lie about their beliefs to outsiders because they hate non-Jews in a way that is wholly unjust and disgusting and will get them expelled when fully understood.

How about instead of saying 'goy' to people like your slight change in vocabulary will amount to a fuck you go out and do something that will have some fucking impact.

I'm not sure you understood my point, but we're clearly on the same side so I'm happy to drop the issue.

Also I'm not sageing at you, just not trying to bump this awful thread.

Operation fuck yourself.
Every time you feel like following OPs idea, you go fuck yourself, instead.

Will work guaranteed.

hmmm, lot of triggered normal non-jewish people here. nothing unusual going on…

You've never seen Zig Forums get triggered at idiots before? Better get your 2 years in buddy.

To be fair, this idea is absolutely shit. Dude may as well exchange "hello" for "shalom" for all the interest this weak plan will generate.

Yep, also on the side thinking the OP idea here is terrible. Still, I think the discussion coming off of it as to why it's a bad idea is useful and important for anons to read.

This is what happens when Zig Forums hears a particularly bad idea. When anons are saying they hate it and then give reasons why, that's a healthy reaction. When it devolves into people throwing around, "You're a kike," "No, YOU'RE the kike!" and acceptance/rejection without qualifications, that's shill activity. Anons hate this idea because calling yourself or your people goy is insulting, because it is acting like Jews, and it doesn't accomplish anything even in entertainment value let alone societal benefit. If an user likes this idea they can argue against those points, but I'm firmly on the side of not liking it. My alternative is to educate people on what goy means, and if you know what it means you would feel properly disgusted at the thought of calling your loved ones or friends goyim.

that's a very.. nice and thoroughly normal explanation of your disapproval "user"…

I'll be happy to assume you want to do as your OP said to expose the nose and get people to notice Jews as a distinct and non-alike population compared to themselves. We're on the same page then, as well as most of Zig Forums.

However, this disagreement is about the method you choose to go for, which is to adopt calling people Goy to the point people ask, "What's a goy?" and otherwise recognize other redpilled people. The criticism about that is that:

In light of this, your goal to get normies to notice the nose by this particular method seems to not be going over well or seems feasible. That's okay, it just means you have to think about other ways to approach the goal of getting people to notice Jews.

I think you're on the right track of getting people to learn what Jews mean by Goy and Goyim, but normalizing the term isn't a good idea since it is the disgustingness of the Jewish understanding of that term that people must come to understand. Instead of anons using the term colloquially, it could make for a good poster campaign or a topical point for anons to bring up when they can to explain what a Goy is and why no one should be okay with it. If you can make it fun, not disparaging to one's own people, and effective in theory and later practice for educating people about Jewry, then you'll see more support.

Keep thinking, user! It's good you proposed something at all. It's much easier to criticize than it is to create, so good for you.

Getting close to jews is both insightful and dangerous at the same time. With no exceptions, a jew will turn into a tense protective rat when money is at stake. They are also unabashed whiners and pussies around most anything. The guard is up at all times around goyim who they have convinced themselves is both vastly inferior and still a hater of jews. Jews get really angry when singled out or identified as jewish. As this indicates deception skills are below par. It is fine for a jew to do the "I'm a jew" routine as almost a bombshell to drop on all around them. For a goyim to name the jew even in a humorous way will have a jew shaking with anger. After grading from college, took a job at a law firm, worked alongside a young jew around my same age. Second day on job, chatting about things, then I brought up about Seinfeld the comedy show, at which the jew bristled with anger almost like a Max Boot type of emotive anger to suggest a goy would play such games. It was no game and no harm intended. Learned my first lesson about jews there and then.

You forgot
Boyfriend/girlfriend = goyfriend
I started using this because it's just damn hilarious.

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Not for nothing but in the rare instances that I play video games and there is an option to choose an israeli flag as some kind of customisation option, i do it. And then the whole time I'm calling people who kill me "anti semites" etc.
It's really amazing how angry some people get. I even got private messages saying "fuck you, you jewish dog. I hope your whole family days of cancer" etc.
It's extremely effective and just plain funny if i'm being honest. I can see why Jewish people actually like to have their way with the goyim… We really can't handle the bantz.


I remember seeing anons try this years ago
was a fucking stupid idea then and it still is