History of (((False Flag Events)))

Post redpills on the various false flags that the jews have done. Here is a list of known Jewish false flags.

These are just a few off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are dozens more.

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King David hotel
Sandy Hook
Joes Cock
Manchester Arena
London Bridge
Westminster Bridge
Parsons Green
Charlie Hebdo
St Petersburg Station
Brussels Station
That thing with the camps in Germany and Poland a while back

I've used the story of the USS Liberty to personally redpill around 7 people. They went from basic conservative, to white nationalists totally aware of the jewish question. Feels good man.

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Full exposure of Boston Marathon bombing:

OP, I think we should really be posting sources, not just the allegations list. Ideally, if any of /ourguys/ try to broach this topic, it's best that they specialize in 1 or 2 of these false flags, at least for the first conversation or two, rather than just coming off as an Alex Jones fanboy (imho)

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Yeah, I'd post a bunch of redpills on false flags, but I don't have my hdd with me. Also yes, when trying to redpill normies, it is better to focus in depth on 1 false flag event, such as the USS Liberty, rather than hitting them with a big list. Generally if you hit them with a big list their "no way that is to crazy.. can't be true" switch triggers.

Pearl Harbor was real. I've seen this stupid claim all over the place and yet not one of you faggots has ever posted any evidence, just screeches of 'believe me goy'. Prove PH was a false flag or stop blathering about it, it makes you look like an idiot.

Moon landings

9-11 Building 7 demolition. 45 sec. vid.
This is, for me, the most damning evidence of a false narrative.

Here's an excerpt from this link.
From Benjamin Freedman’s 1974 speech -

“Now, Mr. Roosevelt figured, and it's in Mr. Stimson's diary, in his own handwriting, which is in the room at Yale Library containing all Mr. Henry L. Stimson's papers - he was the Secretary of Defense. He wrote in his diary important things that went on (in his own handwriting) and under November 25th, two weeks before Pearl Harbor, he wrote, "The President sent for us to come to the White House. I thought it was to discuss the war in Europe, but he told us that we had to be at war with Japan but he didn't want it to look as if we fired the first shot!"

It must be noted that USA attacked and sunk a Japanese submarine MORE than an hour before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. USS Ward (a group of Navy reservists from St. Paul, Minnesota) attacked and sunk a Japanese two-man submarine a little more than an hour before the Pearl Harbor Attack. More than one hour before the 8 a.m. attack on Pearl Harbor, the commander of the Ward sent this message to headquarters in Honolulu: "We have attacked, fired upon and dropped depth charges upon submarine operating in defensive sea area." John Wiltshire (associate director of the University of Hawaii laboratory) said "They sounded the warning and no one listened." (Source - freerepublic.com/focus/fr/803100/posts)

Another hidden truth is it was FDR who rejected the Japanese surrender memo on January 20 1945 which was sent through General MacArthur. So all of the brutal battles that happened afterwards such as Battle of Iwo Jima, Battle of Okinawa, etc. were unnecessary. Here is the link to the information.

Just like Allies created fictional Holocaust in germany, Communist China created fictional Nanking Massacre to blame everything on Japan. Here is the link that provides the information that Nanking Massacre was fake.

user this link doesn't show anything. Do you have a pdf file of the memo or another link?

Link was part of text from referred link>>12475283. I've heard different anecdotes about prior knowledge of the jap attack. This is the first mention I've seen about a jap surrender denial. Worth exploring. No pdf or related links user.

Pearl harbor was a real attack sure. It is just that we essentially forced japan into attacking, had knowledge that the attack was coming and ignored it. We let japan surprise attack us, and kill many of our men, but we had already moved anything of true value to the (((government))) out of the harbor. We used the totally preventable attack to get American normies to go to ww2. Pearl Harbor is basically the same as 9/11.

We could have prevented the attack entirely, or warned the men at pearl harbor to be ready for the attack. Either of those choices would have made the attack far less of a disaster however, and woudn't have worked as well for building war support.


With the exception of Sandy Hook and more recent "gun control ops", all of these false flags were actual events with casualties, but the narrative is twisted and deceitful for the purpose of political maneuvering.

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Not nothing user, murikka took all of her air craft carriers out of their berths and had them trundling about else where so they wouldn't be damaged.

Can someone give me a quick run down of what happened? I've never heard of this incident and Wikipedia says it was an accident on Israel's part.

Like what was Israel's motive in doing something like this considering America is at the forefront of their Western puppet states? Not looking for proof that Israel knew what they were doing, just what their motive was?

Pics not necessarily "proof" of motive, but I think you identify the modus operandi.

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AH. Thanks.

The FLQ Crisis in Quebec in 1970 and the imposition of the War Measures Act was a false flag; the FLQ never actually existed as advertised. It was a creation of the RCMP dirty tricks department and Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau to thwart the vote on separation.
This was all revealed by the MacDonald commission which was shut down before it could conclude its investigation by the Prime Minister when an RCMP cadet had an FLQ bomb he was delivering to a Montreal post box blew up next to him on his car seat. The media obligingly kept all this quiet.

Sounds like the Patriot Act after 9-11. Introduced to house and was passed through house, senate, and signed by bush in 3 days. They had that drafted ahead of time and couldn't rubber stamp it fast enough. It created Homeland Security, TSA.

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The Titanic was a false flag to kill the wealthiest opposers of the Federal Reserve

Highly recommended. As are:
McGowan's debunking of the Apollo missions: centerforaninformedamerica.com/moondoggie/
And his 911 revisited: centerforaninformedamerica.com/september11/

The premise was that the FLQ was made up of Roman Catholic Breton heritage peasants that somehow woke up one day and became extreme Maoist revolutionaries. In fact what they did was they paid a hot blond law student at Laval U. $100k a year (in 1970!) to pose as the organizer of this FLQ revolutionary cell. Haha. A bunch of doofuses joined up so they could catch a whiff of her quiff.

By the way that was written by Kavanaugh. And he lied about this to the senate, committing perjury in 2006 when he was up for a Federal judgeship. But nobody mentioned this salient fact because the Democrats under Obongo used the Patriot Act even more than the Bushites did.


Dave McGowan is best showing that the big LSD hippy thing in LA and SF was in fact paid for by DIA and US Naval Intelligence to cut the feet out from under the burgeoning anti war movement.
Owsley Stanley III was penniless, livign in a basement without a job when he was giving out $60,000 worth of ergot raw materials processed in a high tech lab as LSD each week at places like Golden Gate Park be ins for years in the mid sixties. How'd he do dat?

His father was a senator…


Only obsolete battleships were sunk; all the vital modern aircraft carriers were out at sea.

Laurel Canyon was his centerpiece, yes.
To save anons some clicks: centerforaninformedamerica.com/laurelcanyon/
(That collection became the commercially published Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon.)


You guys ever hear about this?
Actor Bradly Cooper was in town and visited the bombing victims in a hospital.
Steven Spielberg was seen directing the crisis actor scene.
A couple weeks after the bombing, Spielberg announced the Chris Kyle movie starring Bradley Cooper.

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Originally the Israelis didn't say it was an accident, they said it was an attack done by Egypt. Somehow we found out it wasn't egypt (I think a combo between Russian intel, and our own survivors of the attack whistle blowing.) and then isreal claimed it was an accident. Eventually isreal offered the USA some money in exchange for the lives lost, and the USA jews counter offered a lower amount. Meaning isreal was going to give the families more money, but we negotiated them lower so the families got even less money.

Can I get an infodump on the Charlottesville thing? Evidence of:

Archives, hosted videos, and webms would be wonderful. I lost the folder that I had that stuff in, and now that Fields is officially stepping into court for his trial, we need to be getting the truth out to the public. This'll be a big chance to redpill a lot of people in the mainstream at once.

Even kikepedia has explains this one guys

Okay, do you believe that most or all IRA bombings were faked too?

who ever fuckin said the ira bombings werent real? fucking delusional fuck.

1. I wasn't asking you.
2. I never said that anyone believed that they were fake.
I am simply curious whether that particular user believes that all or most IRA bombings were faked. In fact, I'm curious how he goes about determining what is real and what is not.

Clearly you do not believe that the IRA was a fictional organization. But do you believe that the various Islamic terrorist attacks were real as well?

What did it have to do with jews?

The German Imperial office bought ads/wrote a warning letter for the (((New York Times))) about the fact that any ship carrying munitions through British waters was going to sunken before the Lusitania left port and was selling passenger tickets, but they didn't run it in their papers. They then banged the war drum when the ship was sunk from an "unjustified" attack. The public thought an innocent passenger ship was sunken. If (((they))) weren't involved with the NYT in 1915, then it's a mistake on my part. It's still a good example of the media's involvement.

That's right; I forgot about those ads…

Is this real or well edited meme?

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I think this is all of the False Flag cards I have

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Fucking ungrateful french frogs. We should have killed them all 200 years ago. The country has given them everything. They built all their roads and infrastructure. They said fuck you to the east coast and built the St Lawrence for them instead of using one of hte largest ice free harbours in the world in Halifax, NS. They fucked NFLD with the forced energy deal and sell their own excess off, all at the expense of NFLD. Quebec still gets baby bonuses - they get paid to have children - while the rest of Canada doesnt. They have highest socialism in the country, but contribute NOTHING and have NEVER contributed anything.

Quebec and the frogs need to burn with all the immigrants. Nothing good has ever come from Quebec.

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Pic related was behind the King David hotel bombing(well documented on normienet) and later while PM the US Embassy in Beirut was bombed on Israeli Independence Day 1983. The Oklahoma City bombing was during Passover, and hoax or F-F the following (((mass shootings))) were on jewish holidays as well.

Las Vegas route 91 harvest fest: October 1 2017 Yom kipper
Sandy hook: 12/14/2012 Rosh Chodesh and Hanukkah
Club Pulse Miami: 6/12/2016 Shavuot
Borderline bar California: 11/08/2018 Rosh Chodesh
Aroura, Colorado Theatre: 7/20/2012 Rosh Chodesh
Virginia Tech: 4/16/2007 Yom HaShoah
Geneva Co, Alabama: 3/10/2009 Purim
Goleta Post Office California: 1/30/2006 Rosh Chodesh
Umpqua Community College Oregon: 10/01/2015 Sukkot
Saint Dylan Roof: 6/17/2015 Rosh Chodesh
Clackamas Town Center Oregon: 12/11/2012 Hanukkah
UT Austin Tower: 8/01/1966 Tu B'Av
Columbine HS Colorado, 4/20/1999 Yom HaZikaron
West Nickel Mines School Pennsylvania, 10/02/2006 Yom Kipper
YWAM and New Life shootings Colorado Springs, 12/09/2007 Hanukkah
Marysville HS, Washington, 10/24/2014 Rosh Chodesh
2001 Isla Vista Car Of Peace, California 2/24/2001 Rosh Chodesh
San Diego State Uni, California 8/15/1996 Rosh Chodesh
Oakland Elementary School Greenwood, South Carolina, 9/28/1988 sukkot
University of South Carolina , 10/6/1979 Sukkot

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I bet $1,000,000 that this guy is still alive and chillin' in Israel.

BTW. Does anyone know how to stop connecting to Akamai?
Any way to force a browser to connect directly to a website instead of through a content delivery network (CDN)?

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History is a false flag. Nothing has ever happened in history ever. If you think otherwise you are a Jewish shill.

mmmwahahahahah…mwahahahahaha…..so fucking amateurish…they're not even trying now.


Judge called John Nuttall and Amanda Korody ‘naive and childlike’, and said that police aggressively engineered a plan and ‘made them think it was their own’. Photograph: Ben Nelms/Reuters
A Canadian couple found guilty of planting homemade bombs outside a government building will walk free after a court in British Columbia ruled the pair was entrapped by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) into carrying out a “police-manufactured crime”.

John Nuttall, 41, and Amanda Korody, 33, were found guilty of terror charges last year after they planted inert pressure cooker bombs on the steps of British Columbia’s provincial legislature in 2013, ahead of Canada Day celebrations that drew thousands of revellers to the area.

The verdict was thrown out on Friday, after BC supreme court justice Catherine Bruce said the RCMP had manipulated the two converts to Islam into carrying out the plot.

“This was a clear case of police-manufactured crime,” Bruce wrote in her ruling. “The world has enough terrorists. We do not need the police to create more out of marginalized people.”

The judge pointed to the couple’s mental capacity to back the assertion that the crime had been instigated by police.

“The defendants also demonstrated that they were not very intelligent, gullible and quite naive and child-like,” she said of Nuttall and Korody, who were dependent on social assistance to get by as they struggled to overcome emotional and addiction issues.

The couple posed no imminent threat, she said. “To say they were unsophisticated is generous.” Both had been facing a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The judge sided with defence’s argument that the couple had been entrapped during a five-month undercover police operation involving some 240 police officers.

“Without the police it would have been impossible for the defendants to carry out the pressure-cooker plan … The police decided they had to aggressively engineer and plan for Nuttall and Korody and make them think it was their own,” said Bruce. “The defendants were the foot soldiers but the undercover officer was the leader of the group.”

The judge noted that while the couple does adhere to extremist views that advocate violence to send political messages, police overstepped the bounds of their authority in their interactions with the pair.

“The police engaged in a multifaceted and systematic manipulation of the defendants to induce them into committing a terrorist offence,” Bruce said.

The court heard that undercover agents offered the pair gifts, ranging from cellphones to groceries, and steered their attention away from more fanciful ideas, such as the hijacking of a navy submarine and construction of short-range missiles.

The landmark ruling is believed to be the first time that entrapment has been successfully argued in a terrorism case, raising questions over the limits of police actions as law enforcement agencies around the world struggle to contend with the threat of terrorism.

“[Police] were clearly overzealous and acted on the assumption that there were no limits to what was acceptable when investigating terrorism,” the judge said. “Within their ranks there were warnings given and ignored.”

Earlier this year crown lawyer Peter Eccles defended the police operation, pointing to the underlying issue of public safety.

“This was an innovative and effective undercover investigation in which the RCMP provided two suspects the opportunity to execute their jihad, to be the terrorists they wanted to be, while protecting the public by ensuring their plan did not succeed,” he told the court.

The RCMP responded to the verdict on Friday, saying it respects the judicial decision. “The detection, disruption and deterrence of national security-related threats in Canada is a priority for the RCMP and its partner agencies. The RCMP and its partners remain committed to the safety and protection of the public,” the organisation said in a statement.

Canadian Muslim Junkies….

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Anglo jews fucked the country up thoroughly. A French Canada would be far superior to the shit fest we have now.

And really let's look at Canada at its best; British Columbia. Oh it started out great with WAC Bennett a truly great man. Social Credit is the best system. But what have they done since him? What was their great economic model?

Oh that's right, sell it to the Chinks so you can live the life of an English Gentleman (or gentlelady) Aren't you proud of what you've wrought? Junkys lying all over the sidewalks while chinks lord it over you? Good stuff.

Carry on…

Oh and as far as this being a pro Hitler board….Quebecers were pro Hitler in WWII and refused to fight against the Germans on behalf of Anglo Jews who lusted for the rape and murder of all Germans.

Just like Quebecers were pro Boer in the Boer War while anglo Canadians (really "remittance men") were all for murdering 55000 Boer women and children in concentration camps because after the battle of Moder River when 100k Brit soldiers were beaten like a gong by 35k Boer guerillas they decided going after women and children was the only way to win. English Canada was all for that shit.

We know what you're good for…

Don't let them kill this thread.

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Mark today on your calendar, A MSM First, The New York Times prints a article with the Words “FALSE FLAG” in it , whereas Johnathon Morgan CEO of New Knowledge ,that provided the Senate Intel Committee it’s Report on Russian Interference on Social Media and who was also coincidentally an advisor to the Clinton State , openly admits he “False Flagged” the Roy Moore campaign as a “Experiment”

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Bumping this for the incoming falseflag in syria, because this will be the millionth time trump has announced to be exiting the middle east and assad gasses his own citizens.

Pretty much nailed on for a jewish false flag in Syria after Trump's latest utterings, however its given the Kampfy kikes the opportunity to spam pro-Trump poison on here on the pretence that trump will do anything other than his jewish masters bidding


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Every western Muslim terrorist act is a false flag. ISIS is a US-Israel group. Think about what each terrorist has done - drive a car into a couple people, knife some guys, etc. That's not terror - its Tuesday in Chicago. The media amplifies it, but it's not something that terrorizes a population or is even remotely useful for furthering Islam or ISIS or whatever narrative they push. They are making pressure cookers and other IEDs that are lucky to kill a handful of people.

If you wanted to terrorize a population, what would you do? Kill a couple people and die or systematically disrupt or destroy their way of life? A small group of people can easily mess with bridges, telephone poles, power and communications, cell towers, transformers, deep sea cables (where they come into land), roads, and more. None of these things are protected or monitored. You can drive out of town and the cell towers are fenced off up some back road, but they have no security of any kind. Taking it down would be childsplay and risk free for an actual terrorist that wanted to disrupt a population's way of life. Where deep sea cables come up is completely unprotected, too. Millions of dollars per hour the cable is cut and mass disruption to markets. Destroying parts of roads and bridges across the country is an easy task and can lead to mass deaths, especially in winter climates with poor weather conditions already. Water reservoirs are unguarded, too. Same with sewage pipes in most areas.

All of these things and more can be taken down, destroyed and cause massive disruptions to terrorize a population. Death is short term and forgotten in a week. Constant internet and cell outages, fear of driving on roads and bridges, fear of drinking water/constant boil water notices, power outages, etc are true terror. The way of life of normal people will be attacked. Riots and protesting will occur. Taxes and costs will rise to cover the huge repair and replacement fees for these services and infrastructure.

Yet the terrorists do a van run on the curb every time a news cycle needs to be dominated to cover up other shit and its called terrorism and the end of the world. No one cares if a couple people die. Dozens die daily in Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, and other cities in America. Gangs and niggers are larger terrorists than the terrorists by this definition.

The only answer is these 'ISIS supporters and militants' are not actual terrorists. Their actions make no sense in any context, even by inbred mudslime IQ levels. There's no longterm goal or impact. There's no actual terror or fear put into pepole. There's no constant harrassment and disruption of life. Just a one and done failure.

Want to buy a gun in Alberta, cheap? Think of the same reason never to submit a (((confidential))) tip to Crimestoppers.

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BTW good stuff here:


5 days after Finland declared Israel wasn't allowed to have access to Fin's new found oil, MOSSAD launch a brevik attack.

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Now please fuck off back to /qresearch/, you retarded boomers.

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Autism like this is a false flag to make anyone who talks about real false flags look unhinged and mentally ill. All the "Greenberg" stuff is straight from DallasGoldberg.

The kikes clearly saw that their "Pallywood" propaganda campaign was a colossal failure, and rebranded it as disinformation to discredit their enemies, starting with the shills who claimed every 9/11 witness was really an actor to discredit the truth movement. Then after the jew Gabby Giffords (who had a still unexplained relationship with her apparently jewish attacker) shooting, they inserted their agent Ed Chiarini, mentored by the jew Robert Groden, to introduce the idea that mass shootings were being staged with actors, and here we are today, where retarded hobbyists run with the idea that nothing really happens.

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You forgot the Lusitania sinking to get the US in WWI.
The Germans did sink it but it was registered as a British auxiliary cruiser had been fitted for weapons was circulating without civilian flags or markings to mask it's ID and was carrying ammo, making it a perfectly valid target.

But it was sold to the US public as a innocent civilian ship by evil Germany.

The thing that bothers me is every old timer and war vet I spoke to (my grandpa and all his friends) know it was a fake attack, and, yet, they still stand by FDR, Truman, and their jewish war.


Check out this site for an indepth look at (((fake))) events.
a few false events proven false by Miles Mathis:
-Sandy Hook
-Las Vegas
-Kent State
-JFK assassination

Also jewish newspaper companies in America refused to run ads submitted by Germany urging the public not to travel on the Lusitania.

Kill yourself kike

Discoooord server

The problem with the "accident" airstrike was that it was performed in conjunction with two Israeli PT boats racing up to machine gun the survivors in their life boats after the captain ordered the burning ship to be abandoned.

They would have all died if it hadn't been for a Russian spy ship cruising up to observe the proceedings from a very close vantage point. The cowardly jews fled the scene of the crime before their icy gaze.