The Turner Diaries

After completing this book in what is an essential but super entry level Zig Forums required reading I have some thoughts and questions I thought might generate some discussion here.

1. Why did the Organization re-admit Turner after his capture?
2. What is the deal with the Order? They seem masonic as fuck
3. Is this book dated now because it takes place in a pre cell phone/internet world?
4. Is the use of nuclear weapons on the U.S without immediately turning the conflict into WW3 realistic?
5. Why didn't Turner knock up Katherine?
6. Was the Organization's definition of White stricter than the Nuremburg laws?

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1. The organization readmits Turner, only since he was unconscious when he failed to kill himself. His punishment was to go through a suicide entry to be granted full membership.

2. Order is a mi of SS and Romanian 1930s-early 40s fascist ceremonies.
3. is this book now dated– obviously in ways but it's not meant as a "how-to" manual

4. As long as the US was nuking itself with fairly low-grade weapons that weren't impacting other parts of the world, why would the rest of the world really care?

5. Turner knew he had a very high chance of death or jail from the outset.

6. I don't know what you mean. They never even lay down especially strict laws. Unless you mean when they were cleaning out california, in which case, the point was that they learned their lesson from the elements AH did not take care of.

So he'd have reason to kamikaze; redemption.
Just bullshit you don't need to have explained otherwise it'd crowd the story.
Yes, and no. People would still need to organize in real life regardless of technology.
Not sure, but since if the Order was willing to nuke the U.S and Israel they'd definitely nuke the capitol city of any other nation that tries to intervene. U.S.A is the arm of ZOG, so who would be left to even join in, really? China? I don't think they would risk it.
Their service to their people above their personal lives.
Probably, because Pierce had no sympathy or patience left for the jews, unlike the NatSocs.

MOSSAD pls go

This is only part I don't agree with.If you read Codreneau "for my Legionaries" or even a kikepedia summary of his life, it's obvious where the oath and robe and the rest come from.

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People bring this up like the fact that Pierce found one Judenrat willing to sell out his own tribe for a profit as if this totally discredits him, like jews never fight one another for a nigger piece of the pie. Do you know how the SS were so easily able to round up and deport the Jews so quickly? With help from other Jews.

If no other publisher would touch it, why shouldn't he let a Jew help nail in his own coffin? It wasn't like he sold the rights to him exclusively or in perpetuity. It was for a a single paperback edition.

1. I know why the let him back in, but in real life wouldn't that be poor OpSec? Or am I making too much of it.
2. Do you believe something like the Order is necessary for something like the Organization to achieve it's goals?
3. That's what I figured, but it was interesting going back in time before everyone was glued to niggertech
4. I think the rest of the world would care if that happened today because it creates a power vacuum. I believe China would try to capitalize on that power vacuum, them or Russia. In the novel I know the nukes hit the Soviet Union as well, which if that happened today I'm pretty sure Putin would launch a full retaliation towards
5. Creating White life is always important, regardless of circumstances, but I am satisfied with these answers
6. You can see it play out during the cleansings. I wonder if having as strict a guideline as Pierce had then would be doable with the demographic shifts

It's already out there free to the public in audiobook form. Pierce employed the same tactic as Rockwell, let the jews spread your message since they can't help but kvetch day and night.

I forgot about the weird ceremonies and shit, I just thought you meant that they had their influence everywhere and could keep the story moving from behind the scenes.

This jew most likely wasn't a traitor. Whenever a white man has something of influence to sell, a kike is always there to buy it, because they intend to use it to benefit them somehow in the future. They're fucking everywhere waiting to get their hands on the goyim's businesses and IPs.

You're overanalyzing, it was just meant as an adventure story. Although "The Order" (look up Robert J. Matthews if you don't know their story) did take it pretty literally and did fairly well for a few years, esp when it came to bank robberies.

MOSSAD pls go

Pierce was worth well over a million by that time and could make sure he got his cut. What better way to get it into mainstream bookstores than to have a Jew peddling it? He gave it away for free as audio and pdf already.

the irony here is that I knew pierce when I was very young. and i'm here having some 15 year old LARPing dickhead tell me I and Dr. Pierce were Mossad. As you say. Mom said it's past time now.

Thanks, I wasn't aware of that. Is "The Order" the most actionable thing to come of the John Birch Society?


MOSSAD pls go

There was no power vacuum since the Order already had fucking nukes, deporting millions, and was killing people in the streets. They also already had an entire organizational structure and was already developing a civic structure even while in the middle of a war. "Power vaccums" only exist today because jews in the middle east want to fill them with their own puppets. No sane white revolutionaries would do something so stupid.
Russia back then is not the same as Russia today. Russia today would not be nuked by white nationalists.
The chink empire would collapse during a U.S civil war since we wouldn't be buying their plastic crap. They have very little power anyways, the only reason they fuck us over so much now is because the kikes have neutered us and everyone on the globe can exploit us however they please.

Damn. I'm fairly jealous not going to lie. I would have loved to pick his brain but I didn't even have pubes before he died.

Don't get you. In the book, the "John Birch Society" is represented as the "Responsible Conservative" who later has t be taken into woods and shot since he really doesn't understand what they're trying to do. The General who takes over San Francisco area is another example of a John Bircher. John Birchers "hated commies, but loved Jews." Kind of like saying "I really hate AIDS, but I don't mind the ideas that causes it."

If you think Pierce is MOSSAD then you're probably one of those severely mentally deranged schizos who thinks Hitler was funded by jews as well. Just end yourself, because everything in life is going to trigger your autism.

He wasn't really one to make much small talk about anything dude. He woke up early, worked 12 hours, and you didn't see him until briefly next day or if you were helping him do something. I was only 16 at the time and though he might not have much tie left and wanted to at least meet him.


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Explain why Jews would spread Turner Diaries if it doesn't help their agenda.

I'm filtering you after this, since you're a retard. "If bobby fisher was a kike, how come he named them every chance he got?" If a Jew doesn't feel he has gotten enough help from his fellow Jews, he will turn on them. In the early 20th centuries, most of the whores the Jews sent to Europe/US were Jewesses themselves. Read a lot more about Jews, then come back in 2 years.

Jews didnt promote Bobby Fischer. Why do Jews promote Turner Diaries if it doesn't benefit them…or can't you justify it?

That's about what I thought. I have an older relative who was a John Bircher but he's been poisoned by (((Nice))) Christian pacifism. If that's how he was I'll have to meet those standards for the betterment of my race and our eternal spiritual mission.

I guess that makes sense. If it happened like that today Russia and China might butt heads looking to expand in the same areas unless they pre-agreed to stay out of each other's way. Ultimately I believe it would end like the Nazi Germany and Soviet peace treaty however. I don't think Pierce is Mossad I was being sarcastic to the shill.

SHEKELS YOU FUCKING BRAINLESS RETARD. SHEKELS. Read/listen to Ernst Zündel on the topic of Jews fighting with other Jews.

One jew published the Turner Diaries, which is different from 'Jews promoting the Turner Diaries,' be precise in your language. Other Jews have tried to ban it.

Justify your position, why do you think Turner Diaries is beneficial to Jews.

Jews already have shekels. Jews don't promote anti-Zionism for shekels, or any other thing which harms their agenda. And how much money was actually made from TD to make it worth the aggression against Zionist rule?

Why would a Jew publish it if the book doesnt help Jewry?

Thank you for this. Symbology as part of design is an understated part of this journey.

What is the essential Zundel?

I already did you fucking schizo.
Kikes would buy the publishing rights to Mein Kampf too. Does that mean they endorse it? Fuck no. They especially want to buy the rights to things their enemies produce so they can censor it to shit, stop publishing altogether, litigate anyone who releases it to the public, or any combination of the above.
You are a fucking simple minded retard if you can't understand why kikes would try to have the rights to EVERYTHING.
Pierce however released and audiobook and .pdf, and only gave the kike limited publishing rights. Jews also cannot contain their compulsion to indulge in self-pity and neurosis, meaning they WANT to push the narrative that evil nazi terrorists are writing antisemitic books and spreading "hate".

Because nobody reads books. A recent propaganda tour from a former skinhead-turned-good-goy used Turner Diaries as a spooky white supremacist terrorist fetish to wave in front of the audience. In that entire crowd, no one had read the book or would read it since they already categorized it as, "Bad people stuff". Jordan Peterson tells thousands and thousands of literate men about Solzhenitsyn and Gulag Archipelago, but if one reads the whole thing they find Solzhenitsyn suggesting JP's radical individualism is retarded, let alone 200 Years Together which not even JP has read apparently.

No one reads books. If you read books and actually comprehend it, you're a fucking modern wizard.

No use your own words, how does the book harm white nationalism? Your argument is a tautology.

It's good to be in the company of wizards then

This is moarpheus.

Why would jews help publish Mein Kampf?

MOSSAD pls go

if the book is so dangerous to jewry why publish it all then?

yes dumb fuck. How it works: Sleazy Jew A. calls big top banker Jew B: "Oy Myron, i need a few million shekels. Can you help a fellow Jew out?" If this were remotely through, look up "hollywood copyright lawsuits."

and it's always the eternal battle of the marxist jew vs. the zionist Jew. If a kike needed that few hundred thousand to pay for his kikelet to go to…Yesiva university, you really think he'd turn it down? WATCH ZUNDEl'S INTERVIEW WITH ISRAELI KIKIE JOURNALIST ON JUST THIS TOPIC.


I'll tell you something else sure you don't know. Guess who published "Hitler's Second Book" after his death? A JEW. Guess who he had to make out a check for half the fee to? PAULA HITLER.

Why must you shit up my thread?

I'm asking why publish it at all user. I dont need Hitler virtue-signalling.

Im discussing the Turner Diaries. This is your thread's topic, is it not?

I give up. Clearly you are too clever for me.

I guess? Just trying to understand why Jews would publish such a dangerous book for world Jewry, and "muh shekels" isn't sufficient.

Then why sage every post? Then why haven't you answered any of my questions?

"1. Why did the Organization re-admit Turner after his capture?"

Because he didn't fundamentally violate any of their precepts while in ZOG custody.

"2. What is the deal with the Order? They seem masonic as fuck"

Just like in this book when and if whites ever do start defeating the Jews it will be as a result of our having formed an elite (brain trust) secret society that excludes dimwitted conservatives/Christ tards from the upper echelons of leadership to the best of their ability as having secret societies is unfortunately the only way humans have shown we can get big things done and in a quick efficient order at that.

Though keep in mind a conservative piece of shit still managed to sneak his way into the upper echelons of the Order's leadership in the Turner Diaries story likely to serve as an example of the type of person who should never be allowed in our upper ranks. In the book the character was named "General Harding" and he thought the Order were simply a different kind of communist group than the Jews they were fighting and the "old fool" to quote the book simply wanted to restore the constitution and representative government "whatever that means" so the Order eventually had him assassinated which I believe only came about after politely asking him to resign/give up his position as a general failed to do the trick.

"3. Is this book dated now because it takes place in a pre cell phone/internet world?"

It was dated when it was written as who but a southerner would name a book's main character an old timey hick name like "Earl"?

"4. Is the use of nuclear weapons on the U.S without immediately turning the conflict into WW3 realistic?"

Probably not. Nukes used either by the system ie ZOG or a home grown racial (or otherwise) revolutionary organization would only turn the general public against whichever side did it, since such an action would create untold suffering for all due to nuclear fallout. This was likely just thrown in by Pierce as an exciting action, apacolyptic element that makes these kind of stories more interesting for the average reader to keep on turning the page.

"5. Why didn't Turner knock up Katherine?"

Probably didn't want to slow them down in the revolutionary struggle since pregnancy typically requires stability and also results in regular morning sickness and bad achy feelings all around, not something any revolutionary much less a female one should be dealing with when they already have to deal with periods once a month and the nausea/cramping/bleeding with that, etc.

"6. Was the Organization's definition of White stricter than the Nuremburg laws?"

Don't remember. Probably though.

I sage with the belief (((Turner Diaries))), like Siege, is MOSSAD propaganda. Which of your questions haven't I answered?

It ain't shekels either, dumbass. Former lolberts need to cleanse the mind of the thought that kikes are motivated by money. They are motivated by self-preservation, to push their narrative. They lose money constantly peddling their POZed shit to the masses. Why the everloving fuck would they think "hey I need to make some chump change, guess I'll support the cause of white nationalism!"

Wrong as well.

Remember, kikes only do what they view as what can benefit them and their tribe. They wouldn't be caught dead pushing anything related to white nationalism unless they wanted to turn it into controlled opposition/damage control.

You don't read anything I fucking say, you schizo. Pierce was going to release Turner Diaries REGARDLESS of any kike being involved. It's not like a kike personally commissioned it of him. It was already going to be released, that's why they were grabbing for any modicum of control they could. Remember, Jews would buy Mein Kampf if they could, because they want to DAMAGE CONTROL.

Because jews aren't nearly as omniscient as they like to pretend they are, and often shoot themselves in the fucking foot?

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This doesn't explain why Jews would even want to publish Turner Diaries if it's so dangerous to Jewry.

Oh I see. So Jews are smart enough to gain control of the world, trick Zig Forums into voting Trump, but the Turner Diaries… THAT'S the one thing which got past their noses. Got it.

Answer me kike, why does jew publish Mein Kampf?

It is, isn't it?

How many people do you know who buy books just to show them off? Even well-read people create libraries of books they've never read. Books are status symbols, totems modern man references in order to become that much more of an authority. Unless you're talking to the few people who actually read books too, the normie just views a book like a scary fetish or venerable totem depending on what others said about it. Nothing more.
Because people buy them, especially if they are exceptional for the effect they have on people. Why might an individual sell something that might in the long run bite him in the ass? Why might someone eat some candy today that will make him fat and sad in the future? Same answer. Immediate profit.

Incorrect, because in your view a guy like Soros cannot exist then. Turns out that Jews can Jew one another, and act in selfish interests as well as community-focused ones just like other humans. The problem is that whether a Jew acts on behalf of Jewry or for selfish gain, it is nonetheless damaging to the host societies they inhabit.

(((They))) push the Buy Bull too which moronic faggots here continuously claim threatens (((them))) even though Christ insanity is the very way they attained all their power and control over the world.

Neither Christ insanity nor The Turner Diaries threatens Jews because the first one is a Jewish plot to control whites and though the second is a great idea and what we SHOULD do, as another poster already wisely pointed out nobody reads books anymore so where's the threat?

That said Jews will allow Buy Bull movies to be made all day but what we'll never see is a Turner Diaries paid HBO (or free television show ala AMC's The Walking Dead) version of the Turner Diaries or even a silver screen movie version of it as THAT would simply be far too dangerous for the Jew to put such ideas into the minds of the usually stupid white goyim.

It was going to be published anyways, so there are a few reasons why they would do this
1.To keep track of how many goyim are actually purchasing it.
2.To make it well known that "oy vey ebil nazis exist and look at this book where they are planning to kill us!", then push their message of "pity me I am persecuted please get rid of all your rights goyim!"
3.If it's going to be released anyways, why not make some money? Money that can be later used to fuck over whites in the future.

That is why. Ask yourself this "Why would the kikes buy the license to Mein Kampf if it is dangerous to Jewry"? Everything I listed above as well as try to edit/censor it, stop publication, and litigate the public for spreading it without their control.

Because Hitler engaged Zionism. Jews can easily say to modern Hitlerites:

And they have. Shills have used this exact line. You don't yet understand that kikes twist everything to their advantage?

Jews use the Buy Bull for the same ends they use Mein Kampf.

Filter the kike, it's here to shit up the thread.

which is what they've done. No one is going to defeat world Jewry using TD or Siege tier tactics. It just demonizes legit white struggle.

Since you're new, you ought to look into the Order which was a revolutionary White organization in real life back in the 80s.
Also, you should lurk moar faggot.

No. It's not an instruction manual for revolution. It's a novel.

Didn't you read the book? The Organization triggered WW3 by forcing the System to attack the USSR.

“Baby, I believe you’ve got the best set of tits on the East Coast,” Oscar said admiringly, as he watched Adelaide lean over the table to pour a cup of coffee for him, the candlelight accentuating the contrast between the curves and hollows of her naked body. Neither of them had bothered to put their clothes back on after they had made love. "


Which has nothing to do with Mein Kampf.

Nice try, moarpheus kike.

Soros tried to get Israel to accept migrants to take the heat off of him just being a jewish saboteur trying to destroy the goyim. He knows, you know, and I know, Israel will NEVER import and fund shitskins. He has billions to throw around. It's chump change to give arguments to your media shills that you are a "genuine open borders leftist and not actually a jewish supremacist!!!"

Sure it does.

And that's what kikes promote, isn't it?

Oh and to more directly answer your question Jews will publish such a thing despite people no longer reading books because they not only want whatever few miniscule sheckels such a thing can bring in to them, but more importantly as sociopaths/psychopaths they are naturally paranoid and need control over every piece of knowledge and information they can get their hands on, especially the kind that purportedly is against them, so getting publishing rights is one way of accomplishing this and sating their natural mental illness paranoia.

I believe they have a disclaimer on the book at the beginning condemning it as being responsible for the so called Mcveigh terrorist bombing (which was really carried out by the Jew controlled ATF) with Mcveigh as the patsy (he did want to do this but wasn't capable alone and the reason he wanted to do this wasn't just because he was a crazy evil fuck but because of the crime Clinton and Reno committed in Waco against the Branch Davidians ie innocent American citizens).

Wacky Christ fags yes but still innocent American citizens who should of been left alone.

getting publishing rights and not publishing it would make sense if Jews want to control information. they done this with other books, why not TD?

No, it doesn't kike, find one passage in Mein Kampf where it encourages Zionism.
Nope, kikes don't promote Hitler at all. Or they just promote blind love of Hitler.

So again, why does jew publish Mein Kampf?


If they don't continuously control the narrative around Hitler/Mein Kampf and Pierce's Turner Diaries the likely fear is people/whites will begin making their own narratives and possibly deciding such works are good and maybe should be followed.

So Jews continue the demonizing of such works, while still selling them to benefit themselves twice over.

Propaganda of the nonstop sort and narrative forming/controlling are Jewish necessities.

The question is: why TD?

So this kike is repeating itself, answer me: so again, why does jew publish Mein Kampf?

Fuck off, just being white and non-suicidal is grounds enough for the kike media to smear you and get the dumb lemming whites to shun you as well.
Not only are you schizo enough to think Pierce is a MOSSAD agent, but you're an optics cuck as well.

If Jews use Hitlerism and things like TD/Siege dont you think maybe we should use something new which they can't control?

I answered you here:

It's moarpheus.

Again, where is the passage in Mein Kampf that promotes Zionism?

Probably because its more famous than other books and so if they stopped selling it, then it would look like they had something to hide, causing people to seek it out in droves and actually read it to find out what its all about.

Publishing it on the other hand like its not big deal, kills people's interest in it.

You don't read you dumb fucking nigger brained monkey.
It's already getting released to the public whether or not the kikes get their claws in it.

I didn't claim Mein Kampf promotes Zionism. I claimed Jews have no problem with Mein Kampf because the followers of it will also be modern Hitlerites, to whom Jews say:

Why begin publishing it all then?

Is there no way to utilize the masses through truthful cooperation then? Perhaps I'm still too idealistic but I still believe in the potential for unification of our race and our people. If such a secret society must be formed for us to shine through the dawn towards the new era then it will be done however. You hit the General Harding anecdote on the head. It's why conservatives are just as much an enemy as liberals but some of those newer than me here don't seem to realize that. All the salt won't be funny when it's forced down your throat in another war for the kikes. Thank you for your response.

I've lurked my 2 years here. I've only begun reading. I posted this in search of discussion and feedback. I know it's not an instruction manual but there a lot of key concepts which would be involved regardless of the time period. The great lengths they took in waging economic warfare to name one.

So Mein Kampf didn't promote Zionism, so why does jew publish it?

Answer it kike.

Why does the kike publish Mein Kampf?

Is English your second language or something? See:

I claimed Jews have no problem with Mein Kampf because the followers of it will also be modern Hitlerites, to whom Jews say:

pic related

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Nigger if they were in control of the world we wouldn't be having this conversation.
Now do you have any criticisms about the actual contents of the book you want to share, or do you just want to screech forever about some nose publishing a paperback edition because he mistook the book for stalaag porn?

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Thats not a bad idea in and of itself but the thing is its very hard to come up with something new/original/organic that appeals to the masses on a massive level.

I mean who could ever of predicted George RR. Martin or JK Rowling would have such success with their A Song of Ice and Fire and Harry Potter novels ahead of time?

My point being is that you don't know what sells until it starts selling when it comes to being a book author/media creator, etc.

Plenty of whites have tried writing their own versions of apacolyptic race war novels ala the Turner Diaries but TD remains the king of the hill in regards to white racialists interests.

Why is that?

Well thats the question isn't it.

There must be some kind of special narrative magic in the book and other great selling books that just appeals to masses of people for whatever reason.

Again, Mein Kampf does not encourage Zionism, so why does kike publish it?

Answer it.

wtf am i reading


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If jews are in control of the world, why are you posting here, kike?

Shouldn't you be in a vacation?


You can't answer this question because it will prove your logic wrong.

MOSSAD pls go


What in the fuck are you talking about, you subhuman retard.

1. Control the narrative of Hitler bad, Jews good.

2. To make whatever sheckels they can off of it, instead of us evil racists.

3. Its probably been saved to a zillion harddrives and SD cards and flash sticks at this point so permanently shelving it will only increase interest in it as an important work that should be read that (((they))) or "the man" doesn't want you to read so better to just keep publishing it with the Hitler bad, Jews good narrative and make money.

I like how you had something to say about the first thing I said and then tacitly ignored the part where I actually asked you for an answer.

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At this point I just think you are a trying to pull anything out of your ass to delegitimatize every single facet of white resistance. Tell me then, faggot, do you actually have an ideal vision for what whites should be doing in reclaiming our nations and saving our race? Or are you just a blackpill shill?

Who is moarpheus I don't keep up with tripfag shit

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So again, if jews are in control of the world, why are you posting here?


Moarpheus is a do-it-free mystery meat whose mission is to destroy EVERY AND ALL right wing figures.

He's a pathetic excuse for a bag of meat who's shitting up my thread

Because I'm not kill-able.

Is it true the Jewish Plot against us relies on deception? Is it true the MOSSAD's slogan is literally

See? Everyone? This is moarpheus. This is what he thinks.

Hey moarpheus, go jump down a building, see if you are kill-able.

Answer a question with a question, kike.