Illegal Immigration Under Trump On Track to Hit Highest Level in a Decade

Trump's breaking records. Highest illegal immigration in a decade.

Despite claims by the Trump administration that they have effectively curbed illegal immigration, southwest border crossings are back at Obama-era levels.

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Trump was put into power by Israel to serve Israeli interests

Capitalism demands free flow of goods and capital across borders with no restrictions. It is in a complete crisis [the latest of many] and it is no surprise to see it accelerate, especially under such a dimwitted kike stooge.


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Proves the democrats are behind illegal immigration.

Entirely untrue. Keynesianism–which is a form of socialism–demands this, as it demands infinite growth in a finite world. "Capitalism" suffers from not having a definition (rather, not having a definition that crosses racial lines), and as such cannot be "universally" applied.
Speaking of which, does anyone have any good resources for information on both the history and social consequences of consumerism post WWII?
I'm writing a book and need to flesh out my capitalism chapter to describe how it has been perverted by jews.


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Not Trump's doing just the consequences of Congress not acting.

Fucking wew, you got me.
I almost manipulated the bump-to-sage logarithm that weighs thread placement in the catalog.

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You don't think the highest level of illegal immigration in a decade under Trump, after everything he promised, isn't big news? I'd say most of Zig Forums at the moment is slide threads compared to this. Trump is browning this place faster than the inside of his toilet bowl after taco tuesday.

Huh? At any time, Trump could declare the border a national security emergency and use the military to build the wall. The fact that he hasn't done so shows what Trump truly intends. He's the final nail in the coffin for whites in America.

I think you replied to the wrong post, user.

There's no downboat here bro, remember where you are.
Nice meme, btw.

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I guess the Europeans are also responsible for the ships that go from Africa to Europe 24/7. Let's all ignore that 3rd party.

Retard. Traitors and jews demand, and they get what the demand because they control everything. We're not fighting economic theories, we're fighting people.

Fucking embarrassment.

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Based and redpilled.
The wall was always an esoteric metaphor for walling off any rational discussion about Trump being all talk and no action by covering your ears and screaming "MAGA" whenever anyone questions your God Emperor.

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The wall was in all our hearts all along

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haha agreed, fellow pede. i dont care if ur black, white, purple, or green. so long as u love the constitution and corporate taxbreaks, u can fuck my daughter all day!

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What's it like being a shitskin?

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The only people on Zig Forums invading the board are those who are championing the orange kike, such as you


This article is confusing me. The data they are using is border apprehensions, and they're pointing out that they are higher than ever…is this not what we want? For more people to apprehended at the border? I don't see how this means more illegals are getting in than ever, because I'm pretty sure the illegals who do not get apprehended are the ones who get in, ergo, there is no statistic on them by default.

Nice argument.

Yeah, and then they always proceed to prove their points. Then magatards like you screech about chess and call them shills because you're all useful idiots.

No, you just prove yourselves to be lying kikes. see

People don't sage as a downvote, retard. They sage so they don't bump useless threads.

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which wall? the one along the border?