How many Jewish US Presidents pol?

Was Alexander Hamilton Jewish?

Created first Central Bank
Attended Hebrew school

Eisenhower, others?

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Only Obama.

Hamilton was a distant Jew but Jews aren't real anyways. There was no Judah. There was no IsraEL. There was no Shem or his father Noah, so not shemites, semites. They're bible larping inbred freaks.

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You bet he was!
So was President Ben Franklin!

OP is too stupid to get this.

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Odds are all of them have had some jewish ancestry, including Jackson and Kennedy.


Shemite detected

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Obama’s mother was a jew whore (oxymoron, I know all jew females are sluts).

only Obama?

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LBJ. Pic related.

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That pic, because the creator of the universe couldn't possibly make his son appear to be whatever the beholder needed him to be, and he couldn't make him speak in tongues either.
All this would definitely be beyond the entity that created everything. Not too sure which are the most retarded, anti-christs, atheists or flatearthers.


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All of them but jfk reeee

so lbj was a relative of golda then? or the same synthetic created by darpa?

There is no divine knowledge to glean from the books of the Talmud either. Those books are nothing more than kvetching by rabbi's that interpreted their own contrived bibliographies he way they saw fit, in order to subvert the planet into submission

Yes, and banks are necessary.
Usury is not.
That doesn't sound accurate. I think you mean "he learned Hebrew at a place of scholarship", which is not the same. Even if he did go to Jews to learn Hebrew, it's just a language.

Lyndon B. was likely Jewish, and maybe Obama.

*I should also add that state-banks are good, not private-state banks, like many presidents fought against (the Rothschilds).

Probably all of them, who cares? The US, by its very nature has always been a revolutionary egalitarian state. Forget the anarchists, forget the revolutionary socialists, America was the original trans-national leftist construct. Every single President is therefore an honorary Jew.

Except Andrew Jackson. He at least saw the problem and tried to fight it.

And jfk
America has never been a free country and anyone who says it was is stupid or lying


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