#ThotAudit thread #7

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#thotaudit thread #7

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Holy shit, we started doing some damage!

Link: gofundme.com/stop-harassing-women


Your OPs are starting to get low quality. You forgot to copypaste shit from older ones.











Most important of all: irs.gov/compliance/whistleblower-informant-award

This is the form you have to fill in.


Complete Section A(1) and Section B(3,5) and than print it and mail it at Internal Revenue Service Stop 31313 Fresno, CA 93888

Your personal info is not required. Be sure to describe and link everything at Section B(5).


If a thot has over 200 transactions in a year OR makes 20,000 USD then she must report it.

If she's a self-run business, they can only make up to 400$ usd before needing to report it.

You do NOT need their SSN.

You mean like you're trying to do? Yeah, filtered. Cunt.

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Herro IRS?

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I feel bad for that white woman, someone should donate like a dollar.

I will donate a rare pepe, and NPC meme

Man its wild coming back here after a few years and seeing the state of the board on par with reddit. I thought the r_donald was a meme in 2016 but it really killed the board.

Are you sure it isn't someone just trying to take advantage of the situation for easy shekels?

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Now that would be some 4D esoteric metaphor…


Is she a sex worker? I honestly have no idea who that is.

My thoughts exactly

I'll match it.

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Of course it is. Use it.

Or something. Anything lmfao. SQLI the page and put her donation amount in the negatives like 4/g/ did to the votes on NASA's site for those highschool NASA nigger thots

But on a serious not if CSV user is here I wanted to say thank you for using my dump, didnt get to say thanks in the last thread before it reached bump limit

is she going to declare what she gets off the gofundme to the IRS??

What does the last sentence say? Even though I'm standing on the border wall, the WiFi isn't working too well.

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Link the form for the reward
IRS Form 211
where's the hotpockets???

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….Esoteric indifference?

Crashing the market, no survivors.

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To be honest, the NPC meme feels forced at this point. Especially when combined with outdated normalfag memes.

Given the amount of white-knight faggotry that will ensue for that thot, i think for this occasion it's pretty on point.

This whole operation has turned into a complete fucking shitshow. It’s essentially become self aware and is operating autonomously in the normiesphere I couldn’t be happier.

Apologies user. I just copied from the last thread that had links telling people what to do.

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Make sure you include Casey Kasem?

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That's a nice ruse you got going there, congrats on landing it in the first reply.
Remember to pay Uncle Sam his due, thot

How many years does the IRS go back in an audit? And how many years do you think these thots didn't pay taxes?

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No seriously though it's 3. Bankruptcy is 7.

wew 7? Some of these older whores are going to get completely rekt.

This is my first time watching Zig Forums in action
Hats off to you Anons, Thots begone!

It appears OP is a faggot trying to undermine this operation.


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3 might still be pretty bad, but not 7 bad

7 coincidentally coincides with the jubilee. Oy vey!

All you need is form 211.


Reminder that trannies & faggots can be e-thots too. Not just women.

Also, look at some of the damage control (((they))) are posting on plebbit.


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137,495 Hashtags were used in the Dataset.
Of those here are the top 100, and their count,order,#tag
Count Order Name
—– —– —-
12065 1 #Findom
5903 2 #Femdom
3658 3 #PayPig
3112 4 #CamGirl
2114 5 #MISTRESS
1799 6 #Goddess
1694 7 #paypigs
1584 8 #BDSM
1560 9 #Fetish
1331 10 #Financialdomination
1134 11 #Escort
1019 12 #footfetish
960 13 #Dominatrix
955 14 #humiliation
857 15 #CamGirls
778 16 #FinDomme
778 17 #Verified
775 18 #MFC
725 19 #NSFW
723 20 #Domme
700 21 #moneyslave
648 22 #bbw
640 23 #HumanATM
632 24 #slave
592 25 #tribute
550 26 #ESCORTS
519 27 #worship
491 28 #GFE
478 29 #sexy
461 30 #sissy
457 31 #Adult
442 32 #feet
430 33 #Chastity
420 34 #porn
418 35 #CashMaster
418 36 #humiliatrix
408 37 #cuckold
407 38 #Domination
401 39 #footworship
400 40 #webcam
390 41 #sex
388 42 #Princess
388 43 #chaturbate
386 44 #SpoilMe
372 45 #
371 46 #cashcow
365 47 #Model
364 48 #walletrape
360 49 #SPH
355 50 #Blackmail
350 51 #CBT
315 52 #MILF
314 53 #CamModel
293 54 #cam
291 55 #Slaves
289 56 #Brat
287 57 #paypal
280 58 #Skype
272 59 #assworship
265 60 #RT
259 61 #FinSub
253 62 #Wishlist
250 63 #Sugarbaby
246 64 #Domina
246 65 #hot
238 66 #cashslave
235 67 #niteflirt
230 68 #XXX
230 69 #kinky
226 70 #strapon
225 71 #findom.
225 72 #FOLLOW
213 73 #joi
212 74 #camgirl,
211 75 #ProDomme
206 76 #Latex
203 77 #PhoneSex
197 78 #Bondage
196 79 #1
194 80 #loser
185 81 #dating
183 82 #MyFreeCams
180 83 #Sub
179 84 #femalesupremacy
173 85 #Dom
169 86 #Ebony
168 87 #queen
168 88 #findom,
168 89 #models
167 90 #alpha
167 91 #Spoiled
167 92 #Cash
162 93 #payme
156 94 #Kink
153 95 #ASS
152 96 #sugardaddy
151 97 #Pegging
149 98 #teamviewer
149 99 #Submissive
147 100 #anal

Pastebin of above here:

Pastebin of 100 clean, with no extra counts\#s

Pastebin of Top 1,000 Hashtags from the dataset

Ding ding ding. Camwhores covers anyone willing to sell their face for a shekel. Alt-kike included.

Drunkposting is bestposting to be honest.

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How many report does it take until PayPal takes action against someone openly violating their TOS? This girl is requesting men send her money via PayPal, and instructs them to not mention what its for in the description:

Quinn W E L S H from Vancouver BC Canada

lvangel69 (tumblr)

universal__angel (instagram)



Her sugar daddies fund her plastic surgeries and she's traveling internationally non-stop and escorting. She's been banned from entering the USA for 10 years because customs went through her phone and found she was a hooker.

Relevant links mentioning USA ban:

All her info is public if you just search enough. I'm not sure if she pays tax on her escorting, but she's certainly not paying tax on her premium snapchat. CRA would certainly be interested, as would PayPal.

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She's on drugs. Got any other pics of her? Is she doing it willingly? father hairs are standing on end

am I doing it rite? kek

1. archive.is/rpISv
2. archive.is/YlGmI
3. archive.is/QKkdv
4. archive.is/ZJyKo
5. archive.is/X2IHN
6. archive.is/Z5ZbS

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The IRS statute of limitations on action for back taxes depends on a few factors. The primary factor is whether a tax return was filed or not. The next question is how accurate (or inaccurate) the return was.
Filed Tax Returns: Deadlines for Assessments and Collections
Generally, the statute of limitations for the IRS to assess taxes on a taxpayer expires three (3) years from the due date of the return or the date on which it was filed, whichever is later. A return is considered to be filed on the due date of the return if it was filed on or before its due date. An assessment occurs when an IRS officer signs a certificate of assessment stating the amount owed by the taxpayer. Additionally, the IRS statute of limitations gets extended for an even longer time when there is a substantial omission (more than 25 percent) of gross income on the return. In these circumstances, the time limit for the IRS to make its assessment gets stretched out to six (6) years from the date the return is filed or deemed filed, whichever is later.
The IRS statute of limitations period for collection of taxes – the IRS filing suit against the taxpayer to collect previously assessed taxes – is generally ten (10) years. Thus, once an assessment occurs, the IRS has 10 years to pursue legal action and collect on tax debt using the considerable resources at its disposal, which include levies and wage garnishments.
Regardless of the circumstances, it should be noted that once a return is late or when a taxpayer fails to pay the full amount of taxes that are due, a wide range of interest fees and additional penalties may apply. These vary depending on the severity of the mistake involved in a tax filing, as well as according to how late the payment comes in. Further, as outlined below, sometimes missed or erroneous filings can actually constitute a crime, raising the prospect of criminal penalties for a filer.
False, Fraudulent, or Missing Returns: No IRS Statute of Limitations
It is also important to note that no deadline applies where the IRS can establish that a taxpayer has: 1) filed a false or fraudulent return; 2) willfully attempted to evade tax; or 3) failed to file a return. Unlike the circumstances above where tax returns are filed (even with errors), these are cases in which a taxpayer is willfully or intentionally not filing taxes or is filing fraudulent return(s). Not only will there be no time limit on IRS action against such taxpayers, but heightened interest fees and penalties will apply.
Worse yet, tax fraud and evasion are criminal violations and offenders face the prospect of fines and jail time if the government seeks to prosecute them for the offenses. Nevertheless, every year thousands of individuals fail to pay their taxes, but the IRS usually prefers to resolve tax problems outside of the judicial system in most cases. Coming forward voluntarily and cooperating with the IRS to determine any taxes that are due and establishing a payment plan is sometimes a good way of both avoiding criminal liability and getting back in the relative good graces of the IRS.

This has been a comfy fucking operation so far. Just reporting whores and chilling in the threads. Here's to you faggots, let's ruin their lives.

kek, someon has an email of "[email protected]"

What a soulless husk. There is no life in her eyes whatsoever. Sholmo drank her spinal fluid raw.

Looking over these emails I see a lot of "For Business" text.

So I searched all the profiles collected for "Business" and 877 came up, I then sorted it by which CSV search term the data was collected from and the results are below for who uses "Business"

Count Name
—– —-
177 Cash.me
85 Patreon
78 adult only
69 camgirl
67 PayPal me
61 Escort
44 mistress
44 MFC
42 Cam Girl
39 wishlist
30 goddess me
19 Sex Worker
17 wallet me
13 Paypig
12 GFE
12 femdom
9 Premium Snapchat
8 circle pay
4 snapchat paypal
3 Patreon 18
2 onlyfans.com
2 financialdomination
1 fancentro
1 Buy Nudes

Sorry honey, the internet is forever.

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Kek I was planning on adding more text to it.

Did you report her to PayPal? You screenshot it, now do your part


Like shit.

Well here is a small CSV of the 38 under FINDOM on here

And Reposting the Big Thottie List in this thread.

List is out to 119,132 so far and about 109,000 are unique.

Search for "daddy", lots of thots mention that in their descriptions, or "sugar baby"

Hello everyone. A few questions -on the record-:

How do you know people aren't filing taxes?

Are any of you concerned about filing false reports to the IRS?

Is there anything you're signing online or in the mail in which you're agreeing not to file false reports?

Please answer these questions if you have time.

Want me to search for Daddy in the BTL or on Twitter?

fuck outta here

If you'd just take a minute to answer my questions sir.

that stare….she's dead inside

Was about to post this. .csv a better format for mass dump to IRS

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in the Big Thottie List it returns back 1,043 profiles. Here you go.
PasteBin: archive.is/wG6AM

Here's a breakdown of the Grouped Data
Count CSVOrigin
—– —-
164 PayPal me
121 Paypig
100 Cash.me
90 mistress
76 adult only
43 wishlist
43 camgirl
36 goddess me
34 wallet me
32 femdom
27 MFC
27 Cam Girl
17 Escort
15 circle pay
15 Buy Nudes
15 Premium Snapchat
9 moneyslave
9 Patreon
8 Sex Worker
8 onlyfans.com
7 financialdomination
6 snapchat paypal

This is the first record in the CSV

ScreenName : Sargent_Max
FullName : Max Sargent
Location : San Francisco Boston Wash D.C.
Followers : 34869
Friends : 3486
Created : 10 Sep 2014 18:52:13
Tweets : 3686
LastTweet : 21 Oct 2018 05:16:25
Bio : #GIRTHY #SweetDaddyCandy Happy Adult Entertainer For bookings only: [email protected]
%TweetsWithURLs : 12.8
%RetweetsInTimeline : 65.8
%TweetsWithContacts : 24
SocialAuthority : 44.2
SearchOrigin : adult only

Nigger tongue my anus

I forgot to search that one.
Chaturbate = 5,247
manyvids = 989
Fetish = 24,701 (Top 10K limit)

If you SUSPECT anyone you report, (((user))) you are not a court nor a jury and you are not an attorney asked to provide evidence. The agents investigate based on the merit of the information they receive.

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thats not entirely true. this is only correct if you want to get the 15%
if you want to report anonymously you may use this form
form 211 is only if you want to claim a reward

it seems as though some people want to convince us that we cannot report anonymously …. wonder why

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Hi there. I'm one of the originators of the #ThotAudit movement. Can you post contact information so that we can speak privately? I want our side to be heard.


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neck yourself faggot

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Niggerjew, people are free to do what they want. They can call the 800 fucking number or post a sticky note on their local IRS building. The official process for claiming bounties on the tax dodgers is the 211.

hello this is david wu, Id be happy to answer all your questions, post your phone number and I'll give you a call

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Open bob
post vagene
suck on my bitch lasagna!

not for the goyim!
stop looking into ancient Mesopotamia, that's antisemitic

I could only skim that bullshit and at no point does she realize that simply obeying the law makes her impervious to any 'attack'. What an entitled bitch

You can file bankruptcy every 7 years user.

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Victim mentality at its finest, user.

can't BK taxes, user

That's paid for with bounties.

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Can't bankrupt on student loans, goy

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Oy, 7 year disability discharge!

In case you fucktards thought I was joking.

I hope we can force these useless whores back into the labor market working in fast food, or they can finally own what they are and become prostitutes working the streets. Either way, the days of them not paying taxes are over.

Honestly, we already have the monkeys trained, I doubt thots can handle such endeavors.

I’m not entirely sure I want a washed up roastie with cum impregnated sausage fingers touching my food

It's only until robotics and automation replaces them. What would most likely happen however is that they find a beta bux to marry, cheat on, eventually divorce and take all their shit.

This was too much of a redpill not to immortalize in bitmap form

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Please suck a fart out of my butthole

Does any Australian Law fag know if this would also work here in Australia, Reporting these Whores to the ATO ??? That would be fucking great, Ozzy women are the most arrogant, retarded leftist cunts in History. 60% of the GDP goes to Welfare already, time to make them pay for it. Heil Hitler

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yea that's some fine MGTOW material right there, the sheer entitlement of these women is indescribable. It's rather comforting knowing they will eventually hit the wall and all their hopes and dreams will go right into the shitter.


Give it a try.

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