Royal navy destroyer buzzed by 17 'hostile' Russian fighter jets

Developments of strait of Azov incident

apologies for rushed thread but there is a concerning absence of this new heat.

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I was a little put off about the Ukranian thing but I think anyone with an ounce of sense knows that brits deserve it.


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i'm an Australian with an English vet grandad and I have a furious hatred for what Britain has become and what it has done. it troubles me deeply being an anglo

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What the fuck are the royal navy doing in the black sea?

Undermining Russias defensive integrity, not that I like Russia anymore, even their nationalists are just communists. I say fuck Russia, theres only one country that is beyond hope and thats it.

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fark off, go to an airport if you want to see the planes go woosh woosh

You know where you need to go.

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a collosal conflict between NATO and Russia might help facilitate the rise of actual nationalist groups, especially if living conditions decline coupled with racial tensions, so lets pray for war

I pray for war but not with Russia, that only ends in nukes. We want a war with something.. that isnt Iran because they will just nuke that too, something that ties the US and EU up so they cant police their own streets or spend time fucking with their domestic population.

I gotta say man, I can think of no enemy that will draw in all the resources of Europe and U.S like the Russian enemy. can you really seeEurope fighting against china or more than half heartedly participating in a war with Iran or Syria? we just need to meme harder than ever before once it kicks off, god willing, that both Russia and NATO countries are run by jews and to form militias instead of military

I hate to break it to you, but nukes are probably nearly inevitable now that Israel has them. Any significant victory of Europeans is likely going to be met with them killing everyone just to deny us our just reward for overcoming their evil. That said, it would be an improvement over kikes being happy and in control forever.

Russia has recently deployed their like 20x hypersonic missiles that vastly outpower the American counterpart and that means they can stop a first strike and return fire successfully. War with Russia, or even China would be terrible. Its not likely we get an ideal scenario, whats likely is kikes do what kikes do, that they go to war with Iran and when they start losing they nuke it.

The most valuable and relevant part of your post to what I'm saying would be your dubs. The rest was almost as much of a waste of your time as it was of mine.

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Russia fired at Ukranian tugboats, rammed one and captured 3 in the Sea of Azov.. Ukraine might be declaring martial law

they already have

Russia opens fire, but claims Ukranian aggression. It's Crimea 2.0 right before G20.

No one cares about the Royal Pakistan navy.
Make a proper thread next time faggot or stick to LiveLeak and don't doxx yourself. Actually livefart is faggotry now, use

23 Ukranians captured considered POW's by Ukrain.

The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.


what the fuck do you do in Ukrain's situation? do you really want war with a country as big as russia? are you supposed to just roll over and take it up the ass?

Cool your jets slick, I wasn't taking a stance just relaying.

Ha Ha, your reply made me LoL for real

For the price of one of those fighter jets the Brits could have launched 300 drones and took over the entire airspace.

no that was just a general question. you're the only one posting actual info

It's obvious what Ukrain will do, the same thing they did with Crimea. They will cry for help. I just find all this intersting since the G20 is close.

Crimea war 2 electric boogaloo going to kick Ivan’s ass one more time

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I hope Tommy Robinson rides into Ukraine on a white horse to kill slavs for queen and country, I can't wait for France to become African and I want the republic of Ireland nuked.

kill yourself you disgusting bong. tommy is a literal zionist. FREE IRELAND AND SCOTLAND YOU FUCKS

You'll take my life, but I'll take yours too
You'll fire your musket, but I'll run you through
So when you're waiting for the next attack
You'd better stand, there's no turning back
The bugle sounds, the charge begins
But on this battlefield, no one wins
The smell of acrid smoke and horses' breath
As I plunge on into certain death,


I think the real question is how will Trump handle this. Weak Obozo style? "These are not Russian tanks you are looking for, da comrad?"

I'm Scottish and have seen what a "free Ireland" looks like. I want greatness, not a petty backwards shithole. I've grown to hate European whining. Especially on the chans.
Born losers.

Anyone defending Russia in Ukraine. is simply put, a traitor.

uh oh, strap yourselves in goyim

Seems like Putin wanted that extra poker chip for the G20. Sheesh we got real problems here Russia can't you just chill for a few decades

Ireland: wah wah we are oppressed. can't be bothered to build a single boat and invade England.

You've got bigger problems than Ivan right now, Nigel.

nah, I'll be writing to my local mp posthaste to advice the uk government to ban this treasonous website and bring the agitators to justice.

Tommy Robinson, Jeremy Corbin, and Theresa May walk into a bar..

Man, remember when Britain wasn't just a prison island for cucks, and a paradise for child rape? Me neither, but I remember when it less obvious.

Lol put the pipe down and just say no.

say goodbye to your loved ones.

Goodbye everyone!

The Russians have always been shitty cowardly fighters. The Brits even now could still give Ivan a good kicking.

I bet Britain's economy would turn around if the got an economic consccesion zone in russia. Russia is the most backward country in the world now. time to colonize it!

Talking about war, capturing vessels, all before Trump is going to pull out of the nuke treaty. Pretty damn convienant.

If you have been paying attention this was ordered by the Russians to fabricate an “escalation” of tensions just before G20. It’s so putin could bring more cards to the table. They captured a few vessels that were leaving on a pre declared trip obvious set up is obvious.

Don't fucking bother, these idiots get their news from the commies at RT.. They aren't very bright.

Show's over lad.

That's what I was saying, but ok. Maybe my sarcasm was of.

Don't watch RT, why the hell would I just subject myself to Russian propaganda on purpose?

(((Obama))) would just do the whole "SANCTIONS ON RUSSIA" routine. Trump would probably write an angry tweet showing how angry he is. Although, after the tweet it depends how much the kikes are desperate to yank his leash to push him into war. With Rand blocking the Pissrael funds, this caused (((them))) to get desperate.

My bad bruh

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good, stay ignorant of Putin's game, you'll be dealt with later

Yay threats!


Fuck (((NATO))) ZOG world police, why are they've forced themselves there with their armed surveillance vessel just to spy on the area. Just the mere fact that they are there is provocative in the area in of itself. They shouldn't be there because it's none of their fucking business. So of course they should be expected to be provocated back. They're pathetic putting on a show and acting like its a fucking surprise.

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Why are anglo such cocksucking subhumans?

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No kike forced the anglos to save turkroaches in the Crimean War. They did it solely for money. Right now they are chest beating for war with fucking Russia again and I actually hope they do it.

Asks the gentleman who can not even complete a grammatically correct sentence.

Assmad Ivan over here.

Reminder that everything identified with the west can be more accurately described as British.
Yes, it's always up to us :^)

Divide and conquer.

And lol Britain has been the Jew capital of the world since before WW2, ever since the Jew (((Bank of England))) took over their the sole right to issue currency off fractional reserve, they use this economic power as leverage to subdue entire nations. Why talk about "anglos" whe kikes literally own their entire country and all their wealth, you can't blame the last white chav in brixton for what the Jews and their collaborators did to his genocide his neighborhood/country, he never voted for it and we never voted for any of it.

You can do it like pic related, subhuman.

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My daughter's are safe and sound. Are these people of the same faith as you?


Why does the "white" chav spews kike propaganda and ww2 chestbeating then?

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I thought of the lyrics to tailgunner and my thoughts drifted to planes in general. If I ever build a time machine I'll give the Germans a-10 schematics and good camera tech. I want to hear and see brrrrrt at stalingrad with a bunch of stahlhelm-wearing gents watching commies get blown the fuck up.

Why is it that all "Russian philosophy" is actually just mysticism?
Could it be the consequence of an untrusting multicult world view?

Filtered. Just derailing topic.

Why does the "white" chav spews kike propaganda and ww2 chestbeating then?

Nah, anglo whores love mudshits, that is why you have more muds than fucking Germany and being close behind France.
"Your" daughter looks fine because she consents to being gangbanged by shitskins, thats why they didn't give her any bruise.

Subhuman anglo "banting" then cowers like a little bitch. Go to hell, crooked teeth subhuman.

Fuck the UK. The manipulative pieces of shit will do anything to drag the US into a war.

Yeah they sure "deserve" heinous crimes like this

Jew controlled media isn't representative of reality, talk to anyone and ask them if they like forced mass third world immigration. If you actually tried talking to people you'd quickly find that nobody really likes this shit.

Do you think the bong solders are cucked enough to be willing to die for a regime that is trying to genocide them?

It's one thing to spew anti-white talking points to show how loyal you are to get a pay-check, but it's different when you have a good probability of dying.

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better a "white" chav than a "white" slav(spewing kike propaganda since 1917).

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They have annexed land from 2 European neighbors in 20 years. They have expressed desire to annex the Baltic’s. The USSR was only 30 years ago and Putin is a literal KGB agent.

Just listen to you. Talking about a person's child being gangbanged, you should really take that subhuman talk to the mirror.

They have been for the last 70 years, yeah. And even before that. Your question smacks of ignorance.

1. Revanchism isn’t world domination.
2. The USSR was not Russia and had little to nothing to do with ethnic Russians.
3. Your copied and pasted jewish western media talking points don’t fly here.

Do you think the Russians are willing to die for an anti white regime trying to genocide them? Where do you think the largest mosque in Europe is? Berlin? London? Paris maybe?

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Yet they don't do shit about it.

The worst mistake was not allowing the Germans to forge a Giga Reich out of Russia.

South Africa, Rhodesia, Germany, Crimean War, etc.
All anglos and their shitspawns need to die a horrible death, but preferably being bred out by the pakis they imported first.
V for Victory!.churchill.png
Eat shit, subhuman.

You can't even read your shittounge, tommy? I fucking wish you poke the vatniks. I DOUBLE DARE you subhumans to do it.
Come on!

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Ok, did you really have to scare my eyes with your jackshack fetish pics. Insults are one thing but please, keep your kinks to yourself.

I bet you spam 4chan with IRA blogposts.

It is your compatriot, a fellow subhuman anglo. He looks like you do. Why do hate yourself, tommy? Is that why your daughter is enjoying hairy gangbang with sandniggers? Oh wait, "Asians".

Lol, you are getting neurotic, tommy cocksucker.
I didn't say a single good thing about le 65% slavshit mudslime "Asian" land.
I just wish both of you monkeys consummate your relationship with a war already. Island Monkey, go back to school!

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Na, you filtered. I don't mind arguing with shit for brains like you, but I don't want to see your cock n ball fetish pics.

Sure, comrade. I wonder why basically all Russians have an overwhelming nostalgia for it, have a boner for having it back to its old borders. Russian Federation is a legal successor of the USSR for a reason

well, I give up. someone else can uncode his wordist bullshit
can't make heads or tails of it

It is the subhuman anglos cheering for 1945 and victory at all costs. Why do hate yourself, tommy? You are some kind of neurotic cuck?
Are you busy now that you have to wash your little cunt from mudslime cum before she lets you take your turn like the crooked teeth pedo incestous shit you are?

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Here is more material so you can motivate yourself to integrate into this post nazi world better, monkey.

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