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Nice, that's what they get for being good goys.

Wow that's beautiful. I'll celebrate this tonight.

yeah nobody was saying that when Russia went in and they left after acheiving nothing as well.
It's almost like there's a third entity that controls both the US and Russia that doesn't wars to be decisively and quickly run, but rather run on for years costing gorrillions.

*doesn't wars to be quickly and decisively won (is what I meant)

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oh well: at least normalscum said "thanks for your service"

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Were they White soldiers? I imagine so if they were near dangerous shit. Celebrating this is kike mentality on show. This is White death and these men were deceived into serving a country that doesn't exist anymore. When the day comes certain things will be necessary and they will be done but there's no joy to be had in it.

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Except that morphine and its precursors are completely synthesized in chemistry, so no need for that, but w/e beside the point

There was absolutely no benefit strategically or economically for the united states to fight wars 1000s of miles away. Your friends died for Israel and for the yinon plan.

ZOG bitches put dead. Good.

americans, everyone

Normalscum should thank you for your service.

They won't, they'd rather be scum, than thank those they deplored as fags, in order to be promoted one rank to normalfaggotry, they feel it sagacious to wait until kingdom come to know their lack of freedom, thus was Freedom never maintained or gained by the normie feelz, were that true, we'd all been saved by trumpets or bernie shills.

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real good start to win people to our side, fucking nigger

Winning people to our side…
How do you win to our side someone who devoted their life to achieving ZOGs goal?

Besides which the ZOG cog is now dead
Hurrah for the goy

dumb shill
now you get it

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and nothing of value was lost

Where do you think Hitler's army came from? Genuine question.

not from low iq mutts fighting for israel that's for sure

I hate to burst your bubble, that's fucking precisely what they were.

what a dumb mutt shill

the average SA man was smarter and more noble than any ameritrash shekelscum zogbot

Are you inciting brother wars right now? It seems like you're trying to make white people fight each other.


amerimutts arent my brothers but the biggest perverters of national socialism today

my brothers are other europeans that want to destroy your jewish heaven accross the atlantic

No, I'm saying they came from that and turned into something better.
Were you born magically knowing Jews ran the world? Good for you. The rest of us aren't so lucky.

The country you live in is most likely also controlled by kikes. Given you're speaking (lazy) English. Stop trying to make white people fight for your benefit, and stop not using the word kike.

So from birth to now you guys were always aware of the ZOG? Get fucked, some people aren't aware of what they are truly a part of, and it's up to people like us to make them aware to that fact.

I never said that, you did though you fucking kike

… and nothing of value was lost.

seething americunts

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Over the last 3 or 4 years we've seen the movement shift into pretending to try and convince others of Hitler being the good guy
It now mainly consists of ex-leftists who now claim to be red-pilled who all sucked on jewish NeoCon cocks because it triggers leftists and muslims and now no closer to undermining jewish power at all in fact it merely reinforced it.

I've long stopped caring about the willfully ignorant

Okay. So you magically knew from birth that kikes control the world? Answer the question.

indeed I was, like every other European

Hahaha, okay, I think we're done here.


cope, amerimutt

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You are done, well and truly
At least you got your man in office, pity your man is an orange kike

still forcing this D&C meme?

Better than any alternative.

still supporting ur zogbot vets?

dumb mutt

Who would you have preferred to be the President?

Depressingly that single point is the one strand you MAGApedo spastics still hang onto as if it justifies your support and campaigning for ZOG

It doesn't

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I'm not defending him. This race, as all presidential races, is a choice between the lesser of two evils. Are you old enough to post here? Everyone who's 18 knows this.


Then present your solution, oh magical psychic wonderful mystery european man who reveals nothing but definitely knows more than everyone else.

do you honestly think voting is the solution? first answers this

Nope. Now you.


Man, I dunno why I come here any more. This site is all boomers and furries and kikes at this point.
I already know the universal truth, I think I'll just start redpilling more white people in real life.

Super. Retard.

Please die painfully and take your MAGApedo spastic chums with you

How do you red-pill people by convincing them to vote for ZOG?

That's the exact opposite of red-pilling someone.

I said the solution is not voting. I said that before you asserted I believed in voting.

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If you don't vote for anyone, how will that solve anything? They'll just pick the one they want. Voting isn't the most correct answer, but it is more correct than nihilism.

is this peak american brain power?

So you still haven't provided your 6 million IQ answer.



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This is your entire argument. You just think that doing anything is stupid. That we should all just sit around and wait for a miracle to fall into our laps. Good luck with that, whether you're a kike or not. I think I'll take charge of my own destiny, thank you.

Come on now.

The solution, you amerimumtt subhuman, is to live a decent life and pass on your knowledge and Hitler's words on to your children until the time for Hitlerism to rise will come again.

Now, you mongrelized low iq nigger, how is what I said nihilism and worse than your voting for literal kikelovers of any party and supporting your zogbot mongrel army?

If 100% of the population abstained from voting, what would happen?

Same question.

If 100% of the population voted, what would happen?

nice baiting and moving goalposts, mutt

Then they'd cheat. Now stop acting like a fucking hook nase, you god damn yid. Stop slithering out of every question and answering with your own like you're on fucking trial. Have a conviction.

The same thing that would happen if everyone voted. It would just be a different face sending aid to Israel, and that face wouldn't have a voter base to lull into a sense of fulfillment because "well, ah voted me a good candidate, he's gon fiex it"

what a dumb nigger, bait someone else tbh

answered ur question here while u ignored mine

How is it any better? :^)

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You sound like a Q-tard christcuck.

If everyone votes, they cheat. It might work, it might not.
If no one votes, they cheat harder and it definitely works.
This shit isn't rocket science.

Along with the rest of the world. Your country does too unless you are an Iran or NK fag


when's trumpkike sending the next 40 billion shekels for israel?

Proof for my statement, by the way.

Lesser. Evil.

Why do you talk so much like a kike?

why do you support a kikelover?

No country gives the kikes 40 billions each year other than muttmerica.

When did I say that?

bait someone else, bye

meant for this quote>>12478143

I called Trump evil, and you think that means I support him?

Fucking subhuman mutts. The lowest SA thug is SAINT compared to a mutt scum.

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gtfo kike

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Are you fucking serious?

So, me saying "I'm not defending him" and calling him, in my own words, evil, is in your eyes, my support?

you are proving the meme true, idiot

also see

Wow, a picture with a quote on it. Okay, I guess you're right. I'll help the jews then.

listen here nigger faggot, your country has no history, no culture you are all mix of english,german,scottish,french,italian,irish and god knows what other (dont even get me started on how many fucking nigger mutts there are in the pathetic excuse of a country you call your homeland) your country should be destroyed because of the cancer it spilled on this world, the fucking degeneracy that your fucking shithole exports is fucking enourmous nigger faggot


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You seem upset.

help real national socialists by killing yourself

And this is why kikes rule over you and most of the world. All you do is bitch and pray to Hitler. Get a fucking grip on reality and make a plan to do something instead of kvetch to others.

Nah. I'm gonna initiate a brother war and kill you like you keep saying I want to. You know how many guns us dumb mutts have, right? Are you smart enough to dodge bullets?

have some brain cells instead of ur gun fetish

Nah, I blew all those away with muh 12 gauge lmfao
u gon git ta deadin' by my shottie

There wasn't ONE instance of pre 1945 Germany after unification sending aids or soldiers to aid kikes.
Not ONE.
Eat shit, mutt.

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So Weimar DIDN'T exist. Life was always great for Germany and they kicked out the root of problems that didn't exist because ???????
Okay cool story bro

what a dumb mutt specimen, the nigger blood from your ancestors fucking plantation whores is showing