User drops a tip on 4chan. Shills spaz out. Get digging


Historical DNS A

Historical DNS MX


Historical DNS A

Historical DNS MX


Historical DNS A

Historical DNS DNX

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Thread on 4chan:

non-shill first post. I'll get some screenshots.

MX records

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TXT records

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SOA records

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NS records

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single AAAA record
A records and preview of first page for CPP (it's seven pages)

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4pol threads getting shut down and moved to /bant/ whatever the fuck that is.
Searching for general rundown type info as I only vaguely know what DNS does:

DNS Fundamentals

>2. Query the name servers for the MX records
And so forth. I'll be looking for more context so I know what exactly we'd be digging.

Nice meme.

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nice damage control there

Bump for new Q larp


Wouldn't this thread be more suited to the young conservatives for isreal Website?

We're gonna need more lamps for all these lampshades.

Oh shit, this looks important. Quick, try to tie it to muh q somehow, make another IRS internship recruiting thread, anything to distract the goyim from seeing the connection between the Clintons and child trafficking!

Pretend that I am retarded and give me a tl;dr on what these implications mean.

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Q or not, this pizzagate was always real, and if there's anything new to dig, it ought to be dug.

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Shills are already out in force in this thread proves Its real

lol thread was moved to /bant/

* * * WARNING * * *
* * * WARNING * * *
* * * WARNING * * *

* * * Q-user THREAD * * *


* * * WARNING * * *
* * * WARNING * * *
* * * WARNING * * *

reddit spacing is on purpose



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Q is a faggot and a CIA nigger asset, but this statement is factually retarded and egregiously disconnected from imageboard culture. Birds fly, fish swim, autists dig.

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top wew you glow in the dark


Reported for new Q-LARP.

The shills have arrived and have began screeching in terror. That means you're on the right track.


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Reported. Fuck off. You have a board where this belongs.

oy vey

I don't even know what the fuck this Q shit is since I've been a homeless retard for like a year and haven't really been on here for ages, but these people screaming Q-LARP when it's fully contained in this thread kind of give it some credit. I googled Qanon and only found guardian articles and shit so if someone could infodump and spoonfeed me on q-larping that would be great


filter /b/ tier nonsense. Even if it it's nothing it's an interesting post. We're not exactly splitting at the seams with those these days.


/Bant/ is the board they created right after the election to move "off topic" threads to.
Off topic being anything that isn't nigger dick porn or shill created.
4pol has changed a lot in two years, more than ever before. It's almost impossible to maintain a long term discussion about shit, but you can do some redpilling by shitting up shill threads with red pills and good arguments.
Generally, if it isn't an obvious shill thread, or isnt a nigger dick porn thread, it's deleted or moved to /bant/, 100% of the time over there.

gas yourself

It twinges me heart a little. On occasion I'll wonder if it's improved any and visit, lurking and every time I'm starkly reminded why I left it. There was a time 4chan was my favorite site.

no it's not

Remember the secret menu on cometpingpong. Don't forget the 250,000$ pizza that you must finish off due to poor health of the the pizza. Also the pizza does have hair so don't worry about that
Consequences for getting the secret out are (of course) necessarily harsh to protect everyone's secret
Your "special friend" will be in touch shortly
You all get the rope when this is said and done
Nuclear hellfire will be a preferable solution to your upcoming misery

Q-larping is the new "Conspiracy Theory"
Created so that any attempt at digging could be gas lighted with the term

Where did we came from during the Exodus nigger ?

Who the fuck cares. What else are people going to do, argue over trump some more? Why exactly can't people look into things for themselves? Oh that's right because it will expose you hook nosed leeches. I could use some new soap.

Cuckchan niggers need to fuck off

Some fag started Miss-Chleo-ing dumb boomers with incredibly vague word-symbols and now they all think it's like Barron Trump from the future predicting false flag events or some shit. It's just normal insider-LARPing where the "hints" are broad enough that literally anything that happens can be retrofitted to make sense in context.

"Q" predicted a bunch of deep state arrests and pie in the sky bullshit and boomers fell in love. It's been like 2 years now and nothing has happened so boomers and schizos are getting restless.


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This and it's used to shut down other unrelated shit sometimes as you see in the (((NASA))) thread. Too bad the glowniggers forget anons here are usually a bit more awake than boomtards who believe the Qcumber script.

Reported for being ShareBlue.

This is the kind of sleuthing that NYT is supposed to be doing, but their editor prefers to fuck kids and is blackmailed.

You know, Brock, screaming "CUEEEEEEEEE" isn't going to help you now. In fact, the whole "Q-LARP, QCumber, Q-Tard" insults brought up out of nowhere pretty much paint a huge fucking target on you. Get better shilling skills.


Can someone shed some light onto what this means regarding the clinton server? What are we looking at? Is this showing a connection of HRC's server to cometpingpong and wethepizza? But we already knew that because comet ping pong, at least, was specifically mentioned in the emails. Are the other DNS's in the photos you posted signifigant?

Bump because it keeps the spergs busy and contained.

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What did he mean by indictments list? Where could one find such a list

High level dnsfag here. I looked through all these screenshots and couldn't see any connections.
Though, I haven't compared to the indictments list, there doesn't seem to be any commonality among the domain names in this post.
Most of the targets referenced are really common public hosters like cloudflare, amazon, godaddy, mandrillapp, google. Nothing here stands out as any hosting entity connecting these domains together. If there is a connection here, I can't see it.

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fuckoff with your pizzagate LARP, everytime some shill pushes this shit the real dirt goes under our noses

They specifically put the correct answer under 'common core' to look smart
There is no such thing as division, it's multiplication by a number smaller than one
There is no such thing as subtraction, it's adding a negative number

Every time you see a fraction, replace it with a real number, in the example would become
20 * 0.2 * ( 2 * 2)
You will never get this shit wrong ever again

possibility the IP addresses listed may have hosted other services in the past or be linked to certain people. I'm too lazy to check. Of course there is no indictment list in my hands either. IP's are likely to be listed within indictments if it's for, well, terrible shit.

The problem with this is that it requires abstract thought. Half of people are below average. For them, it's easier to memorize shit.

really makes me think


So why was this pic 404ed?

It's almost as if this "leaker" is just some autistic Trumpnigger who thought he figured something out and pretended to be an insider, like the original Q LARPer, before it was taken over by the Patriotard Soapbox

I'm guessing the interesting bits are buried somewhere in the six pages of A records that I didn't post. Plus, screenshots are kind of useless for this since the real task is getting a text dump of all of the IP addresses and seeing which match up and aren't on some shared third-party server.

Literal ad hominem

There were dig threads before QLARP existed, faggot.

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Blatant LARPs weren't taken seriously before /r/The_Donald occupied Zig Forums. When these faggot's autistic hunch doesn't pan out, maybe you'll realize that, but you probably won't.


Wow user you convinced me, i should get all my information for approved sources like CNN, MSNBC, and my local synagogue

How about you keep them here instead.

By standard order of operations the (2*2) is in the denominator bracket. You resolve all brackets first, THEN any numbers right next to brackets. 5(2*2) means "five of these things" not five as an independent number.

underrated post

PEMDAS for basic maths, FOIL for algebra. shits only hard if you're related to niggers. polite sage for off-topic

You're at least as bad, since people aren't indoctrinated from birth to put blind faith into anonymous online posters.

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you are retarded, after you solve what's inside the brackets, they disappear, there is no such thing as "solving things adjacent to brackets first"
20 / 5 * (2 * 2)
20 / 5 * 4
20 * 0.2 * 4

Even if 20 / 5 * (4) was a thing, you solve 4 first, then it becomes 20 / 5 * 4

What are you going to do when nothing comes of this?

Again the basic order of operations is:

For algebra:

Pay your taxes.

Fuck off IRS
You're not getting me sheckels

all you kikes can do is throw whatever's left of your brains on the wall hoping something of it sticks. and all of you can't even shill properly

Don't trust anyone, just sit at your computer mocking people trying to accomplish anything in real life. unless it's information from an approved mainstream news source that tells me how drumpf hates white people

Yet if you actually follow the rules you can see that the Common Core method returns not only an incorrect result of the computation, but also incorrectly concludes that the value of 1 is equal to 16.

I hate Trumpniggers so much.

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Those drumpfkins are so stupid, let me show you how stupid they are by posting a article from CNN about how he'll never fulfill any of his promises

you do multiplication before division retard.

This post looks like a reserve shill pulled from shilling some normie site as backup. Cant even sage.

Have a bump OP

You're retarded user, he transformed the division into a fractional multiplication.

Hes retarded for doing that then because the correct answer is 1. You multiply 5 x 4 first then divide. PEMDAS

the absolute state of Zig Forums shills

Answer my question: what are you going to do when nothing comes of this, just like Q and AnonFrank?

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Which leftypol thread did you poach that epic meme from?

Ignore retards from every side. It's worth looking into if just for confirming what we know. If the records match up with the indictments, add it to the pile of things we already know; that all incriminating information is at trump's fingertips but he won't lift a finger because he's not supposed to do anything but give false hope.

Heeb free post, keep digging faggots

Explain how twenty divided by twenty equals sixteen? If you follow the actual order of operations the correct result is one. PEMDAS you fucking niggers.

20 / 5 (2 * 2) = 1
Two times two equals four.
Five times four equals twenty.
Twenty divided by twenty equals one.

after he does nothing for the next 24 months, people will be so demoralized they might finally be willing to do something other than rely on juden to fix the problems they created.
I'm sure juden will have a solution, but I'm also sure the fractures will run deep enough to wreak havoc on a massive scale.

like a moth to a flame
here to dig

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Who would win:

Holy shit anons stop replying to bait. I expected better of you. Either be useful or gtfo.