(((Kate Beckinsale))) credits liquified foreskins for her flawless complexion


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there's nothing worse that can happen to a man than having his dick cut off, it completely destroys your life, there is no point to being alive but waiting for potential foreskin regeneration someday

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The cover stories get more and more ridiculous and unbelievable. Reminds me of a certain hall I heard so much about.

The jew has pushed east it seems.

It makes sense as South Korea is a hellish feminist dystopia.

south korea is the only non-moslem, non-tribal country where they routinely cut baby dicks other than the (((US))) and Israel

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this map isn't all that accurate though 'cause dick cutting is still common in the western us states and LA and Fl and also in South Korea and it certainly wasn't "always rare" in Kazakhstan 'cause it's a moslem country. they do cut less nowadays though AFAIK 'cause they're some of the least devout moslems now

The "penis facial" is just a psudeoscientific scam that preys on vain celebrities. You cannot absorb or integrate stem cells into your body by applying them to your skin. And it's a good thing for them, because the immunoreposne would give them symptoms exactly like Lupus.

Any benefits they get from the treatment are from moisturization. If you processed any live mammal tissue the way they process the "cloned foreskin" and applied it to her face the results would be the same.

IMO the psychological damage to the infant is far worse than having dried out glans.

Intense pain experienced in infancy causes brain damage that lowers IQ and stunts emotional development. It causes problems with relationships and social adaptation. Guarantee you that 80-90% of white NEETS are circumcised blacks are just naturally NEETS.

How long have we been saying this? Zig Forums was right again. At least now that it is in the mainstream media people might believe it.

Oh look the faggot with the foreskin slide, again. GTFO mcfaggot.

Pretty ironic, since she played "Vampire slayer" in Van Hellsing movie.
Second, (((they))) tricked her to play a vampire in Underworld.
Now, she became an "actual vampire" IRL.

(((Pure coincidence)))

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Bump because you can't hide this, jew.

Everytime I catch myself thinking one of these famewhores is attractive, I remember the 10,000 jew dicks they took to get where they're at.

Clown world. We're in it.

Circumcision, financial benefit from circumcision, vocal support of circumcision. All of the above should be punishable by death.

Every time I catch myself thinking a movie is worth watching, I remember it was made by kikes who want me dead, and even if it wasn't, I'm still electing to watch a movie instead of something more productive.

burn the jews

burn the jews

burn the jews

burn the jews

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burn the jews

burn the jews

She's also a furry, and part asian.

I look at the net worth of pornstars from the last decade.
hope it was worth it


Good. Cast aside their diversions.

Oh man, imagine the possibilities if we didn't cut a tiny chunk of skin off! Begs the questions why everyone else with foreskin performed worse.

Yeah, that's bluepilled newfags for you.

There's something about the way she looked in that movie that I can't forget. It's just too fucking hot. I wish women dressed like that in reality.



B-but/pol/ told me women are not parasites

hello rabbi
autists might be fucking inventors but they're fucking autists

What the fuck is wrong with her face?

Continental Europeans outperformed us in civilian technology unrelated to defense. I lived in Europe for a few years and was always impressed by the level of appliance efficiency and structural engineering. A step above the US. And even without the focus on defense, their military small arms are easily the equal of our own.

Learn to use echoes you retarded nigger.
Is Beckinsale Jewish? Do you have proof? No? Then don't fucking use the echoes.

I better never hear some Eurofag take pride in a single thing ever then, or they're a fucking jew.

Paid a lot of money to have it carved into that classic heart shape.

I'm not really a Christian but I like E. Michael Jonse's comparison of the Jews to vampires, and vampires to Christ.
>Jesus Christ shed His blood so that you can have eternal life. Vampires shed your blood so they can have eternal life.

Wrong. The US has been unmatched for the last 200 years. Only a few years ago US citizens held more patents annually than the rest of the world combined. Patents are proof of invention. Everything you say is absolutely worthless because you started out with a lie.

You can go full boomer if you want, but you're still wrong on multiple levels.

Yet the facts back me up. Interesting, huh?


What a sick, sadistic cunt!

it not something you should say is worse or not.

losing 60% of pleasure and have the most sensitive part of your penis STILL be less sensitive than the less sensitive of a natural penis. is still very mentally damaging once the man starts to realize just what was taken from him and the shit he has gone through since birth.

Nah, just stating some facts. If people want to cut it off, or their kid's, I don't give a shit. It didn't negatively impact me or anyone else in this country. It certainly didn't impact those circumcised Americans that invented the basis for the modern computer, which you're using, or the American that invented the personal computer, or the Americans in the military that invented the internet.

Oh, by the way, we rural, circumcised Americans have higher birthrates than nearly all of Europe.


Kate Beckinsale is a MtF transgender.

i thought the american pacific coast was pozzed beyond repair.

Flat out lie. Nerve endings does not equate to pleasure. I've come across adults who got circumcised who have attested to there being no difference in pleasure. They're the authority on "pleasure," in this regard, not you. You seem to be mistaking ease of achieving orgasm with pleasure. Problem is, women prefer a man that lasts longer.


they are traumitized beyond hope, Shekelstein

just gas yourself you kike

Speak for yourself, jew. I'm pissed the fucking jew doctors took my foreskin. They owe me for what they took from me with interest.


That's some urban lefty victimhood pussy shit right there.

But I'm not traumatized. As a matter of fact, given how willingly Europeans give up their speech rights and right the bear arms, maybe they're the ones who are a bit traumatized.

Global report.

Hello Zig Forums.

you have super magic powers from jew foreskin removal

got it shitstein


Global report for supporting circumcision and lying about childhood genital mutilation.

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You jews should be familiar with the concept of "an eye for an eye".

Global report. You are objectively wrong.

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No, just superior genes. All the good genes in Europe came here; hence why we've outpaced European countries in invention and innovation for 200 years.

If you didn't know kimchis are big fans of talmud, also after (((US))) korea has the highest number of christcuck missionaries.

Some jew site: Why South Koreans are in love with Judaism

Newyorker: How the Talmud Became a Best-Seller in South Korea
>In 2011, the South Korean Ambassador to Israel said on Israeli public television that each Korean family has at least one copy of the Talmud.

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so your foreskin removal didn't give you magic YHWH powers, you admit

What's it like being a mental infant?

Would that be something along the lines of Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, so we nuked them? Eye for an eye.

No, I just have better genes than you.

no you don't because you're a jew

You = ✡

I mean, you can tell yourself that to feel better about living in a dependent welfare state, but the fact of the matter is, yes, we do have better genes. All the good European blood came to the US.

You're a paid jewish shill, so that's proven false.

you're not european, shlomo

Right, I must have sprung up out of the soil here in the US. Genes don't exist. What is science?

This thread is merely a playground for the jew e15822. He is trying to eat up your time by arguing in this thread when you could be doing anything else and it would likely be better for you.
If there is any purpose to it, filter him and discuss the topic.

if it looks like a jew and talks like a jew it's a jew
penis mutilation is a jewish trait

i was circumcised as a babby. now i have babby and didnt get him circumcised. how well am i supposed to clean his dick cheese? he gets it from the diaper and from his own shit. its gross.
i have my wife clean it, but i cant help but feel weird about having either of us pull the skin back and clean in there, i dont want him getting an infection.

how do you uncuts deal with it?
how do babbys deal with it?
are you supposed to tell your kid to get in there and clean it?

Oh man, it's almost like I'm talking to a lefty rat who's got a few go-to talking points, and when they fail, and creative thought fails to ensue, you pull out the buzzwords.

Make your wife do it.

Global report. You are objectively wrong.

1)Tell us their names.
2)Show the proof that they're being already circumcised since birth.

You seem dumb, and mad.

It's a paid jewish shill, user. GLOBAL report every post it has made in the thread. It's literally equating ✡circumcision✡ with supremacy.

Global report. You are objectively wrong.

Why do Americans just accept genital mutilation of boys?

I'm not looking up every component, but there's a major basis for them right there. Both Americans.


kike doctors don't tell the truth about how harmful it is and talk about the "benefits" it has, like "it's cleaner/easier to clean", "women like it", "you last longer", which, even if they were beneficial, it doesn't outweigh the loss of a sensitive part of the body, traumatizing to the young child.

I know about them.
Where is evidence that they was circumcised ?

How's that a lie? It's common sense. Less nerve endings equates to needing more stimulation to achieve orgasm, which means lasting longer.

a lot of it is just some sort of stockholm syndrome. It was done to them so it must be okay.

The denial is never easy to get through.
…and it still leave you very angry once you do. Foregen can't come soon enough.

Their religion. Their place of birth. Far greater a likelihood they were than weren't.

actually circumcised men suffer more from pre mature ejaculation than their natural counterparts.

It legitimately is though. Do it or don't, but the reasoning in this thread is asinine. There's no negatives to doing it. It doesn't decrease IQ, which I already debunked. This is just a thread full of morons trying to find self-achievement in doing absolutely nothing because they're losers.

Bullshit talk.
Do you have direct evidence ?

Well that's contrary to the evidence.

i do

It's not bullshit though. It's like saying a woman in Saudi Arabia has likely worn a burka because of where she was born and the religion of the nation. It's an educated assumption. You, on the other hand, have absolutely not means of countering it with a more reasonable assumption.

The jew acts like cutting off part of your dick so you lack sensations you would get normally is a good thing.

This thread is a pure example of jews, where they take from you and act like they benefited you. Just like they do financially, culturally, socially, they will take part of your flesh, your genitals, and say they helped you be a better person.

jews are the worst subhumans out of all the subhumans.

Emotional argument again. Too dumb to understand the point being made.


And then insults when I point out he stated that
which means you lack the sensations an uncut male would have, and the jew acts like it's a benefit while calling me stupid.
No matter what you say, you will not get me to not hate you all.

That's the point genius. Less stimulation equals lasting longer. You're coming to the point, just very, very slowly. 82 IQ.

So, you have no evidence of these Americans being circumcised and you just continue to bullshit talk ? Ok then.
Try to debunk that scientific research, Mordecai.


since there is a huge (((faggot))) in the thread


All scientific theories start off with unsubstantiated ideas. If it were up to people like you, this would be a very primitive civilization. I guess your foreskin does not, in fact, raise your IQ, or rather, as proposed above, neither does my lack of foreskin seem to lower mine.

Wait, wait, we're on Zig Forums. You don't believe in that kind of stuff, right?

Bathing in the blood of the innocent is a very traditional thing.

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