The jewish empire in Europe

This is the truth Zig Forums mods are hiding

Germany is behind the destruction of the West.
Who do you think invented Communism and the Frankfurt School / 68 movement?
Who do you think is behind the European superstate?
Who do you think is behind the "amerimutt" spam, and general anti-white shilling on Zig Forums?
Who is behind shilling and spamming Zig Forums with anti-white shit?

The Germans.

Get redpilled, niggers.
Jews and Germans can be shown to be equivalent populations.

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What is the history of the EU?
The European Union is the brainchild of German' thinkers, aristocrats, bureaucrats, political leaders.
It was already proposed in the 1920s, as an effort by the old Imperial aristocracy of Germany to stop the increased domination of French and British over the beaten nation - after Germany started ww1 through its militaristic agression, it got beaten, and then asked, "why are you so harsh! Let's be friends and make your economy dependant on me!" (Look up Pan European Society for this!).

The EU is a German enslavement project

This is the goal of the European "project". To make all of the economies of the rest of Europe dependent on Germany.
It is financial power, since their military power was defeated… The German elites are clinging desperately to power in Europe. This is why they – and the German people – now want to "punish" the dignified British for having the courage to leave the German hegemony (EU).

In fact, majority of funding for EU comes from finance and industry, which is - Surprise! - dominated by Germans.
Every non - German EU country is de facto a SATELLITE of Berlin. Both economically, and politically.

Popular resistance is rising in such countries … Greece, France, Spain, Britian … But their governments will not concede to the people's demands since they have German interests to protect!

Throughout the Cold war, Germans subverted and controlled major decisions on BOTH SIDES OF THE WALL.
Research how Communism even spread to Russia - It was the Imperial Germans' doing!
That's right, the German Empire is what brought 70 years of COMMUNISM in Asia and Europe. Causing the death of hundreds of millions.
Still think this country is worthy of TRUST?

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All of the REDPILLS are above this post.
Surely the pro-German AKA Ashkenaz / Zion shills will arive soon
Disregard any pro-EU / Pro-German message you read in this thread.
Remember that Bonn/Berlin governance has controlled Europe ever since 1919.
Every important political development then has been a game of Germans, acting in their own interest.
Migration, the Euro, foreign wars, debt, poverty. All of these were created by Germans to maintain their power over Europe.
Please help make Europe a free continent!

the germans are the jews!
sage you jewish fucking faggot cant wait for the day

And here they are! That didn't take long!
Please reread the posts above and get rid of your uninformed opinion

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I was biting the bait really hard until this part.

Notice how he didn't say the word kike ONE TIME.

Have you ever even been to Europe before?
I've been around there in France. Even in mid-level financial circles, you would not believe the amount of Germans in management positions. They are IN CONTROL and they know it. It's like this throughout the EU. The nepotism is unbelievable. If you challenge their power in any way, your ass is on the streets.
Please reread the posts above and try to get the OBVIOUS LOGICAL CONCLUSIONS FROM THE HISTORY OF EUROPE IN THE PAST CENTURY into your brain. I know swallowing redpills is hard, just try it.

"Jews" per the bible, are those who follow God's law, not the hook nosed lying banker kikes.

Those who call themselves "Jews" are actually the synagogue of Satan.

Kike. Here you go. It's all the same shit anyway. German, Judaean, Ashkenazi, Alemani.

Just quit your lying, Christian Identity loon.


Reminder that if you have a positive opinion on Germany, you also like the EU, mass immigration of third worlders, and everything that has happened to Western civilization in the past two centuries

If the picture accompanying your post was even semi-literate; if your post even had an ounce of cleverness toit, I would gladly have continued reading the thread. As it stands, I hate being lectured to by an illiterate buffoon.

No, this is politics. It's still relevant TODAY because it is still happening as we speak.

I don't need the readership of someone who doesn't even try to discover the truth, even though it's right in front of him.


The Jews admit it themselves, but they follow lucifer and follow his rules.

They claim the title "Jew" but they are not but do lie.

In Revelation 2:9, Jesus is said to have written, “I know your works, tribulations and your poverty (but you are rich), and the blasphemy by those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.” In Revelation 3:9, Jesus is said to have written, “Behold, I will cause those of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews, and are not, but lie–behold, I will make them to come and bow down at your feet, and to know that I have loved you.”


Real schizoposting hours, gents. Let's see if we can pull some dubs out of this mess.

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Let's try that again.

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Once more

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fuck one off

crisis averted

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Get fucked.

There are decades old active measures coming to a head right in front of you. There's a new golem in town, faggot.

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Wtf is going on here, for the past 2 weeks all I see in this board is this Alex Jones type of bullshit

itt: butthurt shitskins larping as whites & shilling for their (((masters)))


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Ah yes, I see my work has scared you to the very core. Tick tock, you treacherous rat.

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Actually fuck that, you forced them like cuckchan cancer, lurk two years faggot.

At least something good came out of this retarded thread that the jannies won't fucking delete.

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It's a lame, forced get which counts for nothing.

you have to go back

Good trolling, OP.
But you're wrong, here is why:

1.(((Karl Marx))).

2.(((Guess who)))

3.Count Kalergi. He is mutt himself (half Austrian-Hungarian/half Japanese) and probably hate himself for this and want transform the Europe to race-mixed shithole. And don't forget about (((these))) people.

4.JIDF, Hasbara, ADL, etc.

It's hard to argue what it is: an demoralization campaign or just trolling.

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Global report.

No, seriously. You got into wrong place.
Go back to /int.

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