A report from the enemy's lair

For several months now, I've been working undercover at the European Jewish Parliament, a subversive organization owned by a kike billionaire. I am a low-level employee so far, but am trying to worm my way in deeper.
Anyway, these guys are bad business. They have contacts across the entire Europe. They look for important and powerful people, find out if they have Jewish friends, then recruit these friends to influence them. Or just take a shortcut and recruit influential kikes in the first place. Their support includes almost all Jewish communities infesting Europe, as well as many large kike orgs, like Simon Wiesenthal Center.
They have a habit of holding conferences and meetings either behind closed doors or in places where attention will be minimal. Their most recent one just finished - it took place in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, at an obscure hotel at the edge of the city. They discussed future plans, strategies and failures, and this is exactly what I'm going to tell you about.

1. They have by now realized that mass migration is working against them. Some of the members proposed just packing up and leaving for Pissrael, but the leaders shot them down by saying that all that influence in Europe is far too precious to throw away. So now they will slowly backpedal on shitskin imports in favor of "rebuilding Africa", aka sending your tax money as gibs so that kike-run charities would leech them. Next year, expect condemnation of mass migration from prominent Eurocrats and heavy promotion of Africa-based projects. It's creation of a new money sink for kikes to suck on.

2. They are shit-scared of right-wing parties rising in Europe, even the most milquetoast and cuckservative ones, like Swedish Democrats. They have completely lost control of the left - since lefties are no longer pro-communist as much as they are pro-mudslime and pro-Palestinian. Soros was condemned as a gambler playing with fire for trying to control them. Their new plan is to cozy up to the new right-wing parties and slowly poz and/or subvert them. Be very, very careful of any "right-wingers" attending or speaking at EJP-organized or any other kiked events, or attending meetings behind closed doors.

3. Attention! Marine Le Pen and her party are officially 100% pozzed. EJP's leader, Vadym Rabynovich, openly bragged that it was thanks to his meetings with her that she ousted her father from the party and said "if I discover that someone in my party is an anti-semite, he will be kicked out within 5 minutes". EJP considers Le Pen to be their main point of contact with the new European right-wing.

4. A particularly venomous kike, Shimon Samuels, made a speech in which he claimed that Jews are behind everything good in Europe, starting with Ancient Rome, continued with Magna Carta and ending with women's rights and racial equality. In the same breath, he condemned Palestinians for "stealing Jewish history" and equated that with genocide. Using this angle of media attack could prove very effective, especially considering that kikes have zero [non-fabricated] historical heritage connecting them with Pissrael. He also kvetched about the Malaysian PM, heavily so.

5. Kikes in Netherlands are extremely disorganized and there is a huge amount of infighting. The Dutch yid they invited said that they are "too busy playing political games with each other to do things that make them Jewish". Use this to your advantage.


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6. Circumcision and kosher food (especially the former) are any kike community's lifeblood. One rabbi, red in the face, whined for half an hour about some politician in France proposing a ban on circumcision, while another kike said that "banning import of kosher meat essentially means dissolving the local Jewish community".

7. Swedish Democrats like Israel. But they don't like Jews, apparently, meaning that they are a threat to kikes. Take that however you wish.

8. EJP is planning to expand into Egypt and Saudi Arabia. I am not sure how and why, but they've held meetings in Qatar and Bahrain, and now want to hold two more in Cairo and Riyadh.

9. They are very heavily invested in Poland and are actively trying to buddy up with the Polish government in order to push more holohoax laws and collect more shekels. A country with non-kosher approach to the holohoax is the same as a nuke hanging over Pissrael, apparently.

10. EJP leaders cautioned members from Russia and Ukraine about taking sides in the conflict. "Jews are Jews, no matter what citizenship they hold, and should not forget they are brothers".

11. Jewish youth apparently has no interest in Judaism. A rabbi kvetched about only 20% of Jewish youths being interested in kike activities. They are also more passive politically than their parents and not breeding all that well. I guess the kikes have been getting high off their own supply.

This will be all, my fellow Zig Forumsiticians. The moment I sniff out more info, I will immediately make a thread here.

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Passes the eye test, especially the bits about LePen and the Polish law and justice government.

I never really thought of this. Banning of halal and kosher as a means of controlling hostile incoming populations without resorting to the bad optics of violence. Kind of an interesting prospect there. Thanks for sharing op.


please share more inside info user. its very interesting.

Not your blog faggot. Nice Zig Forumsfanfic though.

I know about this.

I still think pushing the ban on circumcision is the most damaging, and feasible, thing we could ever do here to kikes since ousting them from Western and Central Europe into Eastern Ghettos.

The kikes are all over the People’s Party, mostly infiltrated from the lolbergs.

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Doing the Lord's work, user. Nice summary. If only we could capitalize on this intelligence.

Thanks for everything, spies like you are an absolute blessing. Keep fighting the good fight.

Anyway, I was expecting the kikes backpedaling about mass immigration, they're going to send a lot of ben shapiro look alike to defuse the situation and draw the attention away from the kikes at the top pushing for all of that. I bet soon we'll hear about the starving niggers in zimbabwe an they'll capitalise on South Africa's suffering but instead of helping the White farmers, all of the money will go the the commie niggers.

Oh, and this is why DUDE WEED LMAO legalization is a feature, not a bug. Keeps them busy and out of our hair.

God I wish this was real.

Go away, LARPer. This isn't your blog.

God bless you, user. Be careful and stay safe.

Banning circumcision is where it's at.

If true you are doing the lord work. Please remain vague and discrete.

Are you familiar with means of finding out mole infiltrated into an organisation? Do you know about the Canari Technic, to know who is leaking what to who?
If not…. you better do your homework.

I'm not surprise one bit about Le Pen. She as no choice. She as ALL the Media, politico etc….. against her. Is she really 100% for the Kike or is she using them? Same goes for Tommy Robinson in the UK. Does he really have a choice?

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Banning circumcision wouldn't be bad, but enforcement wouldn't be easy, plenty of dirty kike doctors will continue doing it under the table.

Food however is a lot more important, because they have to regularly purchase it. All of them. However, with both of these things there's the question of secular jews who don't care.

Don't worry, I will.
Of course. But you can't apply this technique at a conference with ~100 people.

Nice LARP faggot
saged and reported

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OP you stupid mother fucker you just outed yourself!


Of course he does. You know who Tor fag are don't you?

yeah i kinda didn't think this through tbh

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Yeah. Good luck to him finding out who I am in a huge crowd of attendees.

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God shines on you user

Nasim Aghdam approves encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTa5S4k-LguGjnALeKo6H65wS6xfYwhHgJGwnhyDuLIRUUyz86K

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Clearly false propaganda to soothe the fears of the "goys". No, a shit skin Europe and America was their goal from the start they will never back off from this, the fact that they utterly gutted Germany, are still are beating it into the ground, and did not spare the UK/US or other European nations shows that they have no intention of letting any white people live. At best they will form little jew enclaves in Europe/US surrounded by walls & heavy security.

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Close, user, but not quite right. You see, the Kike has no creative ability. Their tactics are all those that had proven to be effective against them, or perversions of others, perverted by their innate paranoia and lack of self confidence.
See PDF for what inspired this entire line of bullshit, that lead to the migrations of shitskins from africa. Note, to the kikes of israel, their greatest threat (other than loss of US shekels and weapons) is demographic change.

whats happening in the netherlands?


We can.
We start right wing talk shows and wait for that jew money to flow our direction.

What's the name of your employer?

This is already starting to happen. Here in Spain, the PP (Popular Party, a fairly conservative but overall tame political party) suggested a "Marshall plan" for Africa to reduce the ever increasing amount of migrants coming to shore. Which is a sound plan, but as you suggest, it is bound to be fucked up at some point in the money chain.

That said, I doubt anything of what you said is true because there is no way they would let a low level employee attend a super sekrit meeting, but your deductions and extrapolations seem correct.

You make it too obvious that you're fishing for screencaps, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's true.

Shlomo Goldsniffowitz-Silverblattstein, Vice Shekelgrabber.

It's not a "super sekrit" meeting, it's just out of the way to avoid unnecessary attention.

Good stuff, user. I expect a tremendous amount of shilling in this thread.

Thanks for the report, user. Godspeed.

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Did you miss the Trump election where he spent all of his time exclusively complaining about Muslim and Mexican immigration and no one else, specifically because Muslims hate israel and Mexicans are apathetic about it? The other main sources of immigration are zionist-compliant Hindustanis and corrupt and materialistic Asians often fleeing prosecution in China.

and Trump did nothing about it