ICE shooting the caravans. Tijuana is a blood bath! Several confirmed dead

It's getting hot. ICE shooting migrants with rubber bullets. Holy Shit.


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I hate doonald phrumpth!

-jose the wetback


Quit shilling your twitter handle, retard

lol now the anti-Trump shills will try to say that these pics are from Gaza.
Fucking shills.

why would Jose hate someone who allows him to legally enter the country?

You must be lost.

Eat a dick, sensationalist faggot.

You got a chuckle out of me op
sage goes in all fields


It's yet another "OP posts baseless shit from twitter without doing his homework" episode
OP is a Trump shill, the pics are from Gaza, Trump isn't doing shit about these invaders


If you shoot immigrants with rubber bullets, what should the US hit with to those that were behind 9/11 (israel)?

Staged, theatrical bullshit.
Hilariously so.


Regardless of how retarded the OP is thats a good way to make libtards chimp out over Jewish terrorists murdering Palestinians

They will cry about the spics anyway why no just direct that hate towards Jewish terror.

come back with better proof than a twitter post

Zig Forums is always right

Those are Palestinian photos you gay bitch. I wish it were true, though.

Orange Man Bad has failed us again. Orange Man Bad obeys his kike masters and refuses to let ICE use live ammo against armed militant invading hordes.

i can't wait until Orange Man Bad closes the entire Narcostan border. you'll see the Cartels panic and they will do the job that Orange Man Bad is too chickenshit to do. the Cartels will freak the fuck out when they can no longer smuggle $1 worth of poison across a closed military zone. the Cartels themselves will do what ICE should be doing and they will round up every last migrant and execute them and leave tens of thousands of them in mass graves in the desert. the Cartels will solve our invasion problem by any means necessary in order to return the border situation to normal so they can stop losing billions of dollars per day.

thanks Uncle Chapo!

This is actually a pretty good OP idea.

Cool and all but it's missing several things
1. Machine guns
2. Live ammo
3. Napalm
4. More napalm
5. Flamethrowers just in case the napalm goes out (it won't go out)
6. More machine guns
7. More live ammo

Global report for hoaxes.

All of the OP's pics are what Democrats support and fund every year in israel.