Welp, time to panic and go innna woods.

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You better brush up on your survival and foraging skills if you plan to live in the forest. Would be better off staying in the cities and become a post apocalyptic scavenger. Most of the retards will kill each other off after the first month anyway.

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And the world keeps spinning in the same fucked up way. Did anyone actually think trump would fix anything? I bet our next presidential choices are going to be top notch cock suckers just like all the rest of them. You faggots better be prepared.

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Why, because we won't have false hope holding back whites from actually doing something?

Good all he was was a pressure release for fed up Whites anyway

Trump does enough stupid shit that this is believable.

You are not on reddit. We do not care about Trump.

I have respect for both the innawoods and the unnaground factions of Zig Forums, but what about just being lucky enough to live in a small, fully white city and digging yourself a sub-basement (or basement extension)? Sure, I'll have to break through the poured concrete in some places, but hey. Oh! Better question.
When the housing market collapses, will the cost of home ADDITIONS go down?
Home prices and new builds will plummet, yes, but will additions decrease in price, too? I've been planning for an addition for about 20 years now and am finally ready to begin. But I want my fiat currency's worth. If things truly collapse in price, I might be able to afford a basement extension, in which case I'd have all the space I need to hunker down and survive a civil war. (which won't happen because whites will never fight back, but a man can dream)

I might have given you some slack back 3 years ago but anyone who takes his nonsense seriously after everything he's done and has been associated with is as delusional as the q and hannity ticktock larpers.

Trump loves campaigning. Worse case scenario is he wins again and abdicates to Pence.

I'm not sure that's legal.

Presidents are allowed to resign.

They're not allowed to run campaigns under false pretenses, though.

"I just decided that my talents do not best serve America in this position." No crime, no fault.


It would be easier to prove that Obama ran on a false promise after he rigidly said he'd close down gitmo than proving that a resignation was premeditated.

user, enough. King nigger signed the bill on his first day. That nothing happened thereafter indemnifies your specific accusation.

Fair enough, we shall let the results decide who is right if an early resignation comes to pass.

The problem is that it doesn't matter. Whether he's in or out doesn't do anything for us.

A fair point.

*because Pence is also a neocon

>Trump cares that half the (((people))) in the country hates his guts

Wanting to be popular? That's a jewish trait, (((Roger))).

Roger Stone is a self-promoting huckers and a kike and a degenerate orgy-loving tranny fucker. everything he says is a lie and like any kike, he doesn't believe in anything, and he will say anything depending on who is paying him the most. Roger was a useful toy bulldog during the election and the only purpose he serves is to dish out the same bullshit and dirty tricks served by the DC Swamp class. but Roger has missed one very important psychological trait about Trump. Trump may indeed be a walking cartoon character cut from the mold of the self-made huckster selling his own success as Americana, but Roger makes the same fatal projection mistake as any kike does. Roger thinks Trump is like he is, and so that Trump doesn't believe in any of his own bullshit and that Trump prefers endless Hedonism and Luxury to doing the right thing for America. of course Roger cannot see that Trump cares more about America than himself. Trump hates his enemies more than he loves his own ego, so Trump will run again and he will win again, because by winning a second term, the unruly mobs of Leftists will be driven into insanity and despair.

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who cares? he's just another neocon

Yes whites were actually doing so much before "false hope" came along

Oh look it's fucking nothing from a notorious attention whore.

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Got enough in the bunker to last a month. Not long by prepping standards, but it was my first-tier goal since it's an accepted standard for fallout to decay to reasonable levels. A month is more than enough time for the lowest dregs to starve or kill each other. Anyone who survives longer is either a brutal savage that I need to kill or somebody else who was just prepared. How to tell the difference is the problem, but I would rather not shoot on sight everyone I meet since I would eventually like to have some semblance of civilization back.

Don't believe this for a second. Trump has too much pride to one and done.

Go inna woods?
Why not march on Washington, and start shooting random people that look political?

Because no one will ever do that.

Who the hell is roger stone, anyway?
Never heard of him.

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What if I'm a brutal savage that was just prepared?

Naw, I'm just jokin' around!
I'd never eat a white man.


God i hope this is true, trump is so brain dead he doesn't realize that he has no support. Anyone would have been better president than that orange kike

Heh you're funny man
When it goes hot you won't even feel it it'll be over that quick. Antimatter weapons and black hole weapons and time/space weapons - fission/fusion devices that have blast radii as large as our solar system. But fuck yeah man prep on. I do too even if it is an act of futility and least it's MY fucking futility
I just hope to rid the world of the jew before I'm gone from this planet
Mark my words oh mighty Kek

While i do admit trump has much more pride than he should, even he's beginning to seeing the writing on the wall

Someone smarter than trump that's for sure

Trump has massive support, he still draws overflow crowds at his rallies, and if he declared martial law tomorrow, enough Americans would support him that the enemy couldn't do a thing about it.

I'm hoping he'll declare martial law due to the border emergency, and use the opportuninty to break up un-American groups like CNN and pretty much all major media.
I want Trump shock-troops in the streets, and the end of using nerve gas against
Soros "protestors"…just use mustard gas.

I meant, "the end of using tear gas"
my wishes got ahead of my typing.

Kill yourself, yeah, thanks. 70 years have passed and no one has done anything. Take your shit hoaxes and fuck off.

70 years of slowly boiling the frog, with the media never exposing the enemy, because the enemy owns them.

Now, with the freedom of information the net gives us, everyone knows who the enemy is, and even those that don't want to believe it are seeing it every day, slowly coming around.

They had to accelerate their planes, which exposed them.
The whole world is becoming restless, and it won't take much to light the fuse. Things have never been like this in that last 70 years you mention.

HAHAHA, so you want to live under some Talmud worshiping kike, you're probably the first person he would gas for "antisemitism". but that's getting too far ahead of myself, because he's never going to declare martial law. Trump knows that's the army will just send him packing if he tries

We have no freedom of information. There are two websites that allow our speech, and this one barely even does anymore. All search engines and social media are jew owned. There is no freedom of speech or information on the Internet. Our content is banned and deleted everywhere but here and a few other places. What in the fucking christ are you even talking about, you dumb motherfucker.
They're not exposed at all.
Except the white world.
Sure they haven't. Enjoy waiting forever for a delusion.

Hooray, people love jew puppets!
You don't even know who the enemy is, you fucking reddit piece of shit.

The worst insult the Jew can muster is to claim his enemy is himself.

Yet the Jew cannot see what this means. He does not understand that by doing this, he is admitting to all that he follows a worthless, dishonorable, and disgusting path, a path that makes the entire world despise him.

Pathetic. Mentally defective and pathetic.

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a GOP POTUS can't win anymore anyway. Florida allows felon voting so he would need to win Pennsylvania again and that's not happening

doesn't matter anyway 'cause he's a ZOG puppet pressure release valve for white anger

Some of these magapedes still think he can win tho, but i do hope they throw that kike out soon. After he's gone we can start actually doing stuff to help our cause

back to Zig Forums shill

are you retarded????

He would call himself a "libertine" but tomato tomato

what do you mean "not allowed" … what is the penality

this guy could git himself impeached faster than a guy builds gates out of water … if he wants out he doesnt even have to say goodbye

you can't actually be this retarded right?

I haven't read through the thread yet, but I think that it's wise he doesn't run again. He's been a faulty pressure release valve and is too cuckservative and too Israel First to do much good aside from propping up a possible bubble economy for entry-level laborers and salt mining "fake media".


The problem isn't the randos walking around doing day-to-day stuff though. You'd probably need to hit the people holding the purse strings for anything to actually happen.
Otherwise it's just more headline fodder for the media.

I've heard this argument somewhere before, a month or two ago. I don't see any evidence that he "hates" his enemies; all I ever see is "CNN Bad, Not Orange Man." For instance, I see him often caving to optics even if it means immigration continues to run wild. Nothing came of his critical comments re: The Fed–that I know of. Muh Russia goes on and on, as does Mueller. I don't actually see a lot of hatred so much as I see careful, if insufficient, management of unceasing campaigns to discredit not only President Trump but the office itself, meanwhile he's doing decent cleanup the slow and grinding way.

My view is still that he would have needed to be an entirely "revolutionary," or at least reactionary, figure in order to stem the blood pouring out of what's left of the WASP nation, much less the handful of others which remain a mere gadfly under the nose of our collective rotting corpse.

Lmao never listen to a word that kile says about anything.

There has never been a real human who understands the human experience in any real position in America since the 1700s. You don't have to be a brain surgeon to observe who gets power. It's the same people over and over. Important names who got important names by playing ball. "Holy shit this is fucked" has never gone through these peoples minds. They have ruled for thousands of years if not longer. I love how you dumb fucks think humans are the only advanced species to ever exist while simultaneously believing in Jewish Comic Book. This is a fucking prison you dumb fucks do not consent to anything and break out.

Im going to vote for Patrick Little anyways

He's already running for reelection, been running for a year. (((Stein))) is just attention whoring to push himself back into the spotlight after being almost completely forgotten like he deserved to be.

this is so obvious reddit post

forgot to sage
I like Trump as a person, he seems nice, but he is obviously on (((their))) side, so I can't side with him

Yeah because we might get another Zionist.

Why not Paul F. Little while you’re at it?

I am so tired of these hacks and the whole dog & pony show.

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He would lose if he ran again.

you faggots have the plan and the rhetoric laid out before you
dark times are where the bright shine the most brilliantly