Mom is preparing 6 year old “trans” kid for chemical castration. Dad disagrees and may lose son

Mom Says 6-Year-Old Son Is Transgender. Dad Disagrees. Now He Might Lose His Son.

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This is what the US military is all about. None of this would be happening without their violent approval of the regime. Choke on that, patriotards.


That's right, my fellow Antifa! End fascism! Shut down the military! Gather together in groups like a bundle of Roman sticks against fascism! Together we are stronger! MARCH MARCH MARCH

Anyone dumber in America than the typical red state Randy at this point?

Jesus Christ.

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At his point, it would be better to just off the cunt, quietly if possible. Whatever sentence he might get for being against faggotry is surely more than that for murder.

Women like this should be burned at the stake.

They don't oppose it, though. To oppose it would mean violent insurrection against the totality of the state and capital apparatus – since that is who is implementing it. Instead, these morons are the MOST loyal to the system and its structures of power, falsely believing that if they just got this one little pesky political party out of the way [and the other one in!] they could "take their country back". They are so fucking dumb its hard to even believe they actually exist.

Any good father would die for his child. Going to prison for 20~ years is not half as bad.

Kill the witch.

There is never any point in modern America where a path other than violence will net you a better outcome. Never.


Not just the child; all of them, administrators, health officials that are supporting this and above all the evil bitch from Satan's anus in the pit of hell, his vile despicable wife.

user, I…

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What does the military have to do with what OP posted?

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The law was changed to allow transniggers into the armed forces. Hence now the US military enforces state enforced homosex.

Everything. This is top down policy of the state. All states derive their power from monopoly on legalized violence.

He isn't 'fighting' very hard. I would just take my son and go.

if I were the father I would unironically kill the mother.

there is no other solution.

When will Israel implement project Solomon so this world will finally end?

One must wonder though…how did this guy wind up with such a wife? Did she just suddenly go insane and evil or were there clues from the get go that things would swing this way but the beta cuck that married her chose to ignore those signs out of desperation to be married and "fit in", not be some weird middle aged bachelor loser. I've seen this even in guys that claimed to be NAZIs who married hideous foul evil old hippie cunts.


Surely they all deserve to die, but it is the mother betraying her sacred duty to protect her child which is most egregious. It sends the right message to just off her, and less hard time for the father.

Ah but you see now it's kidnapping which would land him in prison, likely a divorce and he would lose all contact with his son. Honestly unless the dude cam put his wife in her place he's fucked no matter what.

we are in a time of mass hysteria. Dont doubt it

How many fucking threads do you need. Do something about it if you care so fucking much.

Gee, I wonder (((who))) is behind this post?

Guess they weren't kidding about the poz from California.

What is the most unpozzed state for men's rights and custody? Someone told me George and South Carolina were pretty based.

Women change after you get to know them, after you start dating them, after you fuck them, get married to them, they change when they have children, they change when the children outgrow them and they change again as their looks fade

Have we already reached The Brigade levels of insanity?

women are children and societies have known this for millenia, only the past 100 years have to loosened their inherent schitzo

Texas doesn't need any help importing poz.

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Can you give an example? Still don't see the connection between it and the OP.

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Female physicians often get pozzed with roastieism during their internship. Actually just avoid all women in health care. One big coven. Nurses are such sluts too.


Well this is it. They're all actresses, they're all playing a role. Virtuous lady who cannot tolerate even the slightest crude language in her presence ends up being foul mouthed slut pig.

I feel bad I'm not married sometimes, then I go out and see what's going on around me in society and then I scurry back to my lovely new house, with its pristine quartzite countertops, its Viking double fridge and stove, it's powerful computerized HVAC system and I get all snug and comfy and I shitpost here with you scum sucking mutts and I say, THANK GOD.

Only if you are caught. This is why it pays to have a network of people who are conservative and have family values.

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Sage isn't a downvote, one example shouldn't be this hard. Are you paid per hour or per post?

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State enforced homosex at gunpoint.

Your genetics dont get preserved by staying home and playing vidyah

Not if he can divorce her first and then argue in court for custody after kidnapping the child. That's what my dad did. Granted, he had three women on his side (my aunt and both my grandmothers), and a good lawyer.

Sodom is not a biblical idea. It is human nature, freak are looking to be gawked at, They will do whaever is necessary to attract attention.

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Daily reminder that the only golem worth attacking is the faggots. Don't waste your time on niggers, spics, chinks, poos, sandniggers, christcucks, mudslimes or even gyppos. Everytime you attack faggotry you are attacking the kikes directly. Not every faggot is a kike but every kike is a faggot

Its okay if English isn't your first language, but at least make a little sense.

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I say get friendly with some vietnamese criminals then pay them to arrange things for you.

The police simply cannot deal with the vietnamese on several levels;

1. Virtually no police department, even one with lots of different ethnicities, Chinese, negroes, hispanics have the facility of infiltrating Vietnamese gangs

2. The vietnamese are respected and feared by all the Asian communities; they are the badasses that took on the Japs, the French, the USA and the Chinks and won one after the other. Truly an amazing feat for such quiet little humble rice farmers.

3. Vietnamese criminals take immense pride in never breaking under questioning. They are opaque.

4. They are dirt cheap; on the west coast they will kill for as little as $500.00. Make contact, and pay them to stage a hit and run with a stolen car. Bitch be dead, you have the son, move to another jurisdiction soon after and dress him and train him to be a boy.

That trauma is likely already fatal.

I agree but imagine waking up in such a hell. I grew up in a similar hell…I simply don't have it in me at this late a date to enter into this kind of legal encumbrance with some deranged cunt hole on the rag 28 days a month.

Until they roll up in their shitty old car with an ak47 each and take it from you.

What a beautiful blend of LARPing and Fedpostingand reddit spacing for good measure

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Prove it. Prove one species that evolved to mutilate their procreative organs. Prove one species that evolved to buttsex to procreate.

Hint: you can't because they don't exist. The closest you faggotry spreading kikes can get to naming something natural like that is a worm or some tiny parthenogenetic creature. Check and mate.

Honestly, not a bad idea, if you're already in good with Vietnamese. It's a shame that we don't have well-established European mafia to turn to in this kind of situation.

so knock a bitch up

This was the best short story ever posted on this board.
I should make a fedposting short story compendium.

Reminder the only solution is NS revolution and/or secession
The jewdicial system, political system and enforcement organs have hit peak poz. There's no reversing this.

Most homos ive met are damaged goods, either by nuture or nature.
They spread their hurt at being destroyed by destroying others. ( this is not evolution, any more than saying schitz isn't real cause it doesnt make sense evolutionarily)

They'll take everything you've got and you'll wind up fighting for a spot to sleep under a freeway overpass with chugs and homeless niggers in a driving rainstorm.

Child support aint divorce. There is no option not to play. Grow up. You don't exist for joy, you exist to reproduce.

I'm even more cynical. The poz is within the minds of every-day women. I personally know over a dozen women who would undoubtedly be on the woman's side. Hell, I even had a conversation with my last gf about this exact hypothetical situation, and she said she would support cutting our son's weiner off pre-puberty. Demoralization is complete… we need civil war, and some sort of religious revolution. People's sense of right and wrong are completely wayward.

There is no return. Look at history any place that goes that nuts, never comes back. We need a new place to flee, and build with other refugees from insanity. We cannot save massive beyond Pol Pot murder spree solve the replication of retardation

At one point I like to believe we will all collectively snap and butcher every last one of the pieces of shit, from the wife, to the court system employees, to the kikes running the legal system. I would like to believe that because it is the only way I can keep going day in, day out. I wonder if when I stand before God, or my ancestors, or whatever there is at the end, I will be able to explain why I just by and watched as things like this went on.

We need a European American Mafia we can turn to in emergencies. I wonder if the Vietnamese would be interested in that awesome idea about crowdfunding for political/governmental assassinations. I mean, you guys know that this 'mother' is supported by the state, so what we need to do is assassinate the judges, government officials and agents who allow these type of child torture and genital mutilations. After all, if we don't assassinate the source then they will just keep screwing people over.

Fuck. That pretty much applies to the West as a whole.

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Man, this got derailed pretty fast. The try-hard edgier than theoretical geometry posts are a nice touch.

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jap toon lovers are one step away from this "mother" and its a toddler step

Go back to your containment board >>>/trannypol/

I remember as a kid my dad had to stop my uncle from beating my aunt for getting my cousins ear Peirced it was funny my dad suplexed him into the coffee table as muh Uncle ranted about im not raising no whore i can only imagine what he would do if my aunt took my cousin Nate in for a Castration (((sex change))) he might of took his service pistol to the Hospital and Leveled it to the ground I miss that crazy Fuck
Seriously though
Cutting off a kids dick after Convincing them that they are a girl is a sick form of child abuse and all partys involved should get burned in town square and as usual
the jews did this and they think it's funny

you see, user, he could beat the ever-living shit out of his wife for so much as joking about attempting to turn his son into a girl, except the police will throw him in the big house to be at the mercy of with bubba if he actually does something effective about it

and, whatmore, if people mob up and kill the entire police department, then the military will step in and kill THEM

so, yes, the military does have something to do with it


Is English your second language?

The problem with Vietnamese similar gangs, is that they will do anything for money. The Italian Mafia wasn't like that (not exactly paragons of morality, but still).

They will do anything for money? Well then someone needs to contact this poor dad and let him know that they way to get out of this awful situation is to hire the Vietnamese for $500 to assassinate the people who are 'legally' allowing his wife to mutilate and torture their child.

IDK guys, this seems like a no-brainer. Maybe the next person who occupies this position as 'judge', counselor, CPS will think again about losing their lives just so that a little child could be tortured.

Pol relies on gooks to save us . We have already lost.

The wops lost their discipline. Omerta is long dead. Only the Vietnamese are opaque to LE.

But seriously the time is approaching when we have to do the only right thing.

Zig Forums has better weapons
board of peace ™

come on i have seen Shotguns with FleshLight Suppression systems you don't go up against a person like that M assured destruction

Not really, gooks a deviant clever experienced and they have social cohesion. Europeans have none of these traits.

It seems logical to me that we should rely on trained assassins to do the job that Europeans are incapable of doing on their own. If Europeans were capable of defending themselves and acting as adult males we wouldn't be having this discussion on Zig Forums because the people encouraging and enabling these predatory child mutilations would be dead already.

Benito Mussolini

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What he needs to do is kill the woman. The kid would be much better off in a shelter. He may get bullied a bit, but he'll toughen up. Better than having his dick cut off.

If you count losing millions more than your opposition as "winning." Okay.

Fuck that, we don't kill our own people. He needs to kill the ROOT of the fucking problem. The government servants who are promoting this because otherwise they will promote it for other dad's.


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'A good father would do the right thing to the wife – then take the 20 year minimum.

Sometimes, fathers need to do the right thing to protect their children like real men do.

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Wrong the parasite only infests an unclean home

The woman is the root of the problem. That's like saying you have the plague going through your town, so instead of segregating the healthy from the sick, you all just stick together and try to attack the virus.
No, she's part of the problem. Some parts are more significant than others, but all parts needs to go.

Anyone plotting a course over years to chemically castrate their son isn't "our own people" and absolutely are the root of the problem, even if they aren't the whole root.

I'm sure if it was your dick and balls on the line, your definition of "our own people" would change real quick.

Your reading comprehension skills are so shit I'm not even going to pretend to know how you perceived what I wrote.

Irony: the post

Mother’s and female voters are the cancer destroying the west
What’s new?

You think she would let out even one mouse fart if her precious 'government' backers suddenly turned up dead. You people HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO BE MEN IN YOUR OWN NATION…and it is really fucking pathetic. Men don't attack their own household. THEY FUCKING DO MAKE SURE THAT PARASITIC PREDATORS ARE MURDERED IN THEIR NATIONS THOUGH.

You're right. I got confused. I'm the nigger in this one.

This is the kind of situation only a bullet to the mother's brain can fix. As the father, he has to suffer 20 to life in jail to save his son's life and prevent him from being destroyed for the rest of his life.

Doesn't matter. She's still a problem for even harbor the desire to do such a thing, because the next time she has the opportunity, she'll do the same. She's genetic waste.

Shut the fuck up with your never ending whining about what real men are or what they aren't, anyone who plots to have their kids genitals chopped deserves the rope.

You, sir a fucking retard. That is solving the problem at all. You have to kill the parasites/infection where it occurs. Killing the mother is not going to solve ANYTHING…killing the people who are promoting this behavior in our nation will.


You do not understand the nature of the enemy. The mind virus is firmly rooted in the mind of half a generation; this woman was not put up to it by provocateurs. People like her believe they are on a holy mission for "progress". She needs to be FIRED as mother.


No, you don't understand the nature of the enemy.