GTFIH! I found an interesting thing in a Hitler picture!

Ok, so I was enhancing this photo when I zoomed in and lo-n-behold, right next to Hitler over his right shoulder (the left as you're looking at picture) there is someone that has been scratched out of the picture!
BUT, it appears that it was done with a pen, so maybe we can enhance it to a point where we can at least get a silhouette out of it?

I'm not the image pro, but I have messed with it a bit and it appears the person behind the pen markings can be made out with some altering. I have a feeling we really want to know who it is or this picture tells more than we're supposed to know.

Lets go, anons! I know we can figure this out together!

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Very interesting, where did you get this image?

right here mane

Looked it up and yep, op's not bsing it's definitely like that. Could Hitler have had a kid?

Unlikely. Look at how much is scratched out. Would have been an adult.
Who are the other 4? They're probably the clue needed.
Also what year was it taken?

kinda looks like a womans hair

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Adolf Hitler with members of the National Socialist German Workers Party (left to right) Hitlers adjutant Schaub, Hitlers chauffeur Schreck, Hitler, Maurer and Schneider. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images). 1929

Too soon for Eva Braun to be part of the picture?

1931. On the day he had to appear in court to face a speeding ticket, apparently.

Hitler you fucking lead foot.

Note that the faggots had to keep going on about Gelli Raubal.

super big version for close looking.

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Absolute physical specimens one and all, and not a single jew. Because that would frankly be absurd.

"Hitler said he was not at the wheel at the time but that it was being driven by his chauffeur Julius Schreck and that he had instructed him 'to drive as fast as possible' without saying why."
that was in 1931 and the picture was taken in 1929.
I wonder if the scratched out person is Jusius Schrek? Why would they remove him from picture?

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It's not a woman. Look by the feet. Someone left the shoes behind. Its mens footware of the period.

Schrek is the one on his right. Hans Frank may have represented him, though I can't imagine why he would be scratched out. Must be a Brownshirt, follow the logic:

Removal indicates the individual fell into disgrace, but Hans Frank (and others) weren't treated like criminals until after the war. If it had been somebody who stayed on Hitler's good side until the end, there'd be an autograph under there. It seems the picture was signed after the missing person was eliminated, which makes me think June Purge. It can't be Roehm, can it?

According to , Schreck is apparently one of the other guys in the picture.

The shoes look sort of masculine. Could it be Roehm or one of his men? Depends on the date when the scratching was done. Could even be done post-war by the descendent of the guy in the pic, who knows.

Is anybody here enough of a faggot to have a Times subscription? This article is about a Trial Hitler attended in 1931, but it's behind a paywall and won't archive.

Do we even know if he was removed by Hitler? Could it have been a third party doing it?

Maybe Roehm.
This filter came out cool

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No, we don't know. Could be after the war was completely over.

I doubt it was after the war. Schrek died in 1936, and he autographed this pic with the rest of them. The scratched-out man didn't sign it.

I agree with the assertion on Hans Frank. His error was being a cuck and giving in to pressure at the Nuremberg trials, there is no reason for him to be there.
June purge was really messy, with multiple sides and interests involved. There were even some people hitler was fond of in the mix. Roehm would be the big contender since he was the one who got more disgraced, but there are too many variables.
There was another minor split in the party in 34, but it was mainly in the civilian side of things ( when Heidegger and Schmitt left)

The person is also in the back of the group indicating that he was probably in a lower position or not seen as favorable compared to the rest.

I meant it could have been scratched out by someone from the ally forces

He's actually in a really weird position if you look at the distance between his feet and the closest people.

According to the pic here it seems like he or she did sign it, but i still can’t decipher the hat that text would be.

Proposition (hypothetical):

How prove?

Wait a tick. . .

The men are wearing golden party badges, are they not? Those were authorized for production in October 1933. If this was before the June Purge, it must have been immediately before it.

Would it make sense for him to be in THAT exact place at THAT exact time? Anyone autistic enough to know?

It's any constellation, the image's metadata says that the original digital image is from November 6th, 2013, meaning either the photo was scanned in 2013 or it was edited through photoshop, mspaint or some other image editer in 2013

Putzi Hanfstaengl. It has to be. He was knocked out of Hitler's inner circle in 1933, and by 1936 he was in a tailspin and would soon defect.

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He is the user who timetravelled and helped him rise to power, and almost save europe. That user is still trapped in a quasi-loop. Some day he will change the past, but his actions will be censored forever. he sacrificed everything but remained unknown.

In all seriousness, I dont know who could it be, perhaps Rohm?

Clearly it's Barron Trump.

You can see the remains of his right shoulder just barely above Julius Schreck's left shoulder. Where is this picture held? It would be very easy with modern techniques to solve this if the original photo could be accessed.

He could not have been. Allies would not have had a hold of the picture until 1944-45, but one of the people who autographed it dies in 1936. I see no scratched out autographs, therefore the autographing was done after the redaction but before 1936, before the Allies were a thing.

Unusually high occurrence of repeating digits in this thread. Quite prodigious. I believe it to be of utmost importance that this mystery be solved.

I think he's too big. Mystery person is about Hitlers size according to the shoulder placement

Do consider how this mystery person looks to be a bit further behind Hitler (a foot maybe, just so things can be clarified a bit further. I'd think this mystery person would thus be around 5'10" to 6'0".

Here I think the guy was the same height as Hitler when you adjust for distance

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Hanfstaengl was 6'4" Roehm was shorter, about 5'10", I think.

Maybe, but I'd think that using the feet at the bottom is a better way to determine how far behind the mystery man was from Hitler.

There's no way that mystery person was 6'4", from the little info in the picture alone. Considering Hitler was 5'8" or 9", Rohm's height is a better fit (assuming that measurement is accurate, which I'd say it is).

I'm thinking Roehm
Look how wide the shoulders are.

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omg das raycis why you not recognize basted native afrika korps spec ops? that is top-tech african Ghillie suit right there

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Must have slipped past the allies and linked up with the Thule group post-war. and so the mystery unravels

Meanwhile nu/pol/ in 1934
Clearly it was some zionist jew, that's why this faggot Hitler tried to hide it.
Let's wait for Jesus.

it took people almost 100 years to spot Lt. Tikumbe Butoto in the photograph… imagine how stealthy he was at night!

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That ID only means he uses TOR

2? I thought it was one year…

While the scratch could be a "removed from history" sort of thing, it could also very well be someone who was irrelevant to the picture, or someone that needed protecting from such a direct association.

Nobody tell him

If you image search "roehm and hitler" you can see they spent a ton of time together and Roehm is almost always standing behind him.
I'm 90% sure it's Roehm. The height and width line up and the story lines up as well.

Why scratch him out of this picture and not any others though? This also doesn't seem like all that consequential a photo to bother censoring. Of course it could have just been the photograph holder being personally upset at Roehm seeing as scratching out with a pen isn't really the way official censors did things.

Makes me think of this gay Stephen Fry book where he sends poison back in time and kills Hitler and Rohm takes over instead and somehow succeeds.

Emil Maurice was Hitlers driver canned shortly after 29. Also someone airbrushed out the dog.

Too skinny to be Roehm, he was a big boy.

Its a very unnatural place to stand. It could be a faked fake. The kikes are so interested in derogating Hitler, that (literally) cut and pasting someone into a photo, then so crudely removing it, is quite feasible. I guess its most likely someone messing up the potrait by standing in an awkward position though.

I think that's it. Found this article, had to translate so not 100% on translation.

What do you mean about the dog?

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original text

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I can't bring out any extra detail behind the pen mark

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Guy on left has dog leash on his wrist, ends in mid air in front of pole.

Kill yourself.


He's also mad-dogging the mystery man.
I had thought he was holding the picture taking cord. I don't know why I thought that or if cameras had long cords back then, but my mind told me that's what it was. Dog leash sounds more likely, though.

Fucking around a bit more, I think I can see that the person behind the pen mark is a woman, because it looks like they are wearing a skirt.

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If it was a woman, it might explain why she is positioned behind the line and why there is no signature for her as well.
When I first noticed it, I thought it was a woman.

Those shoes look smaller than the boots the men are wearing, definitely looks like a woman.

lel. Thought you were talking about what appears to be a face in the shadows. Was looking for someone taller

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This is honestly just a really strange picture. Like, really strange:

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Doubling down on this hard now. Look at the photo, where the legs are. That is WAY to thin to be an actual person. So at least a good portion of the photo is straight up cropped down.

now this is shitposting

Heinrich Himmler, after Hitler had him executed.

Eva Braun, when Hitler was hiding his relationship for political gain.

If it had been folded, there would be creases in the emulsion. If it has been folded, these have been edited out.

muthafuckin shrek!

Yea I don't mean folded necessarily literally, just trying to describe the kind of cropping at occurred. They very clearly moved hitler and the other guy closer together covering space over the removed person.

It's probably aunt Eva.

Good find though OP.

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Checked, the dubs confirm it. It was Hitler’s secret lover, Shrek.

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there are some lines that are pretty visible int he pic you posted

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no, the person penned out clearly has the same hat as the other men

Hitler got photo bombed by NPC. End of story.

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Boots are a man's boots, the kind you'd wear for work or travel in those days, not fancy dress boots. Like the others in the pic they are scuffed on the toes, showing some hard wear and probably in the immediate time around when the photo was taken. None of these gents have shined their boots in a while.

Daily reminder to ignore shills, Hitler lived and escaped to South America.


In this article, the text associated with each image follows after is. In this case is followed by:

This file was also uploaded in 2008 as so 1929 falls within the 1921-1930 range, seems plausible.

What we are looking for, assuming gag's names are right, is who was standing to Schreck's left and Hitler's right.

If the original photo could be located I could use my powers of hyperspectral imaging to see right through that ink.

How do we know that this is not just an imagine the Kikes made to fuck with us and draw a comparison between Hitler and Stalin?

Make sure you read up on adjusting the osmolarity of distilled water if you don't want to zap yourself of minerals.

Footwear is not that of a woman, and you won't find nearly as much crossdressing then as now. Very unlikely to be a woman. These men are in party uniform, and any women would have been dressed to a similar level which would not have allowed them men's style boots per social standard of the time.

Michael, as in, the archangel.

He appears occasionally. I suspect many pictures are in existence where God has directed him to show.

what you guys are calling scratches I call a hessian robe, worn by someone with whom you should be familiar.

I'm not even sure if I'm joking.

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These are all the lines that I'm confident in. I think the second thing is just photo fuckery but it kinda looks like a child in a striped, long sleeve shirt. I'm like 75% sure its not actually a thing that was there tho.

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