It is time for Zig Forums to review the personalities on the right and pick who to avow and disavow.

Choose carefully!

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Here's mine. Judge me fairly.

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Mike Penisvich and Anglin?


Gas den Krøgede Næse, Racekrig nu



The only kikes I avow are Stephen Miller and Brother Nathanael, both are solid picks if you never turn your back to them.

What Bowers did does not work politically or ethically. He's a high time preference nigger.

Not calling trump for what he is, a jude


No woman in this chart should be taken seriously…at all.

You are living in a fantasy world.

btw, we're writing a letter to Bowers word by word in this thread
Help us finish the letter.

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You had Kike Eunuch too, and there's nothing good about Stephen Miller, that's a Trumpnigger meme… Not to mention all the jewish operatives (Robinson, Taylor, Mackey, etc.) and sodomites (Grindry Greggy, Ryan Faulk)

Embed is worse optics than killing jews.

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See, if you had good evidence on Mike Enoch like you do on Ryan Faulk, I would happily disavow. But so far I've only gotten angry words about his marriage and clips of shows where, out of context, Mike makes a joke about being part of the tribe or something.

Mike uses his talents for smashing jewry. Is there some master plan I'm not seeing there?

doesn't Mike Enoch still champion trump? if so, i think that'll be enough to disavow

Moarpheus thread?

Moarpheus thread.

Here are the Eunuch clips in full context, they're even more damning.

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How about you make up your own fucking mind about who to disavow instead nigger.

Invictus, Greg, Striker are good

Kissinger is fine too. Also Miller 2024!

They're not that bad.

There are a lot missing tho

Is that the communist rep from NY second from last on the first row?
Is that (((Steve Bannon)))? Shit is anyone on this list even conservative? I disavow them all.
Oh ironically the nigger in the first row is the most Zig Forums approved - in my eyes - of the fucking bunch.

where's Candace Owens? She's based.

Oh. Here.

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No vox day or golden one so idc


neoconservativism is a military-aged-male pressure release jew-op better known as "fusionism" which is a concoction of frank meyer. the jews, liberals and neo-conservatives are all redcoats. liberty or death. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Meyer_(political_philosopher)


sounds like something inspired by freud's theory?

Fuck off back to leddit, moshe.

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ryan is kinda a shit person but he makes really good stuff on race&iq so he gets a 7/10. If in regards to personality he were just an average person he'd get a 10/10

I can understand what tommy robinson is going through but being zionist just to appease people who want to call you an extremist is shitty and dumb. I need to rewatch that johnny gat video. Also, this should have black pigeon speaks on it.

Patrick J Buchanon has been America First throughout his 50+ year political career.

Ok, this has been bothering me since 2012: How the fuck am I supposed to complete these things?
I mean, I know HOW TO. But not in a reasonable time frame. The way you posted it I assume I'm supposed to have it filled out in around 5-8 minutes, not the 20+ it would take me to work with GIMP, get the boxes and selectors right, overlay everything and save it, to say nothing of actually researching all of these people.


I'll give this data mining thread a shot.

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im so happy 8ch pol is embracing their 4chan brothers with their datamining/slide threads

this is very productive conversation.

have a free bump

daily reminder 4chan>Zig Forums

Cheeky datamining

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I don't know who's on the list, but my favs are:

Wanted to mention how much I absolutely fucking DESPISE manlet Shapiro as well.

Missed a woman and a shitskin with the default no half X.
And missed two kikes with the kike star.

This. All are jewish or controlled opposition.

Mike is a self admitted kike. HE DEFENDS KIKES. Go back to TRS faggot. He denies 9/11 being done by them and days the holocaust happened.

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Kim Jong-un's haircut is definitely redpilled.

I disavow everyone in your alt right except Alex Linder and James Mason

Fuck your ecelebs


Zig Forums doesn't negotiate with e-celebs!




beat it normie

Nice try shekelberg

Lyndon Larouche uber alles.

Go back to cuckchan

I don't see "Kill yourself, jew" as an option.


Added: Candace Owens, Vox Day, The Golden One, Patrick Buchanan, Varg, Alex Linder, James Mason, Brittany Venti, Shoe0nHead, Kassy Dillon, Tomi Lahren, Abigail Shapiro, Lauren Southern's sister, Brittany Pettibone, Cassandra Fairbanks, Tara McCarthy, Angela Nagel, Elle Reeve, Elizabeth Bruenig, Taylor Swift, Ann Coulter

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I disavow all of them. Take your bullshit personality cult pressure valves elsewhere.