It has come to my attention there is an unbelievable number of conspiracy theory shills...

It has come to my attention there is an unbelievable number of conspiracy theory shills, fed posters and simply put: utter-fucking idiots that have washed upon our shores. If you are part of the former categories, I want it be known, that from my perspective, you are not welcome here to this Cambodian amateur fly fishing forum. But, since telling you to "fuck off" not only fails to deter you faggots, but seems to be an express invitation to deaf ears, I'll re-iterate to my brothers here on our single purpose. We have many goals and hail from many different backgrounds, but we have on focus. This focus is a form of preliminary form of knowledge and the only purpose for this board and every right-wing ideology out there.

This one form of knowledge goes like this; that the Jews, as a secular and religious group, control the monetary policy and flow of money. It is through various financial instruments that they tax, en-debt and for all intents and purposes, enslave us entirely. Why do I say the Jews? Why do I not say Zionists or bankers or the "elite?" The reason why is because if we were to dethrone the Rothschilds and other dynastic Jewish banking families, another group of Jews would come and take their place. Like a never-ending phalanx, this organized and solid group advances ever so slowly, to pollute and subvert a culture, a peoples and a nation. They do this because it is in their religion and some would argue, even in their DNA, as paranoia and schizophrenia seems consistent with their genome (the Jews that is). Furthermore, they act as a gang, with lower-level Jews not exactly "following orders," but rather actively trying to destroy traditional values to ensure that their "fellow banking brothers" at the top retain their control. Wouldn't you rob and steal if your gang leader commanded you to do so for the benefit of the gang?

The Jews as a cohesive group actively subvert in their own independent actions to have a shot at the top, at a chance of possibly being a "banking jew" or "producer jew." Some Jews are porn producers and actors, others are columnists writing communist-like writing while others still are professors spouting liberal nonsense to turn the tide against Christian, Western morals. Some Jews are lawyers, ripping off their goyim customers while others are judges. Some Jews are doctors to preach false health methods and ignore alternative medicine. Most Jews do not go into a profession to actively subvert other non-Jews (goyim). Most Jews are also not aware of any active conspiracy against non-Jews, however nearly all are very liberal politically but behave extremely traditionalist (a Jew must marry a Jew and only a fellow Jew).

So, the purpose of this board is to believe in this conspiracy theory because in large and small ways, evidence there is consistent with this theory. That, through a combination of inflation rates, scrupulous lending, promotion of Jews over non-Jews and through media, cultural and government influence the Jews enrich themselves while bringing all other groups down. They have turned these older tactics into newer ones; bringing in refugees and other third-world peoples to overburden the government safety-net and welfare system. They have also promoted sexual promiscuity and an active hate against white men in particular through new-found theories of cultural marxism. We have one additional maxim to our purpose, that Adolf Hitler was the last European leader to directly and actively stand up to these banking Jews. That he is nearly entirely blameless, at least politically and mostly entirely blameless military.

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Now, as to the topic of these terrible posters. I want to go over a few talking points.

I do not believe in aliens

Not in the context and way that many people think. There absolutely is bacterial life and perhaps even more advanced forms but far too far away for us to ever reach.

I do not believe in templars, masons or any other group controlling anything, only Jews

Whatever must rule at the top must be a tight-knit, quasi-religious group that rules openly and would naturally direct the blame to other parties.

I do not believe the elites are planning much or that there is some grand conspiracy theory to snatch us all

Government and nearly all it's instruments are so over-bloated, naturally inefficient and laughably inept that it's amazing some of it runs. The government however is very efficient at ensuring safety, catching criminals (blue collar ones) and making sure the system runs because it's in it's interest to do so.

I do not hate women

Even if they're blue hair dykes. For if I hate a woman that must make me a homosexual, for what else is left for me? I also do not believe in self-love, while I do subscribe to no-fap, I am not overly religious with it. It has it's purpose but I'm going to avoid counting days anymore and feeling guilty for masturbating.

I am not a faggy vegetarian

Vegans need the vitamin B12 in supplement form because that only comes from meat. What sort of diet would require you take supplements? A fake and retarded one.

I do not believe in the brink of collapse

It'll have you hiding in the woods and collecting guns. As a people we should be buying bonds, stocks and getting college educations. Even if that means taking on debt. We need to be actively working within the system and become a larger part of that system.

I do not hate niggers or other sub-humans

It would be any body else's interest to come to a first world country and live lavishly. Also, have you ever fucked a non-white? With the exception of Asian, they tend to smell. As for asian women, they are indeed soulless and vapid. I naturally prefer white women and I have enough experience to say so. So I'm not angry when I see an inter-racial couple, at least not anymore. It's in each person's individual opinion to what they like. Do I think it's fucking retarded to race-mix? Yes, but it's not nearly a big deal as it used to be.

Christ-cucking and the such

I am not exactly religious. I recognize the hatefulness in Christianity and believe modern Christianity and the pope is a cuck. But at the same time I recognize the advances made under a Christian Europe and view that Europe under monarchies and a religious order advanced the fastest because of the culture.

In essence, I'm tired of anti-vaxxers and thinking that the government is super capable. I don't believe in the government's version of 9/11 but I certainly don't think such a large conspiracy theory could remain hidden. I believe that the terrorists weren't stopped and were even aided (lightly) by Israeli interests. I do believe people knew in advance and did nothing to stop it.

I do believe Jews were persecuted during the "holocaust" and about 300,000 to a million died. Some of execution squads, many of hunger and disease and due to a lack of care. I do not believe any Jews were ever gassed but I do firmly believe Jews were intentionally executed. I also don't see anything really wrong with that and hope for another one.

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Kikes are just fucking kikes. They do what's best for them. There's nothing really deep or sophisticated or conspiratorial about that.


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"oy veyy we all know how terrible it is when the goyim do that!"

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People won't let me have sex with farm animals. For such a basic sexual activity there must be a conspiracy if people won't let me do it. What is the motivation for this nonsense to prevent sex with farm animals unless the motive makes sense to the benefit of a psychopath conspirator?

Not your blog, go fuck yourself.

This looks like fun bait. Explain what anybody could possibly get out of preventing your sticking your dick in a horse or something.

I'll see you in the gulag on my friend

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So you're 3 years too fucking late then?
Huh. You must really be fucking retarded, OP.

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If the ThotPatrol posters don't seem to be in line with the Zig Forums ethos; bear in mind that it's an opportunity to move central banking, the insatiable appetites of the jew and his anglo-kike shabbos/sayanim, all of those benefiting from usurious practices, the Trillions in lost revenue, the debt-based jewscam and all of its offshoots and to (((whom))) the non-existent debt is owed

…into the forefront of consciousness

Zig Forums went to shit after the election.


Always ask yourself if an agenda follows the principals of "Hitler" or our ethos to remove Jewish control from our lives. Going so far to say that we need to stay in a cabin in the woods and stay lock and loaded is preferred by the elites, since that's one less idiot actively campaigning and deep within the system fighting them. Violent opposition to the state is never an answer and violence itself should only be done in self-defense. We are being whipped and owned by the Jew but it doesn't mean we can lash out. However, it is our imperative that as a race, since the Jew will always be a threat to us, we do eventually have to wipe them out. We can only do that with governments behind our back which will take a 100 years or so.

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To follow-up…

Any agenda that…

Uses the tools of the system against liberal opposition or results of Jewish Cultural Marxism

Seeks to sway public opinion of pro-white policies

Enables others to get politically active on behalf of nationalist-socialist movements

Or tries to bring sense and organization but retain nonmilitant beliefs, anonymity and a natural chaotic element to prevent enemies spies

Is part of our decree. Thotpatrol naturally seeks to curb women's freebase ideals of having sex but still manipulating (white) men into paying. Other races never pay or support white women but leave the baggage with white men. Any sense of order that seeks to make either white women have sex entirely for free (white white men) without their rights above us or accept their submissive role is a plus. Just trying to make every single woman fit in a box isn't right. Some women will naturally be more promiscuous and every society will have it's whores, but when nearly 50% of women or a large portion are whores, something has to be done.


Fuck off I’ve seen you make these posts on other threads. Stop trying to derail you filthy kike/nigger. Oh and kys too :)

I agree OP, except I believe societal collapse is something we should bring about and race mixing pollutes our gene pool and is an offence to our racial dignity.

I concur, and also
Is this fedposting? Firstly, everyone should be prepared for the worst, and living self-sufficiently or darn near close to it in a rural region is a must. Secondly, we absolutely have a right to fight defensively and offensively against our own govt. White I think some people are living in an inverse communist revolution fantasy, there is no reason to believe that it will take 100 years to restore order to Western governments. They are already failing as is, and when the next collapse comes, the people will feel cheated by what happened in 2008 and all their focus will be on rooting out the bankers. Whether or not politicians and the bureaucracy can be strong armed by the people against the financial elite is a peripheral question, needless to say, we don't expect Bolshevik style purges to be necessary to accomplish our goals.

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Ever notice anytime REAL factual condemning evidence comes about Judeas corruption a wave of Q-tards/pizzabait maggots swarm the board to deter us from seeing the real issues?

Check half chin now. Board is filled entirely with whole threads of nothing but shills talking to shills. It's like complete displacement is the new tactic.

OP you are the most liberal natsoc I've ever heard. I don't know if I care for it however it's better then a lot of bullshit I've read around here lately

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Glad you believe all that faggot. Doesnt mean I have to, and for anyone to think that their thoughts are right and others are wrong is basically a faggot move, I would expect something like that from antifa. You dont mind whites mixing with niggers and you dont mind 3rd world niggers flooding white countey.

You are definitely a faggot and a kike and this post is a very shittily wrote blog post. Kill yourself swiftly.

This appears to be a fairly well crafted shill post throwing a temper tantrum about the NASA thread. The first post is obvious things the entire board agrees on to build trust and reputation, the second post is psyop D&C bullshit. If I'm wrong no particular offense OP, focusing on the kikes is good.

With no red text for fake emphasis, it must be made clear that knowledge of the various groups the jews use to subvert us is of deep importance. You may not believe in the Priory of Sion funding the Templars on behalf of the jews, you may not believe in aliens from a distant planet in our own solar system feeding on us while mining resources, you may not believe in the shitty rewritten jewish caballa or the potency of numerology, but they do. They do. They built their entire crooked empire around these beliefs.

You should be aware of your enemy's religious beliefs so that you can exploit them. You should be aware of the history of the secret societies they have founded to deceive you, and of the various secret societies that have been founded to combat them over the centuries. You must be aware of the infiltration and counter-infiltration of all these organizations. You should be aware of the symbolism the enemy uses to communicate, from the rings of Saturn to the winged disc of Nibiru, from the fire pit of moloch to the glyphs and sigils of modern corrupted freemasonry. Study and learn. Do not scorn any knowledge of your enemy.

More useless negativity. More dialectic. More war. Still the same old circumstances.

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Its like you're phonetically repeating something you don't entirely understand while stating the obvious.

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I'll let you, user. You have my blessing. Please, enjoy yourself and, if possible, post video. But only farm-animals–no wild animals, no pets.

This is an invented quote and citation. Nowhere is the original article hosted anywhere on the newspaper’s site or archived anywhere.

I agree with some things you say and strongly disagree with others. I don't really care to get into an argument right now but I will say something regarding shills. It's extremely irritating when you are trying to discuss one of the many problems with kikes and someone or group of someones just whips and completely poisons the conversation, taking some information and straight up lying to try and discredit the truth. "oh yeah, the holohoax is a hoax and that's why the beta centurions are coming to save us the martian-grey alliance and their leftist friends!"

quite a nice tl:dr on my thoughts. I've been around long enough to have expected the post-election dropoff but that doesn't make it bother me any less.

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