You are wrong Pol

Why you are wrong Zig Forums

Infact Swedes are the most rightwing people in the west

Your demoralisation of sweden yes memes have done little to help

Instread you have created not only a youth of nazis but a large population that wants to leave our beloved Sweden

Infact Sweden has allways been hated due to our wars we had especially with The east Europe, especially Poland, which had two Swedish Kings over it, very Buthurt, not to speak Russia, which was founded by Swedes

Now, let me tell you

The leftwingers, the normies in sweden is more based than you will ever be Zig Forums

Infact race mixing among Ethnic Swedes is non existant, i have never seen it, and looking upon national data we can find out quickly that even counting in rapes for a swedish woman of ethnic origin to mix with a Foreigner is below 1%, and this 1%, is majority of Polish and slavic immigrants in sweden having intercorse with these Animals from Africa

Infact the racial consciousness in Sweden very great,

I have a brown haired Swedish Friend, and elders refer to him as, the guy with the brown hair but is still white

The level of that is beyond anything Zig Forums can ever achieve

Heres out latest mainstream views at the moment
[YouTube] Svenska nyheter - Rasism mot kineser (embed)

Where a swedish comedian of SVT is openly racist against Chinese, telling them to stop defecating in the Open, talking down to these insectoids of the east like they are kids, and threathening them with Violence, and this is mainstream,

While Sweden is openly Leftist liberal, and we proclaim the equal worth of all man, we do this becouse of Bussiness reason and image, infact the entire globe is looking upon as the absolute Standard of Humanity and it works
as proven by the little mixing we have herre
It would not have it any other way

So yes Zig Forums you are pathetic in your tries against the Land of the Svear & Goth

Infact you, Zig Forums Many of which are what we swedes would consider to be shitskin —
part 1/2

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And throughout history Us Swedes have completely dominated You shitskins, infact Sweden conquered the Roman Empire and held it through 300 years, A small amount of people doing this

absolutely dominating you

Infact the Historians descibed us as tall as trees and beutifull to look upon

But now, your all butthurt shitskins

Infact going on here all i see is nord hate, you can sympathize with Brazilians Algerians and Iranians in your hate against us Nordics of Scandinavia

You are completely off the Hook

Infact you shitskins of pol is bigger thread to white genocide than that of Immigrants of the middle east


Pic related the empires of the Goth tribe of Sweden

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And let me not even start with these fucking swede cuch posters i see on pol, all they can speak about is how shit their country is and taxes are bad and how denmark is beter, or how their gonna migrate to Poland

Well guess what idiot

We deal with Traitors first

And about Poland?

Its to be flooded with 30 million shitskins in the coming years, you jump from safe sweden to a third hole shithole due to fucking fox news propaganda


And Denmark?

Have higher taxes than us, have no racial consciousnes either, infact thedanes have sex with niggers, like germans or britts
and the Norwegians?

Highest taxed nation in the west

And their populace has been replaced in the goddamn Black plague, they are no longer nordic

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And about these goddam ammerimutts of mixed heritage with a nation thats less than 50% white thinking they are being superior to us despite being massmurdered in the streets and schools

guess what Sweden is superior to you, and whatever ancestor you might have was conquered by us

Infact gun Ownership in Sweden is the second highest in the west only next to America due to their goddamn Israeli Military industrial complex they have higher

you shitskins would do anything to be born Swedish

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And about fucking Swedish Iraqi Immigrants posting here

Let me tell you Zig Forums infact most Swedish posters you see on pol these damn right wing larpers are what we call shitskin immigrants

actual white swedes on here is maube 50%

Very tiny

These people no doubt will be kicked out

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Get back on your meds, Hans. No one here even cares about your irrelevant country.

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Did you oost this while getting tag teamed by Jamal and Abdul?


This is even worse to clump together Germans and Swedes, these goddamn nazis of the 40s ruined the entire concept of national identity fueled in by Amerimuts wanting to sympathize with European nations

Let me tell you kid

Germans are Indo Europeans

Swedes are Proto Europeans

Two different races

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Oh, sorry. I couldn't remember a typical swedish name. German was easier, since they're actually a meaningful country, not "the place where IKEA is from".

Give me a fucking break you illeterate brainlet

Let me tell you

in the 80s, we had the third biggest airforce in the entire world

and out military was the top 5 biggest ones

Infact france has never been great since the days of the gauls

your french identity given to you by The Frank tribe from Scandinavia

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It's "illiterate". Just goes to show how great your dump is, when they don't even teach you subhumans proper English.


This is swede cucks can enjoy the nigger dicks they imported.
You know why "race mixing" is rare? Because swedes are post modern liberal degenerates always on the pills and on the rubbers.



Keep on laughing you little kid

Whatever ancestors you might have you shitskins you were conquered

And Russia?

A nation which literally means Land of the Rus

It was founded by the Rus tribe of Sweden

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Anyone who seeks to sow division amongst Europids is either a Jew, works for Jews or thinks like a Jew

Fucking neck yourself OP.

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Show us your country's racial demographic statistics then, bet you can't do it fagget.

´Says the fucking community which started the Sweden yes meme

The only divide and conquer is done by little shitskins like yourself

Now read this image
Now read this image

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´Says the fucking community which started the Sweden yes meme

The only divide and conquer is done by little shitskins like yourself

Now read this image

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Fuck off kike. Reported.

Heil Hitler.

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I mean, it's Karl Marx not Jarl Markus for a reason dud.

And why do you hate the french so much?

Big mouthed

If they hold their shitskins mouths we can together as we have in the past, infact French and Russians are the only ones in Europe i can actually stand

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OP is a kike and likely about as Swedish as Shaka Zulu. I knew a few people from Sweden, in my “shitty country” on a work visa. Ya know, because people go to other nations for work when their own country is doing great. They told me it’s basically like the memes say in large cities but out in the rural parts it’s very white. I don’t know what % of non-whites they have overall but I bet it’s not above 15%. In other words, not too late to turn around but the government, cities, normalfags, all pretty cucked just like anywhere else. OP is just trying to get us to shit on Sweden so we’ll infight. It’s what they fall back to when nothing else is going on. Watch carefully for it, don’t fall for it.

don't be so butthurt. all white nations including Sweden have bright pasts and WILL have a proper future, but don't delude yourself, in its current form all white countries in one way or another is a disgrace. ALL OF THEM. stop playing the 'my country is less cucked than your country' game. we are all cucked nations right now

Still waiting on those demographic statistics OP, unless you're a massive fagget.

You watch yourself down there

i constantly see mudsharks and legbearded feminists and soylent goyim and the fact that this teenaged schizo sven thinks that haplogroups is the same as overall genetics is retarded beyond belief
the reason for the nordic blue is that the corded ware and bellbeaker indoeuropeans didnt kill all the huntergatherer/neolithic farmers wich resulted in alot of indo european women intermarried with the native males wich would make the nordic males during the late neolithic infact anticucks.
they are genetically however very indo europe
Op is a faggot and needs to be shoved down a bog


Theres not a single argument in that just Butthurt

This is why Zig Forums is for brainlets your all a bunch of shitskins with genetic science done in the fucking 40s a time where they didnt even know what DNA was

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Exactly 100% right. I reported him for D&C.

Make no mistake, the Swedes are a glorious nation being destroyed by their state. The same can be said for any Europid nation. We must all stand together, any attempt at generating in-fighting is a divide and conquer tactic by a snivelling jew.

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And your calling me Jewish for Promoting Sweden?

Give me a break you shitskins

Infact you shitskins are on average 40% Jewish by genetic coding

The only Jews here are you

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And are you?

A man refusing to answer arguments
but instead keep derailing and insulting swedes

Let me tell you

Even jews today blame their enemies of being jewish or puppets by them

and if you seen this happen yet your a brainlet not worthy talking to

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Thank you swede, I will always feel better knowing I'm not a gigantic homo like you who gets this mad from a single meme.
Every swede might not be a nigger but they sure as hell are a bunch of women and your bitching just goes to prove that.

Everyone shits on Sweden constantly and no one calls it d&c but when a swede shits on you Its always d&c. The mutt meme is a good example and shows that Americans cant take what they dish out

he's wrong btw
feminism and niggers a rapant problem here
i cant go on the bus in gothenburg without seeing atleast 5 niggers at a time and way too much sandniggers to count and every swede i see looks misarble as fuck when taking the bus


Sage. This is an entire thread of banter. Swedes can act more manly if they want to be seen as such, end of story.


Fucking coding in this place is horrible, but your completely right, These Amerimutts cry divide and conquer and jews if every criticism of them

Pathetic people

And you banter my ass

These amerimutts have a large pole up their ass for being called out for their double think

You're not making arguments, just pathetic insults to great peoples based on their genetics. The Swedish state is cucked, that does not mean the Swedish nation is. I did not insult Swedes once, only you, because you're a jew.


Like all jews, you have a very low IQ and are dishonest.

Nation =/= State. The Swedish people are great. The Swedish state is not. Not an American btw.

Still waiting on those demographic statistics OP, unless you're a massive fagget

I hope a Palestinian castrates you mr. shekelberg.

Lmao i see threads shitting on swedes and "Sweden YES" memes all over the board and No one ever calls it d&c

Ill tell you what

I stop bullying you and your shitskin people the day you stop uttering a single negative word about Sweden

But i doubt you can do this, shitskins like yourself are blinded with Hatred


reported and global reported.
Nothing worse than a little inbred jewish faggot trying to larp as a white man, and start fights between white nations. Larping as a white man online is the closest he can get to masculinity, as his jewish wife cucks him for Palestinian men.

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I guess memes like this were just created because of Sweden's manly perception instead of Sweden being full of faggots.

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"YES" memes aren't only targeted at Sweden, and they are targeted at their jewish run government, not the actual swedish people. All the Yes meme means is that the government is fucking up. I haven't seen anyone hate on sweden, and i've been on Zig Forums all night. You are the only one pushing D&C memes from cuckchan.

You are making the jew op look correct when you post literal cuck porn disguised as a meme. If you like cuck stuff go back to cuckchan with that shit.

Here we have a good example, if it is targeted at the government Why is it spammed on this imageboard where no one from the government is? It serves only one purpose and that is to ridicule White swedes

How many banners here are yours? I can claim 3.

Now run along with your little bitch accusations that everyone is from cuckchan like some Swedish faggot.

So our demoralisation worked and got you to get your act together, huh? I guess there are happy endings after all!

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Well maybe if the Swedes didn't let themselves get cucked to death we wouldn't mock their asses. Let's face it, Sweden is as cucked a country as they come. The people are doing shit to save themselves from the leftists. They earned that reputation until they actually stand up for themselves. I'd like them to prove us wrong, but until then, Sweden = leftist cuck fest.

You are just talking out of your ass, america is much more cucked

Still can't prove that Swedistan is white huh?
== Where's the demographic statistics, f

I'll give you that. It looks like some of those memes are meant to demoralize whites. Guess I was wrong. That being said, you do not need to attack southern Europeans. It is likely kikes, or nigs posting this type of shit, not other european brothers. I am pure Norwegian ancestry, living in America, all white brothers must stick together. If you are swedish, you are focusing your anger on the wrong targets.

How many black cocks do you have saved on your hdd as "memes". You are also using reddit spacing, so perhaps you should go back to reddit. My mistake.

See that little corner where Spain and France meet?
only sold

Every euro nation is being flooded with shitskins, and guess what, Trump is calling them dreamers and always talking about how much he is going to help them. Every white nation is fucked right now, there is no point in falling for the D&C.


I bet these 2 things are totally unrelated.

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Schizo posts
Do not reply without sage

There will come a time when when we can uncuck ourselves. Americans might get mocked in the world as being overweight and stupid, but we're armed to the fucking teeth. We can be straight barbaric when the time comes.


It is both d&c, if you can't see that then you shouldn't be here.

Why is "sweden YES" memes posted here all the time without anyone calling it d&c then?

You know who's the most triggered by Sweden YES memes? imphaggy. He used to ban a shitload of people for claiming D&C against whites, and he's not even fucking white, he's a shitskin.

I wouldn't be surprised if one of these people is him.

Apparently Its ok to call swedes cucks and mock them every chance you can but if you dare post an amerimutt meme you are a kike and a shill

What does that have to do with anything you are mocking other whites for no reason at all and then you have the nerve to say no more brother wars while mocking every white in sweden

You can't be unraped friend, you can merely try to move on with honour.

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Are you seriously suggesting that whites can't be mocked? I don't see it as a "whites", I see them as leftists. So yes, I'll mock all leftists irrespective of skin color. They are traitors and should all be necked.

You have to go back


I see it almost everyday and I don't even go out very often.

I'm against all leftists, I don't care if they're American or other. Some of those leftists happen to be traitor whites.

Now tell me who has more leftists?

You Or Sweden?

Infact this leftism was started by mutts in the 60s

As a percentage of the population, Sweden.

We werent talking about leftists we were talking about the demorilization campaign here to mock swedes every chance possible while screeching shill at all amerimutt memes

whatever Mahmoud Svenberg. You will never be as pure as us Norwegians anyway. Thanks for taking our jews in ww2 btw lol.

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Nice arguments

Why is mocking White swedes ok but posting the amerimutt is d&c? Still havent gotten an Answer on this question

Why the fuck has the D&C clown thread not been deleted yet?

NU-Zig Forums

Because Swede mockery is legitimate and the 56% meme is a literal strawman, that's why.

The 56% meme is legitimate too

And swedish Mockery is more of a strawman than the 56% meme

wrong, the swede cuck memes are related to the policies of the Swedish government and the general cucked status of their institutions

56% of Americans are 100% white, therefore lets call all white Americans 44% mixed race. Literal strawman.

Thank you, OP. nu-Zig Forums is full of shills who preach defeatism and sow disunity to divide & conquer us.

Attached: trolls.png (553x554, 369.7K)

But if the police and institutions are the cucked ones why is it spammed on this imageboard where none of them browse? The only people browsing here are racially aware white swedes and all you do is mock them




I only post those style of memes in a reactionary sense when a European tries to take a moral high ground, pretending they are better off than the US.

All of you fags stop bumping this, OP obviously isn't even from here.

Its still posted all over the board unprovoked and no one calls it d&c or fights against it while you all claim to want to ensure the future of the white race


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