Trump General

Trump General

It has come to my attention that the number of one line threads about trump and general trump news has reached a near breaking point. There should not be close to 200 mentions of the man when you search his name, In order to alleviate this matter and hopefully prevent the over saturation of Trump threads, I propose this, a general thread for all news, opinion and general of the current President of the United States of America.
This thread is neither for or against the president, it is merely containment for something that's killing the board.

Please redirect general Trump news and discussion to this thread, this includes all one line trump threads involving tweets and general low quality trump threads.

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Attempting to contain trumpkike exposure, I see.
Suck my normal uncut cock, kike lover.

Trump may be a kike, but flooding the fucking catalogue with shit threads to the point where his name appears nearly 200 times isn't helping the board. Just look at fucking /zenpol/ shit got flooded with trump threads until it was completely fucking unusable.

Someone exposing the truth of your ZOG emperor hurting your fee fees?

nice IP hop

I understand the sentiment, but he's the president of the United States and he's "controversial" to the mainstream culture. So there's really nothing you can do about it.

Reminder that Trump's civic nationalism was always meant to be the final nail in the coffin for Whites. Yes, he is only a stepping stone for jewish hegemony.

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I disagree, if all news mentioning him went here then a lot of relevant news would pass unnoticed by ADHD anons and the thread itself would become a haven for shitposting and derailing by our local jidf residents.

Name it /ptg/ - President Trump General

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Maybe the (((good goy))) will start locking them up.
So far all Jewish bark and no bite.

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Can you show me one time that Trump specifically mentioned white people since he got elected in any speech? I hear him talk about the blacks, the mexicans, the dreamers, the jews, isreal, everybody. But he never mentions whites. That is the biggest reason I am not really trusting Trump anymore

No, fuck off you worthless shill. You magapede retards need to be exposed the the mouth breathing waste of sperm you all are.


It exists as /ptg/, newfag

This isn't cuckchan.







This board is dead. Overtaken by Richard Spencer pedes and Zig Forums kikes.

cuckchan is better then this shitty board now. Its time for any sane person to go back and leave the Richard Spencer cocksuckers to die

He has become even more controversial to his voting/support base. Even when we subtract the Qcumber-factor telling themselves that any millisecond alphabet agencies will magically begin arresting "bad actors"; there are those little issues of
- of border control
- the absolutely kike'd to the hilt Trump admin
- pardoning of despicable jewrabbi's that deserve rope
- elevating middle east issues above issues pertaining to US soil
- and on and on and on
MAGA was a head fake

Thread theme.

We will not allow his talmudic teachings spread like a cancer on this board any longer. nu/pol/ already turned into a fucking Tel Aviv disco club, filled with trumpcucks. We will no longer tolerate that orange rabbi cock sucker anymore

Donald Trump is a zionist neoconservative civic nationalist that publicly disavows white nationalism whose entire family is jewish. Every single action taken during his presidency has benefitted jews and harmed whites. He is personally responsible for accelerating white genocide and legalizing more nonwhites than he deports. There is no wall. There are no arrests of traitors.

Amen to that!

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I'm a bit drunk. My brother in law just got married. I'm happy to see this )containment) thread.

I'm not 'Murican (Fingol). For what's it worth I still think Trump is the best president US has had in at least 20 years. I have little faith in his alleged 88D chess, but perhaps he is somewhat honest in describing himself as a nationalist. My two cents are that if the (((elite))) consists of vampires who want drink the blood of your children, if one candidate says the vampire dogma openly, and the other is still a vampire but still has to pretend he's not, and the majority of the nation choose him, it's an optimistic notion since they at least have some commom decency left in them. God bless America, gas the kikes!

no one can talk about anything because of schizo wignats or shills pretending to be them spamming every thread with "TRUMP IS A KIKE PLANT"

These kikes are proof of that

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Shills invented another term alongside "blackpill". Awesome.

you deserve a permab&

Everyone is turning on mutty Trump

nice projection

Now I know you're a kike shill

Okay this is epic

for a second there i thought he was wearing a kippah in that picture

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It is totally fine to talk about (((Mr. Trump))) here. Maybe the 'Christian' who is treated like the best goy around is hiding his power level. Thats a fucking dream though. Unless he 'lets' some members of congress keep pushing for not fucking giving 6 billions to Israel every fucking day Trump is shit.

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tell your bosses to send some shills who've actually been here more than two months and might blend in a little better




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That guy hasn't been relevant in years, get a better scapegoat. Even when he was relevant Zig Forums made fun of him.

That's what anyone who dared to post an inconvenient truth about dishonest Don was bombarded with just a few months ago. Learn your own history, shill.

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He's a fed.

Power is shifting from the Zionist Right to the Communist Left. This is because anons and normalfags are rejecting Zionism so much they're willing to support Democrats as they're presently the only alternative. All that's left is to allow the fangs of Marxism to sink into the leg of America before the masses will accept a third position.

Why the fuck are you even here if not because you're paid to spam?

lol no, neither party will win, civil war is upon us

Trump was an esoteric metaphor for the golden lion… except the lion is a bull… and instead of being worshiped by the jews, it worships the jews.

Screencap this!

Magapedes need to go back to Reddit

There's only one political alternative at any given time, since we only have two parties. That's the scam.

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Good stuff, user.

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Anybody that mentions Trump should be immediately permabanned.

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