The Absolute State of Modern Women

Thot Blackmails men for gibs. Makes her living that way.

In before boomer retards "you just need to man up"

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The Absolute State of Modern Men.

I'm not gonna white knight for any THOT, but this guy is a huge moron for not breaking up with her immediately.

Fake and gay

Stop flooding this with so many anti women thread retard. Check the catalog

i know this is quintessential cuckchan posting, I didn't want to turn off my VPN for that shit. Plus it's always great to see you old fags try and act like there shouldn't be any problem for a man finding a wife.

I'm not a MGTOW incel, but the odds of finding a good woman in America is low as fuck. Finding a woman who isn't a hedonistic whore brainwashed on jew mind virus is fucking impossible. "hur dur just go to the country." yeah where the divorce rate is even higher. It's like you don't realize women are goaded to leave your ass once the chips are down.

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Murder/suicide is the best solution

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Literally posting reddit screen caps. This guy just needs to beat her a little bit, and take her phone away. reported.


We need to stop this ironic goy-posting. It's obvious that lots of us are not the same page anymore. We need to try and come to a compromise rather than just trolling each other all day long. We have enemies to focus on.

user, I'm pretty sure gypsies are worth generally disliking even if they don't run much of any government, bank, or propaganda outlet.

While there are plenty of good examples of male and female degenerates, and it can be demoralizing, there are lots of good white men and women out there. I'd advice moving to a rural area over a city. Don't have a negative attitude about women. Yes, understand that they can be cunts and know how to deal with them, but don't be so negative. Try to have kids at some point user.

Such is the state of women, they cannot defend themselves physically so they do it the most pathetic, while yet effective ways. The reason why it's so effective is due to the obvious feminization of men making them mentally weak. The only way to prevent this on yourself is to either…

Not a bad choice considering prime soy redditor

This. maybe people post this shit because they are trying to navigate the new landscape or relationships. Are you old boomer fucks not accustomed to the new world, Or just naive about the reality of it? Honestly. People want a family and loving wife. The odds are so fucked. Not only is the economy shit, but society is shit, women are mostly shit, and if you lose you get state sponsored debtors prison. What part of that equation makes you so dismissive of men getting pissed at the current circumstance before them?

I know it's a fucking shitpost, but how about you think critically for a second.

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e-thottery isn't about the nudes, it's about interacting with attractive women, the nudes are just a bonus.

women are getting harder and harder to deal with for multiple reasons now so there's an increasing influx of men dropping out of even trying IRL. but they still crave female interaction and validation. giving e-whores money for conversation, GF LARP or nudes is a substitute for the real thing and it gives them a sense of satisfaction and validation.

these women are literally exploiting lonely men who are downtrodden by the current state of the sexual marketplace.

we're constantly told that pressuring women into sex is sexual violence. that manipulating women is abuse. but there is an entire industry of women manipulating vulnerable men into giving them money for no good reason, and this industry is widely publicised and celebrated as being part of women's liberation.

I repeat:
e-thottery is the sexual exploitation of men.
e-thottery is sexual violence against men.
e-thottery is psychological abuse against men.

e-thottery should anger you like nothing else when it comes to women. if it doesn't anger you, you don't understand it.

Clearly the right thing to do here is for this guy to kill her

This boy is disgusting. People need to walk away from this portion of the world. He has a choice, and he chooses to be a cuck. Fuck that boy and his evil thot girlfriend.

Haha why doesn't he just snap her fragile neck? What a fucking beta cuck. This is why Women don't respect Men anymore - so many of us are complete trash who refuse to lay down the fucking law on a dumb bitch.


I know I'm same fagging but fuck that bitch, shes worthless. Best thing that guy could do would be to start black mailing her the same way, hes got tons of dirt on her obviously.

odds of finding a good woman anywhere in the world in any time of history were always low as fuck. women had more training in old days to behave properly. but do not confuse training and peer pressure with quality in person. for you (or any men) to find a quality wife not only do you need to find a good potential in women you also need to be prepared to put a lot of effort to make her better. and vice versa of course.

He doesn't really have any other options.

while you are making a good point let me tell you a story

A scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, they would both drown. Considering this, the frog agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When the frog asks the scorpion why, the scorpion replies that it was in its nature to do so.

it is in women nature to manipulate man to get what she wants. it is up to a men to know better. or, you can think of it as a shit test. We use shit tests to make value judgements about people, likewise they can be used to determine how people cope under pressure. The underlying mechanism of shit tests is to test your mettle. Hence the name is not only fitting, but likewise, accurate.

After society collapses, women will fall in line. Until then, it's best to avoid them.

In his defense he feels he can't dump her as one of her exes is being blackmailed too. With how fucked society is if he mans up and does the right thing, slap sense into her he'll be arrested. If he leaves she may well blackmail him. Perhaps beat her at her own game, get some evidence of her wrongdoing and threaten to go to the police if it doesn't stop. But again, as things are fucked she can probably cry foul that she was put up to it by her sexist chauvinist boyfriend.

The irony of your post is that you are D&Cing

why are trying to have kids faggot. We just don't like the part were it makes us into slaves to a corrupt system that perpetuates shit women and encourages "you go gurl"

I wish I knew what to do. I am just trying to get money and a house. I am almost 31 though. I will be making 6 figures if I work my ass off next year. I've thought about marrying someone like 10 years older, but still see alot of risk in that.

Yeah, they're called jews, not women. Focus on the virus, not the symptoms, you bleating idiots.

you people are fucking useless. never offer anything constructive. Do you not realize miscalculating marriage, 50/50, makes you fucked for life?

I realize everything. Welcome to baby's first redpill. Now direct your anger towards the guy trying to kill you instead of the inanimate object he's using to do it.

what kind of faggot are you? It's not about being angry at women, it's realizing 90% of them are shit. It's about not becoming a victim of circumstance. So many faggots on this site somehow think they are going to save the United States, and i'm sitting here wondering what's even worth saving.

Absolutely (((transparent))).

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it's not women's fault they're sociopaths that sided with the jews and wont even nurture their own children, empathize with others, or hesitate to completely destroy a man's life for fun. it's your fault for not being man enough to use violence to force them to act like decent human beings.

now stop being a bitch and help support our shieldmaidens as they shake their ass on instagram for fuck tons of free untaxed money and sleep with niggers, paypig

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you're a hair triggered faggot. Do you drive a dodge ram and smoke meth? Do you routinely have trouble understanding things. I didn't say anything about not fighting. Maybe it's worth a taking a moment to decide what the best fight is, with the best outlook.

I dated a whore, that told me she was pregnant with my child. I was her ex at the time, and I didn't even know if I was the father. She was dating someone else and drinking and doing drugs heavily. We had an abortion and it still makes me miserable that it happened that way. she is still fucked up from it, as am I. I was liberal at the time, and it's one of the big things that changed my mind about things.

Men are pussies now. This is fact.
From a very young age they're funneled, slowly broken down. Pic related, many such cases.
Maybe men just need help waking up. But the change must come from men.
Women will not stop doing what they're doing. They act as they must, given the environment. A dog does not choose to misbehave. A misbehaving dog had a poor master. Only the master controls this. Only the master is capable of taking charge.
Men must take charge.
How will men take charge?

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Nice try, kike. Your pilpul has now power here.

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Not that user, but meth is nice.

I smell bullshit. If someone said to me, "you need to send me $50 or I'll tell everyone and put you on blast" I'd say try me and then see what happens to you. I'd just be so easy to make someone too afraid to do that.

Fuck off reddit.

Considering that only 45 million have taken place in the US and that's been over 40 years… I'd say that image is a load of shit.

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The good news is that it's all going to implode very soon and the Jew and the Vaginal Jew are both going to go down in flames together.

you're right, it doesn't have a source, it could be exaggerated. here, have some shit you can't ignore

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I love women. I hate whore, pimps and their enablers. Women like in OP are a product of poor or absent fathers, and helped by the gynocentric society.

FUCK WOMEN. They need to be beat back into shape by the White Man.

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this is not encouraged anymore in society

Don't do this, user.

Every man for himself at this point. We are all rats on a sinking ship.

Reddit screencaps are not threadworthy. Go away.

Simple solution: dox her to the media, cops, and internet. Blackmail is a crime, and if everyone she ever blackmailed knows her name, address, phone nembers, birthday, SSN, names and addresses of relatives, and has all her social media pix/posts/info then she is done forever.

That's natural selection.

this. she has so many enemies now that she wouldnt know its him who did it

well she might but maybe she'll get arrested before she figures it out


Get out fucking traitor tard.

20% of men are straight up retards or sociopaths. Same is true for women but they're subtle so rarely get caught. That means there are millions of psycho cutie 3.14s out there on part with prison felons for malice. You tards use confirmation bias to presume these psycho women are all women.