How and why western governments send operatives here pretending to be Nazis

This post is about western governments larping as national socialists. This is done in order to discredit National Socialism specifically, and economic nationalism generally by associating it with the most offensive meme to most western societies, Adolf Hitler. Just think about it for one second, if you unironically wanted National Socialism, would you go around climbing the impossible mountain of reviving Adolf Hitler's reputation by posting pictures of him everywhere, or would you re-brand your ideas into a new face and call yourself a traditional nationalist, white nationalist, literally anything other than trying to convince people to support Hitler?

These shills are trying to do several things. They want to keep people away from this board and the terrible wrongthink posted here on an hourly basis. Hitler memes keep normies from staying. They also want to discredit ideas like economic nationalism which have a real chance to gain traction among the general population and present a major threat to globalism.

If you are an unironic National Socialist, this isn't addressed to you. You will be able to argue the tenets of National Socialism, quote Mein Kampf, and so on. The shills never defend the actual tenets of National Socialism. They just post Hitler memes and say offensive things to drive off normies. They also love to divide the board along every demographic line imaginable "shitskins" "slavs" "Chinese niggers" "christcucks" and so on. They claim that nothing will improve until you go and genocide each and every once of these groups, and never once say anything bad about the Rothschilds. This is done to scare off normies, and to stop people from uniting behind a basic platform of pro-nationalism, anti-globalism, anti-usury, and so on.


1. Shills post Hitler memes to scare off newfags
2. Shills attempt to divide board along increasingly narrow demographic lines
3. Shills never defend actual tenets of National Socialism

If you need a primer on some of the main groups doing the shilling:

Other urls found in this thread:

They don't you paranoid TRS magapede faggot. People on here are more knowledgeable than you and have years/decades of experience in politics.

Fucking newfag go read George Lincoln Rockwell

Which tenets of National Socialism do you agree with and why?

Happy Hannukah

Garbage thread, reported.

I knew it autistic jamal here who complains about the mods is really a CIAnigger

Oh, OK. Then explain the Nazi LARPers. You can tell because they're like cartoon characters.

What tenets of National Socialism do you agree with and why?

Yeah Zig Forums is really starting to become unreadable. Seems like every time anything close to serious discussion starts the thread is flooded by D&C shills spamming red herring fallacies.

Zig Forums became terminal when moot did Zig Forumsharbor and filled this place with braindead stormfags. The election was the nail in the coffin.

I thought you faggot didn't liked antifa chan.


I really don't see how anyone could discuss National Socialism without reference to Hitler, given that he invented it and all.

A lot of people say that simply isolating ourselves from these groups would suffice (and it would), and there is much hatred for the Rothschilds.

Just about every single sentence in your post is wrong AND dumbpilled.

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National Socialist here. How can you NOT be NatSoc after browsing Zig Forums for many years and watching The Greatest Story Never Told, Hellstorm, and Europa: The Last Battle?

This is what an actual Natsoc looks like. Engages in actual discussion. Has sources. Seeking to persuade rather than divide. Does't post ridiculous Hitler memes.

I don't support Hitler because he was a hypocrite and quite possibly a plant. He killed millions of Polish and Russian whites while claiming to believe in white racial superiority. He should have attacked Britain with a land invasion and captured London and all the bankers and hung them. Instead, he went after Russia, and failed to disavow when Japan attacked the US, which sealed his fate. Look into the history of the Thule society, because you can connect Hitler's handlers to Blavatsky, Golden Dawn, and high level freemasonry. There are many photographs of Hitler doing masonic handshakes.

Does anyone know if there a way to keep the tor ID constantly filtered?

sup (((polvol2)))

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Hi, paid jewish shill. Thanks for outing yourself. Global report.

Thank you for at least sageing


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Gotta agree with this.
Its pretty easy to spot the difference between an earnest natsoc and the recent influx of 'Im upset because I expected Drumpf to be Hitler' posters.

I dont think its governments, because its too ineffective.
I think its left wing people thinking they are actually making a difference by trolling pol.
Which is like pissing in a sea of piss and thinking you made a difference.


How am I not surprised who ever wrote that was french

Why did all of the haters disappear when asked to defend specifics of natsoc? It's almost like you can verify OP is correct by the way they act in this thread.

Literal ad hominem. A dozen pictures of Hitler doing masonic hand signs and handshakes, and you have nothing to say but kvetching about the nationality of the compiler of the photos.

Muh masons is just a coping mechanism for people to pussy to name the jew. Just like the rest of the Alex Jones boiler plate talking points muh Soros and muh Rothschilds, Just call them jews.

Get your story straight, larper
You just lost the argument.

Next you are going to tell me the Holocaust actually happened

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If defending freemasonry and the Rothschilds didn't prove it, this just proved OP is right.
Why don't you explain why you think the Holocaust did not happen with citations, Mossad?

Did you guys realize civnat was pure cancer and re-branded? Didn't really work though that sounds even more cringy lol

I'm so glad you arn't a mod anymore


Please sage


Great thread OP, have a bump. The shills jumped on this in no time to try and d&c. I think that Hitler memes can be helpful, depending on them having good sources and being easily understood. I get what you are saying though, the cartoonish Nazis (not NatSoc on purpose) are obviously either dumb or trying to confuse dumb people.

Moshe, explain why 6 million is fake and provide some sources. I'll help you get started

Now, either respond with your sources, or explain why the economic nationalist is the one attacking the Holohoax, and the "National Socialist" is kvetching. You fucking Mossad shill.

Reminder that all imkikey posts should be global reported. In fact, all posts that don't belong here should ONLY be globally reported.



Why don't you illuminate us?

The Canadians sure like trying to data mine, that's what I've noticed.

It's really simple: they know people come here. The sad fact is we're the stupid ones that keep coming back when we know we should be using our bunkers instead.

The guy with the Hitler hate boner is (((polvol2))) Kampfy doesn't get paid to do that

This is my bunker.

You've literally just invented this statement out of absolutely fucking nothing. That's because 1. we know who you are and 2. you don't know who you're talking to.

Cry more.

You don't remember the sperg getting sacked it was like a month ago, are you really that new lol?

Keep crying.

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They are the ones that want a (((100% white nation))) to the point of not even accepting a diplomat on their soil.
It is white autism actually since it cant be reproduced ever irl, they just want to kill all except their (((tribe))).

Found the five eyes shill.

Defend national socialism NOW you fucking larper!



nationalism has been tarred as nazi and literally hitler for decades. even if your optics were 100% clean they will accuse you of being literally hitler.

so lets be literally hitler.

Out of all the world leaders not one compares to Hitler.
His love for his people, their culture, their history is why Jews hate Hitler. Not becuase he fought against them kicking them out of his homeland, but why he did it.

With what navy and resources you fucking retard?

This thread is an obvious shit stirring attempt. CIAniggers can roleplay as anyone.

TRS are strasserites.
Nice shit thread I guess.

Even Nazis weren't fixated on racial purity as those shills are (see: The Nuremberg laws). They out themselves pretty easily since they parrot the same type of cartoonish Nazism seen in Hollywood scripts and journalist hitpieces.

As you can see in this thread, they can't coherently define what they're talking about. They just throw labels and recite the titles of the media/literature that we already know about.

It shouldn't matter if it's fake or not because they've been already compensated for it with an ethnostate and billions in foreign aid.

Nuremberg laws were junk.
They also didn't work, the mishlings were not assimilated into german society.
Why should we repeat the same mistakes again?

Why can't we have a homogenous state?

U boat the British into starvation while building a navy and bombing their warships. German production was much stronger than British. Are you disputing that the world would be a much better place if the London bankers had been dragged into the streets and treated as their crimes deserved?

Dude, man, I Just read a fucking thread where gay people literally get turned on form getting and giving fucking aids. Hitler was right to send them first into the oven FFS. They’re literally plotting on grooming fucking kids to be gay with their faggot ass drag queen tranny story fuckfest.

Hitler was right.

I’m not even into that into natsoc. But, damn it all to hell. Fuck the Kikes. Something must be done about this rampant degeneracy.

Hitler was right about fags, I'll give you that one.

I know, right? They always try to make it as if Nazis rejected it because they hated minorities for looking like minorities. They never mention the degrading and harmful actions that those minorities inflicted on the german people

It was entirely about them drawing a line on the worst behavior, but leftists focus on the reaction instead of the cause because it sensibly vindicates their enemies. They did it with the Proud Boys. They never mentioned the fact that Antifa attacked them first.

Since late 2015 this board has been where they've sought to contain all the really wacky folk; all the people who are highly disagreeable, paranoid, or just deeply antisocial – think of all the /r9k/-tier ranting Zig Forums is host to nowadays. These sorts of posters have been sectioned off onto Zig Forums whilst all the more moderate, agreeable people have been kept on halfchan. This was done for two reasons:
- Firstly, so that, when possible, the whole of fullchan and other free places on the internet can be accurately labelled as "breeding grounds of terrorism" (see recent "hatecrimes" commited by "Right-wingers"). All it takes is one or two mainstream media articles or news-pieces to cover this place or a similar one for armies of normalfags to mobilise against hosting sites, site owners, etc., and that's it. Purity spiralling and intersocial humiliation (i.e., Leftist social behaviour) between Zig Forumsacks only speeds this eventual outcome, due to more diplomatic people moving on to different sites or simply not bothering with it at all.
- Secondly, so that the more moderate places like halfchan (which used to be far more vitriolic, at least until those people went elsewhere) can be easily cooled and made more and more accessible – think of the frog boiling in the pot. This is appealing not only to Leftist movements, whether public or private, but also advertisers who have immense sway over the owners of popular, social websites whose personal reputations are tied up with their occupations. What happened to m00t verifies this in particular.

TL;DR: Get a real social life with real people of a likemind. Virtual ideological circlejerks are a waste of time and an unsuitable substitute.

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user, if you are incapable of having a couple of buddies who you have a drink or something to eat with every other weekend or so, you have no chance of raising children or actually bettering yourself or the world around you. You will be stuck as the helpless, angry blob the Jews and their minions want you to be.

Mods, this is cancer. Get rid of it. Send him back to whatever cuckservative Alex Jewns board hes from.

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Oy vey!

Hitler did nothing wrong, whats with all the Trump memes huh? Whats with all the Jesus memes Christians? KYS. Were not dividing, were uniting and focusing. If you want to suck based niggers off, youre not welcome. Natsoc was purposely exclusionary, youre just not made of the right stuff obviously.

What aspects of national socialism do you support and why? Provide citations.

Tbh I’ve only been on Zig Forums for almost a year but I’m really in awe of how intelligent and knowledgeable people here are in general.

Why not kick off with anti-usury. Anti exploitative capitalism, anti-headless unaccountable corporations, anti-stock market speculation, no unearned wages, recognition of complete non-equality no even just among races but among individuals within a race. National built on people, ran by those people with knowledge of their culture and their cultural interests. Collectivization against communism, the goal of National Socialism as stated by Hitler vicariously through Goebbels was to smash Bolshevism and unite the German people. It is the kryptonite to communism, and communism is Jewish, and communist ideas such as racial equality, and equity, and mixing are playing their major role in white genocide. Its a glorious society, even ignoring the white genocide struggle its the ideal ideology, the ideal weltanschauung.

In modern times we face a different struggle but National Socialism is a worldview, you dont need to a Reich to practice your weltanschauung, to be stoic, to reject degeneracy, to strive for greatness. Its also a collectivized ideology, it brings whites together, which is something we need. Its collectivized authoritarian ethno-nationalism, and thats the solution to white genocide. We wont however be voting this time, you cant vote for the 25 points alone, it would be telling a half white country to vote away their right to vote or even have citizenship. The laws would also forbid it. National Socialism in modern times is not the political National Socialism of the 30s and 40s, its revolutionary national socialism similar to what you might read in Siege.

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Why a Workers’ Party?

Work is not mankind’s curse, but his blessing. A man becomes a man through labor. It elevates him, makes him great and aware, raises him above all other creatures. It is in the deepest sense creative, productive, and culture-producing. Without labor, no food. Without food, no life.

The idea that the dirtier one’s hands get, the more degrading the work, is a Jewish, not a German, idea. As in every other area, the German first asks how, then what. It is less a question of the position I fill, and more a question of how well I do the duty that God has given me.

We call ourselves a workers’ party because we want to rescue the word work from its current definition and give it back its original meaning. Anyone who creates value is a creator, that is, a worker. We refuse to distinguish kinds of work. Our only standard is whether the work serves the whole, or at least does not harm it, or if it is harmful. Work is service. If it works against the general welfare, then it is treason against the fatherland.

Marxist nonsense claimed to free labor, yet it degraded the work of its members and saw it as a curse and disgrace. It can hardly be our goal to abolish labor, but rather to give new meaning and content. The worker in a capitalist state — and that is his deepest misfortune — is no longer a living human being, a creator, a maker.

He has become a machine. A number, a cog in the machine without sense or understanding. He is alienated from what he produces. Labor is for him only a way to survive, not a path to higher blessings, not a joy, not something in which to take pride, or satisfaction, or encouragement, or a way to build character.

We are a workers’ party because we see in the coming battle between finance and labor the beginning and the end of the structure of the twentieth century. We are on the side of labor and against finance. Money is the measuring rod of liberalism, work and accomplishment that of the socialist state. The liberal asks: What are you? The socialist asks: Who are you? Worlds lie between.

We do not want to make everyone the same. Nor do we want levels in the population, high and low, above and below. The aristocracy of the coming state will be determined not by possessions or money, but only on the quality of one’s accomplishments. One earns merit through service. Men are distinguished by the results of their labor. That is the sure sign of the character and value of a person. The value of labor under socialism will be determined by its value to the state, to the whole community. Labor means creating value, not haggling over things. The soldier is a worker when he bears the sword to protect the national economy. The statesman also is a worker when he gives the nation a form and a will that help it to produce what it needs for life and freedom.

Attached: why-are-we-socialists3.PNG (686x397 106.66 KB, 46.46K)

A furrowed brow is as much a sign of labor as a powerful fist. A white collar worker should not be ashamed to claim with pride that of which the manual laborer boasts: labor. The relations between these two groups determine their mutual fate. Neither can survive without the other, for both are members of an organism that they must together maintain if they are to defend and expand their right to exist.

We call ourselves a workers’ party because we want to free labor from the chains of capitalism and Marxism. In battling for Germany’s future, we freely admit to it, and accept the odium from the liberal bourgeoisie that results. We know that we will succeed in bringing new blessings out of their curses.

God gave the nations territory to grow grain. The seed becomes grain and the grain becomes bread. The middleman of it all is labor.

He who despises labor but accepts its benefits is a hypocrite.

That is the deepest meaning of our movement: it gives things back their original significance, unconcerned that today they may be in danger of sinking into the swamp of a collapsing worldview.

He who creates value works, and is a worker. A movement that wants to free labor is a workers’ party.

Therefore we National Socialists call ourselves a worker’s party.

When our victorious flags fly before us, we sing:

“We are the army of the swastika,
Raise high the red flags!
We want to clear the way to freedom
For German Labor!”

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It's 1000% obvious you're not from here btw.


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Hitler took German land back from Poland after they refused to stop masscring German people on the occupied land. When he was done beating Poland he offered it all back, guaranteed Poland naval access even which was extremely generous and only demanded a referendum of all things in the corridor, nor a guaranteed transfer. Failing the referendum success, he just wanted his initial demands of a highway crossing the danzig and uniting Prussia.
Hitler made a mutual defense pact with Russia both of them betting on the opposite result. Germany thought it would prevent WW2, that hed just get his land back rightfully and Britain/France wouldnt declare. Russia thought Biritain and France would declare, then they just dont honor the deal (which is what happened) and invade a broken Europe spreading communism after the war (which also pretty much happened although he couldnt wait and had been attacked by Hitler in advance)

Churchill refuse all the peace deals, he expressed his desires to destroy Germany saying it had nothing to do with Hitler or National Socialism or the Danzig or Jews, just destroying the German people and their power. Thats your bad guy right there, and he did it on behalf of his Jewish paymasters who he was indebted to after his bankrupcy.

Not a single war dead was on Germanys hands.

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They know, they just don't care.
Their next response will be "poles love germans, no massacres happened"/"danzig was never german", btw.

your nose is showing

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This is what weve been reduced to thanks to chodenigger, explaining to bad faith shills why they are lying as if they dont already know, for eternity. Nothing gets accomplished, its just paid shills paid to argue with us and waste our time

Thats a leftist euphemism to include non-whites you know.

The board has slowed to a standstill in the past week as well.
The oldfags are starting to give up.

Thats a good sign, we should all be making an active effort to post LESS because it counters chodeniggers plan of flooding the board with cancer for shekels.

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lel are you kidding me?
NatSoc is gaining a big foothold

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Only shills hate normies on their board.

go back to the synagogue

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Stop being a cuck. The slander the media and western governments have carried out on Hitler is the key to unravelling their control over people's minds. We are entering the age of mass awakening and you want to help people go back to sleep?

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thats been my experience of the internet for 15 years newfaggot

and remember, you're here forever

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You're correct about Churchill and the British aristocracy being assholes. I find the evidence that Hitler was involved with these same people to be quite strong. Look at Edward VIII's support of Nazism, Hitler's connections to the Thule society which connect back to Golden Dawn, Quatuor Coronati, and London freemasonry. And don't forget, Hitler invaded Russia.

What aspects of national socialism do you support and why? Provide citations.

The absolute STATE of this board.

New rule: all posts claiming to defend national socialism must actually defend national socialism or they are larpers.

Turning threads about European countries into Trump bitching threads and making unfunny attack memes that no one will ever spread outside an imageboard is not "actual Zig Forums culture".