Trump now blamed for destroying marriages


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Nah, thats Jews.

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Have we started the fire?

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Reminder to report and hide incels niggerfaggots



No but we've found a spark.

Get a load of this fag.

Niggers and spics don't get married, conservative white women share their husband's values… this really only effects a small minority of thots that are married to rich business men.

Then tell your MGTOW friends to stop flooding the catalog with antiwomen threads

MFW Patriotic Red pilled women are divorcing their Hillary loving soy faced husbands because of Trump.

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Ready for the funniest backfire nobody here seems to know about?

"Incel" comes from Zig Forums's /r9k/-going crossboard users. They were trying to create an identity class for a socio-sexual proletariat, effectively lionizing being pathetic and undesirable. The goal was to establish a centralized standard of intimacy distribution. The retards wanted to be assigned wives.

ah, very good. a literally who news article, this deserves to be copy and pasted into it's own thread op

I've never posted anything anti-woman you faggot. Those are your "fellow white" men who hate white women :^)

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What is the source of OP's article? Is it some blogpost shit or the lugenpresse?

I recommend reading the article because it's hilarious.

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I didn't read that shit, just the excerpt from OP's post.

And, of course, the image in the article portrays women as 'victims' of their 'horribly sexist misogynistic spouses'.

I had to stop haflway through "Sarah's" bullshit because she's just as insufferable as the cunt that was first interviewed. That narcissism is like a slap in the face as the first gave no shits about her spouse, only herself. Frankly, this entire article so far has only screamed of selfish cunts pitching a fit because they fell for the media trap like mindless tools.

I admit, if my husband had been a Hillary supporter and had I let his soyboy friends get to him, I'd be a single mother right now.

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Read it, and feel joy for the poor bastards that were finally released from the hell their cuntish wives put them through.

Fuck off, we all know white women are the best allies of white men
>vid related

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The slimepit destroyed her own marriage and got a divorce because her military husband, who supports the kids while she's fucking around playing with posters and tape until 1730 every night, doesn't hate drumpf quite enough and expressed that he was lonely and wanted to spend more time with her.


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YES! White couples are divorcing and not having children! Thank the G-D Emperor for furthering white genocide with something as petty as politics!

Here's your "wife" comrade.

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What the fuck is going on in this webm?

Good one user, I remember before that term got picked up by the media they had a subreddit by that name where posts were just disgusting like tying up women or some other humiliating shit.



What are you even trying to say with underlining men and women? Of course white women are allied to their men. That's the way it should be. Women should be supporting their husands, and the cunts in OPs article didn't.

I know. We need the space for more threads about doing free work for the government and giving ZOG more shekels!

They still have threads about "the incel question" from time to time and they're fucking hilarious. Jannies have been banning them fairly quickly for months now but occasionally one survives.

Shirkers from their duty enable the enemy and breakers of oaths will come to enjoy long walks along the Náströnd.

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Any woman who does not curtail herself to the politics of her man is not a suitable partner. She doesn't even have to agree with him, just not argue. It's not hard, men forego arguments all the time because they instinctively know that there is no such thing as productive conversation with women.

Wasn't it a USSR policy?

you found hope in a hopeless statistic


Spoiler that filth.

/r9k/ has not ever had any alignment with leftist politics you disingenuous troglodyte

The context is missing, been 8 days since that attack apparently whatever it was. Old man looks like he was following or waiting to ambush his 'victims'. That said, the nature of the attack speaks of revenge / honor melee. Noting the dress and attitude of the 'victim' I would say the one on the left on screen is the main target of the attack and this was due to some altercation done to the old mans child or grand daughter. The overly aggressive action even when counter engaged shows a high level of rage against the target. Likely an boyfriend, since it looks to be an small medical facility I would hazard an guess she was being treated at the time.

The guy on the right is just an friend. The old man was experienced enough to engage said male friend to drive him off outright, the kidney stab was more than enough and he immediately engaged his main target next. The thing is the lady by immediately pushing the lockdown button actually killed that man. The old man did his basic attack and was content to let it be done, those couple hits were unlikely to kill with modern medical treatment but be debilitating and bankrupting on cost.

The old man was going to leave peacefully and likely just give up to police. Once the old man realized he wasn't going to leave he decided to finish the target outright and from the hits I would hazard that man is now dead. The only way he was going to survive was if that was a small knife and his jacket took most of the hits leaving only superficial wounds. But due to the nature of how the target was weakening and slowing down so quickly despite an massive adrenaline rush at the time he was hit in an major artery in one of the first hits which may have been treatable if done fast enough. The timetable of the cops showing up and taking their sweet time when they realize they can die easily if they go into such a small place means by the time the old man left and paramedics could access the target he very likely bled out.

There are no grills on the internet.
but also good for you we need more white children. Please have as many as you can afford.

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I don't care.

I think you misunderstood. He was saying that some members of Zig Forums (or most) are /r9k/ tier losers and wanted gibs in the form of pussy as well as money.

Pathetic and disgusting really.

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Too bad they're ruined