This is What Jews have on Trump

I glow like the reactor of K-19 and guess what I know what the "jews" have on Trump. By jews I mean powerfull jewish interests in both America and Israel along with what is colloquially known as the "deep state". Donald Trump was besties with Jefferey Epstein and at the behast of Mossad Epstein hid cameras and audio devices in his plane and homes where he would host his sex parties such as the famed Lolita Island.

Trump really likes fucking bitches from 16-20 and rough he was also a frequent party guest in his middle age years of Epstein's. Trump may not be full on break out the liquid cocaine spray before you put it in the pooper of a 14 year old Dick Cheney lvl but Trump liked rough sex with girls teetering on the definition of legality and liked to humiliate them afterwards.

Most people here wouldn't find rough riding some 16 year old aspiring model till she tears up because she is an objectionable whore who amounts to nothing more than a collection of holes problematic but the average americunt voter does not think like that. So not only are the jews holding this over Trumps head they are also enticing him with carrots in the form of future deals for his family including the political rise of Jared and Ivanka. Notice Jared is getting a participation medal from Mexico this week and Ivanka is going to the G20 again.

Don't believe me I don't blame you but here is the crumb to the lulz you will find when you fully expose the network of manipulators surrounding Trump. Everyone knows of the kikes in Trump's cabinet but do they know our Secretary of Labor is some obscure former federal district attorney for the state of Florida who was a college dean at the time of his appointment.

Butttttttttttttttttt this obscure former US attorney from Florida was the same one who negotiated Jeffery Epstein's plea deal down to a 13 month sentence for multiple count of statutory rape among other things. Zig Forums I give you Alexander Acosta dig into him as deep as you can and his ties to Epstein and some of the blackmail will unravel itself.

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Yeah they totally have this but have been saving it until they finish getting through the entire media babbling about every misspelled word every time he tweets. Also Russian hackers exist, Mueller just enjoys his cigarette breaks.


Is that you, Cue?

Oh no, he fucked women in their prime. Also, it's not like he has his own private jet and can go to some European country and fuck legally 14 year old whores.

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Boy oh boy.

Trust The Plan (tm)

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Every millionaire in the world fucked 14 year old women. What's the problem? I say OP is right but it does not matter. Trump is not fucking around with jews because they can blackmail him. Trump does it because he likes jews.

lol right now the kike mods are on edge waiting to ban the jannies poster right on sight, never seen the mods this worked up over some dumb meme


Global report.

Have heard whispers within grapevines before regarding Trump's indulging enjoyment of women and epstein's involvement in said vice.
Did not know about the secretary of labor part though which is interesting to say the least.

Those two will never make it politically, they're much too stupid and much too weak along with Ivanka being a woman. She should go home and raise her kids instead of trying to act like she's not an obnoxious dumb cunt no one likes in the slightest.

Even when Ivanka and Jared were in Israel for the embassy ceremony, Ivanka in particular looked goofy and and robotic. She is dumb as rocks and quite annoying to hear or see being interviewed.

It doesn't matter what reason trump uses to obey the jews. He's effectively a traitor, even if he's covering his ass. He could try and bring them down at the expense of his crimes by using epstein as a start and expose the child trafficking trade, but he won't.

b…b….bu….bu….but then u…trying to say to support Chelsea? :^)

T..trump the kikes skeered, right?

Jesus christ op learn sentence formatting and grammar.

fuck off TORpedo

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Im also from a certain gov agency and I have insider knowledge of a kosher micro uterus pov cam that was inserted into a minor prior to trump's statutory rapings. Along with turner media the fbi is going to produce a warrent for a clay mold impression of the presidents penis for analysis just after trumps done fomenting a ww3 on behest of world jewry.

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implying trump doesnt do what he does for free without threat

If this was actually true, it would have been leaked already, and it would have led to Trump being impeached and removed from office already. Fake news is fake news, glownigger.

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Yes, the media babbles about every misspelled word. They don't ever touch on his subservience to israel, his continued involvement in Syria, his heavy weapons transfers to Ukraine and Saudi Arabia, his disgusting support for the terror campaign against Yemen, the mafia protection racket he is running against Germany/France/Denmark over Nordstream II, the sanctions he placed on Turkey after the previous nigger administration tried to coup Erdogan, the ongoing commitment to the Marxist Kurdistan project.

Yeah, the media sure does babble about of lot of shit. None of it of any import, though. Gives chucklefucks like you something to point at when you make your arguments about how besieged Trump is, however.

The girls Epstein preyed on were runaways and addicts that people wouldn't notice or care about if anything happened to them, not aspiring models.
If they existed he would not have run for President in the first place. Or if we grant this nonsense, they would have leaked as soon as he was the GOP nominee; Trump may not be hurting the kikes policy-wise, but he is hurting them by dramatically shifting the Overton Window. It's also likely one of the formerly abused girls would have come forward for a big pay day, considering many are currently broken down and poor.
He was a connected figure who has been prominent in GOP circles for a while. He may have risen based on favors regarding the Epstein case, but it's doubtful Trump knew anything about the guy's history and he was just recommended as a top candidate by GOP insiders (like most of the other swamp picks in his administration).

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Found the roastie

so his dirt is associated with something that the kikes don't want the public to know about
so he may as well be clean, as far as the kikes are concerned, or howsoever

and, of course, thats assuming that said dirt actually exists


Sounds legit.

Its Mutually Assured Destruction you Trump shill. They all fuck kids and do drugs and have the dirt on each other. That way no one can step out of line. Trump is a civic nationalist and has done nothing to curb immigration and fix demographics. His role was to stifle the rising nationalist sentiment, deliver little to nothing and be beaten by some brave womyn of colour in the next election.

Calm down, shareblue.

So, by proxy you're accusing Trump of being a man of taste and refinement? I don't believe it. Having visited his casino, I know better.

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With nigger grammar like this, you might very well be in the CIA.

This thread is pertinent to Zig Forums as it discusses the jewish fraud you've been paid to shill for

However the following thread died so that you lying kikes can continue shilling for ZOG

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glow so much with so little grammar

Cheney is five years older than Trump.

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You forgot to mention his own family, but better luck next time. Remember, trust the plan.